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  1. ♥ ♥ ♥ It's HUG Week :D ♥ ♥ ♥

    Happy HUG WEEK Iwaku :D [​IMG]


    What do you think of Hugs?

    Are they an effective way of making someone feel better?

    Do you give people lots of hugs?

    Do you like getting hugged?

    How can you effectively use hugs in roleplays?

  2. They are a plague on mankind, and should be eliminated forever.
  3. Well seeing as they pop up outta nowhere usually I'm uneasy about most of them. But I just accept it because hugs are a social gesture of thanks or love.
  4. I LOVE hugs....I could hug all day, even in RL. Then again, as someone who literally has to redefine his personal bounderies with each new group of people (as I have none/few myself) I can understand that some people would find it annoying, or are downright horrified if some unknown warm body is pressed against theirs. To be honest...if someone is in distress, I never know whether a hug from me would make it better, or make them push me away, annoyed at my inappropriate behavior...

    All in all, in real life, huggles are a VERY confusing thing, and even though I love them I don't get nearly enough of them.

  5. >_____________>


    I see...




    I see, so you don't like unexpected hugs, but what if you knew about the hug, would you like it? :D

  6. Hmm... Some very deep answers there, DynDynkun :)

    I can see that you take hugs very seriously :D
  7. I can't give my opinion on hugs in a thread started by Sakura.

    She'll give me another timeout.
  8. I have an idea:


  9. Awww 8) You're so considerate Asmodeus :D

    YES! LET'S :D

    I love his reaction xD
  10. There are not enough hugs! Though please, no bear hugs when you've been working out a lot.

    I am a hugger as you might have guessed.

    I like hugs and cuddles from my mancakes. But hugs from anyone else feels weird and awkward. XD I am not a hugger. Family can get away with pounce hugging, but anyone outside of that I'm thinking in my head "OH GOD STOP TOUCHING MEEEEE!"

    I have personal space issues. D:

    In roleplay though, that's such a nice opportunity for "cute moments". >:3
  12. Once, while walking around downtown, I saw a guy with a "free hugs" sign. Of course I accepted. (twice, actually-I passed the guy twice, and it was fine the first time, so hey.)

    and so did a group of people touring the area on segways. seriously, they did drive-by hugs. That day was great.
  13. Oh my gosh, hugs are fun x]. Especially the ambush kind on my friends when they're not expecting it. If I were in their shoes I'd probably be laughing my butt off, because I find hugs to be welcome. I don't get a ton of them from my family since the rest of'em aren't too big on bodily contact in general, but my friends and I like to ambush and group hug (with) each other all the time. Also, count me in for hugging Asmo! ;D
  14. I love giving hugs to all of my best friends and should never be eliminated. If I could hug my friends on skype I would do so. It just makes me feel happy to know that someone actually cares about what I have to say.
  15. Hugs are awkward, awkward things when they come at you from nowhere. Never sure what the hell to do so I just stand there arms raised like someone has a gun aimed at my head.
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  17. Hugs, for me are, ideally, gestures of genuine love.

    It says something when I haven't been hugged in a long, long while.
  18. I personally don't like Hugging. It seems like a very common action, and therefore loses it's meaning to me. In the rare times that I do hug people it's because I honestly have some sort of care or affection for them. Ultimately it's as rare as a snowflake at Satan's guest house with me.
  19. *Glomps Sakura and Acquarina*

    *goes back to his normal insane self*