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  1. In the year of 2050, World War III broke out and nearly destroyed the world. The surface was ravaged, animals went extinct, resources were depleted, and millions killed. Five years into the war, someone finally had enough. Ambren Salus, a man with much wealth, began to work with scientists to create large submarines made for housing large amounts of people for a long time. He called them Guardias, zeppelins of the sea. He was able to create 11 of them and in another 5 years, the project was complete. However, only the wealthy were able to go onto the Guardias[SIZE=2]. There was [SIZE=2]a costly fee to get on. So, [SIZE=2]with [SIZE=2]the wealthy o[SIZE=2]n the Guardias, they dived into the ocean, deep under the surface, [SIZE=2]away from the fighting.

    On the Guardias, an order was establis[SIZE=2]hed. The [SIZE=2]leaders of the Guardias were [SIZE=2]Pilots. [SIZE=2](The[SIZE=2]y didn't actually pilot anything.) There wer[SIZE=2]e about fifty Junior Pilots[SIZE=2] and [SIZE=2]ten Senior pilots, with one Master Pilot (Ambren Salus). The Pilots were the ones who were in charge of the different [SIZE=2]Guardias, making sure they ran smoothly and [SIZE=2]the [SIZE=2]peopl[SIZE=2]e lived in r[SIZE=2]elat[SIZE=2]ive peace. They also made the laws and stand[SIZE=2]ards[SIZE=2] that the people had to follow by.[/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE]
    Many of the dirty jobs and "commoner" jobs were done by robots and other technology.

    Life was relatively easy.

    25 years has passed since.

    The basic roleplayig rules apply...I'm sure you guys know them by now.
    You CANNOT be a Senior can be a Junior Pilot.
    Please wait for me to accept your character...I want to go over it and stuff.
    Post at least twice a week...if you can't, let me know...if you don't post for a long time you'll be kicked out of the roleplay[SIZE=2][SIZE=2][SIZE=2][SIZE=2][SIZE=2][SIZE=2]...[SIZE=2]Sorry
    Please use correct spelling and grammer in your posts...[SIZE=2]mistakes are okay but please make it look n[SIZE=2]ice.[/SIZE][/SIZE]
    I will [SIZE=2]be in charge of major NPCs and Senior cannot...I am the master haha.
    Cursing and violence is allowed...there [SIZE=2]will most likely be violence and blood [SIZE=2]anyways but nothing too extreme...try to keep it PG-13...that would be good.[/SIZE][/SIZE]
    Feel free to ask me about anything...this is my first RP so I probably messed something up.[SIZE=2][SIZE=2][SIZE=2]

    [B][U]Character Sheet
    [/U]N[SIZE=2]ame: [SIZE=2](Just the characters name)[/SIZE]
    Appearance: (You can use a picture of describe)
    Age: (No one younger than 16, p[SIZE=2]lease)[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=2]Sex: (male or female)
    Occupation: (the options [SIZE=2]are[/SIZE] junior pilot, resident, [SIZE=2][SIZE=2]navigator[/SIZE], and other submarine [SIZE=2]jobs[SIZE=2])
    Guardia[SIZE=2]: (which guardia they live on[SIZE=2][SIZE=2])[/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/B][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE]

    Background: (their history...please don't make it too long)

    Thanks and please join :)

    -Can join any time now
    -RP thread will be up Friday
    -Senior Pilot profiles are undergoing construction
    -Still accepting new players if you want to join
    -You can make up to two characters if you wish
    -IC thread is up!

    Accepted Characters
    Raven by aliceinwonderland
    Seele Zart by RedWinter
    Ashur Malikha by enyverses
    Amber Sant by Amber Sant
    Sky Anges by SilverLight
    Alex by NorwayFOO

    X by Bane
    A by Bane

  2. Guardias
    Here is what a guardia usually looks like:


    They are very large and can house hundreds of people. To get from one guardia to another, the guardias must be side by side and then a tunnel-like passage will be ejected and people can traverse from one guardia to another. Pilots actually have their own suits to swim out into the ocean. Senior Pilots have a personal transporter (similar to a motorcycle) so they can get from one guardia to another quickly. Junior pilots do not have this.

    Here are the different Guardias:

    Lumos: The guardia of the Pilots. This is where they live and where they meet up to have meetings and discuss things. You cannot live here unless you are a Pilot. If you are a Pilot, this is the guardia you must live in.

    Terra: The guardia of farming. Here food is grown and processed. Everything is done with robots, with some Junior Pilots overseeing the process.

    The guardia of trash. Here trash and recycled products are processed. Trash is either burned or dumped into the ocean. Junior Pilots oversee this dirty job (and sometimes are the butt of jokes because of it)

    Oppidum: The guardia of shops and markets. This is where residents go to buy supplies and groceries.

    Frui: The guardia of recreation. Here are pools, casinos, and other pl[SIZE=2]aces where residents can go t[SIZE=2]o have fun.

    [B][U]Ablus:[/U][/B] The guardia of medical procedures. Here is where patients go for treatment[SIZE=2] of sickness or [SIZE=2]injuries[SIZE=2].[/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE]

    Tempus: A residential guardia. It has glass sculptures and gardens made out of actual glass.

    [U][B]Nympha[/B][/U][SIZE=2][U][B]:[/B][/U] A residential guar[SIZE=2]dia. It has lots of fountains and water[SIZE=2]based decorations.

    [U][B]Hortus:[/B][/U] A residential g[SIZE=2]uardia. It has many p[SIZE=2]l[SIZE=2]ants and g[SIZE=2]ardens.[/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE]

    Lapis: A residential guardia. There are many stone and marble based decorations.

    Argentum: A residential guardia. There are a lot of robots and technology here. There are many metal based decorations.
  3. Pilots
    Pilots are the leaders and overseers of the people, acting like policemen to the people. Their HQ and living quarters are the guardia Lumos. There are three types of pilots: Junior Pilots and Senior Pilots and a Master Pilot.

    There are about 50 Junior Pilots and they're jobs mostly include patrolling, overseeing, and leading the people. It is not known to the public how they are chosen. All that is known that a Senior Pilot will approach a candidate and ask them if they would like to become a Pilot. They can either decline or acc[SIZE=2]ept. If they accept, they are whisked away to be trained[SIZE=2]. If they decline, the Senior Pilot dis[SIZE=2]appears and never contacts the family again.[/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE]

    There are 10 Senior Pilots and their jobs are mostly unknown to the public. It is known they are more privelaged than Junior Pilots. It is not known how Senior Pilots are chosen. Typically a Senior Pilot either dies or somehow disappears and then a Junior Pilot is assigned to be a Senior Pilot.

    There is only one Master Pilot: Ambren Salus, the creator of the guardias. He isn't seen outside of Lumos and no one but the Senior Pilots can be in contact with him. Not much is known about him or his job.

    Here are the current Senior Pilots:

    Andelia Mysers
    A very renowned Senior Pilot and respected amongst her peers. She was hand selected by the Master Pilot himself, along with Kyser Lupos. This is a very rare occurrence. She is rarely seen within the residential guardias, instead staying most of the time on Lumos. When she does appear among the residents, the area is filled with silence and respect for her. There is much gossip and much rumor that either she or Kyser will be selected to be the Master Pilot whenever Ambren Salus either retires or dies.

    Kyser Lupos
    A Senior Pilot that is well-known and respected, he was hand picked by the Master Pilot to be a Senior Pilot and is often in close contact with him, along with Andelia Mysers. He is also feared, due to his cold aura and silent nature, as long as being blunt and to the point. It is rumored that his fighting skills are unmatched in within the Pilots. His face is rarely seen due to the large black robe he wears. There is much gossip that whenever the Master Pilot dies or retires, he along with Andelia will be most likely chosen.

    Marisol Senara
    A Senior Pilot known for her warm and welcoming nature. She is often seen on Frui, enjoying herself at the casinos or walking down the streets. Often when out of Lumos, she is surrounded by other Junior Pilots. When a candidate for a Junior Pilot is chosen, she is the one that is most likely to appear and take them away. Some think she's too eccentric and laid back for a Senior Pilot, but she remains one to this day. Her childish and happy personality has made her a favorite person to seek out within the Junior Pilots.

    Seung Kim
    A Senior Pilot known for his vanity and selfishness. It is a wonder to some how he could be a Senior Pilot with his attitude of "myself, I, and me" but there is no doubt he's professional in his work and straightforward as well. He usually refuses to talk with residents...unless you're an attractive woman, then he'll happily take some time out of his day to chat with you. He can be seen occasionally on Oppidum, usually buying cigarettes.

    Tyla Ula
    A Senior Pilot of nature and peace. She is a pacifist and refuses to fight or take part in any kind of violence, except to defend herself. She can be found occasionally on Hortus, walking through the gardens and admiring their beauty. She does not like to talk, however, and whenever approached will shy away. Junior Pilots have said that she often criticizes the war and the people on the surface and says she wishes to stay in the ocean in the guardias forever.

    Terrence Distola
    One of the Senior Pilots that does fighting and defense tactics. He is the second most likely Senior Pilot to go and meet Junior Pilot candidates. Along with Thyra, Cethin, and Myris, they are often on guard for anything that may pose a threat to the guardias and sometimes train Junior Pilots in tactics of fighting. He is said to be a fast fighter, so fast he is almost a blur.

    Thyra Pemdaz
    A Senior Pilot of fighting and defense. She was an ex-soldier in WWIII and was able to get enough money to escape to the guardias. She is usually considered rude by Junior Pilots due to her harsh and blunt nature along with her high expectations. She served with Cethin Serren, causing the two to be rather good friends. For some reason, she can sometimes be found on Argentum, looking at the different kinds of robots there.

    Cethin Serren
    A Senior Pilot of fighting and defense. He is considered the leader of the four soldier Senior Pilots (Terrence, Thyra, and Myris). He is rarely seen in public, often in Lumos planning attacks and defenses whenever it is needed. He served as a general in WWIII (along with Thyra) and is well informed in battle tactics. Junior Pilots are often nervous to approach him due to his strict and loud nature. He has a prosthetic left leg, losing it in the war.

    Myris Arypos
    The fourth Senior Pilot of fighting and defense. She is mute, communicating with a hand-held screen that displays words for her. She hadn't really served as a soldier in WWIII, but was forced to survive on her own after a bomb destroyed most of her neighborhood. She lets actions speak for her and is rarely seen outside of Lumos. She is rather seclusive and doesn't like being with other people.

    League Celos[SIZE=2][SIZE=2][SIZE=2][SIZE=2][SIZE=2][SIZE=2][SIZE=2]
    The newest Senior Pilot[SIZE=2]. He was born [SIZE=2]blind and uses a device that sends out [SIZE=2]pulses that detects ob[SIZE=2]jects in the area[SIZE=2], t[SIZE=2]hough he [SIZE=2]is sometimes seen using a cane. He is like Marisol in that he is rather warm and welcoming[SIZE=2]. He is also unusual among S[SIZE=2]enior [SIZE=2]Pilots i[SIZE=2]n that he is seen [SIZE=2]a lot on the residential gu[SIZE=2]ardias, mostly Nympha, Lapis, and Tempus. He is [SIZE=2]also a bit of a biologist[SIZE=2].[/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE]
  4. Cool! I'm so join

    Name: Raven

    resident but navigator
    Tempus (i'm not sure on what you mean)
    Raven was once an normel preson with a mother and father then one day they where merderd.
    Kyser Lupos found her and saved her from death. now she follows him and he don't mind. Now she a navigator for the Guardia. She never wanted this a job so. They were rude to her but they keeped her safe. She loved been with them. but there still rude. well some of tham.
  5. You're accepted...thanks for joining!

    Any questions...feel free to ask.
  6. Name: Seele Zart
    Take my hand.jpg
    Age: 22
    Sex: Female
    Occupation: Resident and owner of a jewelry store on the Oppidum named GoldStuck.
    Guardia: Tempus
    Background: Her mother was a very rich an influential woman and bought her way onto the Guardias and here in the Guardias was Seele born. Her mother has since past and Seele gained her mother's fortune, business, and status. Now, with her mother's responsibility, she must take care of her family matters and keep relations with other families, as well as run a popular shop. In other words; she has to play the diplomat among the other families aboard the Guardias.

    A young boy named Alex was smuggled onto the Guardias and when discovered, was going to be kicked off. When Seele heard of this she rushed to his rescue and offered to take him in. He now works as her assistant and lives with her.

    I am guessing since they are all rich families that paid to get on the Guardias that they live in high society standards and have social interactions like that as well; power struggles, gossip, business partnerships, and what not.

  7. Ill be joining by later posting my char profile ;)
  8. Definitely contemplating joining this~

    Just not sure whether I can have enough time to post as frequently as I usually do..

    I probably will. Haha.
  9. i don't get the Guardia: part are they diffrint places in the in the ship.
  10. Wow...I didn't think this many people would join...thank you everyone :) This is my first RP so I appreciate it...Red Winter you are approved!

    To aliceinwonderland: There is more than one Guardia...there are ten...people live on different ones but three of them residents can't live on because they are needed for certain things like trash and farming and stuff like that...I'm sorry I can't explain things very well.

    To RedWinter: Yes...there was a very high fee that's why only rich people could go on and they basically live in a really wealthy society and stuff like that

    Thanks again guys...if there are any more questions feel free to ask :)
  11. I was asking if they where diffrent places in the ship so it not?????
  12. Name: Alex
    Age: 16
    Sex: Male
    Occupation: Assistant to Seele Zart
    Guardia: Tempus (Small room off of Seele's)
    Background: When he was younger his family was poor and just getting by, his father decided to join the military to try and support his family, unfortunately he died two weeks later and their country was being over run and his mother hid him in a crate that was being taken over seas. He was given food which wasn't enough to last him the trip, mainly because right when he made it to the docks over sea he was put onto the Lumos. When the crate was opened he was found the junior pilot was originally going to kick him off the sub and let the small boy drown but Seele saved him and now he works for her as an assistent.
  13. Norway, if you can't be Andelia's assistant, you could be mine, if you wanted!
  14. To aliceinwonderland: No...

    To NorwayFOO: Yes you cannot be Andelia's assistant, sorry :( Senior Pilots don't really have assistants...they kind of work on their own...they might have a Junior Pilot they work closely with but not really an assitant... However, how about Andelia knows about your existence and for some reason doesn't tell anyone and keeps it a secret? I think RedWinter's idea would work too...Alex could Seele's assistant and she knows about the secret too.

    Just so everyone knows...I will be playing the Senior Pilots and major NPCs...I don't have one character I play...I hope it won't get too confusing haha
  15. Ok I will edit my sign up when I can!
  16. Ok I finnished my sign up, I had to change some things to have it make sence. If I need to change something just let me know.
  17. Oh ya is it ok if she all ways follows one of the Senior Pilot, Kyser Lupos?
  18. NorwayFOO: everything looks good :)

    aliceinwonderland: sure...I have no problem with that.
  19. I have a couple of announcements:

    1. I'm making this RP a join any time I will be changing the sign thing...People are still welcome to join :) You can join any time and I'll make sure to fit you in.

    2. The RP thread will most likely go up on Friday.

    3. I'm going to be dividing the RPs up into divisions...they're basically chapters but with a cooler name haha...At the beginning of a new division I will make a small summary of what happened in the previous one so people joining later can read them and get a summary of what happened.

    4. Over the week I will be extending the profiles of the Senior Pilots and adding more information about them...

    5. I may add other types of info to the first post and I will keep on update list on it too so you can check there for new stuff

    And that's about it...this is my first RP so I'm sorry if things get weird sometimes...again, thank you very much for joining :)
  20. Name: A
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Age: 19 (But looks as though he may be about twelve)
    Gender: Male
    Occupation: Student, Heir to a Business, Resident?
    Guardia: Lapis

    Background: He goes by A. His real name was never mentioned to anyone. His father owns a wealthy business and has several shops aboard the Oppidum. A holds himself very highly and is more intelligent than he leads people to believe. He studies in a grandeur structure aboard the Lapis and it's also where he lives. A wants to become a pilot, but his reasons are unknown. He studies vigorously and lacks proper social skills to interact with people having strayed from society. This makes A quite difficult to get along with and may seem a bit stand offish. He doesn't like to mention his twin sister, X.

    Name: X
    Age: 19
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Gender: Female
    Occupation: Junior Pilot
    Guardia: Lumos

    Background: She goes by X and is A's twin. X is the only person that knows A's name and vise versa. She is the exact opposite of A. She's hot tempered, tall, and outgoing. X dyed her hair red as an attempt to escape from her attachment to A though she hardly mentions she has a twin. Because X is a girl she couldn't become the heir the business even though she is about one and a half minutes older than A. X may not like her brother, but when she travels to the Lapis, she helps him with his studies if he needs it.