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  1. 'Cause we all have them. I wanna hear about all of your gross secrets, from just 'low-key gross' to 'super TMI gross,' depending on what you're comfortable with. Sometimes we just gotta get this stuff off our chests. (No? Just me?)


    My feet smell pretty goddamn bad after I get home from work in the evening. I think it's a combination of sweaty feet, no socks, and super worn shoes that does it, but it's pretty bad. I gotta figure out a solution to this.

    Also, sometimes I don't change my bed sheets for over a month. When I first moved into my new apartment, it took me two months before I changed my sheets again. I'm getting better with this though. :'(
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  2. I use my spit to clean everything. So if theres a smudge on something you can bet your ass that imma spit shine that lil bitch till it sparkles.
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  3. If I drop food on the floor, I'm going to eat it off the floor. My immune system is made of tiny lil' Rambos by now.

    Also, what is this 'changing bed sheets' that you speak of?
  4. I really don't give two left testicles if I get filthy during work or not. Covered in horse shite head to toe? Fuck it, I don't care. Yeah I'm going to bathe when I get home but for now I'm going to get shite done.
  5. I fart in public and I don't care! Everyone farts, get over it! Also please don't go EWWW when I do my business in a public bathroom while you're on the phone with your boo... I'm in the right place, you're not!
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  6. I'll pull moldy spots off that bread and eat it anyway. I ain't afraid.
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  7. I do that. Unless it's a huge spot of mold or it's taken over the loaf.

    I don't change my bed sheets very often - hell right now I'm not even using sheets.

    I have horrible, horrible morning breath. My parents called it my 'Dragon Breath' when I was a kid because it's so bad.
  8. I love wearing my cute leather boots, but tbh the smell after wearing them all day long, I could do without. Thankfully there is foot deodorant. @Opal have you tried using foot deodorant powder? Just dust the insides of your shoes, then the soles of your feet and in between your toes. If you're wearing socks, add a little of the powder inside as well.

    And I also do forget to change my bedsheets for at most a month. Sometimes.
  9. Changing?? Bedsheets?????
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  10. I hate wearing shoes, so the bottom of my feet are almost always black from me walking outside.
  11. Bedsheets? o.o

    I am perfect therefore there is no grossness about me.

    I do chew on my nails though. These babies are small. Embarrassingly so.
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  12. If I have both the free time and inclination, once in a while (every couple months typically) I'll indulge in binge watching a TV show or video game. Doesn't sound so bad, until you realize I'll do this for 2-3 days at a time, probably forgetting to shower, eating cheap garbage, and growing a terrible mustache-beard combo that makes it look like I'm some sort of TV show airplane crash survivor. Complete that image with giant black bags under my eyes from sleeplessness, and a scrambled brain that manages to make laughable attempts at vocalizations beyond grunts, and that's that.

    Beyond that, I typically care sufficiently about hygiene not to end up particularly grim in any way.
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  13. I'm a very hairy person and as a result I have to shave very often -_-

    I can definitely relate to the bedsheets thing
  14. Also, I don't bite my nails, but I do bite, peel, and tear at the skin around my nails. It's a bad habit that's gotten increasingly ridiculous as of late...

    Anyway, this basically means that the skin next to my nails is always either red from having been recently bitten into, or covered in flakey dead skin from being not-quite-as-recently bitten into. ...And then I'll start compulsively peeling at the dead skin, and the cycle starts all over again...

    And when my fingers and teeth can't tear away the skin well enough, I break out the fucking nail clippers so that I can really start digging...
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  15. I bite my nails. I drool in my sleep. I pick at my dry skin. sometimes until it bleeds. I'm sure there's more, but I'm blanking.
  16. I fart Dutch Ovens under the covers and then trick my wife to joining me in bed. Hilarity ensues.
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  17. Changing sheets? Please, I even forget to shower, so I just sit in my filth. What? It's my house! If I wanna bathe in my own filth and pick my nose nobody will stop me. Oh, and I shit at other people's houses. If I have to, then I have to. Like my Grandmother said "Where it stinks, it's warm"
  18. I once pissed on my roommate's toothbrush.

    Yeah, he pissed me off. Pun intended.
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  19. I'm so very glad to know that I'm not the only one who doesn't change sheets very often. My roommate changes his, like, every two weeks. Then again, he also has a boyfriend, so you know.
  20. I had horrible Acne growing up, followed me to 20-21. It's not as bad now, but still more present than it should be.
    However, the gross part of this is that my back got so much acne it's more scarring and scabs than it is skin now.

    It doesn't matter what I wear or what the temperature is, my balls always end up getting sweaty.

    I often forget to shower or brush my teeth if there's nothing requiring me to leave the house. Since such activities are tied to a "Morning Routine". A routine that doesn't ever set in if there's no need to be leaving.
    ... People change bed sheets? o_o
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