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  1. do you go to a salon / barber to get your hair done? Do you bring pictures of what you want? Do you get the same person to cut it every time? I need to know these things!

    When I was skid my mom cut my hair, now I go to this walk-in place where the stylists actually listen to what I say instead of just doing what they think would look good. I usually bring a picture, and I don't keep the same hairdresser because since it's walk in only, it's hard to know who's going to be working when I go in. Otherwise I'd get that girl with the star tattoos; she's good.
  2. You NEED to know these things? That sounds nearly intimidating. Also stahp making threads when I should be offf to pack and clean D:! Isn't helping my motivation :<.

    Ehh regardless, I used to go to a salon/barber but after a woman said I look cute good with long hair I let it grow out *cough cough* for over bit of half a year now xD, which is roughly also the time I changed towns/apartments...which also meant in my old town I had a specific barber do my hair, always the same, forever and ever...and they knew how to make it. Oh right and when I was way younger my mother basically shaved my head all the time, in germany we call it 'Igel', which apparently translated into spiky hair?! But it is basically just off with nearly all of the hair D:!
  3. I go to a barber every time. I usually frequent 2, and the one I go to depends on which one is the less busiest one.

    Normally, I'll go to the same barber for both shops. One is a heavy-set guy with tattoos, and the other one is an African American guy.

    I'll show a picture for reference, but they usually do it in their own style (but they still stay really close to the picture), and it still comes put looking great every time.

    What I love about those barbers now is that they both finish and touch up edges with a straight razor, and it is the best feeling ever both during and after the finishing touches.

    (Side note: the African American guy once told me I'm the only client he's had that picks a hairstyle that actually works with me, and most of the other people pick haircuts totally wrong for them, and so yeah, he got a bit of a better tip that day.)
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  4. I used to go to the barbers.
    But generally my requests are pretty limited, "Cut it short".
    I tend not to care too much the exacts of my hair, as long as it's neat looking and manageable.

    Plus I don't even frequent often because I had a habit of alternating hair styles.
    I'll cut it really short and then leave it for at least half a year, allowing it to get long the point people start calling it "beach boy hair" and then I cut it again.

    However, on the rare occasions I have given more specific requests or used a picture... they barely follow it.
    And when I did use barber shops I never had a consistent one, since going in was not only a rare thing but one I did spontaneously whenever my hair get's out of control (shampoo and showering doesn't control it anymore).
    Which also means I usually just pop in to whatever is the closest/convenient.

    But now I'm starting have it cut at home, both my Mom and Dad have the basic skills/understanding for it.
    Reasoning? More convenient, no money spent, I have no really specific preference anyways, and since they're my parents they're more likely to listen to what I actually do want when I ask for something specific rather than simply ignore me and do their own thing.
  5. It was the opposite for me; my mom hated to cut our hair short. My little brother's hair grew into ringlets before she finally gave in and cut it; I could sit on mine!
  6. My best friend is a hairdresser and she would kill me if I decided to get my hair cut by someone else xD The only exception would be if we were living in different countries (which might be a reality in a few years) as we might not meet often enough. Though considering I went 2½ years between the two last haircuts, I guess I could wait. x9
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  7. Talk about loyalty.
  8. It has more to do with me not caring much about my appearance, so if she doesn't remind me, I forget about it. That is until my hair is so long that it becomes bothersome and I have to brush it more than once a month to keep it in control xD
  9. Ah okay. Makes sense. I guess I'm more or less the same way. I'll sometimes wait a month or more to cut my hair, and when I run out of pomade to keep my hair manageable, I'll go to the Barber's.
  10. Brush it more than once a month?
    I thought brushing was something people with long hair did daily, cause sleep tends to mess it up again.
  11. You'd be surprised how many people don't, and let it get all tangled and shit.
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  12. That's why I don't have long hair :9 I never let it grow longer than to the shoulders and usually it's shorter than to the start of the neck.

    But if you have long hair, yes you'll need to brush it daily, or preferably two-three times a day. Otherwise you will have to cut it all off when it becomes too tangled to control.
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  13. I guess my Mom and Sister are just hair enthusiasts then. :P

    Them being the only two girls I've lived with (and therefore seen their daily routine first hand) had led me to the opinion that all people with long hair did.
    I guess I figured wrong. XD
    That's always easier to handle. :P

    I always get annoyed with how much longer shampoo takes once my hair starts to get long.
    So... I was right? *confused*
  14. Nowadays I keep it short, the longest either just past my shoulders, the shortest just below my chin. In my first year of high school, I wore my hair long and layered. T'was cute on me, so I kept it for the whole year. In second year, I got my hair in a hime cut - and it suited me, but since it was in the hot weather I didn't like the feeling of bangs over my forehead and the sides of my face sticking to my skin. In third year I got it in a very short cut, almost pixie, bob just below my chin. It was my most cutesy haircut, and made me look like a loli. In fourth year I kept it straight cut just past my shoulders, but layered it just in time for graduation.
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  15. You were right only in the sense that that's what long haired people are supposed to do. A lot of them don't, even though they should.
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  16. That's a lot of different hair styles you've tried there.

    Any favourites?
  17. Yes you were.

    This is true. I was on the edge of loosing my hair many times as I neglected the brushing as a kid, but my mom refused to just let me cut it off, which I wanted to do. "You will regret it" she said.

    Cut it off myself while my parents was off shopping when I was 13. Best decision EVER!
  18. Yeay! :3
  19. Not that it matters at all because it's a person's own hair, and other people's opinions don't matter, but I hate short haircuts on girls. Anything shorter than shoulder length, to me, is a no-no.
  20. Yeah, she was like "I cut it when I was a kid, and I regretted it sooo much, and it took forever to grow back out, so I won't let you do it before you're older." Guessing she meant 18 or something xb
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