Greetings and Salutations

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  1. Hello one and all!

    I am known as MST3K 4ever a name I have used at two other RP sites (Superherohype & RolePlayer Guild).

    I have been roleplaying either online or Table Top...since...well let's just say when I started Indiana Jones had just finished his first big screen adventure (and I was 11 years old).

    I thoroughly enjoy playing all kinds of Role Plays...I am starting to enjoy slice of life with groups, but I can play all all kinds. After doing this for over 30 years I have learned if you don't diversify and give other things a shot then one can tend to grow very stagnant.

    I am married with a son. I am a Christian (but I don't believe in forcing others to my point of view so I will not be preaching to anyone) a librarian by trade and I have 2 Masters Degrees. I enjoy Theology, Reading, Working Out, Sci-Fi/Adventure, Mysteries ("Castle" is my favorite TV Show), being with my family, writing, and the Music of Bruce Springsteen

    I am looking forward to getting to know a lot of people and trying as many different RPs as I can.

  2. *takes a bow* Many greetings and I hope you have a wonderful time and many adventures here!
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  3. Hey there :D!
    Welcome to iWaku c:
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  4. Hi there! I will have to find a clever nickname for you, as I cannot pronounce MSTK as a word, and I am weird like that! O_O

    Welcome to the site! <3
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  5. Glad to be here.