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    Gravediggers: City State 7


    The Calamity Event, a world wide event that destroyed the world an age ago, was caused when man tried to understand magic through science. Those who were spared from the cataclysmic catastrophe pooled their minds and resources together and sought a way for them to survive this new, dangerous world that they now lived in. Project Morgue, a secret project utilizing the resources that have been touched by the Calamity, were used to create technology of unlimited potential. A massive city was built to house the survivors, and as the project grew larger and the people started to grow divided in their beliefs on how the new world order should be run, the city's leaders allowed the world's greatest minds to build more walled mega-cities, replicas of the original, to house the ever growing populace, but this failed to quell the growing tensions among the people. The City State Concordant, the unified leaders of these cities, sought new ways to control its people. The Mortician Program was born. Agents genetically engineered and specially trained to be killers, armed with tools and weapons of unimaginable power known as "Tombstones", these Morticians kept the peace in these cities in any way they deemed necessary.

    The success of these Morticians came with a great price. Their contracts, almost always considered suicide missions, led to the deaths of dozens of Morticians. The Resurrection program followed shortly after was designed to give Morticians, and the people of this mega-cities, to be given a second chance. It brought the dead back to life, and once revived they no longer needed to eat or breathe, could survive wounds that would fell any mortal human, and they no longer aged. They were still considered dead, but they were completely conscious and mobile.

    Certain individuals were more susceptible to the program than others, and as they were brought back to life their blood surged with energy. They gained powers of varying degrees, all beyond the scope of mortal capabilities. From enhanced physical capabilities to manipulating a certain aspect or element, their powers were random but powerful, and they would soon be branded as criminals. They were known as Gravediggers, and their power scared the Concordant. The Morticians, previously peacekeepers even if their methods were questionable, were ordered to capture or kill the Gravediggers which they did with lethal efficiency. Now the Gravediggers are few in number, and even the recently revived who are revealed to possess powers are detained. Those who dwell amongst the living do so only by hiding their powers and running endlessly from the Morticians, or through forced servitude under Morticians known as Brokers who can order entire communities of Gravediggers to hunt their own kind.

    You are a Gravedigger, and a resident of City 7. You have joined a small, yet growing community (although the Morticians would rather brand you as a terrorist cell) of other Gravediggers who work in unity to support each other in such dire times. With a rise in the number of Gravedigger related crimes in the city, Morticians are known to shoot your kind on sight, and congregating with others is dangerous, but it is the only way for you to survive here. As tensions grow and the Morticians creep closer, it is only a matter of time before you are caught, and the very foundations of City 7 begin to crumble.

    The City State Structure
    The city states are separated into districts. The highest tier districts, known as sanctuary districts, are known for holding the wealthiest people in the cities. Company leaders, politicians, and the rare retired Mortician live here, but so do a surprisingly high number of active, albeit government-known Gravediggers. The majority of the populace live in the residential districts, home to the middle and lower classes of the city. Lastly there are the graveyard districts, where crime runs rife and the police rarely tread. It is the home to beggars as much as it is home to murderers, and the majority of Gravediggers flee here for safety. Unfortunately this is also the home of the Mortician's base of operations, a building known as the Morgue. Each city is identical in this structure, although their districts may vary internally.
    The Resurrection Program
    The Resurrection Program was a series of experiments designed to find a way to bring the recently deceased back to life. While this program was originally intended to be used to bring back Morticians that had suffered fatal wounds and died in action, it was so successful that the Concordant opened the program to wealthy citizens or important figures in the city states, allowing them to be brought back to life should they die prematurely. While the specifics of the program were originally a well kept secret they were eventually leaked to the public, and while unsanctioned resurrections are difficult they are not impossible. As a way to discourage illegal resurrections and to better manage those who have been revived, the Concordant draw a dozen names from a lottery of the deceased annually and induct the bodies of those who were picked into the program.

    • At this time of the Roleplay, I'm not accepting Mortician Characters. that is not to say I will not open up the possibility later on. I will accept "Former" Morticians turned Gravediggers.
    • When choosing your power(s) be mindful that you will not have full access of them right at the start. Your powers will grow as the roleplay progresses.​
    • No godmodding/Autohitting and such.​
    • Stick to an archetype with your characters, do not try and make them overly complex. I will accept an interesting, well written character over one that tries to be everything and overly complex.​
    • I am the GM, and my Co-GM is Grif of Hearts. Please listen to us and take anything we say into consideration​
    • Don't hesitate to ask me/Grif of Hearts questions regarding the world of Gravediggers and the lore. We will answer them as best as we can.​
    • I am not going to expect huge amounts of paragraphs detailing the hat and/or scarf your character has adorned themselves with. I at least expect two paragraphs worth of material that helps me write around your character.
    • Most importantly, have fun!​

    Character Sheet/Application
    (Pic with a short description or if you prefer a written description, a paragraph will do)
    Bio:(at least two paragraphs)
    Powers/Abilities:(be reasonable, your powers will grow throughout the story, so start small or medium)


    Accepted Characters List

    Eriana Lycaste - Foxxie

    Renna Kiani - Cahill

    Cassandra Aloisa Loewe - Grif of Hearts

    Kaliko Tizca, Karaya Jin - Hellis

    Andre - Zombehs

    Raina, Ray - Skywimsky
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  2. Name:
    Eriana Lycaste
    Age: 48
    Appearance: Lycaste stands at a modest 5'5", and her build is mostly legs. Her hair's color can best be described as a light, almost dusty, brown and it hangs just below chin length, easy enough to tie up and out of her face if necessary. She has somewhat small green eyes and angular features set on a narrow face, and despite her natural age, she is preserved as she was at the age of her death, 26. Her skin tone betrays a past life of being athletic and exposed to sunlight, but ever since the resurrection, she has become that much paler. She tends to carry a lot of odds and ends in pouches and as she moves, so her posture is nowhere near ideal, and she dresses in a very rough style, preferring clothes that won't inhibit her movements too much, but she is never seen without a long, perhaps ineffectually so, red scarf. One of the most noticeable aspects of her appearance is her robotic right arm. As little as she tries to hide it, she always seems to dismiss its existence in conversation with a simple, "shit happens".
    Picture Credit

    Bio: (WIP) Lycaste talks a lot, but little about herself. With her preference to be called by her last name, and an apparently shaky recollection of her past, people often take her to be somehow standoffish, but she would consider herself to be extremely approachable. From as long as she can remember, she was raised by a loving father and surrounded by a tight-knit group of friends who would all generally fit under the category of "street urchins". She grew up normally enough, attending school and finding herself firmly in the middle of the pack in terms of both grades and disciplinary actions, but she never intended to do anything with her life that would require book smarts. Lycaste had always wanted to be a Mortician, despite the grumbles it drew from her classmates and especially her less-than-law-abiding friends.

    At the age of seventeen, she and a few of her friends had decided to do something horrendously stupid but, at the same time, incredibly tempting. Lycaste had talked so much about the tests the Morticians employ for new recruits, that a group of four of them had hatched a plan to break into the Morticians HQ, hoping to find some answers about the mysterious tests that would be employed that year. Their snooping proved fruitless as they were caught almost immediately, having discovered nothing. In an ensuing struggle with a few low-ranking Morticians assigned to security detail, Lycaste found herself flung up against some glass as she tried to make her escape while two of her other friends were able to get past the guards and continue further into HQ.

    Much to her chagrin, while both of her friends were incarcerated, one struck a deal and has, to the best of her knowledge, become a Mortician himself. She returned home and to her normal life, though she did such a bad job of dressing the open wounds on her arm and hiding them away so that suspicion wouldn't be raised of her involvement in the small fiasco, that an infection actually managed to spread, resulting in the need for a painful hack and bonesaw amputation from an disreputable "doctor" that was all her father could afford in a pinch. As luck would have it, her oldest friend, Hersen, had been working with a decent mechanic for the last three years and he was more than happy to whip together an arm to replace the limb she had to lose in what would probably be considered the most embarrassing experience of her life.

    For years, she was once again able to lead a normal life, finishing up school and pursuing some higher education before working various odd jobs around the city state, mainly working jobs involving transport and spot manual labor. It wasn't until nine years later that an attack on a loading dock on which she worked left her dead, along with a dozen other casualties. From the moment of her death to the moment she woke up she obviously remembered nothing from the elapsed time, but she noticed that her old friend, the Mortician, was escorting her out of a building, and due to his hurried pace and unwillingness to speak, she has always assumed that he arranged for an illegal resurrection for her. From then on, she's been doing her best to blend in with those around her, not wanting to draw attention to herself from Morticians, realizing the punishments that most Gravediggers suffered if they were caught. She's spent the last twenty plus years honing her survival skills, working on proficiency with small firearms and perfecting her illusions. As time goes on, she still finds herself bothered by odd gaps in her memory that she blames on perhaps a hasty or otherwise truncated resurrection, but she figures she will never get those answers unless he allows herself to get captured by the groups of roving Morticians who occasionally give chase.

    Phantasos, or the ability to create illusions. Lycaste can craft images and sounds, sometimes even fully immersive illusions if she is given the time to concentrate, that will confuse the target, and if they are crafted carefully enough, perhaps be used to scare the target off or spur him to waste time battling the figment he believes he sees.

    Metal arm, seeing as her dominant arm is now made of metal and lacking the pesky nerves and tenderness of flesh, it can take damage, and its engineering increases the amount of force it is able to exert. While this hardly means that Lycaste is super strong, she can definitely throw a punch to be reckoned with, and she is capable of handling things that people of her stature might deem unwieldy.

    Equipment: Besides her clothing and a few trinkets, she carries a trusty, handheld firearm, completely unassuming, but incredibly reliable in a pinch.
    Other: Maybe a theme song, one of these days.
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  3. Ok fine, I can join ONE more. The premise is to sexy to not participate
  4. Name: Renna Kiani

    Age: 22

    Appearance: Renna stands at 5’7” with a slender, athletic frame. She has a slim face, fitted with large, cyan eyes, a somewhat wide nose bridge and full pink lips. Her natural hair colour is brown, but she has since added streaks of lighter brown in it as well and some blue to match her eyes. This blue is majorily on the right side of her head. Something else that is quite notable is a tattoo that stretches from the mid-forearm of her left arm up over her shoulder. Otherwise she is fairly unassuming, preferring pants to dresses and skirts and wearing gloves.
    Appearance (open)

    Bio: Luck. Luck is very reliant on perspective and circumstance. Most would assume winning a lottery is quite a stroke of good luck. Especially if said lottery is a chance to challenge God’s will and undo the natural close awaiting everyone. This same victory in turn is bad luck for those who do not win. Those who still have some special person that they wish could be given back to them. Then there is a third perspective. Those who win and lose at the same time. People like Renna.

    She was one of two children in a middle-class family. The parents ran a successful café that served quaint meals and your choice of beverage, whilst allowing the patrons access to virtual interfaces to browse the web. Her younger brother attended middle-school, and she was to apply for college, having taken a sufficient gap period.

    It was in said gap period that horror struck. Renna and a few of her mates were spending an evening out, club-hopping and thoroughly enjoying themselves. Unfortunately, on a pit-stop at a 24/7 shop, an armed robber made his appearance. He came in after them, a hoodie and simple bandana as a disguise. He held a pistol and demanded money from the cashier. The little group of giddy young adults had found their choice of energy drinks and munchables and approached the counter, not realizing what was happening. The inexperienced robber, his nerves playing havoc, jumped in shock when they approached from a blind spot. He swung around and, finger spasming on the trigger, fired a shot right into Renna’s lower abdomen. Surprise was soon replaced by pain as she fell backwards. Hands of her girl-friends eased her down and the guys lurched forward to attack the hooded villain. More shots were fired, but in the end no-one, except Renna, was mortally wounded.

    A few months later, the aforementioned “luck”, came into play. Her family rejoiced as their daughter would be resurrected. They would have their flower back, and no cruel gardener would be able to pick her again. The happiness was short-lived. When Renna returned it was evident she didn’t come back entirely the way she left. She looked the same and acted, mostly, the same, but something was different. She had a strange power. Something that had made its way into the news across the city. She was one of the Gravediggers.

    It was not long before the Morticians appeared in all their devastating glory. When they failed to retrieve he the first time, words and empty promises of usefulness not swaying her, they opted for more drastic measures. They tried to hunt her down and naturally she ran. Her escape though, was something the Morticians had taken into account. They apprehended her family, in an attempt to use them as leverage. It would have worked, had she not met another Gravedigger who prevented her from coming to their aid. He restrained her by force, letting her know that the Morticians showed no mercy and would kill the family and her if given the opportunity.

    She garnered hatred for said Gravedigger for a while after that, but in the end followed him to the where all the stray Gravediggers fled. Where they grouped and plotted to finally get their equal share of the city. Where she officially adopted the name of Gravedigger.

    Gravity Manipulation – Although not an entirely significant power, since her resurrection Renna was able to alter the effects gravity has on small objects. The size and weight of an object is directly tied to her ability. She is by now able to manipulate things of about a common brick’s weight. Added, by substantial practice, is the ability to propel this object, though a more accurate description is that she changes the source of gravitation that works on the object.

    Sneaky – Renna is quite good at sneaking about. Keeping quiet and out of sight. A useful skill for those avoiding the Morticians.

    Small Arm Proficiency – Renna had to find some way to defend herself. The easiest way, in her opinion, was a firearm. Nothing too large with recoil that could knock her shoulder out of its socket though. Small arms like a pistol. She’s only able to handle a single one if she plans on sufficient accuracy.

    A wireless ear/head piece that allows communications.
    A Semi-automatic pistol.
    [Subject to change. Will notify/confirm if something does.]

    Other: A scar marking the area she was shot is still present on her lower abdomen, slightly downwards and to the right of her navel.

    [For your consideration.]
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  5. [xtable=skin1|bcenter|725x794]

    The Corpse’s Courtier
    We have sacrificed too much for this cause to abandon it now. If it is a sinking ship then I shall sink with it, and do so proudly.

    -Cassandra Aloisa Loewe

    -Cassandra is a tall and slender woman, appearing physically in her mid-thirties, with sharp, pronounced features and pale skin, not uncommon among the Gravediggers who live beyond death. It would be completely unblemished if it were not for the noticeable scar running along her neck, almost from one ear to the other, which mars her otherwise immaculately kept appearance. Her eyes are sharp and a reddish-pink in colour, her lips are thin, and her hair is long and silvery white. It is immaculately kept, falling straight down to her waist and decorated with long and complex braids held together with thin paper bands.

    Tending towards shows of her wealth, Cassandra wears preferably silver jewellery and long, elegant dresses, her personal favourites being those in whites with a small amount of red trim, with a liberal use of decorative flowers and frills. They are not flattering dresses, exaggerating her gaunt figure and covering almost all of her body except her face to hide the injuries she sustained upon her death, but they are all of impressive quality. In fact, many of her dresses are made from paper, and can be easily modified on the fly with her Gravedigger abilities, either into a different style of dress or into tough, protective armour reminiscent of a medieval knight’s should she need it.


    -Paper Manipulation: The ability to change the shape and density of, and to move, paper with one’s mind.
    -Knowledgeable: A life in City Seven’s high society has given her a keen insight into the city’s politics and management.

    -Beyond her own clothing, which serves as material to focus her powers on, Cassandra has no weaponry and no equipment worth speaking of.​
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  6. Name: Kaliko Tizca
    Age: 31
    Kaliko stands at 5'4 while not remarkable in any way weight or stature wise. Her complexion is that of a almost sickly pale and her green eyes are somewhat sunken with bags that betray her sleeping habits. Her hair is a mess of black with traces of her old purple dye job still visible and her face is just about to be called gaunt. Her body is built with a little fluff to it, giving her a stout, compact look.

    Her wings are the remarkable part, 2'5 in wingspan and with yellow translucent feathers. The ”bone” of the wings is all metal, durable, lightweight and hollowed out but for the components needed for the actual tech to work. The 'feathers' are actually flexible cells made out a special, magically treated weave of solar cells, crystal and very rare minerals that allows it to soak up solar power and store it. It gives them the appearance of being golden, shining incredibly bright.

    Bio: Kaliko isn't a gravedigger. She was never reanimated,no, she is quite the opposite, she is a Mortician. A person who wields Tombstone weapons, intelligent magical super weapons designed to counter those of their prey; the Gravediggers. Hers was the I.C.A.R.U.S, a set of Magi-tech based wings, 2'5 meters of wing span with a special composite weave that lets it gather solar energy with near 100 percent efficiency and trough magical means turn it into easy to manipulate energy. It was an attempt to provide the Morticians with a brand of more utilitarian tools and weapons to combat the rising populace of Gravediggers.

    The Icarus was a success, it's capabilities allowed her to swiftly chase down targets, it's self sufficiency allowed her to tirelessly be out recognizing, never having to recharge at base. This made her invaluable when it came to scouting out Gravedigger communities. But her tireless search also isolated her from the centralized HQ and all its indoctrination, and the more she saw Gravediggers being the normal people who just was dealt a unfair hand. She saw them as scared people, forced on the run by people like her, and that's when doubt crept into her mind.

    About a year ago, her mind snapped. There was no actual trigger, no violent death or child left without a mother. It was simply the burden of knowing all that she did, and observing the Gravediggers every day life. She knew that she could no longer carry on doing it. Her solution to the problem was to defect. She simply dropped of the radar one day, and when they finally sent a recovery Agent, she killed him. The now Ex-mortician became a wanted person and with little choice left, she found and put her self at the mercy of her former prey. However, having a former Mortician on their side would prove useful, and she was allowed mercy and a new home even if their resentment followed her like a dark cloud.

    Flight; The main ability of the ICARUS rig is to allow her to sustained, constant repulsion. Two 'motors', one on each wing provides a constant outlet of magical force harnessed from the suns energy. She can stay airborne indefinitely if in sunlight, and her energy reserves can keep her up for days.

    Energy Manipulation; The energy manipulation is completely dependent on her wings like everything else. She is able to take the stored energy and trough the wings system of incredibly fine network of magic based circuitry. Usually she use this to create energy barriers between her and enemies.

    Training; Heavy Weapons. Kaliko knows, own and operates heavy weapons, her airborne ability allowing her a unparalled line of fire after all. Consider her a human MIG if you will. Mainly, she favors long range, heavy ordinance weapons, like anti tank rifles.


    I.C.A.R.U.S ( INTELLIGENT, COMPARTMENTALIZED AERIAL REPULSION and UTILITY SYSTEM). Her ace and salvation in one, the ICARUS is a set of massive wings bigger then she is that allows her to fly, fight and survive. The Tombstone weapon is unique to her and posses a semi-sentient mind of its own. It is intelligent enough to be asked questions and analyze data on the fly. Without ICARUS Kaliko would be a nobody.

    Carbon steel blades; Two set of rather light weight carbon steel blades, complete with same weave as her wings. Allows ICARUS to give them a thing edge of super heated energy, allowing her to slice trough a lot of things. Granted, the blades get increasingly hotter throughout combat, so she can't hold them indefinitely.

    Z-300 ”Sunburst” Anti-Materiel rifle.
    The preffered weapon of Kalista comes in the form of the Sunburt Heavy Rifle. A largely energy based gun used to take out big targets from a long distance, Kalisto has been known to simply fly high enough for the minium distance being far from a hinder and blasting big holes in anything nasty.


    The ICARUS system also comes with something referred to as the HUBRIS OVERDRIVE and what it does to Kalikos understanding, is to release all its stored energy withing a few seconds before burning out. It would without a doubt, kill her and turn her into a crisp.
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  7. Erianna Renna, Cassandra and Kaliko are all accepted ^^, will add them to the list!

    I will work on my own CS and post it up tomorrow.
  8. Exellent, super excited. Also, as you allowed me to. I am working on a second charachter :D
  9. Name: Karaya Jin
    At time of death; 21
    real age; 49

    Appearance: Jin is a handsome man, soft featured but lean and strong in body, with a body not honed by battle but the arts. He has the strong, agile physique of a dancers, the slender and dexterous fingers of musicians and the winning smile of a politician. Jins face is often painted carefully in traditional variations of the Kabuki Facepaint worn by his former troupe. His clothes are fancy and revealing, often nothing more then a intricate choker and a pair of big kimono sleeves with intricate patterns attached for his top.
    His right hand is adorned with gilded steel claws that contains spools of nano weaved string.

    Karaya Jin was a young performer of the traditional Japanese art of Kabuki Theater. With the old countries long gone, some traditions were cared for by the Japanese nationals that found themselves adapting to Citystate 7. Karaja Jin, or just Jin to his friends, was the descendant of such people, and acting and performing ran in his blood since generations back. He performed on stage, often as the plays center piece and protagonist, well liked for his ability to play the Shamisen, another dying japanese art. His parents, being traditionalists didn't care much for the plight of gravediggers, or the politcs of the big world. They ran their little theatre best they could, and raised Jin best they could.

    But all things come to a end. And Jin found himself caught up in the conflict brewing under the surface. One day, Jin wWoke up changed, it appeared he had been killed in a standoff between Gravediggers and Morticians and been brought back as a form of PR damage control. He was meant to be a PR stunt, instead he turned out to be a PR nightmare. He was a Gravedigger, capable of manipulating the very vibrations of sound waves. Caught of guard, his would be wardens were subdued. He led a trail of broken eardrums and nauseated guards in his wake as he escaped.

    Since then he has traveled, still the entertainer, but also a agent for the more organized of his kin. He carries out espionage and sabotage when he can and when it pays. He is known as a cheerful wanderer that is none the less extremely unnerving in his dual nature.

    Sound Manipulation;
    Deadzone; Jin is still learning his abilities. One of his two main uses is his ability to create a deadzone around himself, making it so that he moves entirely without any sound at all. This dead zone also swollows sound should be per example; Drag someone into it.
    Volume/Pitch control; Able to manipulate sound also means increasing the pitch or volume. This usually takes the form of hitting a pitch that causes nausea and vertigo as it affects your equilibrium or simply giving Jin a booming, powerful voice capable of knocking you on your ass.

    Misc Japanese Martial arts; Judo, Aikido, Jui-Jutsu. Living a long time, fighting for your life makes you pick up a few tricks. His style is mainly about deflecting and using his claws and wire to best effect.


    ”Jin carries more hidden weapons then a nun in a tarantino movie” - Kalika ”Icarus”.

    Shamisen Pick;If It looks sharp, its becouse it is sharp. The pick every shimasen player use has been made out of steel in Jins case, and hides a small blade with the pick acting like the handle. The axelike end is also sharp, making it a versetile, strange weapon. Jin has been known to attach it to the nano wire and use it like a Kuri-Gama.

    Claws; Wearing a pair of ornate looking claws, they are infact his preffered weapons. The claws are made of the same kind of tempered steel as the pick. They are razor sharp and he knows exactly how to slash with them to make it a formidable weapon.

    Nanowire; Hidden in his very sharp claws are spools of very fine, near unbreakable by standard means, nanowire. A weapon meant mainly for assassination and subterfuge, it may none the less be used to snare weapons and shred unspecting fingers if in close combat.

    Of course, his shimasen is also a weapon. Hidden in the neck is you guessed it, another blade. The end of the neck also contains a small derringer style two shot dart gun.


    Jin is knowledgeble about alot of things, given his life span, and will tell you he holds no regrets. He has blood on his hands, and despite his appearance and outgoing, polite mannerism he does unsettle people with his completely flat delivery when it comes to serious things.

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  10. Name: Gideon Volt
    Age: 25(actual age: 50)
    Standing at 6'00", with an average build that's borderline athletic with slightly broad shoulders. Short, scruffy black hair sits a top of his head, his eyes sharp and grey, the shape of his face is a slightly "rounded" angular structure with a fairly dark stubble across the lower portion of his face. An eye patch covers his left eye, hiding away his Gravedigger power. He wears a simple short sleeve grey shirt, a pair of dark blue-ish jeans, combat boots, and a military jacket over his shirt. He often carries his messenger bag containing his stuff. He is twenty five years older than his physical appearance would suggest.



    Hyperion's Eye -This ability allows Gideon to gain an almost 360 degree field of vision, able to see the world in a grid-like state to which his view of the world becomes a map. This allows him to keep track of his own people, and any Morticians that try to sneak by them.

    Hades Wave - Gideon's second half of his power. Gideon can emit painful, and potentially deadly, internally and cellular damaging waves. However at it's current(being a power that later developed) he this power only effects living, organic targets.

    Adept Hand to Hand Combatant - While he isn't a martial arts prodigy, he is quite adept at fighting in melee, unarmed combat. He often combines his Hand to Hand ability with the Hades Wave, allowing him to dish out more damage.

    Adept with Firearms - during his pre-gravedigger resurrection, Gideon was a trained Peacekeeper, and as such was given basic firearm training mainly in Pistols.

    Equipment: WIP
    Other: His daughter works as Mortician Broker, working closely with him to make sure the community he leads doesn't attract the attention of other, less stable Morticians

    Still needs work.
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  11. [​IMG]
    Name: Andre
    Age: 24
    Appearance: Of average height at 5’9 (1.76m) and with a muscular build that puts him at 205lb. (93kg). Black hair, it is naturally rather spiky given he’s just let it grown out after his escape. His eyes are a bright yellow while his skin tone looks rather healthy despite being a Gravedigger. With rather sharp features, he’d be somewhat handsome if it wasn’t for the fact his expression is generally hard and cold.

    His attire is generally enough to cover the numerous scars all over his body. Mostly focused on his arms and upper chest, there are a number on his legs, but surprisingly nothing above the shoulders. The disfiguration is enough that in the worst areas, there’s more scar tissue than normal skin. On the topic of clothing, given his financial standing it’s generally whatever he can get and thus looks rather plain.

    Bio: A test case by some of the minds involved with the Mortician project. Why not try from the scratch? Genetically engineer a test-tube infant, carefully monitor and raise it in every stage of growth to be the most efficient operative ever. It would be little more than a chained wolf at that point, but it would be incomparable to the “trained hunting dogs”. Course, things didn’t pan out that way; whether it was limitations of technology, the biology they had to work with, or some intrinsic value of life experience.

    He had been raised for a single purpose, and it quickly became apparent that while he was indeed better than the average Mortician, by no means was he a wolf amongst simple dogs. And even for someone above average, that only meant a few more operations for him before the lifespan of his position caught up. Dying at the age of 23, after nearly 7 years in active duty, codename “Wraith” was one of those that survived the longest. Yet with the Resurrection program rolling out, the hefty investment would serve longer. Though the program was dead and scrapped, some weren’t willing to so easily let go of what was still a good, if impractical, result. He, at the least, would remain and continue to serve.

    So, imagine how much it sucked when their resurrected result revived as a Gravedigger, then for some inexplicable reason ignored all prior conditioning and implanted controls and proceeded to escape holding. The only saving grace was that he seemed to have made a beeline for escape and hadn’t managed to reclaim his Tombstone. Nonetheless he was still a problem that needed to be dealt with, and preferably sooner than later given his unknown, but obviously troublesome, power.

    Adopting the name Andre after his escape on a whim, he retains much of his memories from prior to resurrection. Life has been a very day to day thing for the spartan-like as he strives to survive. While its not unlikely that he could do more, some old habits are harder to shake off.

    The Master Key: The chief reason Andre is being actively hunted as a security threat. Upon physical contact with a lock or similar security device, it will simply unlock itself or disengage. The more complex a device, the longer it takes for the ability to work, but understanding or comprehension of the system does not seem to be a requirement.

    For the moment it seems to work with any physical system, though at times the required time can make it impractical to rely on. Given that it can affect software to disengage physical locks, it isn’t unthinkable that his powers could grow to affect intangible security measures such as firewalls or the like. The Morticians aren’t keen to find out.

    Homo Superior: The result of intense genetic modification and bio-engineering for most of his life, the results are… less than expected really. It’s given him a Natural Body that matches up to Morticians without any training or effort on his part. With training it pushes him above most Morticians in terms of physical capabilities. His senses are also enhanced to a small degree, but remain far from superhuman.

    Mortician Training: Basically the equivalent of special forces training that’s been ramped up to eleven. No real specialization, but the general operative training.

    Aside from clothing and other misc. living supplies.

    Assault Rifle: Taken from one of the guards he brought down during his escape. Completely mundane with no attachments or modifications and put through a process of wrecking any possible trackers.
    Magazines (10): Holds 30 rounds each.

    Other: Dunno, maybe I’ll think of it later.
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  12. Zombehs, I approve of your sheet :D. Looking real good there!

    I'll be updating my own CS and the first post.
  13. Formating comes next weekend!
    I lied.

    Name: Raina
    Age: 17
    Standing at 1.60cm, Raina is older than her child-like appearance would suggest. She is blind, deaf, lost part of her arm and if missing one leg wasn't enough, her bottom half is also paralyzed. While the cripple's white, most often dirty, hair is natural, Raina's red eyes are another byproduct of her revival. Obviously, her entire body gives off a rather fragile vibe.

    Bio: Raina grew up as a happy child in a rather rich family, secluded from the harsh truths the world had to offer. Since every happy family background needs to come to end, it wasn't much different with Raina. Her parents spared, the girl was simply the one who died in a car accident.

    The mourning of the dead girl did not hold for long though, living in a day and age where humanity surpassed even death, all it needed was a bit of money, which was something her parents just happened to have enough of to afford one of the many backalley revival attempts. Dubious and prone to side effects, yet so much cheaper, a solution way better than just letting Raina rest. Much to her suffering.

    Sure, a missing leg and forearm was nothing a bit more investment of money could not fix. And with a bit more of it, Raina would have surely gotten back her sight, sense of hearing and a undoing of her partial paralyze. Just like that her parents would get their (cyber)child back, even better than the original. However, all was for naught when it turned out Raina was now a Gravedigger, and a theoretical dangerous one at that too, marking the beginning of her life in a wonderful power suppressing solitary cell.


    Days, months, maybe years, she couldn't really tell, maybe just minutes passed. But Raina was rescued, by the invisible man, a person she was not capable of seeing nor hearing, only feel and communicate through text. For Raina, this person was something like her guardian angel, both of them trying to live just another day.

    Powers/Abilities: Technomancer
    Raina is a Technopath, capable of utilizing electrical devices to a greater extend in a much easier manner. While it does not allow her to make a toaster suddenly fly around, unless it had that capability to begin with, she can control and access entire networks with her mere presence; at least in theory. In praxis, this means the closer Raina is to the flow of information, the easier she can manipulate it. This makes wireless transmissions easy prey for her. The girl is also using that power as a substitute for her shortcomings, a camera for her blindness and a headset for her deafness. The question if her power in regards to hacking is just some sort of ominous magical hollywood hacking or something more fancy like glorified prime factor decomposition in a mere instant is a question the government has not wasted time on after locking her up.

    Equipment: Apart of her rather ragged clothes Raina is in possession of a camera tailored towards her needs, a headset and a portable "iPun" music player that is also capable of putting her headset to work. While her wheelchair does not have any means of automatic movement, it can be transformed into a smaller size for the ease of transportation.

    Other: Raina depends on other people, while it might be true some sort of mechanoid suit (and/or modifications) would tend to most of her problems there is the truth of not having any either of those. She is also interested in drawing and anything else that is possible with motion of just one hand.
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  14. Name: Ray
    Age: 39
    1.87 metres tall, Ray is not a towering giant yet taller than most individuals. His dark hair and dark eyes strengthen the most often grim-looking face. Muscular as Ray may be, nowadays he prefers to wear trench coats and suits over anything else, and while he managed to keep his face pretty, Ray's body shows a variety of scars.

    Bio: Most part of Ray's life was dedicated being a Mortican, nonetheless he had a wife and child. And while both of them were allowed to rest in peace, Ray was called back to duty. With his purpose taken, Ray was out for revenge, and while rescuing Raina was originally just for the sake of using her, the man came to love her like his own daughter.

    Powers/Abilities: The Invisible Man
    Ray can not be detected or recognized by technological and technomagical gadgets or abilities. A camera takes no footage of him, scanners make no attempt to even recognizing Ray. Of course, he is still a physical entity and typing on a keyboard is completely different from speaking through a mobile phone. The invisible man may just be invisible, or deader than other Gravediggers. Ray managed to develop his ability far enough to include other things into this power, namely his belongings like weapons or clothing.

    Equipment: Combat Knife AR3000
    A simple combat knife for close quarter combat.

    David, The Giant-Killer
    Ray's Tombstone, a simple semi-automatic pistol. Being a Tombstone the weapon is in itself already special by practically having unlimited ammo. However, the true purpose of David is that its bullets are deadlier the bigger the target is. While it stays true that a simple bullet is not capable of substantial damaging any strong metal object, David's power makes more than up for it. Capable of blasting through a steel door of a building or put a huge hole into a mech, what is seen as a 'entity' depends on the user in question as long as it's not too abstract. A wall can be seen as a single brick or the entire thing, but an army may only be perceived as one person at a time.

    Other: Ray is just an NPC, NPCs like to die.
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  15. Name: Henry "Grave" Steelman
    Age: 23
    Appearance: Grave, as he prefers to be called, stands at a staggering 7'3". He holds a skinny kind of muscular build, and his body is almost completely wrapped up like a mummy. The only part that is not wrapped up is his eyes, and a small bit of hair. His eyes are odd though, containing a weird shape of iris and pupil, his Gravedigger powers are enhanced in some odd way. His small amount of hair that is sticking out of the wrappings is a silvery white. Grave also has scars across his eyes that you can hardly see, but know that he had something happen to him. Under all the wrappings are scars, scars and more scars that he gained in his past from being tortured. The man no longer has three of his own organs, his stomach, and both of his intestines. Also under wrappings, his mouth was partially sewn together.
    Bio: Grave was 17 when he had enlisted as a Mortician. But after a mission went wrong, he had been captured and horrendously tortured. They hammered nails into him, sliced his skin open, drilled into his jaw, and even cut his eyes out. But after weeks of getting no info about other Morticians, they gut him and hung his body on a light pole one night to be revealed the next day.

    Then the Resurrection program saved him that fateful day. His scars were sewn together, his body covered in wrappings and he was revived to be whole again. Within reason anyways. He had turned 19 when all of that happened, now he is hiding out in an abandoned warehouse. He knows the Morticians are after him, but he hides anyways. Hiding in the dark shadows of the rafters in the highest spot of the warehouse.
    Powers/Abilities: Metal Body: Grave has been able to turn his body into metal ever since the Resurrection program brought him back to life. He has been able to turn his body and parts of his body into metal or metal objects.

    Rifle and Sniper training: Grave is fast with a rifle, taking precision into thought with every shot. His sniping skills are just as impeccable

    Scythe and shovel combat training: Made as a weird combo, Grave has infused his weaponry into a scythe, shovel and rifle combo. Using the scythe and shovel part to slash and slam his way out of any situation.
    Equipment: A Gravedigger Combo Weapon, or the GCW as Grave calls the weapon, is composed of three weapons a rifle in its first form with a pop up scope on the sides. The second form is the basic scythe, standing at a length of 7 feet long. When fully situated, the weapon is melee combat weapon that wields a large shovel at the bottom of the scythe. The rifle area of the weapon can not be used, as it is in full battle form. If Grave ever needs to he can quickly transform the weapon into a quick rifle form for mid range shooting.

    He has belts of extended ammo mags around his waist, stitched to a pair of shorts and open battle vest he wears.

    He wears a hooded over coat over his body and other clothing, even though he doesn't truely need clothing since he is wrapped in bandages.
    Other: His theme song would be Centuries by Fallout Boy.
  16. Hey guys! So a quick update because I've been rather neglecting to update this due to life problems, and finishing off older posts and commitments first.

    @Gravedigger - How fitting your username is for the RP :p. Anyway, accepted ^^.

    So, I still have some stuff on my plate that needs to be finished, however I've started the introduction for the IC, so that will be up as soon as I can, hopefully by next week, since I'll have a lot more free time this month.
  17. Thank you glad to be accepted
  18. NPC List incoming!

    Mortician Agents/Researchers/Officers/"Living Tombstones":

    Director Kayne - Active Commander and Director of Operations in City State 7. Tombstone is a pair of giant mechanical gauntlets he calls "Valor and Trust" both increase his strength considerably and generate powerful, pulverizing shockwaves from their palms.

    Agent Legion - B Ranked Agent. Tombstone is a living hive of Nanobots he manipulates for varying degrees. unhinged and sadistic, especially towards Gravediggers.

    Agent Beauty - A Ranked Agent and Chief Operator of Tech and Information. Her tombstone is called "Beast" and allows her unlimited access to the network of City State 7.

    HEPHAESTUS PROJECT: Codename: GR3ND3L - A Warp Class Prototype Living Weapon. with Warp Capabilities, Grendel has become rather a pet project for the "Ivory Tower" Mortician Researchers.

    More Pending...


    "Blood Ripper" - The Serial Killer of City State 7. Nothing is known only that his signature power is blood based.

    Anya Clyde - A gravedigger with the ability to negate other gravedigger's powers in the vicinity. She resides within Gideon's Community.

    Wallace - Another Gravedigger in Gideon's Community. He is a Pyromancer class Gravedigger working as a Messenger for Gideon. it's not known just how he joined the Community.

    More Pending...

    I will add more when needed. These right except for the Blood Ripper and Wallace are completely controllable without my permission ^^.
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  19. Is this still open? I would love to join this rp.... I mean love! The idea is so cool xD
  20. Yes. there's one more space left ^^.

    Post a CS and I'll check it out!
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