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I personally don't like Hugging. It seems like a very common action, and therefore loses it's meaning to me. In the rare times that I do hug people it's because I honestly have some sort of care or affection for them. Ultimately it's as rare as a snowflake at Satan's guest house with me.

This is so true of too many sentiments..
Close, sudden physical contact/invasion of personal boundaries is sort of a NO-NO in my culture, at least for my generation...Most of my friends and I just do the usual "head tilt" acknowledgement to each other so we don't appear homo, just BROMO...But this newest generation seems to like to pretend to rape each other in the street D:< My stoic redman sensibilities are appalled!

Beyond that though, I liek hugz. I liek dem a lotz. It just takes me to feel comfortable/like them a lot to hug a person out of nowhere. I think I'm starting to become more friendly though >:( I find myself giving hugs more than usual lately...

And so begins the downward slope...