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  1. What are your guilty pleasures? I cannot resist a good, cheesy fight movie. I just bought Romeo Must Die and holy shit I freakin love it. The post is short imply because it's a simple question. I think the simple things in life are sometimes the best feeling in the world. Nothing better for me than finding a good cheesy movie and just enjoying it for what it is.
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  2. The Prequels
  3. Otome games.
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  4. ...yaoi stuff

    ...I has a love-hate relationship with romantic stuff too

  5. YAOI!
    99% of it is bad and rapey and doesn't make much sense, BUT I DUN CARE! GIVE ME MOOORE!
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  6. Bitch I don't feel guilty about any of my pleasures
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  7. Pokemon 4Ever (the movie with Celebi in it).

    Half the movie is just fluff and padding, and the other half makes zero sense, even ignoring all the time-travel related elements. (I mean, try to actually think through the concept of a "dark ball" and it's just... whaaa...??) And... yeah, even the title is stupid. I was tempted to just pretend I didn't even know the title because it felt so dumb to type out.

    But I don't care. This movie still gives me the feels. ;_;

    (Lots of the Pokemon movies are guilty pleasures for me, actually, but this one in particular is probably the biggest.)
  8. I second this. Guilt is for losers who care too much about what other people think.
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  10. Yup XD
  12. Agh, the same thing is happening with me and Nicki Minaj. I hated her forever, and now I find myself humming her stuff all the damn time.
  13. This quote chain.
  14. The pretty pretty dress-up segments of games. Give me all of the customization options please.
  15. Eating a can of Pringles in a single sitting and watching cheesy TLC shows
  16. Nearly all of my guilty pleasures involve reading. The Dark Tower series! It's seriously troubling how addicted I am to those books. I've read them way too many times, and listen to the audiobooks almost religiously.

    Reading fanfiction, especially Kagome x Sesshomaru fanfiction. Although if I could find a decent Sam and Jack fanfiction for Stargate, I'd be equally as addicted.

    Some supernatural romances (Immortals after Dark mostly.) I hate romance novels, but damn it if I don't get hooked on them when you throw in vampires and werewolves. (Not fucking Twilight trash!)
  17. Took the vords out of my mouth. I have many pleasures, a vhole lot of them less then "whole-some", and I dont feel guilty about any of them. I like them, thats all that maters to me.
  18. Being too stereotypical with my gothic-inclined tastes? Nightmare before christmas is my favourite movie. I love vampires, and I love Lestat. I prefer black animals, and bats are just too cute, specially those with fox like faces. I really love Morticia and Gomez (was that his name in the english version?) Addams. I'm like a bad joke xD
  19. Smut smut and more smut. Gotta love them. Especially daddykink smut kill me.

    Teen movies like Pitch Perfect and Mean Girls. They literally have no plot whatsoever but I just watch it
  20. I absolutely love how no specification was needed for this
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