Halloween Plans?

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  1. I was wondering if anyone here had any plans for All Hallows Eve. Even if ti's just sitting inside and growling at the kids who run up and down the neighborhood, that's still a plan.

    I PLANNED to go with my girlfriend in our Robin and Rin cosplays, but a school field trip several states away is ruining that. So instead, my girlfriend, my mom and I will be handing out candy to little kids in my grandparents' neighborhood after going to a museum all day, since they live in the same city the trip is to. It should be fun anyway, but yeah.

    So, what are you guys all doing? Something fun, I hope.
  2. We always go to the Downtown Trick or Treat and walk the walk even though we're adults. XD We don't scavenge for candy, but it IS a lot of fun walking around in costume and checking out everyone else's cool (and cuuuute) costumes. Sometimes we sit down and have some lunch or shop a little.

    Then it's hang out at home scaring people that come to the door. 8D I am the bait with the giant cauldron of candy. The guys hang out in their hidey spots and then circle around in costume to spook people. While waiting for peeps to come to the door, I'll have on a halloween movie (Hocus Pocus, Halloween Town, or some other fun thing).

    And this year I am making a Transylvanian GHOULash. I searched specifically for Transylvanian recipes just so I could make that damn pun. c___c

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  3. Most years we don't do much other than scare the kids that come up to the door (I made a mean werewolf last year). This year, a family friend is hosting a costume party. It's gonna be great.

    Maybe I'll scare some kids on the way there.
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  4. Me and a bunch of friends back from high school (some who live over an hour away now) are going to meet up for Halloween.

    We have nothing planned for specifics yet, but likely it'd be a lot of movies, board games or lan party stuff.
    Plus spontaneous walks/wandering about past midnight.
  5. I'm gonna stay at home, eat snacks, watch horror movies and ignore all the shitty brats that wants my candy :D
  6. Halloween plans?

    srs tho, I'll be dressing up as Leatherface on Halloween Night for a gig, it's something my uncle organises every year and calls up old friends of mine to get a band thing together for halloween in which we perform horror themed songs of popular stuff.

    "You Give Vampires a Bad Name"

    "I Wanna Chop Off Your Hand"

    " Stuck in Hell With You"

    To name a few we will be performing.
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  7. Hopefully going to my first convention.

    I plan as dressing up as Roland from Stephen King's Dark Tower series. I have a duster but I still need to find a hat.
  8. I'm going to buy some candy for myself, give none to children, and eat it while staying home and doing nothing important. Might watch some horror movies, might play a horror game. No solid plans there.
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  9. This year, I have zero Halloween plans. I can't afford to do much as it is right now.

    Once I move? I'm going to begin putting my haunted monestary idea into action.
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  10. Going to give myself some SE to make me look older, sit outside with my cane, and wave it at any little kids that come by before telling them to get off my lawn. :D
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  11. I have an 11 year old little sister I plan on taking out, so I get to dress up and people give me free candy :D
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  12. Locking the gate, staying indoors in pajamas and catching up on all my shows. Maybe peep out the window and look at all the kids in costume then resume my laziness.
  13. Big picture (open)

    This Halloween's theme is persona for my group of friends. I'm going to be Ryuji from P5
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  14. I will probably make either a Skype Horror Movie Marathon, or a Youtube Watch Together Marble Hornets/ Short Horror Movie Marathon on Halloween Night, if I'm not partying :D
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  15. Driving two and a half hours to Gainesville to have lunch at Cracker Barrel with my wife's grandparents. The grandfather is a pastor.

    Five hours of driving. For lunch. At Cracker-Fucking-Barrel.

    Otherwise locking my apartment door and putting up a sign that says "No." Because our semi-hood is full of children of a particular brand that cover their faces with masks, punch people, then scoop up the dropped bowl of candy. All while the parents watch from nearby stairs. Last year a guy knocked out a teen for trying that. Then zip tied his hands to the stair railing with a sign saying 'don't open the door for me I will assault you and steal your candy'.
  16. Your hood sounds like they love to do Halloween the Hardcore style.
  17. On Halloween itself? I've not a thing planned. I do have a wedding the next day, so that limits plans.

    Thursday I have a Halloween event at school. And Friday I'll be helping to host a party. Costumes and Murder Mystery Game included.
  18. There's a reason we live on the top floor.
  19. I am running sound for a couple different bands Friday and Saturday. I am sure there will be chaos both nights.
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