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Handwriting and Personality!

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Diana, Jun 16, 2010.

  1. Did you know there is something called Graphology, which is the study of handwriting and how it displays personality? That's right. >:D The way you scribble down your name or write your grocery list can diverge who you are!

    You can check out more at This Website!

    It's not something I ever put in to practice, but kind of cool!

    How neat or messy is your handwriting? Do you do anything weird or funky with certain letters?
  2. Big chunky man-letters with extra caps and big curly swoopy-loops.
  3. 'g' sometimes appear like the number '8'
    'e' (small letter e) sometimes looks like a 'c'.
    7 almost always has a bar in the middle
    'Z' and 'z' sometimes has a bar in the middle. but for cursive writing, 'z' sometimes appear like a '3'
    'r' sometimes look like a hypen, sometimes a 'v'

    ... in other words, i do have a very messy handwriting.
  4. Belle

    She rested her head in her hands before peeking up and asking "John what sort of shit do you think is going on here?"
  5. Quite sketchy.. think that comes from the drawing.. but I, like Asmo, also do random extra caps.. weird..
  6. My handwriting looks "like a 5th grader's writing, who is artsy" so ive been told by teachers and friends! My letters are big, wide, and all swoopy!
  7. My writing is "beautiful from a distance, but when you get up close and try to read it, it's like a delicate new alphabet".

    My writing teachers had a little discussion where they came to this conclusion.

    Trying to analyze my writing now but it's telling me a lot of uncommunicative... o.O
  8. The best way to describe my handwriting is "illegible"
  9. Belle

    "Perhaps if he is out there he misses us." She smiled sadly "I hope we do get to him soon."


    She paused for a moment "I suppose that after this we really should head over to Cloak." She pouted slightly "We could just walk really, really slowly."
  10. I can't even read my own handwriting...cursive or otherwise.
  11. Belle

    "Sometimes. It depends on how much energy I have. Sometimes I can heal it pretty much so the person can get right back up, sometimes it's only enough to close the wound and not fix all the damage. I myself get nose bleeds if I use it too much, or I get sick." She frowned
  12. My hand writing is different. I mix my words with both print and cursive writing. My teachers say my hand writing looks like our founding fathers hand writing. How it was always neat and small and always had the the little curves and lines at the ends. I can't really explain it, but it's 'fancy' and odd.... XD I write small too. Maybe if I got a picture one day, you would see it... -____- Hard to explain, really...
  13. My writing is sloppy and is hard to read...This is one of the reasons, I know I have autism~