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  1. I would like to end up doing a group role play of about six people.

    For a plot it will consist of several demons/vampires (which ever you want) living in a high end mansion. There will be "sacrifice(s)" sent by the church to feed these rich demonic teens or adults I am more than up for plot discussion and other ideas, so if you have some let me know.

    This will be the character I'm going to use:

    [BCOLOR=#ffffff]Cerise Melanson, age 18, human, Bisexual[/BCOLOR]
    Height: 5'3"

    Personality: A sweet girl that isn't afraid to stand up for herself when necessary. She'll stand for what she thinks is right but she isn't much of a fighter even though she would try if she had to.

    Bio: At five years old her mother passed away leaving her with a father who gave her up for adoption before spiraling into alcoholism. After a while in a foster home a wealthier business man adopted her wanting a perfect lady as a daughter mostly for social reasons and events
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  2. I would like to join the role play, although I think it would be more fun to have an equal amount of guys and girls. May I reserve a spot for my character, or should I just post her up now?

  3. You can go ahead and put up her up now. And that is a good suggestion, but I think as long as there's at least more than one of each gender it'll be fine.
  4. image.jpg

    Ambrosia Shea



    Sexual Orientation

    Demon (Jinn + Succubus)
    Jinn is an invisible shapeshifter that can turn into a human or an animal.

    Succubus is a demon that has sexual intercourse with male humans in order to steal their souls.


    110 lbs

    Being born as a cross over of two different demons, she has the ability to shape shift into who and whatever she pleases. With this ability, she is mischievous and she likes to decieve others as well. However, despite being part succubus, she dislikes the idea of intercourse, and only does it so that she could live. While performing it, however, she would probably turn into a complete slut. In general, she is pretty soft spoken and passive, sometimes stern.

    Her mother/father (Succubus/incubus) always taught her about intercourse and what not, which turn, caused her boredom. She eventually grew out of the whole idea of intercourse, however learnt from the Jinn how to shape shift and used it for her own purposes. She began robbing areas with this ability, easily able to frame others for this work and otherwise turn invisible.

    She wanted to find a place where she wouldn't need intercourse for souls, ironically becoming someone who does not desire sexual relationships. Her blood on the other hand causes her to be straight, and she rather appear as a female over a male. ​
  5. I would like to join. @CheshireKitten

    Name: August Baylen

    Age: 20

    Height: 6' 1"

    Race: Vampire

    Apperence: hot_guy_by_dand01.jpg

    Job: head of staff in the mansion, personal butler

    Personality: quite charming but very mysterious as well, his dark green eyes are full of secrets yet to be discovered in the old mansion. He can be funny too but usually has a sensuality about his that is unexplainable, he isn't a pervert, just drawn to women. His vampire nature causes this trait about him.

    Bio: all that is known is that he was born a servent in this house and has been here ever since.
  6. Alright you're in ^-^ only 3 more people and we can get started.
  7. Woop! Thanks. Is there a link to the IC yet or no?
  8. If by IC you mean the starter thread yeah it's up. I can put up a link to it so you can read it :)
  9. That'd be great. I think I already read it but I just can't seem to find it again lol
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  10. 1367034157.jpg

    Name: Kriss Elheart

    Age: 18

    Height: 5'5

    Gender: It's A Mystery. (I might say he or she in the roleplay, so yis.)

    Sexual Orientation: Bisexual.

    Race: Demon

    Personality: Kriss is usually quiet, but when they do talk, it's in a weird manner. They speak as if confused on what they are, or... What they should be. They're kind, and can be caring. But most of the time, they keep to themselves.

    Bio: No one really knows where Kriss came from. Some say they're a fallen angel, or a lost soul, but a definite is that they're a demom, and they live in the mansion. Hopefully, they're where they belong.

    Can I joooin? O: @CheshireKitten
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  11. Yes you may definitely join ^_^
  12. Name: Kane
    Age: 23
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Personality: He is an easy going person that does not let anything get to him.
    History: He found someone to erase his whole life. He is now just a wanderer that looks for a good fight.


    (I will finish him when I get home from work if that is OK with you.)
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  13. Yeah that's fine
  14. OK. Finish with the editing.
  15. Okie dokie. ^-^ looks good. So the whole "human?" Is that just to leave room for the possibility that he's not what he thinks he is or something?
  16. That it takes more to take him down then everyone lets. A lot more. You need me to change that?
  18. Alright, we only need one more person then and we can get started. You all know where to find the starter thread?
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