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  1. Rhelic Windsong is in Teal ---- ---- ---- Feng Gall is in Fire Brick ==== Pictures are in their names ====

    Everything was a bustle that seemed so common and ordinary that no one would dare to bat a single eye at it, which was normal as well. One could even dare that if something unusual did happen that again no one in the city would even jump to it. The world was not something that was solely for that of humans, and it wasn't wise to say that it was a neo earth either, rather... it was something perhaps in between them both. Lost in a swirling madness that wasn't controlled but did not require the gentle guiding laws that most would write about or even watch.

    It was a odd thing to think about in the least. Everyone once in a while the sheer simple complexity of it all rambled across her mind swiftly.

    Peering out towards the looming skyline of the city, sky scrapers rose in great triumph over them all each housing their own little fractions of life and work while still looking like something that shouldn't really exist.

    Stirring the straw lazily through the frozen slush that sat melting in her cup, the dark lips were twisted in ways of thought that could rival the expression of frustration. The flicker of phone screen caught her side attention briefly taking note that a blurb of a text message had appeared though she did nothing to go about answering it right at that moment. It might have been important but to her, it wasn't.

    Rather she tucked her chin into her free palm, sighed heavily and let the long draping silver to gray bangs fall loose into her face. She was hardly one to even bother with putting up the long curtain of hair on a good day, but today it seemed more of a burden than usual. That or her sagely pondering was making it seem more like a pain than it truthfully was, not like she'd ever cut it.

    Murmurs of the cafe phased in a out of her focus, the hum of ultra light notebooks and the tap and tat of the keyboards played a modern tune that she was accustom too. Again the phone beside her hummed moving slightly on the high rise of her current sitting table, playing the tone that would sometimes get some people's attention; as this time she snorted heavily to pick it up with a sluggish pace.

    Rubbing her thumb across the screen to see the messages, her dark lips curled upwards with a smirk that borderline amusement and annoyance. It was hardly worth her effort, but then again... perhaps it was. It wasn't like she had much time just to dawdle around, she was an important part of society. She might have quoted the important part if it wouldn't have looked completely weird.

    The dark grayish blue skin that covered her from head to toe could easily gather attention if it had been on another world but here, being a elf was nothing. Wait scratch that, even being what one would call a dark elf was nothing. But she was far beyond that of a common run of the mill dark elf, in fact she wasn't. Rather her family were one of the few remaining Abyss elves across the great span of the green and blue earthly realm. While abyss certainly held some of the negative tones with it, her family managed one of the shrines in the city, keeping a firm hold of balance. While the world had grown into the ways of advancement and technology, it certainly could not evade away from the simple pilgrim days of spirits.

    She was the next Thivain- something along the lines of a shaman one may assume for the simple sake- she was hardly up for the droll idea of mandating the four elemental creatures that resided at the shrine.

    Rubbing her cheek bone some, finger tips gentle smoothed along the black curve of lines that etched over the apples of her face. One would think they were tattoo's when in fact they were not, rather they were a visible sign for another who knew a thing about the world constant need to keep technology and nature in balance, that she was one of those sorts of people. She had been born with them, which deemed her from birth that her life was to be predetermined.

    Fantastic for her, too bad it didn't choose when she had to go to school or work. Thank goodness the days of school had ended just before the summer months as she was a absolute graduate about to think of college or taking a year off.

    The insistent buzzing and ring went off again, looking to the screen to see the grouping of exclamation marks on the screen only caused her to roll the unusual bright eyes.

    Stuffing the phone deep into her jean pockets, Rhelic stood up from her spot in the cafe to gather up her bag. Guess she couldn't put off dawdling anymore, otherwise she might be getting an unwanted escort home.


    Impatience was nothing but an emotion that told him that he was being tactless while still forcing him to remain where he was. He hated the fact that he had to remain on the grounds of the shrine while others came and went as they pleased. It was like being a prisoner without a warden but the walls around him enforced it that he could not past them. Whatever it was, in the end it was nothing more than a rude tease and laugh!

    Sitting on the ground, his hands drummed the swept stone absently while he could see from the side vision the elder woman furiously tapping on her phone with a heated expression and a mild curse to whisper over her lips. No doubt trying to wrangle in her younger sibling to returning home.

    Of course he wasn't allowed to go and get her either, no that would be breaking the rules. She was not ready to be the next in line though she was born into it and he wasn't allowed to be the right hand to her due to her lack of training.

    So he was nothing more than a stump that happened to eat, sleep and grumble within every breath possible. It had been his own misfortune really, he had been awoken from his stone case far too early - try about ten years too early- and now he was here in the modern age trying to wrap his bird brain around the advances that had happened in the last five hundred years. It had been difficult and frightening at times but... he knew there was a reason for it all. What that was, he had no idea.

    "Ramisa," he muttered under his breath his brow twitching furiously only to promptly duck his head down into his shoulders avoiding the possible barrage of broom coming to throttle him.

    "It's not like I can just summon her here, shuddup and be patient Feng."

    Patience... he was not the patient one. If they wanted the patient they should have awoken the deity of water, not air!
  2. Roman in Dark Green--- Bambaline in Navy

    Bambaline sighed softly and turned to look back at her step brother who was lazily strolling along the sidewalk behind her. She tapped her leather clad foot and rolled her beautiful ice colored eyes at him.
    "Roman! Please hurry up, we haven't got all day, and I want to go to the northwest shrine as soon as possible!" She snapped at him and he looked up from the sidewalk and gazed at his step sister. He grinned impishly and jogged forward to catch up to Bambaline.
    "Bambi, come on, the only reason why you want to go to the shrine is because of that Feng boy. Don't lie." Roman stuck his tongue out at her and winked, Bambaline blushed deeply and she looked away.
    "No, I want to pay tribute to the spirits. Come along, Romanius." She laughed at her step brother's long name, and hurried her pace, so she could get to the shrine as soon as they could. It was true that she thought the boy named Feng was rather attractive, and she had been coming to the shrine every Saturday and Sunday morning to subtly flirt with him. He hadn't taken the hint, though.


    Roman rolled his eyes at his step sister, but really he loved her like any brother would. Although they weren't blood related, they cared for each other deeply, and would do anything for each other. Roman's mother and Bambaline's father worked together for many years, helping each other with their building projects and becoming fast friends, Roman's mother was already divorced and pushed into the dating life by Roman himself, and when Bambaline's mother died from the Cysgodol attack near the forest, they slowly began to date, and one day they got married. Making Bambi and Roman step brother and sister. Roman's side of the family were Deletaine's, while Bambaline's side of the family were Demon Hunters. He forgot the name of the species.

    Roman walked at a steady pace this time, keeping up with his sister. They soon neared the shrine, and Roman looked up at it's glory. He smiled and walked with Bambi to the offering shrine near the Feng boy. He and his friend looked very frustrated. Roman wondered why.
  3. Leaping across the ground in long strides chasing after the poor feline creature - a common trait- he could hear Ramisa yelling profanities at him in a handful of languages, not daring to get involved with the sight while of course wanting to stop him from doing so. The day was only young and they had just finished cleaning the shrine top to bottom for the daily prayers, offerings and general what Ramisa called; tourists.

    He cared not. Why would he!

    Skidding hard to a halt before running nose first into the tree that had grown up from the cement so many centuries ago, the silver tabby whom was nothing more than the mouse hunter here at the shrine ran straight up there, leaving him to brood down below. Granted he could go up there to trap the blasted annoyance but he already knew for fact that he would fall right out. Wouldn't be the first time. He would have loved to use his own abilities of his element but that was all locked up tight in the hands of the elder who did own and run this place, until his reigns could be handed off. So till then, he was stuck here in more ways than one.

    Glaring upwards not paying attention to her coming up behind him, he yelped out to feel the clobber to his crown leaving him rubbing his head furiously. "Stupid sot!" Ramisa glared down at him, eyes of bright hazel attempting to drive a hole through him, "Would you at least act with some sort of grace that is rumoured to have come from your ancestors," her hand opened wide towards the archway that was before the stairs that led up towards the shrine, "It's the weekend, we have people coming soon and here you are acting like a wild beast!"

    Rubbing his head still looking up to her as he sat on the ground through a single light blue eye, he was grumbling. "You're only angry at me cause you can't control anyone else here."

    Her finger stabbed at him, hovering before his nose while he swallowed hard. Lips of deep rose parted daring to spit some foul words at him but was promptly stifled when her long tapered ears flicked ever so lightly. It was amazing what this woman could do, whirling right around allowing the simple white robe that trimmed down her lithe frame spread around her, to see the all too familiar faces coming this way.

    He had only began to know the pair somewhat due to the usual weekend visits. He personally thought they prayed an awful lot. His eyes stayed glued to the pair when Ramisa placed her hands together speaking an light welcoming to them both before he damn near lunged up the tree to escape away from her murderous shoulder glare.

    Picking himself up and off the ground to dust off his clothing, he huffed lightly raking his fingers against the cusp of his brunette length of hair. He knew so little of this modern age still but he did know that there were still some similar things that had been from the past. But saying he knew them well was a lie.

    "Go make yourself useful!" Ramisa snapped low and soft at him, she didn't have to ask twice. "Damn igit, why do I always get stuck keeping the pets?" she muttered to herself.

    Briskly vacating the sight of Ramisa as she began to return to her prior watchful eye for the other sibling, Feng furiously rubbed at his head still feeling the ache of where she stuck out at him, as he turned an eye to that of the regular customers. "Is it that time of week again?" he asked, he barely kept track of the days. In fact to him, there were too many of them.


    To say she was being a sneak was really the truth of it. Lurking through the shrubbery that was the shrine grounds to avoid the looks of Ramisa, Rhelic slunk around the backside of the house that was a bit away from the shrine. The sooner she could get across the grounds without being seen the better, though she thought she had been caught when Ramisa gave Feng a good thumping. She damn near laughed at the sight while feeling bad for laughing at his plight.

    Seeing her ears move, she thought that Ramisa had heard her but rather it was the other people who had come to the shrine. Talk about getting a blessing.

    Peeking out to her left and right to see if the coast was clear, she bit down on her lip while letting the smirk spread over her lips, skipping in long strides over the ground almost silently just seeing the goal line for herself.
  4. Roman watched Bambaline bat her ebony black lashes at Feng and nod her head flirtatiously. She swayed slightly in her step and giggled like a little school girl. She bit her lip, trying to look cute but Roman just thought she looked silly. He rolled his eyes and looked around the Shrine grounds and noticed a girl, he had never really seen before. He cocked his head slightly to the side and watched her stealthily move across the grounds, obviously trying to sneak by someone. Maybe that old woman he had seen giving Feng a beating? He shrugged and started to walk towards her, leaving his sister behind with her crush. He soon caught up to her and spoke softly, he had a deep voice so being soft was a difficult task, he didn't want to scare her though so he tried his best.
    "Hello, what are you doing? If I may ask?" He asked curiously and cocked his head to the left once more, waiting to see what she would say, or if she would acknowledge him.

    Bambaline batted her eyelashes and nodded, as well as bit her lower lip, trying to see if she looked sexy or not. Being a hunter, Bambaline had a big brawny look about her, a tough look, you might say. So trying to look innocent and cute like a puppy didn't work out to well for her. She blinked once or twice before gazing around, noticing that Roman had gone off somewhere, she didn't really mind, she would always get this weird sensation if he was ever in trouble. She turned her gaze back to Feng.
    "So, how are you today Feng? Isn't it awfully boring staying here all the time? Wouldn't you like to go out wi- I mean, go grab a bite to eat from the pizzeria or something?" She asked him hopefully. Maybe it was finally her chance to learn more about the boy she had been crushing on for almost a year now.
  5. Tucking her fingers to push back her hair behind her ear, she might have thought she got away with being sneaky avoiding her sibling with ease but apparently not.

    "Hello, what are you doing? If I may ask?"

    Jerking upright to stand straight to the sound of being caught, she damn near flipped a wig right there and then due to feeling like she was about to reach a smack down. Cringing at first, she realized with the tone and clear gender of the voice, she had been spared that of her sister finding her.

    Tucking her hands behind her back to rock back on her heels, Rhelic turned a two toned eye upwards while allowing her ears to wilt back. "Uh well..." she peeked around the side of him to see the backside of her sibling still facing outwards not paying attention this way, which brought a smirk to rest on the crest of her lips. "Suppose i can't say i was cleaning, can I?" She laughed lightly, her voice similar to that of a coo of a dove though to say it held not authority was clearly not quite the right way of putting it. Itching her brow, she let her gaze shift around taking note of Feng with a girl who seemed to be trying to do something but Rhelic couldn't tell what, "Oh oh..." she clued in allowing her fingers to loop through her belt, "You're here for the shrine. Geez I thought you were a new hire," she muttered lightly the last bit tossing her gaze off to the side.

    Weekends, famous for those looking for a way to say they have been good so they came to the shrine. "Uh don't you think you should be stopping your girlfriend from..." Rhelic's ears lowered again in confusion, "Uh from whatever she is trying."


    Attaching his following gaze to Roman taking his leave to seem like he was browsing the grounds, Feng hummed lightly in his own acknowledgement to the lad before returning his attention to that of the girl. Though with how much she was batting her eyes and biting her lower lip, his brows knitted. "Are you alright? Did you need the washroom?" he was clueless, there was no doubt about that.

    "So, how are you today Feng? Isn't it awfully boring staying here all the time? Wouldn't you like to go out wi- I mean, go grab a bite to eat from the pizzeria or something?"

    Feng rubbed his head, "I am alright," if you could call being struck alright, he could agree with her, it was boring here but it wasn't his choice to be stuck like a dog to the shrine. If he could just leave he would but it wasn't that simple. Seeming lost to her for a moment due to her words about leaving, it was when she was clearly still talking that his mind came wandering back.

    Leaning forward taking in all what she said carefully, his gaze narrowed some. "What is a pizzeria?" he asked honestly, oh technology what a foul mistress you are.
  6. Roman listened to her and was about to speak when he heard the term girlfriend. He raised a brow and then burst out laughing. He held his sides and held his face in his right palm.
    "Oh, you are so funny. Ha, no Bambi's my step sister. Nothing more." He smiled at her as his laughing subsided. He thought it was funny, but it always seemed to happen that everyone thought they were dating, but of course; no. They were close, but not that close. Roman looked back at his sister as she made a confused face at Feng. He laughed again and then looked back at the girl.
    "She has a fancy for your friend over there. So, who are you? I don't see you around here much. But you look like you live here or something. I mean with the way you are sneaking around, it's like you know where everything is and- I bet you're trying to hide from that old woman over there, right?" Roman knew he was rambling on, but hey, she was kind of cute, and he hadn't been this good at talking to girl that wasn't his sister or mom in a while, not ever since she broke up with him.. Roman shook his head clearing the thought of her. He focused his attention back to the girl.
    "Oh, by the way, what's your name? I'm Romanius, but call me Roman." He grinned at her and waited for a reply.


    Bambaline was about ready to spew out some cutesy comment when she heard the last statement Feng had made. She raised a slender brow and laughed shortly.
    "You don't know what a pizzeria is? I'm guessing you've never had pizza then..Well, I don't really know how to explain, maybe if I took you there and let you try pizza that would be a better explanation, you suppose? I mean, pizza is food. Just to get that straight." She laughed a little bit and placed her gloved hand on her right hip. She looked around and spotted Roman talking to an ugly looking girl. She rolled her eyes, and thought of the last girl Roman had even talked to. That girl was her. The one that broke his heart into a million little pieces. His first "love", if you wanted to even call it that. She begged for everything to be done for her, she was good for nothing. Bambaline scoffed and focused her attention back to Feng.
    "How about it?" She smiled softly, the true smile of the girl underneath the nervousness.
  7. Putting a hand over her mouth when he had laughed himself silly only to explain what the girl with Feng was, she was embarrassed. Then again they looked like a perfect pair, like a puzzle piece so it had been her assumption but she should have known better than to assume. That was an unwise decision.

    Following his comment to look back to the pair, Rhelic made a snorting laugh before she cleared her throat, fingers rubbing at her brow. "She'll have a fancy forever, he is as clueless as they come. She could outright say it and it would still go over his head." whether or not she was stating the truth would yet be decided but she was fairly sure. Allowing her mouth to clamp as he began to speak in a quick wordy phrase, she shrugged it off. "I don't like to linger around here too much, but you are right. I live here with the old man and her," she pointed at Ramisa, "my elder sister," leaning forward with her hand brought up in a whisper, Rhelic smirked some, "Be careful she doesn't hear you call her an old woman, she just might beat you. She's oh so sensitive about her age."

    It was strange to have him striking up a conversation really but it wasn't like she minded in the least. It was just common that most left her be, not as if avoiding her but letting her be to herself. "Roman?" she repeated before lifting her brow feeling a bit of a look coming her way from the other pairing. Was she in some sort of trouble when the girl he called Bambi looked at her though seeing the look that came from Feng, she knew she would be later! "Oh," cluing back into what he had asked her; "Rhelic actually." she thought about going into it further but promptly decided not too, "So I guess you come here often then to notice that I'm not around as much?"


    "Food?" he mulled over the word, he ate he knew what food was but pizza. It sounded foreign, almost deadly to him nearly too simple just to be food. Perhaps he was overly cautious but he wasn't sold on this pizza.

    Following her short gaze to that of her sibling, Feng's own gaze brightened briefly only to darken in a mood realizing that Rhelic had made her presence. Oh the hell she was going to get from him when he had time, how dare she leave without a word leaving him to be stuck with her sister. That foul woman!

    "Huh?" shaking his head to return his focus to her, a lone brow rose before he figured out what she was asking. Putting his hands behind his band, his head shook. "I apologize Miss Bambi but I am not permitted to leave the grounds unless stated so by that of the Elder or in the accompany of the high lady;" he gestured to that of Rhelic, "I am to stay on the grounds." he gritted his teeth wanting to stay that he was forced but he knew better. "Perhaps in a few years it could be feasible." he nodded short liking that idea, surely Rhelic would be ready at that point! "Yes, that would work better. Much training to do still..." he muttered off to himself.
  8. Roman liked the sound of her name, it was so pretty. He grinned at her and then rolled his eyes at the thought of why he came here.
    "Well, I may come here often, every Saturday and Sunday, but I'm forced too. I mean, my sister drags me along every weekend and I can't do anything about it because she's older than me. Only by ten years though, it's not a big deal, but sometimes I act more mature than she does, and she's two hundred and fifteen!" Roman laughed and shook his head, he glanced back at his sister and raised an eyebrow at her face. He shrugged and returned his attention back to Rhelic.
    "So, got any plans? I mean, I don't really have many friends, and you seem nice." Roman cursed himself, why did he have to say something as stupid as that? He sighed and looked at her, almost begging for her to at least like him as a friend. He seemed like an idiot, he knew.


    Bambaline raised an angry eyebrow at the gesture Feng made and placed each hand on her hips and licked her lips.
    "What does she have that I don't? Huh?" Bambi was about to spew some nasty comments about the girl named Rhelic when she caught onto what Feng was saying.
    "A few years?!?! Are you crazy? I'll probably be married by that time, and I'll have kids, I mean I'm already two hundred and fifteen, my birthday is soon, so that'll make me two hundred and sixteen. I may be immortal, but geez. I don't think I could wait a few years." She rolled her eyes and turned away watching Roman talk to the Rhelic girl. She huffed and puffed. She turned back around to Feng and spoke, changing her tactic.
    "Well, you say you can't leave without that girl over there, right? Well why don't we all go out to get some pizza, maybe go to a movie, or maybe go swimming? Roman and your "high lady" over there could go together, and we could spend some time together? What do you think?" She grinned and raised her hands, palms to the sky.
    "How about it, Feng?" She winked and hoped her plan would work.
  9. Humming the gentle laughter that rumble gingerly through her throat as he tried to explain that his sibling drug him along, only to state that she was quite a fair bit older than she looked. She had heard of others retaining their youth but really honestly hadn't seen it -that she was aware of- other than her own parentage and sister. Still nonetheless she had been amused to listen to him. "Are you sure she drags you along or perhaps you are just being the younger brother waiting for the perfect moment to strike in your time of chaos?" she grinned lightly.

    He was a curious fellow, again far older than she really would have gathered but then again in her own truth, everyone generally was. Rubbing back the white hair from her face, tapered ears moved to him making a sort of face of confusion to what he just blurted out. "What plans are you wanting to know?" she narrowed an eye teasingly, "Asking to find out what I am doing today or are you thinking of becoming a stalker, wanting to know what I have planned out for the rest of my days?" Seeing how he looked at her, she couldn't help but giggle as she hid it behind a hand. "You sure it's a good idea to offer being friends, especially the way your sister keeps glaring over here?" she would have been a fool not to really notice after a while. Lifting her hands up to wiggle her fingers, Rhelic lifted her chin proudly. "Not many take to being friends with elves you know, well suppose I should correct that an say abyss elves."


    He hated that gesture and pose she suddenly stuck, he had seen a few times too many from that of many women. It was a defensive stance which meant he was about to get into trouble for something he really didn't understand. Putting aside his instinctive urge to cower away, the feathers cresting around his ears fluttered some before he raised his brow to her. Did she just ask him that, what Rhelic had that she didn't? While he might have been utterly tempted to answer such a loaded question he didn't. They weren't even really comparable in his head, he wasn't bound to Bambi in another worldly sense.

    Rather than interject a possible phrase to end his seemingly endless life, he listened carefully. "Immortal," he mumbled before narrowing his gaze to her, "Still so young," at least in his eyes. he lost track of his real age after so many centuries, he just assumed it was old.

    Again he followed her gaze to look at her brother and that of Rhelic more lost in what she was getting at than he could truthfully admit.

    Flustered blinking took over his face with such an invitation only causing him to frown some. "Uh well..." rubbing the back of his head, he already knew the answer to her question but it seemed like she was determined. Why?

    "It appears to me that you are very determined to make something of this though I fail to see why.
    " He admitted, "You would have to take that up with her and possibly that of the current Shrine master." Why did he have such a itchy feeling about this, but perhaps it could be a sense of freedom from his shackles he was wanting desperately to have off.
  10. Roman blushed slightly at her comment and shook his head vigorously at the mentioning of the term "Stalker". Roman listened to her mention the word "Abyss Elf" He had only heard the term once before, and even that one time, the person didn't care much to explain it. The teachers at the high school where he went didn't really like talking about the other species that inhabited the earth with the humans. Roman didn't want to sound ignorant asking the question of what an Abyss Elf was, but if he wanted to know the information, he might as well ask about it.
    "So, I'm sorry if I sound dumb, but what is an Abyss Elf? I mean, I know what my teacher's have told me, but it wasn't much." He asked curiously, slightly cocking his head to the side, causing his dark black-brown hair to fall to the side. He blinked his greenish brown orbs at Rhelic.
    "Oh, and yes, by the way. I just want to see if you wanted to go out sometime." Roman was surprised with what came out of his mouth, he usually never was brave like that.


    Bambaline nodded her head thinking for a minute.
    'If, I want to go on a date with him, I'm gonna have to get her to go along with, and well she seems okay, I guess. I know what to do!' Babmaline thought and she grabbed Feng by the wrist and started dragging him over to Rhelic and Roman, just like she sometimes would drag her brother along. She laughed at the thought, and smiled at the pair they were advancing on. Bambi turned her head back to Feng and spoke.
    "Well, why don't we ask them?" She grinned at him and then in a few moments they were in front of Roman and Rhelic.
    "Hey guys, I was just wondering, since you two seem to be all cozy and friendly towards each other, why don't we go on a double date? I take Feng-y here, and you take my brother out to the pizzeria, and maybe to a movie or to the park? How about it, pal?" Bambaline forced a Cheshire cat grin to the pair and twitched uncomfortably.

    Roman raised an eyebrow, he blushed deeply at the thought of going on a double date with his sister, but when he cast a glance at Rhelic, he thought it might not be so bad.
    "Well, I'm up for it, it's up to you Rhelic." He grinned softly at the elf with the white hair and shrugged his shoulders with his arms out and palms facing up.
  11. There was certainly a childlike glee that she had swirling around in her gut from watching how he reacted, for someone so much older than herself it was well cute. Though the two toned eyes seen how he was rolling the term abyss so adamantly through his skull, searching for answers that he could possibly have and then again would easily not. She was not a fool, her breeding was rare in this world and the information surrounding them even more so. At least to other races, it was like a guarded secret that had been tied tightly locked away deep within the minds of her ancestors and a selective few others.

    Turning her body some away putting her palms firmly to the round curve of her hips, eyes gazed upwards to the bright sun aloft in the sky all the while her lips pulled in a soft smile that seemed rather private. "You don't sound dumb, we aren't spoken of much. Other than the terrible urban legends that we are something like demons that were eons ago." She knew that was the truth, they held characteristic that weren't remotely favorable but they had no possessed any demonic heritage. She came from a long line of shamans, shrine maidens and the paladins that were all around. Drawing her gaze back to him, she shook her head. "I'd like to say more on it Roman, but it's against the shrine's respects. Just trust me when I say, we aren't as horrible as people like to make us seem and we didn't get to be aspects for dishonorable reasons."

    Her calmer nearly solemn attitude quickly twisted to alarm allowed the almost blackish blush to spread through her cheeks due to her unusual skin tone. That was hardly something she thought she would ever hear from anyone. Looking around her to see if he was asking someone else who happened to come upon their conversation, Rhelic furrowed her bangs as she bit on her bottom lip shyly. "Uh well... That's a first for-"

    Jerking a step back to escape away from the feeling of the others and hearing the clear words of "Well, why don't we ask them?", Rhelic lifted her startled gaze to Feng who seem just as alarmed as herself.

    Being drug around by the wrist, he was aghast to what was all happening so fast and so out of his reach. Sliding her foot back again, Rhelic knitted her brows worriedly together. Who was getting all cozy here and where did this double date come from let alone a single date.

    "What now!?" Feng retrieved his wrist back with as much gingerness that he was willing to give, it was light and wispy before he turned his attention downwards to Rhelic and Roman. "I swear Rhelic-" he lifted his hands up in defense, as she let out a snort of a laugh before recomposing her startled demenaor to point at him.

    "Did she just call you Feng-y?" Rhelic tittered as she crossed her arms over her waist rather amused by that.

    "She most certainly did not!" Feng denied though that was hard to when they had heard it. Becoming flustered, an involuntary chirp came from him which only invoked Rhelic to giggle some more. She had know he rarely did that under his own desires but it only came when he was feeling out of sorts. Tossing a bit of a look to that of Bambi, Feng sighed heavily defeated before he turned his blue eyes to Rhelic.

    Clearing her throat, Rhelic couldn't lie and say she wasn't weirded out to see Bambi smiling so unnaturally while catching the twitch. Lifting her hand up to rub through the back of her hair, the pink white eyes rolled slowly to look at the ground. "Uh while that's all fine and dandy in theory," Rhelic pointed to Feng, "I can't actually take Feng off the grounds," she looked towards Roman, "Not saying that I'm not up for it, just uh well... it's complicated."

    Snorting as his brow lifted before throwing his hands up; "I can't willingly leave the Shrine grounds. I am her Ai-" Rhelic jolted knowing what he was going to say as she jumped surprisingly well to slap her hands over his mouth, nervously laughing all the while.

    "His is a total air head," she laughed letting the smile spread over her lips all the while he tried to continue to talk behind her hand, "Uh maybe another time? Yeah uh..." Elbowing him hard between the ribs, Feng grunted with the pressure before she cupped a hand around her ear, "Oh yes, Feng I think I hear Ramisa calling."

    "What where!" He jumped back in fear before catching on, turning his surprise to glower and sighed. "Where the hell have you been anyways?"

    "Later..." Rhelic muttered as she gave a slight wave to them both, pushing Feng back with her rear to start walking towards one of the shrine buildings, "Uh, see you around?" Eyes shifted back and forth as she turned right around planting her hands between his shoulder blades and pushing hard. At first it seemed like she was losing the battle until they both screamed and started running as fast as they could when Ramisa actually yelled at them both. "Run faster!"

    "Rhelic!" Ramisa screamed hitching up her robe chasing them both into the house. "Feng!"
  12. Roman's face was a bright pink when he took in all the words that his sister was saying to the pair. He placed his head in his hands and wanted to scream out in frustration when his chance of finally getting girl was ruined. He removed his hands from his face and glared at his sister with deadly venom. He scowled at her and licked the front of his slightly sharp teeth. He folded his arms tightly across his chest and began to speak.
    "Why, why in the bloody hell would you do this to me Bambaline? Are you just bat-sh*t crazy now? I'm serious Bambaline, I'm so dissapointed in you, and not to mention pissed as f*cking hell. You better march your ass up to that door and apologize to those nice people, they must think you are so f*cking crazy that they will never let us come up here again. AND you know what? YOU just ruined my chances to go on a date with a girl. Now, go march your butt up to that door and apologize." Roman took on a much older demeanor than even his sister could fathom and she looked sheepishly at her feet. She nodded her head, her raven black hair making a curtain around her face. She sighed, and tried to speak.
    "I-" Roman glared at her and shook his head.
    "No amount of "Sorry's" will suffice this time. Now, go." Roman kept his icy glare at her as she slowly walked up to the door of their house. She looked back at Roman and she bit her lip and turned back to the door and knocked twice.

    She licked her lips and waited for someone to open the door.
    'What the hell Bambi? Can't you act cool once in a while, and not like a lunatic?' Bambi shook her head at her thoughts and cast a glance over at Roman, he had his back turned to her and she knew he was fuming. She sighed heavily and wanted to cry, she messed up everything.
  13. Escaping away into the depths of the house attempting to save their own skins from that of Ramisa, Rhelic flung herself onto the sectional couch in the living room, burrowing under the cushions in a feeble way to prevent herself from being seen! She knew she had been in trouble already for being so late coming home but she always hoped that maybe once Ramisa wouldn’t lose her mind. </SPAN>

    Peeking up from the lumpy form of the couch, she could see him looking down at her, arms crossed over his chest while attempting to shoot her a raptor gaze that was nothing but a sad attempt. It seemed that Ramisa had more than her fill just chasing them into the house and that was enough for her.</SPAN>

    Sliding up and out from underneath, carefully putting the cushions back onto the couch, Feng reached forward to grab tight to the tip of her ear pulling it firmly yet gently. “You are a royal pain in my ass kid!” he seethed at her, released and flicked her hard in the forehead. “You knew that you were suppose to be back here by ten and yet you clearly come sneaking back after lunch, are you looking to be killed before you transcend into your title, cause I could arrange for that!” </SPAN>

    Rubbing ear and forehead alike, Rhelic wrinkled her nose with a huff and a groan. “Are you finished?”</SPAN>

    His mouth opened only to shut again, fear swimming through his eyes when they both heard the knock on the door. Quick worried glances were tossed between as she jumped up and over the back of the couch, getting her sneakers to touch the floor and looked towards the front door. Again the knock came as she sighed with a hum and rubbed her hands together. </SPAN>

    Seemed that they were the only two inside, which begged the question where was her father?</SPAN>

    Shrugging some, Rhelic felt him stay close to her heels as they went to the door not really expecting anyone to truthfully be there. Lining up behind the door to stay a bit out of sight, Rhelic tossed him a short look before pulling open the door. Surprise overcame her firstly before she narrowed her gaze, rested her body against the side of the door and could see that Feng was peeking up over top. </SPAN>

    “Miss Bambi?” Feng uttered with confusion, he would have thought after the scene that just played that her and her brother would have left without a word. What could this have been about.</SPAN>

    Tapping her index finger to her cheek, Rhelic pursed her lips into a grim line though it wasn’t cruel. She just didn’t understand to why Bambi after attempting to get her and Feng out with the pair would come up to the door. It wasn’t like her and Feng were really that interesting – well… maybe Feng was but she certainly didn’t know why the bother was made. Stepping back, Rhelic looked up to Feng. “Hey if you two want to talk, all the blessings to you.” Rhelic smiled sweetly, taking another step back as she turned right about not thinking that she was to be involved with this; and kicked off her sneakers into the boot closet. </SPAN>

    Rubbing his own head watching Rhelic mull about eventually working her way towards the kitchen, Feng hummed some. “Are you alright Miss Bambi?” he dared before cuffing a hand out to invite her into the house. He couldn’t see Roman anywhere from where he was standing; he assumed the lad had gone home. “Would you like to come in?” </SPAN>

    Rhelic trumped into the kitchen to sit up on the barstool that sat at the waist high counter top, pulling along a cookie jar recently refilled with her own pecan caramel cookies and popped it against her lips holding it there. She wasn’t out of sight, from where she sat the front door was fully visible and vice versa, so it was a great way for her to keep an eye on Feng. </SPAN>

    Seemed that Bambi did have a great liking to that of Feng, enough that she would come up to the front door. It was amusing to see how unsure and flustered Feng was, especially for a man who was an spiritual avatar of an element. Not to say that he wasn’t real, but he wasn’t accustom to dealing with mortals in such a way that Bambi tried. It was generally the relationship of Shaman and Avatar, never something more.</SPAN>

    Munching some, she put her chin into her palm watching and smirking which managed to get Feng’s attention as he glowered a little to her. “Don’t you have somewhere to be?”</SPAN>

    “As a matter of fact I do,” she responded with great ease causing him to grin. Jumping down from the stool, she pulled out the other one and sat down getting comfy. “There now I’m where I have to be.” She grinned causing him to slap his hand to his forehead. “Oh, would you like me at the table instead?” she was tormenting him with glee, something that could be common to that of friends as he could only mutter. </SPAN>

    “Don’t mind her.” Rhelic ate her cookie eagerly before waving to that of Bambi,

    "No one minds me," Rhelic smirked before she waved “Come Bambi have a cookie!” she may have not overly liked how Bambi was prior but she wasn’t going to let that cause her to be rude. “There fresh, made them yesterday.” Picking one out of the cookie jar she smiled slyly and waved it, “Feng,” </SPAN>

    His eyes turned wide and round watching, nearly looking like a curious cat about to pounce. “Uh well…” eyes moved with the cookie up and down, up and down before he grinned honestly. “Well maybe a couple.” He motioned for Bambi to come in again, “Not a pizzeria but certainly good snacks here.”</SPAN>
  14. Bambi bit her lip as the door opened and Feng and Rhelic were surprised to see her standing there. By the looks on their faces, they had no idea why she was there, they probably thought she was just trying to get Feng to come out on a date with her. She shook her head at the offerings of a cookie and spoke, slowly and with her gaze down towards her shuffling feet.
    "No thanks, I just came..to say sorry for that big old fiasco earlier. I mean, I don't know what I was thinking. I just get a little over enthusiastic when it comes to those kinds of things. Roman is really upset by the way I acted and asked me to come apologize." She licked her soft pink lips and took a glance back over her shoulder to where Roman was standing.

    His back wasn't turned towards her anymore, he was staring straight at her with his hazel brown eyes. He was tapping his foot, and she shrugged her shoulders at him, clearly stating that she had given an apology to the pair. Roman rolled his eyes and started walking towards the house, towards Bambi, and the rest. It only took him a few seconds with his long strides. He peeked over Bambi's shoulder and sheepishly smiled at Rhelic, and nodded to Feng.

    "I'm sorry about my sister, she get's too crazy sometimes."
    Roman spotted the cookie that Rhelic was eating and gave her a grin.
    "What kind of cookie is that? I bet I can make better ones!" He winked and waited for the girl's repsonse. Bambi turned her gaze to Feng and spoke softly.
    "Maybe, I approached it the wrong way, I mean. Would you like to sit down and have a chat- er talk, sometime?" She asked, her enthusiasm toning down from what it was almost twenty minutes ago.
  15. Being half drawn by the baked goods and paying full attention to that of Bambi trying to explain herself, Feng shrugged lightly. Though his attention came up when he watched her glancing over her shoulder. That was enough to get him to realize that Roman had been still outside and in turn he felt rather rude himself for not noticing or offering to come inside.

    Tucking her hands close to her bosom, her own shyness overtook again -still lost in being even asked out by him prior- as she let her ears wilt down with the embarrassment. At least until she heard what he said, causing her to toss a gaze through her side view growing a shade of dark hue with the playful banter and wink which she could tell had amused Feng in the process. "Are you daring to challenge Rhelic? She's famous for being quite the quiz in the bakery." he smirked some causing Rhelic to fuss at him, waving it off as nothing, jumping off her stool and shuffling away to pretend that she was busy with something in the pantry cupboard.

    Humming with a smug grin on his face watching her attempting to hide away - out of her normal everyday attitude, he noted- Feng dropped his vision to Bambi as she spoke.

    "Don't apologize for what happened, you don't know the reasons to as why I didn't jump on the chance to go out so blaming yourself is purely onesided," he spoke honestly, "But if you want to chat that is more than fine," he opened his hand again, "We can start now if you want while torment Rhelic a little since she was late this afternoon!"

    "I was not late. I never agreed to coming back at ten, and you can't punish me!" Rhelic started peeking somewhat out of the cupboard, "Only father can do that and you aren't him."

    Feng grinned still, his gaze narrowing into a feral state before he lifted his brow. "The house is empty for the time being, Lord Gen has stepped out for the day and Ramisa is busying herself outdoors. We'd be humbled for some honest company before Rhelic and I return to our prior engagements." Feng spoke with a gentleman tone that easily could reflect noble days, "Perhaps we can learn some things about you both, seeing as you both have come here nearly every weekend for how long now." he smirked finally genuine and light - a rare treat one might say as he didn't overly like smiling.
  16. Bambi smiled and allowed herself into their house. She gazed around and smiled at the elegant decor.
    "It's a pretty place you have here." She spoke to both Feng and Rhelic. She sat herself neatly on the couch, and waited for Feng to sit in the living room as well, so they could talk. She was excited about the idea of learning more about this man. Although she was rather silly in her earlier show, she was quite calm now, and ready for new information. She laughed a little at the thought and licked her lips.

    Roman followed after Bambi and watched as she sat down on the couch, making herself all cozy in another person's home. He chuckled and turned his hazel gaze back at the beautiful elf that he had taken a fancy to. He smiled at her and made his way to a stool and face the cupboard where Rhelic was hiding. He chuckled and spoke.
    "You don't have to hide from me, I'm not scary in the slightest." He laughed deeply and slid the cookie jar over to him and plucked one out of it. He nibbled on it and chewed it thoughtfully.
    "Not bad, but I can do better." He laughed and winked again, and looked around the kitchen and then at the cookie. It actually wasn't bad at all, and he was rather hungry. Roman gobbled up the cookie eagerly and turned to Rhelic.
    "So, you never replied about my offer on taking you out." He grinned and waited for a reply.
  17. He turned a slow eye around the house seeming to take in the value of her words with a careful intent before he shrugged, made a bored noise and ruffled his hand through the cuff of his hair. "Eh, I've seen better." Well it was sort of the truth and sort of not, it depended on what era he had been in to consider how a abode looked. The shrine house had been regal that much was for certain but humble in another fashion. it's outer walls were fashioned in a comfortable humble way that didn't make it seem like the Windsong family was flourishing in wealth while the inner reaches were wonderfully modern with the homely feel that hadn't changed since the late death of Ramisa's and Rhelic's mother.

    Watching Bambi with a reserved ease, much more than he had outside - then again he wasn't waiting around for Rhelic being beaten on by her elder sadistic sister- he was comfortable inside. Tucking a hand into the cusp of a pocket on his jeans, he tilted his head some looking over the woman who had come in so willingly after she got the peace off her chest. "I do apologize for earlier though Miss Bambi, I had not meant to come off rude." he at least wanted to make that well known. For how often she had come around, he didn't want to offend her in the least. In truth, she was that little bit of the outside world he could not experience yet and he was itching to learn.

    Sitting down in a sort of perching motion, Feng hummed some. "I must say, it has been some time since I have held a proper conversation with a lady," Rhelic didn't count. She was still a child and behaved much like one in his gaze. "You stated that you are a fair age in their two hundreds... I must ask, how well known is your family, what work do you or they do?" He was curious in leaps and bounds.

    Hearing the slide of the stool against the polished red oak of the floor, Rhelic peered slightly over her shoulder biting her bottom lip mildly trying to keep her own shyness at bay. She hadn't been remotely so closed off before when he had caught her trying to sneak into the house but the fact that he out right came out to ask her such a question that she had never had; it was fearsome.

    "Hiding?" She laughed nervously reaching way up into the cupboard grabbing a box of cat food knowing it was close to the time to feed the few that were around, Rhelic rubbed her bottom lip over her top. "I'm not hiding."

    Letting her two tone gaze shut as her foot shut the door to the pantry, she hummed with a trite surprise before turning a slight pout at him. "You've had more practice at it," a side curtain of her bangs fell over her face her way of attempting to still hide though she denied it. "You did state that you are two hundred and five, well after saying your sister was two hundred and fifteen minus your ten years."

    Waltzing around in the slide of her socks to the floor, she pushed aside the french wooden doors of the porch, shaking the box before pouring a generous amount into the green mimic jade bowl. Padded feet came rushing up the all the way around wooden porch, mewing eagerly before ducking it's head into the bowl. Kneeling down letting her fingers stroke across the calico fur, her ears twitched before her full attention turned to look at him feverishly eating the cookie. Though she damn near jumped out of her skin when his own gaze turned around to lock on her and asked her that same question.

    Cheeks turned dark as she inverted her gaze to stare at the eating cat; "Uh well..." puckering her brow, she narrowed a momentarily eye to him. "What makes you think I am even date material?" it might have come off as rude, but she hardly thought of herself as that. Even if it was one night, the thought eluded her, that and most men did.

    Idle fingers touched the marking that slipped down from her eyes, the thin to thick lines that caressed downwards to stop midway on her face. Sighing some with a bit of a groan, Rhelic turned her gaze back out towards the world that was the shrine. "Aren't guys your age generally married by now, with like twenty kids running around in some oversized back yard?" Rhelic stopped, tapped her fingers tips together before she plopped right down on the floor with her rear and groaned again. "I'm sorry Roman, I've never been... out before." she muttered the last bit, at least admitting to why she was nervous to him asking and why she had been hiding.
  18. Bambi chuckled at his comment and than thought about his question for a few moments. She always loved talking about her family and their line of work.
    "Well, my family comes from a long line of Demon hunters. Called Diabolus Venator, Latin for "Devil Hunter". Ever since I was little, I was trained to hunt demons. Anything from, too frisky vampires, flesh hungry werewolves, Cysgodol, and everything that goes with the world "evil"." Bambi laughed and took a breath before speaking again.
    "I would say my family is well known, all over the world. From Italy, Egypt, Greece, Asia, Europe, and the Americas. My mother died by a Cysgodol attack near a forest in Wales. It was rather sad watching her get feasted upon by those creatures." Bambi bit her lip and looked away. She took a deep breath and looked back at Feng.
    "Roman's family are Deletaine's. Which means they have two elements infused in their blood, as well as an animal demon locked inside of them. Roman has Air and Shadow, as well as a raven demon inside of him." Bambi laughed. She loved her brother but it was almost like they were enemies, in a way.
    "My father married his mother, and that's why we are step-siblings." She smiled and waited for Feng to speak.


    Roman chuckled at her comment about the twenty kids and what not.
    "Although I am two hundred and five, I'm still eighteen at heart. I can choose to keep aging physically, if I want. But I prefer the youthful looks of eighteen. I'm not ready for kids just yet, maybe marriage in a few years, but not kids. Bambi is enough of a child already." He chuckled and glanced over at his sister. He looked back at Relic and shrugged happily.
    "Hey, don't worry about it. Only last year did I get out into the dating scene. I understand the shyness. But hey, the offer is still standing. I'd really like to get to know you better. Maybe go see a movie or something. You seem more intune with the modern scene than your friend over there." He chuckled and gave Rhelic a charming smile. A soft whisper echoed in his ear.
    "Doth, you think thy maiden elegant?" Merenine the Raven demon spoke, but only Roman could hear him. Roman pushed away the Raven's whisper and waited for Rhelic to speak.
  19. He actually thought it might be difficult to have her speak about any sort of work she did and less about her family, but much to his own surprise she was willing to share.

    Though the moment he heard about Roman, his ears perked. When she was finished he held up his hands, shaking them slightly before leaning forward. "Wait a minute, wait a minute... your brother." his eyes turned electricity, filled with wonder and excitement; "Your step brother is a body that houses not only an element but two alongside that of a demon..." he scratched his head trying to wrap it around. He had heard of Deletaine's before but he believed them be to nothing more than a stupid man's legend. "You're a demon hunter... wouldn't that make you two... enemies? Especially what would happen if the demon inside took over, doesn't that mean your own line of work would have to take over? Is that possible, how did they stuff a demon inside him anyways?"

    Leaning back again, Feng hummed some. "I can't imagine a demon being housed inside a mortal body... but let alone two elements. I always thought they were nothing but rumour floating around the astral plain." Feng raised a brow, "I can only imagine what Fir's face would look like now," he muttered the last part amused to the fact that what he thought was fairytale was actually sitting in the kitchen right now with Rhelic. "I will admit, I am surprised to hear all that you have said. Simply marvelous, though... are you suppose to talk about it so openly?" he had to ask, he knew he was forbidden from even speaking about his own truth. "I do not wish to get you into trouble Miss Bambi, though with my follow up question... how many demons have you killed?"


    She found it all hard to take in, not even herself would stay forever young - willed or not- eventually all elves began to age in their latter years, perhaps it was a good thing she was so childishly young.

    "Only... last year." Even though she hadn't been on the dating scene, she was extremely young in retrospect which in turn only made her feel more like a babe before him. "Wait, its been two hundred and four or three years since you've started dating... what have you been doing in your spare time?" she had to ask before she smirked some to him stating how out of the normal Feng was. "Well in all his fairness, since he woke up in the last seventeen years he hasn't yet left the shrine." she laughed, stopped and tossed aside look to him. "Formalities with my father... Feng isn't the sort who is allowed to leave the grounds due to... reasons." she quickly interjected before she bit down on her bottom lip. "And well I am more intune with the world now, I am only nineteen." she finally spoke before she tossed him a sadder look. "Don't think it would do you any favors going out with a young girl and an abyss, I wouldn't want to degrade your reputation."
  20. Bambi was thrilled with all the questions. Although people asked her time and time again, she liked to speak about what would happen if Roman's demon took over.
    "Well, yes. I would have to kill him. But, we have both come to the mutual agreement that he would never want me to stop my line of work, and he wouldn't want to live any longer if Merenine came forth. Did you know, that since my father married Roman's mother, it's basically the same thing between me and Roman, except, Roman's mom, and my dad love each other." Bambi chuckled and licked her lips, preparing to tell the story.
    "Well, when Deletaine's are first born, they are hollow, empty beings, with very little soul. They still feel, and they still love and care, but they have an empty space inside of them. An animal demon seeks out these children, and being as there is an empty space, the animal demons are absorbed into the child's body. The child and the demon coexist with each other, and it depends on what kind of animal demon it is, but they usually never try to over power the captor's body. But, let's say if a Nine tailed fox was to be absorbed into a Deletaine child's body, than they would have to fight all of their life to keep the demon in check." She grinned and let the information sink in. She then spoke again.
    "Would you like to know what Roman's mother's animal demon and elements are? Everyone finds them interesting." She laughed and waited for Feng to speak.

    Roman blushed deeply at the thought of what he did in his spare time, and chuckled sheepishly. Then he rolled his hazel orbs at the girl and chuckled at her comment.
    "Rhelic, I don't have a reputation other than I'm quiet and smart. I'd love to go out with a young, beautiful, abyss elf such as yourself. If you would do me the honor?" He winked and let the offer stand. The whisper started up again, lapping at his brain like dark mysterious water.
    "Romanius, let thy self cometh out and play with the child. I shant do her harm...." Merenine's always persistent comment was tantalizing in Roman's ear, and he shook his head. Ridding the voice from his ears.
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