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  1. The time is long before earths recorded history and humanity is ruled with an iron grip by the orcs. The orcs receive resources from the elven empire so that the humans can not fight back so easily, however the humans have made an army in the midst of this harsh time but in the orcs advance on the north they have ordered their armies to abandon the south to protect the human capitol and abandon the people. Leaving the defenseless to the orcs and the only person that can stand is Abraxas, it is not even two years since his arrival to earth and he must stand ready. Who will be his allies though? Surely not the north.
  2. Lilith was just passing through the southern cities, cloaked in torn and tattered rags for clothes, a mess of bright red hair on her head. She was well built, but small, her skin was tan but covered in dirt and mud from the roads, and a few freckles graced her nose. Ever since the Orcs had taken control, thanks to the damned Elves, she had been doing the one thing she could to stay alive. Wander the lands, keeping hidden and safe. Until a time came she could at least do something about the deaths. she had lost everything. Her mother and father, and her older brother who tried saving them. Their home was burned and destroyed, but she managed to escape.
    She sat, eating a chunk of stale bread when she over heard the need for allies to stand up against the Orc armies. This gave her a wonderfully brilliant idea, she only hoped she would be able to pull it off.
  3. The rain was going for over a week the streets were flooded to knee height as Abraxas walked on the slide boarded path to keep a little dry as he walked eating his apple when he spotted the recruiters trying to gather people and he thought "the nerve of these people they abandon these people but ask them to defend the north" shaking his head he noticed a rather curious figure on the ground eating and as he walked by he tossed an apple saying calmly "here this is healthier and you shouldn't be hungry on such harsh conditions."
  4. She looked up, just in time as a man passed her by, an apple coming at her. Reaching out to catch it, she then got to her feet, jogging after the man, sloshing in the mud. "Hey... wait!" she called out, coming to sliding stop a few feet behind him. "Thank you," she said softly, looking down from him. "you didn't have to you know, I was going to get more food soon anyways."
    She glanced up at him with piercing green eyes under that mess of hair, before looking back to her feet, the worn leather boots caked with mud, the laces falling apart from years of wear and tear. She then bowed her head a little, and turned to go fetch her bag.
  5. He stopped and turned back to her watching the small redhead grab her bag. His hood hiding his forehead, eyes and nose saying almost with no emotion "it is rather silly to sit out here in the rain in such worn clothing miss. I know of a friend that can get you better wear than what you currently have." After saying this he gestured for her to follow if she so desired.
  6. Picking up her bag and swinging it over her shoulder, she paused hearing him speak at her again. Lifting a brow in curiosity, she turned to face him again. "Even though I enjoy the rain, I guess that would be nice. But... Why?" she asked, walking over to him again, tilting her head as she folded her arms across her chest. "I am nothing more than a stranger to you, and one that will be leaving soon anyways. Is it really worth it?" she asked him with a faint smile.
  7. A slight smirk spread across his lips as he spoke once more "indeed you are but what is to say I will never see the face before me again? Along with the situation of that if you wish to do anything you must look the part my dear." He turned and his coat flowed through the wind. "It won't be far."
  8. She stood there for a moment longer, pondering whether or not she should follow. With a shrug, she trudged after him, ducking her head against the wind as it whipped her hair into her face. "My name is Lilith Bloodthorn," she said after a few seconds of silence between the two of them. "But.... you're welcome to call me Lily."
    She supposed if he was nice enough to give her food other than the stale bread she'd been munching on the past few days, and to get her into better clothing, it was the least she could do providing a name, not something she did very often, especially her real name. "And... Thank you again. If there's anything I can do in return."
  9. Abraxas nodded "a pleasure lily but I only require honesty in return." Walking he took a sharp right with a turn of his heel heading down an alley. "Best we not venture down that road it is rather unpleasant." He turned his head slightly looking down at her "the name is abraxas"
  10. She nodded, and gathered her footing again as she nearly ran into him with his abrupt turn. She glanced down the road he had turned to avoid, seeing a large group gathered about, shouts and weapons raised in the air. Catching back up, she looked to him when he gave his name. "Abraxas?" she repeated, letting the name settle on her tongue. "Well, that's one I haven't heard, very different.."
  11. Barely audible he murmured "it is an old name" he looked at her and slowed his pace a little so that it wasn't as difficult and he asked her politely "so what is your style? Formal, work, or fighter?" He continued to walk forward until they reached the town merchants shop and he opened the door for her.
  12. She thought on his question for a moment, then shrugged her shoulders lightly. "I don't know. I guess more work or fighter style. I travel, and have to fight if the need arises," she answered, stepping through the door he held open for her. It was a little warmer inside the shop, the walls blocking the wind and rain.
    She hadn't realized just how cold it was, but now she felt herself shivering a little, though she fought every muscle in her body to not show it.
  13. He walked in after her and an older woman turned the corner running and giving Abraxas a big hug "by the gods I thought you had died! Are you okay dear!?" The woman was alarmed and making sure he was okay and he shrugged her off "I am well marrriam however; my friend needs new attire as you can see. She travels a lot and is cold so please give her anything she wants...even if she won't admit it."
  14. With that he nodded and began to walk up a flight of stairs.
  15. She stepped out of the way as the older woman came running to Abraxas, smiling a little as she voiced her concern for the man. It was nice to see that, especially in these trying times where there was nothing but blood shed and hatred. She then narrowed her eyes at Abraxas at his words, almost like he could read her mind.
    Turning to the woman, she bowed her head and smiled softly. "I do truly appreciate it, ma'am."
  16. After he left the ladies and adjured to his room Abraxas took off his hood and coat and put his runner/stealth armor on and equipped his blade, wrist blades, and knives.
    Once this was done he put his mask on, the design mimmicking that of a vampire skull he went back down stairs to see how everything was going his trust in mirriam and her husband was well placed.
  17. By the time he returned, she now stood in the middle of the shop, donning the new clothes. Though thin and light, they were warm, the straps of leather in various places thick enough to provide protection where needed. She was just finishing lacing the new boots on her feet when she stood and looked over at him, nodding.
    She then turned to Merriam, bowing in thanks, then to the woman's husband. "I thank you both very much for your kindness, it is greatly appreciated."
    the only thing she refused to replace was the cloak. Though barely hanging together with the patch jobs she had done, it was one thing she would not part with until there was nothing left of it. She pulled it back over her shoulder, fastening the front with the large silver brooch.
  18. He walked over to mirriam and whispered in her ear and she promptly nodded, turning to lily he looked her up and down "feel any better in a dry set?" He walked over and handed her and grabbed Lily's wrist putting something in her hand. "If the occasion arises"
  19. She nodded, a small smile spread across her lips. "Yes, I do. Thank you very much," she answered, bowing her head in thanks again.
    She then looked down into her hand, examining the item Merriam had placed there.
  20. In her hand laid a dagger of elegant ancient design and at that moment Abraxas put a hand to her shoulder and said "we must depart if you wish to remain safe, I fear its been peaceful for to many moons in this city." He removed his hand and opened the door seeing an orcs unit marching through the street with that he closed the door quickly. "That route is no longer an option now tell me lily, how good are you at climbing?"
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