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  1. Much to neighbor's relief, after a long day of loud music blaring repeatedly from a home nearby, the sound levels seemed to have died, as the well known band's practice was coming to a close. In the basement of one of the members homes, their regular practice space, a group of people ranging in age from eighteen into their early twenties would likely be getting ready to leave. A young man, one of the oldest in the band, stood over his guitar amp as he unplugged and rolled up his guitar cable, the axe still hung from his shoulders behind him. He had on a gray muscle shirt, covered in dark designs, skulls, blood splatter, some random stuff, over it a black denim jacket, sleeveless, covered in random patches. He lifted the guitar off his shoulders and bend down, stretching his blue pair of jeans a bit as he set the guitar down in a hard case, standing back upright. He turned to face some of his bandmates. The owner of the house was the other guitarist, who seemed distracted talking to the band's female vocalist. A sigh passed Tripp's lips, as he stretched his toned arms out, a couple pops in his elbows and shoulder heard.

    He looked over to their drummer, a rather new addition to the band as a whole, only having joined recently after the leaving of their old drummer. "You going to leave your drums here or take them back home?" he asked her. He wanted to know because she was his roommate, letting her rent the spare bedroom in his rather roomy apartment until she was able to get her own place. He tossed the cord he had wrapped up into his guitar case and kicked it closed...Tripp was a bit rough around the edges, most guitarist handled their gear with the utmost care; Tripp? He would likely be the guy to smash his brand new $2000 guitar on stage for the fun of it, he only kept his amps with care...Mostly due to the fact he rarely moved them, he had one at their practice spot, one at home, and if either get moved its for tour, and well lets face it...They had people for that. He looked back over to Charlotte, giving her a bit of a smirk. "If you planned to move them I'd help you, I only got to take my guitar back." he continued, Tripp's voice deep and a bit raspy, just having an edge to it like he did in general.
  2. Charlotte sighed in relief when practice was over, she was playing just fine but she was just always so nervous that she was going to mess up. The few times that it did happen, it wasn't as though the guys yelled at her or anything, just laughed it off, them dispersing momentarily for her to practice, them practicing themselves, and then returning once more for her to redo the segment flawlessly. The group dynamic was just already made up, Charlie felt like such an outsider, even now her gaze fell on one of the guitarist (Jacobi was his name, if she remembered correctly?) was talking to a female vocalist, who's name completely escaped her. The only name and face she got down pat was Tripp's, mostly because he gave her rides and he was gracious enough to give her a space to live in while she looked for a part time job on top of the gigs that they would soon be doing.

    Turning away because she was afraid that she was staring, she tapped at her drum, playing a lazy beat with ease softly so it wasn't hard to speak over, but still able to be heard. She ended with a hit of her ride cymbal and then started pushing her drumset out of the way, this wasn't her house and she didn't want her set to be in the way if the other guitarist decided to do...she didn't know, cartwheels or something in the basement.

    Tripp spoke to her and she immediately looked to him, she was closest to him because of his hospitality, she moved closer to him so they could talk, one hand twirling a drum stick expertly, "No, I'll just leave it here. I don't need the set to practice if I need to, thank you." She said, reaching down and grabbing his guitar, it was the least she could do. She gave a polite smile, out of everyone in the room she didn't look like she belonged there at all. She was wearing a fedora, tank top and vest, with her top tucked into black high-waisted shorts and black tights, complimented with white ankle boots. She looked rich compared to everyone else, her closet was full of designer clothes which made her being here, hoping to make it with the big leagues out of sheer talent completely odd. But no one really asked her about it, probably because she didn't ask about their stories, and everyone just sort of got along.

    "Shall we get going then, Mr. Archer," she asked.
  3. He seen her grab his guitar case but Tripp had some old ways still in his head, he was always polite when it came to helping out, and was a believer in helping girls out...Letting her carry his guitar would've been rude in his eyes, so he'd gently take it, "I don't want you to have to carry anything." he told her, letting his guitar case dangle at his side. "You wanna grab some food on the way back to the fort?" he asked her, snickering some. By this time the bassist and singer was both leaving, and Jacobi went upstairs, surely having something to do or take care of, it left Tripp and Charlotte alone in the basement. He went to the door to head out to his car, opening it and holding it open for the girl.

    The basement was sort of a half basement, a door leading outside to the driveway came right off the room which was perfect for transferring equipment in and out of their practice space. Outside the door in the driveway was Tripp's car, an older import, a 1969 Datsun 240Z...Some people probably would call his car a piece of crap, but frankly it was his baby and he'd spent many hours working on the car and making it nice. He opened up the back hatch, tossing his guitar case inside of it before shutting the back of his car. "What ya' say?" he said to the only person left around, looking at her.
  4. Tripp took the guitar case and she didn't fuss, she learned long ago that guy's hated it when girl's argued a chivalrous act. She just smiled at his politeness and at the mention of food her stomach growled and she put a hand over it and blushed a bit as she followed after him. Completely cut from money, Charlie only had money that she had saved up on her own which was slowly running low on trying to help Tripp anyway that she could. She was in desperate need of a gig, or a part-time job. She knew Tripp didn't mind her being broke and homeless right now, but Charlotte was also worried that this care-free demeanor would quickly change.

    "Sounds great," she said, ducking into the car and waiting for him to finish loading his guitar into the vehicle and for him to get in as well, "Where do you want to go? My treat? It's the least I can do after all you've done for me." It was the most she had ever said since joining the band, usually she'd just give polite "Yes" and "No" when necessary.
  5. Tripp walked over to the side of his car, opening the door and stepping down into the two-seater. He looked over at her as she spoke, raising an eyebrow as he twisted the key into the ignition of the car, the old machine loudly coming to life. "Your treat? Now how could I let you do that, I'm buying." he said, scratching his scruff a bit before pulling the car into gear, and exiting Jacobi's driveway.

    To Tripp it only made sense he pay for the meal, first off it was rude to make the girl pay for a meal, even among friends...As edgy, and generally offensive as Tripp was at times, he sure had some gentlemen ways...And to top it off, he'd been paid for his time in the band, he had a bit of disposable income; unlike Cherlotte. "I'm down for about whatever. Pizza, Burgers, hell a nice sit down place, up to you." he said as he turned down the road towards town. Jacobi lived in a home just outside of town, sort of in the suburbs, while Tripp had a downtown apartment. Tripp was more the type to have a downtown loft over a home in the 'burbs...He'd rather be near clubs and bars, places to hangout and party, where as the other member of their band was more about hanging out at home with a couple friends, maybe light party, nothing 'fun' really...well unless you're into that thing. He looked over at her with a glance, mostly keeping his eyes on the road...He liked to have fun when driving but whenever she was in the car he settled down, he didn't know her take on what could be called reckless driving.
  6. At the mention of him paying, she pouted a bit but supposed she could just pay him back later. He knew very well of her financial situation, "Fine...I promise I'll pay you back as soon as I can." She said, Charlie didn't like having to owe anyone anything, even her parents. She had a bank account that they had saved up for her, but when she mentioned going and trying to make it as an artist, they blocked her from that account. But she had left her phone, a note, and her debit/credit cards at home and took the lone sock that had all of her own saved up allowance and other money. It was all she had right now.

    "The bar down the road sounds fine," she admitted, Charlie didn't want to make him go anywhere fancy, and even though she couldn't drink in the bar, she could still enjoy people watching and the sports channel that was always playing on the television.
  7. ((H-holy cow you replied fast. I'm sorry I haven't been paying any attention ._. Maybe the bar would be a nice place for her ex to pop up...haha. I do apologize for the short posts, I'm really rusty...I haven't RP'd on a forum actively in over 5 years.))

    He had no plans to make her repay him...Sometimes she was a bit to much, she needed to loosen up a little. He took another corner and a shortcut up an alleyway, his old sports car zipping through his shortcut, before they lined up on the side of a building, only a couple blocks from home. He pulled up the parking break and shut off the car, stepping out and glancing across the roof line, waiting for her head to pop up. "You sure about the bar? This place gets a bit rowdy, don't get me wrong--my type of place...but maybe not so much for you?" he said questionably, looking at her.
  8. Her breath hitched as he sped up through the narrow space, she didn't say anything, there was very few chances that Charlie did anything worth wile. Her biggest accomplishment was getting out of Nebraska and living out of via the train and riding buses to loose her parent's who had probably desperately tried to stop her. Her red painted lips broke into a grin, her white teeth flashing as he finally came to a stop in the parking lot. She chuckled lightly before exiting out with ease and poise that could only be trained.

    Smiling at his concern, she gave a shrug, "Being in a band shouldn't be my type either, yet here I am. C'mon," she said with a smile, Charlotte knew this was one of his favorite places to relax in; cold beverage and woman to flirt with, she definitely wouldn't mind it at all as she walked next to him, into the bar. Music was blasting from the juke box, a group was playing pool, cigarette smoke wafted int he air as Charlotte found them a booth and sat down, immediately crossing her legs out of habit, her leg accidentally brushing Tripp's own, but she made no move to move her legs or uncross them as she looked around curiously.

    A waitress came over, smiling at Tripp immediately before asking, "what'll it be?"

    "I'd love a water and a cheese burger, please," Charlotte said with a smile. The waitress wrote it down and then looked to Tripp expectantly, once given his order, she'd jot it down and then scamper away in a tube top and short shorts, her ass hanging out in the slightest due to her scantly clad outfit. "So when is our first gig together, do you know," she asked curiously, she was picking up the songs quickly enough. Solo's were easy for Charlie, she knew how to improvise well enough. Sometimes others would critique on whether they liked it or not, and she would arrange her beat as necessary.

    ((No worries! haha And sounds good, I'll probably introduce him in the next post or the one after that :) ))
  9. Tripp would close the door of his car after figuring out she didn't want to change her mind; he warned her. He stepped up along the building and to the door with her, of course opening it for her before walking in behind Charlie. "You kinda have a point, but being in a band and hanging out with a tougher crowd is two different things. But you're a big girl haha." he said with a chuckle, following her over to a booth.

    He'd sit down across from her about the same time she did, getting into a relaxed position as he always did--but noticing her leg brush up against his--and taking note she didn't make any effort to move it. The waitress came, taking her order first--Tripp followed with his own, "Plain burger, triple stack. Pepsi."he said...he had plans for that. He watched as she rushed off, his eyes couldn't help but glance at 'dat ass' as it went down the isle between booths and the pool table. He looked back up to the girl sitting across from him, about the time she spoke. "I am supposed to call our manager tonight, he sent me an email lastnight that he has a tour for us--it'll be two weeks on the road, starting in Colorado. I think he said in a week?" he answered her, it may not have been specific, frankly...that was Jacobi's job, he handled most of that kind of stuff really, Tripp just liked to be updated. It'd be about this time the girl returned with two glasses, setting them appropriately in front of the both of them--with a couple straws, before taking off again to finish her rounds. Tripp took his straw and ripped one end off of the covering paper, taking it to his lips before shooting it at her-striking her shoulder with a 'tck', a smirk crossing his lips afterwards as he slid it into the drink, and took a sip. "Opps."
  10. "Thanks," she had said to the waitress, just about to ask another question before she had been 'shot'. Charlotte's jaw dropped in shock as she grabbed her shoulder as though in pain and then snatched up her own straw, "so we're going to be childish, are we?" She asked, unable to stop herself as she ripped off one end and shot it, aiming for his nose as she giggled and sipped at her own drink. This was probably the first he watched her act 'immaturely' at all, she was usually far more proper and respectful.

    "Charlie?" Charlotte tensed in her seat and her eyes widened as she seemed to recognize the voice. The straw popped out of her head as she slowly turned her head towards the crowd to see if she had just imagined it or- nope, her ex-boyfriend was moving through the crowds and heading straight towards her. He was tall, at least 6' 4" and he had the build of a wrestler or a football player, he had been the biggest football star at her little farm school in Nebraska.

    Swallowing thickly, Charlie suddenly looked to Tripp and whispered a, "I am so sorry." And then she was embraced by the man, she actually flinched as though he was going to tackle her in the booth, her breath hitched in her throat. When he finally pulled away, Charlotte asked, "what are you doing here, Tony?"

    "I came looking for you, baby," he said, lifting a hand to her hair and once more she flinched, pressing her back to the wall of the booth as he tugged at one of her strands, "you'll grow that out once we get back."

    Charlotte pulled her hair free as she spoke, "back? To Nebraska? I'm not going back, Tony. I told you that when I left that night."

    His eyes suddenly narrowed, obviously not happy with Charlotte's response before his gaze landed on Tripp, "Who's he?"

    "A friend-"

    "You're cheating on me," he demanded, grabbing her wrist and making her gasp in pain. He was able to grab her entire tiny wrist in his hand.

    "Tony, you broke up with me. We're not together anymore," Charlotte pleaded for him to listen to reason as he started yanking her out of the booth, "Tony, stop you're hurting me-"
  11. Tripp sipped the pepsi through his straw, watching a with a small smirk as the girl quickly 'returned fire' on him with the straw cover. There we go, thats what he wanted to see out of her, her open up, let loose a little, act like a kid for a moment. It actually made the scruffy man smile. His ears burned when one voice sort of came across all the other distant chatter in the bar, but he quickly dismissed it--it wasn't his name being called out. But as Tripp's green hues looked over at Cherlotte, he noticed concern in her face, and even as if she lipped something about being sorry to him. It made him raise an eyebrow.

    Thats when Tony approached the table, and begun talking to the girl. Tripp looked at the man, he was even bigger then Tripp and Tripp wasn't no piss ant. A friend of her's from her home? This was the first thought that passed Tripp's mind, but it quickly faded that whoever this was, was not a friend, simply with how she seemed to speak almost in fear of the guy. Suddenly the guy's attention was turned to Tripp, asking the girl who he was...This was about the time a fire burned inside Tripp's chest. His heart jumped when he seen the man grab the girl's wrist, and that was it...

    He hopped up out of his seat and a hand landed on the guy's shoulder, firmly gripping the fabric of Tony's shirt and giving him a jerk away from Charlotte, as a silent 'Better let go of her'. "You're in the wrong bar and barking up the wrong tree, putting your hands on her--farm-boy." Tripp said with his fairly raspy deep voice, green eyes on the man. "Let go of her wrist, and walk away. You don't have a 2nd option..." he said, laying out the 'options' for the guy. There technically was a second option, question Tony man enough to push Tripp. Frankly, it's a surprise Tripp hasn't already laid the guy out with a hay-maker, Tripp was always the belligerent type, ready to brawl and throw hands at any moment...The fact he gave the guy one chance to leave them alone was actually a very odd thing. It was also about this time that the bar started to get quieter, a lot of the people had their eyes on Tripp and Tony, Tripp was a regular here--the other regulars knew him well, and had also thrown down with the young man a couple times...They knew exactly what was about to come, some might even had Tripp's back...although it was doubtful they'd need to help.
  12. Charlotte's eyes widened as Tony grabbed at him, fear gripped her stomach as she shook her head at Tripp with worry, but it was too late now as Tony reared on her bandmate. "Tony," Charlie started to say before Tony shoved Tripp harshly against his chest to get him to back off. Charlotte massaged her wrist tenderly, certain a bruise would form as she looked to the other two. Not too many of the bar was paying attention to them, but those around them did start to look on curiously as to what was going on.

    "You can't tell me what to do trash, this isn't your business," he growled before turning his back on Tripp and looking to Charlotte and ordered, "Get out of the booth, we're leaving."
  13. ((>.> I did specifically say a good number of the people there are already watching. Lol. Oh and sorry if you sorta consider whats about to happen kind of a 'auto-hit', its more like...he turned his back on Tripp, giving up any chance of retaliation.))

    Tripp barely even stumbled back with the shove, it had to be the thousandth time he'd been shoved and by way bigger guys. Tony turned his back to Tripp and that had to be his last mistake, what came next was faster then the blink of an eye. Tripp gripped the back of Tony's collar of his shirt, and using his toned arm he yanked hard, way more then enough to knock anyone off balance, and used the falling momentum to throw the taller man back harshly, side stepping by the man as he watched the other guy slam into the edge of the pool table, and with that height likely flipped onto the table, even if only slightly.

    "You just turned your back on the devil." he warned Tony, stepping over to one of the stunned pool players and snatching up the man's pool cue, instantly flipping it to hold onto the thinner end, leaving the heavier thicker end of the pool cue in the air--swinging it down towards the chest of Tony...Yeah, Tripp didn't play around...This might scare Charlie--she probably doesn't know the extent of crazy Tripp could reach--especially over protecting a girl. The attack would either hit his chest and break the pool cue, or miss and snap across the pool table, depending on if the larger man could move fast enough.
  14. ((Sorry > < I should have re-read because I did wonder if that was mentioned or not...and then I just didn't re-read it lol won't happen again! ^^ and no, the post is fine =] ))

    Tony grunted as he was slammed onto the pool table glaring at the other man before his eyes furrowed at the sight of him using a weapon. He'd roll out of the way at the last minute, and then charge forward, attempting to dig his shoulder into Tripp's chest or abdomen to make him double over. He was furious, nobody challenged Tony in Nebraska. Even when he was at a friend's house and he had slapped Charlotte roughly for trying to tell him he shouldn't drink. And here this new guy was telling him that he couldn't touch his girl?!

    "Tony stop it," Charlotte yelled, she had removed herself from the booth and thought about getting inbetween Tripp and Tony. Her breath hitched as Tripp attempted to hit Tony with the cue, he missed which Charlie wasn't certain if she was thankful for or upset about. Thankful that no one had gotten hurt (yet) but upset that it also hadn't landed a hit to stop Tony from being stupid. Charlie watched him attempt at a tackle to Tripp and Charlotte yelled again, "Tony, leave him alone!" It wasn't that Charlie didn't believe Tripp could handle herself, she just didn't want Tripp to get hurt. Someone had grabbed her when she tried to get between the two men and she looked at the man, it was the bartender and if Charlie was correct he was friend's with Tripp.

    "Best not to get in between this, love," he assured.

    Charlotte yanked her shoulder free, "They're fighting because of me, I have to do-"

    "Let him handle it darling, I assure you it won't be Tripp that I'll be having my boys toss in the back near the dumpsters," he said with a wink. Charlotte's shoulders slackened but she nodded and instead just watched with worry.
  15. The bar was now for the most part silent and paying attention, only sounds was a couple of the more drunk ones around cheering and hollering. The pool cue missed, the farm-boy seemed to have some reaction in him now--and the wooden stick snapped against the edge of the pool table. Tripp seen the man charge at him from a few feet away, but that wasn't gonna happen, now was it? Tripp tossed aside the broken pool cue and jumped onto the pool table, and his foot was sent speeding towards the face of Tony--who was running straight into it. Regardless of if this attack hit or not, he didn't care, and spun on the table, flipping over the other side. The man's hand's gripped the pool table, and he begun to push. If anyone knew how much one weighed, what happened next was pretty amazing--Tripp didn't look to big but fact was he worked out a lot...and the pool table lifted, and rolled, lumbering over to pin the man on the other side, either to the ground or a booth.

    The bartender who was keeping Charlie back from the fight yanked her as carefully as he could out of the way, because where she stood was soon going to have a couple 100 pounds of granite slab and wood crushing a couple booths--and hopefully pinning the man on the other side there. Tripp...he'd clearly done this a time or two. The bartender shook his head, "thats another pool table bought..."
  16. Tony had managed to put a hand up to block the foot, but still stumbled as his charge hit nothing. The farm boy whirled around to face Tripp, thinking the band player to be running away. Charlotte's eyes widened at the act of Tripp moving behind the pool table, her eyes wide with shock and surprise as he started to shove the pool table on his own. She was so surprised she hadn't moved out of the way on her own, the bartender grabbed at her and pulled her out of the way. She stumbled a bit in her heels, but watched on as Tony was completely crushed. He let out a howl of pain which made Charlie cringe, she had never heard him make a sound like that before. But then again no had ever been able to land a blow on him.

    Tony glared at him as he shoved the pool table off of himself, not being able to toss it back at Tripp. Tony collapsed to the ground, holding his abdomen where the pool table had trapped him, probably bruised, if not some ribs cracked as well. He glared at Tripp.

    "Who the fuck are you," Tony demanded, wanting nothing more than to snatch Charlie and drag her out of the bar, but her friend had bested him - for now anyways.
  17. Tripp simply stood there, a smirk crossed his lips as he glared down the fallen foe. He didn't even care to answer the man, only a short laugh at the clear anger Tony had right now, and the fact he was surely beaten. "You're a long way away from Nebraska dude...I'd start running home now if I was you..." said Tripp through his smirk. The bartender had made sure that she hadn't fallen from the surprise of being moved out of the way before letting go of her.

    Tripp would move over to Charlie, and stand next to her, making sure Tony couldn't get up and try to do anything to her. His arms crossed over his chest, them slightly pumped up with his veins due to being used to lift the pool table. But nothing was gonna was about this time three more guys walked up and over Tony, grabbing him up under the arms and forcing him to his feet, leading the man out of the bar, kicking and screaming if they must...

    Tripp looked at Charlotte, and then to her hand, softly taking ahold of it to look at her wrist. "He better not have hurt your wrist to much...I'd have to kill someone if he made our drummer not be able to preform. You alright?" he asked, simply going back to the way he was before, his normal self. Tripp was quick to snap through his feelings, be nice, go off like a bomb, then right back to caring.
  18. Tony lunged at Tripp when he had his back turned, but the three men had a good grip on him as they dragged him out of the bar as he yelled for Charlotte. "Char! You're going to come back to me, you always do..." his rant was cut off as he was promptly shoved out of the bar and Charlotte immediately relaxed when he was gone. A smile brightening on her lips as Tripp approached her, she was able not to flinch in pain at his touch.

    "I'll be fine," she assured him, which was true. She had swam with far worse when she was in high school. "How about you, he didn't hurt you did he?" She asked, concern clear in her voice, she'd feel incredibly guilty if Tony had hurt Tripp. They could replace her, she was just a drummer. There had been many at the auditions for the spot in the band, but she had doubts that they could replace Tripp at all. Her eyes ran over his body as though she might be able to see any sort of bruising.
  19. He tilted his head with a raised eyebrow, laughing a bit a moment later. "What he do, grab my foot a moment? I'm fine, I've taken a complete assbeating before...that guy isn't hardly worth the effort, but when he put his hands on you...I snapped." he said, sounding more serious towards the end. Tripp was protective of his friends, and had extreme views on woman abuse...frankly he'd likely have hurt the guy more, but there was to many witnesses for that. Plus jail time for murder didn't sound great to a well known musician. He looked over to the bartender, "Sorry about the pool table...You know I'll get you guys a new one." he wasn't the first time he'd broke something here. He sat down at another booth nearby, not damaged or under a busted pool table, and leaned back in the seat--relaxing. "Our food done yet?" he asked, carelessly.
  20. Charlotte smiled at that, he couldn't possibly understand just how grateful she was to him. Not even her parents would question the bruises on her body at swim meets, they adored Tony too much to even care for her. She wanted to hug him tightly, but considering how 'fragile' he thought she was, Charlie supposed that would only encourage the image he had of her. She settled for a grin and a "thank you" instead.

    She had completely forgotten about food, but the mention of it reminded her of how hungry she was. She looked around at everyone else and was a bit amazed at how everyone immediately returned to a sort of normalcy. She supposed in a bar though, fights were a rather common occurrence. The bar tender just shrugged off the pool table bit, apparently that too a common occurance and then gestured towards a new booth, "just take a seat. I'll have a waitress get ya new drinks and bring out your food," he said, winking at Charlotte and she smiled at his generosity before following Tripp to a seat.

    "Where did you learn to even fight like that," Charlotte asked curiously, just as a waitress brought out a tray with their food and new drinks, since their other drinks had spilled over in the brawl.
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