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  1. Okay guys, so this is probably one of my more thought out roleplay ideas, but I just got settled in a new place and got my gaming systems hooked back up, and Harvest Moon has always been an old favorite of mine. Before the admins or mods scream at me, I AM SORRY! I HAD NO IDEA HOW TO CLASSIFY THIS ROLEPLAY! IT FIT INTO A LOT OF CATAGORIES! So I'm sorry ahead of time if I wind up making you move a bunch of threads. ;_; The other threads I made for this plot will be listed at the bottom, so if you clicked on my banner and got redirected to my general one on one request thread hoping for one of the other threads, they're down there! This is just my group request thread about it! The one that I happen to be playing and basing this idea off of is Harvest Moon Animal Parade for the Wii. So THERE WILL BE SPOILERS IN THIS THREAD, if you're playing this game or plan to play it, you might want to stop here, unless you don't give a flying rat's rear, then you may continue!

    What I had in mind for this rp was something along the lines of the story's plot actually. My character is going to be the character that you play as in this game (which you name so I cannot give you a specific character name from the game) but she will be new in town, and she is a new rancher/farm owner. So basically she's an OC. Your character can be canon, an OC that replaces a canon, or an inserted OC. I don't much care which. If you want your character to be a canon, or replace a canon, I have them listed on this thread as well as some other information posted at the bottom. I am looking more for the slice of life aspect behind the game rather than the adventury part, but it plays a big role in the setting, and if we can come up with good enough ideas, I wouldn't be against adventure, but I am looking for romance and day to day life in this rp primarily. The basic idea behind the plot of this game is that my character is new in town, the land is bad and nature is falling out of order because the tree that the Harvest Goddess guards is dying. To restore it, my character (who in the game is the only one who can see the sprites) has to gather five bells and ring them to restore power to the tree. Each bell has a sprite guarding it. I am willing to bend the sprite rule. I am also willing to bend the rule that only my character can ring bells.



    • I AM willing to bend the game's rules
    • I will post a character sheet and OOC chat if enough people are interested
    • SITE RULES STILL APPLY! So for smut, please move to PM or fade to black
    • ANYTHING is up for discussion on the plot
    • I made it vague on purpose so that people can help me add to it
    • I play female, you may play who you wish of what orientation you wish, but my character's orientation is straight.
    • Romance is preferred, but not a requirement
    • I DID NOT want this to remain as innocent as the game itself is, so feel free to add/remove ideas to the plot. No Drama/Conflict = Boring
    • I apologize for this being all over the place, it's early and I am tired
    • OCs are welcome!
    • Canons are playable too
    • If you want to play an OC that replaces a canon, I will allow it! First come first served.
    • Cookies are good....
    My Questions to you guys

    I have never done this before, so any information as to basic rules or common sense stuff or anything about group roleplaying is welcomed.

    • How are you supposed to post? Is there a general order or if someone is going to be gone for awhile, do they have to play the catch up game?
    • Is there anything I should know about going into my first group rp?
    • Is there anything here I am doing wrong?
    • What could I add here to help you guys out?


    World Information

    Map of World (open)
    A- In game, this is where the player's farm is supposed to go
    B- Harmonica Town
    C- Celesta Church
    D- Garmon Mines
    E- Mountain Top at Garmon Mines
    F- Goddess Spring
    G- Fugue Forest
    H- Flute Fields
    I- Toucan Island

    Other Locations:
    There are three beaches.
    One is on the coast of Harmonica Town beside the Lighthouse
    One is between Harmonica Town and Spot A
    One is between Spot A and Flute Fields

    Harmonica Town (open)
    Shops here are:
    • Simon's Photos
    • Town Hall
    • Sonata Tailoring
    • Choral Clinic
    • Brass Bar
    • Ocarina Inn
    • The Fishery
    Other Buildings/Places:
    • Wizard's House
    • Entrance to the Watery Cave
    • Lighthouse
    • School
    • Mayor's House
    • Docks and Boat to Toucan Island

    Celesta Church (open)

    Locations Here:
    • Cemetary
    • The Minecart connecting Garmon Mines and the Church Grounds
    • Side Note: In the game, this is seen as a romantic spot. I couldn't find better pictures.

    Garmon Mines (open)

    Shops Here:
    • The Carpenter's
    • The General Store
    • The Accessory Shop
    • The Blacksmith
    Other Locations:
    • Entrance to the Goddess Spring
    • Entrance to the Garmon Mines upper and lower halves
    • Minecart connecting Celesta Church Grounds and Garmon Mine
    • Runes that teleport you from the mountain top and bottom of the mountain

    Garmon Mine's Mountain Top (open)

    Locations Here:
    • Runes that teleport you to and from top and bottom of the mountain
    • The Harvest King lives here
    • Side Note: The significance of the bluebird is you're supposed to get its feather to propose to people to marry them. I will bend this rule

    Goddess Spring (open)

    Locations Here:
    • Harvest Goddess lives here
    • The dying tree of life is here
    • Some ruins leading up to the Goddess Spring is here
    • The sprites once the bells are found and rung live here

    Fugue Forest (open)

    Locations Here:
    • Witch's House
    • Only place Fugue Mushroom is found
    • Only place to get lumber

    Flute Fields (open)

    Shops Here:
    • Marimba Farm
    • Horn Ranch
    Other Locations:
    • Windmill
    • Entrance to Fugue Forest

    Toucan Island (open)

    Shops Here:
    • Toucan Island Inn
    Other Locations:
    • Dock and boat that transports you between the island and the mainland
    • Side Note: This is the only place you can find hibiscus flowers

    Canon Characters (Playable or up for replacement)

    You can also have an OC! These are just here in case you want to replace them with your own character or play a canon! I tried to find pretty pictures, but if I didn't I apologize. I also didn't list personality traits in case you want put down where they can be found an family information if it was there. Everything is subject to change dependent on what the person who claims said character says!


    Anissa (open)

    This lovely lady helps her parents Ruth and Craig over at Marimba Farm. After she returns from a trip of the game, you can find her inside the farm shop most of the time.

    Candace (open)

    All dressed in blue, Candace is a girl who works with her sister Luna and grandma Shelly at Sonata Tailoring. Most of her time is spent inside the shop. On Sundays when she is not working, you can find her in and around the Chelsta Church

    Harvest Goddess (open)

    The Goddess watches over the divine tree at the Goddess Pond, but now the tree has wilted and she is in need of help to revive it. She can always be found at the Goddess Spring.

    Kathy (open)

    Kathy helps her father, Hayden, with his Brass Bar in Harmonica Town. She waits tables and brings the customers the drinks they order. She can usually be found in or around the bar.

    Luna (open)

    Luna is Candace's little sister, and she is the youngest of the bachelorettes. She can be found near her sister or her grandmother Shelly around Sonata Tailoring.

    Maya (open)

    Maya helps her parents, Jake and Colleen, run the Orcaria Inn in Harmonica Town. Her grandma Yolanda has been tutoring her in the culinary arts. She can be found inside the kitchen of the inn or outside of the inn.

    Phoebe (open)

    The daughter of Barbara and Simon, this inventor likes to spend time looking around the Garmon Upper Mine or in her room working on different projects. She can be found at home, or near the mine.

    Renee (open)

    Renee likes to work at her parent's Horn Ranch, where she takes care of the various animals they have. On her days off she's often found near the river.

    Selena (open)

    Once you gain access to Pascal's boat, you can take it to Toucan Island where you'll meet Selena. She'll stow away on the boat when you return to the mainland and gets a job at Hayden's bar, where she becomes a dancer like she's always dreamed of. She is often found outside the bar.

    Witch (open)

    The magic caster lives in the very depths of Fugue Forest. She rarely comes out. Not much is known about her other than a spell she gained from the wizard went awry and it temporarily turned her into a frog.


    Calvin (open)

    Calvin is an archaeologist and he lives at the Oricana Inn. In the mornings you may see him outside the inn playing his guitar, and in the afternoons he goes to the mines.

    Chase (open)

    (Pictured left) Chase lives in the house next to Marimba Farm in Flute Fields. During the day he spends his time at home, but at night he goes to work at Hayden's Brass Bar.

    Gill (open)

    (Pictured right) This saucy-looking fellow is the son of Mayor Hamilton. He left the town to try and find a way to solve the island's problem. After failing in his mission he returns. He spends most of his time at the mayor's house.

    Harvest King (open)

    The goal of the game is to chime the 5 bells in order to summon the mighty Harvest King. He has the power to fix the land's problems. He can be found at the top of Garmon Mines at the mountain top.

    Jin (open)

    The town doctor works at Choral Clinic with his assistant Irene. He was stuck on Toucan Island until the boat was running again. He spends nearly all his time in his office and when he's not there, he's out looking for remedies.

    Julius (CHARACTER CLAIMED) (open)

    This high-fashion man works at The Accessory Shop with Mira. He makes the jewelry there where Mira refines the material mined. He can be found in the shop or at his home.

    Luke (open)

    Luke works at Dale's Carpentry Shop in Garmon Mine District. Of the mornings, he can be found in Fugue Forest searching for lumber, but his evenings he usually spends around Garmon Mine District.

    Owen (open)

    Owen works at Ramsey's Blacksmith Shop. He acts like a big brother to his cousin Chloe. Owen is quite muscular and can be found lifting dumbells in his bedroom when he's not working at the shop.

    Toby (open)

    Toby takes a very casual outlook at life, and spends most of his time fishing around the docks. He lives at the Harmonica Fishery with Ozzie and Paolo, and can be found fishing off the dock in the afternoons.

    Wizard (open)

    The Wizard lives in Harmonica Town, where he researches magic spells and looks into the sky using his telescope. He doesn't say much and prefers to keep to himself. Wizard doesn't really leave his house so he's easy to find at all times and is fascinated with astronomy.

    Other Threads

    If you're looking here and there is nothing, I haven't gotten the other threads made yet, please be patient because it is in progress as we speak. They will be posted here as soon as they're up.

    Group for the Roleplay- https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/xfa-groups-group/harvet-moon-rp-group.820/group-detail (OOC, Member List, and other such things are here!)

    IC Thread- https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/harvest-moon.92263/

    Slice of Life Request Thread- https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/harvest-moon-request-thread.92151/
    General One on One Request Thread- https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/harvest-moon.92146/

    Romance Request Thread- https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/harvest-moon-request.92148/
    Libertine Request Thread- https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/harvest-moon-its-weird-i-know.92150/

    Thank you for reading my giant wall of text.
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  2. I'd love to join a story like this! I only played a tale of two towns for the 3ds though, so I hope that isn't a problem.
    I have only hosted one group Rp, but participated in many. What always was a problem from my perspective is the amount of people you take for it. If you create a group to RP it might be easier with many people, but if you have only one thread you shouldn't pick up too many people since it might end up that some are more active than others and catching up means reading 30+ posts. This can be really annoying and discouraging, especially if you love the idea, but simply can't be active enough. I guess that id allthe things I can think off that really caused trouble to me before~
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  3. I would be interested as well. I played Tale of Two Towns and is currently playing a New Beginning, but that's about it.
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  4. Good thing about harvest moon is it is a game where you don't have to really know all that much about the specific game. Invite people guys! XD and @Kaldoro i see what you're saying. But I'd at least like a few more. I could make it a rule that if you're going to be gone awhile make sure to make your character do something that would cause them to be taking a bit of leave from the rp?
  5. That would certainly work! I also mainly meant someone that isn't able to post as much. I sometimes have a lot of work combined with school and then I can't reply a day and suddenly I have 3 pages of roleplay to read. Let's just say it gets impossible when you aren't on just that roleplay. But there is the other nice thing about harvest moon, not everyone needs to know everything that is going on unless it is something really important which we can discuss beforehand, so it should be fine! :)
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  6. Yeah! Like in this one you could browse for characters of interest's posts and could ask in OOC if there was any main storybuilding to catch up on. XD
  7. Yep, that sounds great :)
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  8. There's so many things here it might take awhile for me to get all the info up lol. Working on it though.
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  9. Yeah, take your time, it's not a thing that is done in a few minutes, I'm up for helping if you need me for anything :)
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  10. I'd love to make someone that takes care of animals and stuff, in the version I play they usually sell pets and farm animals like cows etc, would like to go for that direction.
  11. So you'd probably fit best in the rancher category XD There's a few of those characters up there. I'm not listing the other ones unless requested to, so it's finally done I think. lol
  12. Damn you Lewi, stop showing up where I check out rps XD (I found this via Kaldoro.) In other news I'm back up to rping due to holidays being done! I'm interested in this, I'm tempted to make an original as I'm not a terrible harvest moon character addict (but I am a harvest moon addict)
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  13. YAY! More people! XD Originals are fine, but I know it's not a wide spread fandom so please help recruit people. So far there's three interested. If I can get even just a couple more I will post an OOC and a Character Sheet.
  14. I was thinking the local café owner or the "Mayor".
  15. I only listed the bachelors and bachelorettes so feel free to make your character for those guys however you want. I just listed those to help people along lol
  16. Hmmm, I'm thinking town guard or something. Basically kinda knight like (probably just a sword or something no armor) or perhaps a hot springs owner XD (If you cant tell I also play Rune Factory.)
  17. Awesome sauce XD So should I go ahead and try to make up an OOC chat and a Character Sheet guys?
  18. I love Harvest Moon I remember playing A Wonderful Life all the way up to Animal Parade! Can I play Julius? He's my favorite character (cause he reminds me France from Hetalia) I'm gonna use my OC too if that's okay.
  19. @ Jayfeather That's great! Multiple characters are welcomed! You think I should go ahead and set up OOC and stuff? Also, do you think you could get some other people interested?
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