guyxguy roleplay?

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  1. hello and thank you for checking this out. As you know i am looking for a partner for a boyxboy RP. So i am looking for someone dominant for my character, so the plot will go like this.
    Here at Hakesan academy, in a grade eight class two boys are paired in a project at science, so the two sleepover on a friday till sunday, but this may not be only working...
    My CS (open)

    Name: Stelios Margaritas
    Age: 13 (turning 14 in a month)
    Personality: stelios loves to have fun, he is really nice and innocent. He has a great sense of humor and is very responsible and respectful.
  2. im interested to do this
  3. okay great! just make a CS and will start, so it will start when we get to one of our houses, do you wanna do it at your characters house?
  4. I'm interested!
  5. I want to start fast, so whoever makes the CS will be my partner @GraceMills
  6. Name: Jax Deranto
    Age: 15
    Personality: Always wants to win, cunning,smoke times can be a bit slow,competitive, athletic, sweet, caring
  7. accepted, okay i'll make the rp in a second, so do you wanna do this at yours characters house or mine?
  8. Wait.

    Hold up.

    Why can't you have two rp's? Just with the same char and different setting? Or we can work together and roleplay a threesome or something.

    Sorry @GraceMills !!
  9. okay. im sorry i was busy
    here's my character

    Name: Leo Dallas
    age: 14
    Personality: he's a bit head-strong and a loud talker, but he loves having fun and knows when to shut up. at certain times he can become kind and quiet.
  10. oh don't worry i was going to do another rp with Grace, but start with yours first, we could do us three, that works
  11. @GraceMills @Rin Okumura so we have to talk about the plot since it's us three now, should we be paired with a group and we go to one of our houses to work on the project, just so i should let you know, stelios won't make the first move
  12. that's fine. i'm trying to think up stuff now. and Leo could make the firsst move if needed
  13. alright any of you can, okay i'll think of some too as well
  14. well how is this really going to work with three of us?
  15. yeah i know it's actually way harder to think of ideas, how about you @Rin Okumura ?
  16. Alright. Hmm. PM me @TheScalesofJustice invite grace. We'll start a RP there. You guys chars meet up at Jaxs house? I guess Jax will be the first move.