Harvest Moon RP?

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  1. I'll roleplay with pretty much anybody; if you're not familiar with the Harvest Moon series (first I suggest you get out from under the rock, it's bad for your back) here's a breakdown

    Set in a small village far away from larger civilization; sometimes the village is still being colonized, sometimes it's just a sleepy old town

    Life is slow and simple but something darker and supernatural lurks in the background. Harvest Sprites - small, friendly spirits only visible to those with a true connection to the land, are running out of ways to prevent disaster in the land. It can be an evil spirit running amok, a curse on the land, anything.

    I don't want to play in the setting of any particular game; that way just being familiar with the series premise is enough; lets come up with our own setting =)
  2. Hey, I'd love doing this, it sounds like a ton of fun c:
  3. I'd be completely down for this too. Should you want another partner for this kind of setting, I'm down :)