Harry Potter Romance RP?

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  1. Hey Iwaku, what's up?

    I am looking for someone willing to partner up with me in a Harry Potter romance RP! The pairing is OC/Draco or OC/Tom Riddle, with me being the OC. I don't ask for much, but it would be GREAT if you can pull off at least one of these characters well (we'll only be doing either one, so no worries). Also, I don't like one-liners, I put a lot effort in my posts and it would be awesome if you did the same.

    Communication is key, I like it when people PM me throughout the RP to discuss what's going to happen next. I don't bite (:

    SO, have I captured your attention?
  2. I'd be willing to play Draco, can you play Snape? It's teacher/student.
  3. Are we doing this in the same RP?
  4. I figured it'd be two different rps, but we can put them in one thread.
  5. Will it be alright? It'll be easier on me, load-wise. Plus, it would make me focus on them both better.
  6. Sure, that's fine.
  7. Do you want to plan a small plot to start off to, or do you want us to just start it and see where it goes?
  8. I've got a plot for my oc/Snape, already.
  9. Any specifics I need to know?
  10. The plot would be good, lol.

    My oc is a seventh year Slytherin, who's family is in the Death Eaters group.
    She's grown up knowing Snape outside of school because of this.
    Her parents want her to join them, but she doesn't want to, so they've asked Snape to keep an eye on her during the year and persuade her to join.
    He says he will, but he's actually trying to protect her.
    She's really good at Potions, and Snape's really quite fond of her, and he's nicer to her than other students.

    Since she doesn't decide to join during the year, her parents send her to Snape's house during the Winter break, and such.

    They both already like each other and such, but as time goes on they fall in love, ect.
  11. Oooh :3

    I am thinking my OC to be sixth year, and since the events in Half-Blood Prince has Malfoy riding the train with his usual gang, I was thinking of an alternative story where he ends up in a compartment with her instead. Since Snape has his hands tied with both of them, I'll relieve him with less Draco duties and more focus on your OC.

    Also, for the plot, I was thinking since this is the year Malfoy focuses more on his Death Eater business and less of school, my OC who is Ravenclaw, would help him out on his work (reluctantly, since it's Malfoy). Then they develop, and eventually she'll find out what's really up with him, blah like that. I could see both couples colliding into each other because of the whole Death Eater stuff.

    So who starts the thread?
  12. That's the overlooking plot, but of course, things always get more interesting. LOL.
  13. Sounds good.
    Maybe your oc and mine could be good friends?

    Well, if you'd like it started tonight, it'd be better if you could.
    I'm on my tablet ATM, so it's harder to start.

    BTW. My posts are never less than 2 paragraphs, although I try to write the same amount, or at least half of what my partner writes. I'm on daily also, so I can reply a lot.
  14. Sure. Mine likes to be alone though, so maybe, your OC has a main group of friends (can be random, talkative NPCs who don't really need a solid background story) but she often likes to hang out with my OC?

    Sure, I'll start tonight!

    That's great! I'm not much for One liners, they make me sad xD
  15. Where should I put it?
  16. How old are you, and, are you into mature sex scenes?
  17. 18. What do you mean by "mature" sex scenes? Sex scenes are sex scenes to me. LOL.
  18. Well, I mean in detail.
    If it's like fade to black, then I don't consider it mature.
  19. Oh, I've done those. Sometimes I fade to black them when I feel lazy, but yeah, I do those. So, Mature A?
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