Godslayers: Knights of the New Order

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  1. This RP is rated M for Mature for its depictions of gore, violence, uses of profanity and also not limited to sensual/sexual scenes, romance and uses of tobacco and alcohol.

    Godslayers: Knights of the New Order
    Mark of the Knights, with the names of the Firsts

    The history of mankind has been shrouded with mysteries. Throughout the eons of humanity's transcendence into an age of prosperity, myths and legends rise that foretold the creatures of the dark, unbeknownst to man. However, those legends are true - beasts of the dark enters our world and ravaged the homelands. For centuries, humanity had thought of these creatures never existed, but they do. The beasts of the Unseen World seemed to take a favor in living in our which they called as the Known World. From the dark they prowl, from the depths they lurk, from the corners they prey and feed on our fear. Once the Convergence of Worlds occured, these beasts made us humans fear for our lives.

    That is until, the brave King Arthur forms an order of knights under the guise 'Knights of the Round Table', comprising of the original 12 knights with the duty to fight the Unseen World. Thus, the King himself and his brave knights fought against the dark. From dusk till dawn they fight, day after day they slay, fighting a secret war against the Unseen World. Throughout time, their numbers grew into a total of 150 noble members. However, despite the efforts of the Knights, Arthur soon realized that they are fighting in a war that they could never win.

    That is until, Arthur and the Firsts were bestowed with an immense power to combat against the Unseen World. The king and his knights were granted the ability to become or rather transform into powerful beings known as the Godslayers. The Godslayers managed to turn the tides of war, only for a short period of time. As time passes by, the title of the Firsts and the King were passed down to knights worthy enough to carry the responsibility of being a Godslayer themselves. The war goes on, and the knights began to see their own defeat.

    Until the Industrial Revolution took place where technology started to become more advanced than before. Leaping further towards technological advancement, humanity had finally turned the tides of war once again with energy weapons, aircrafts, communication devices, all of which are intended for the knights to be a step ahead of the beasts. By the early 1980's, humanity emerged victorious against the beasts in this seemingly eternal war.

    In the 2000's, the war continues with humanity having the upper hand in the war. However, conflict will rise within mankind's society and soon, if the governments of the world allows such problems to worsen, the beasts will gain the upper hand shortly.

    The first downfall of the knights happened when the dreadful and traitorous Mordred slays the founder, King Arthur himself. With his death, the Firsts and the other knights were scattered across Britain, the beasts soon taking over many territories in a short period of time. A few years after Arthur's death, the Firsts gathered the remaining knights and reforms the knighthood order, with Galahad taking the place of Arthur. Then, Mordred was murdered and an unnamed son of Arthur marries Lady Juliette (origin unknown) and bore a son that was soon became the Black Knight.

    Skipping a few decades, the Firsts lived long enough to see the Black Knight grew into adulthood and an old Galahad decides to take the knight as Arthur's successor not only to the position of the knighthood order but also, the king's powers (which was stored inside Excalibur, retrieved some time after Arthur's death from the Lake). Then, the Firsts began to choose their own successors to bear their name and to wield their Godslayer powers before either dying in peace or went off on their own.

    As time passes by, World War II started with the Nazis began to rise in power with the invasion of Poland. With the Nazis taking half of the world, Adolf Hitler made a deal with the King-in-Red to use the beasts of the Unseen World in their army and of course, for research. The British Empire realized the Nazis' plans and planned to use the Knights of the Round Table against the Germans. The Godslayers and the knights agreed on one condition, never record their names in history.

    The Nazi Dark Division conducted many experiments to create their own Godslayers - the Kingslayers. Although many of the tests were failed, they succeeded in the end and thus, believing themselves to be the supreme race of the world, gods some might say and with the Godslayers fighting against them, their namesake came into play. With the slayers of gods and kings met on the battlefield, the bloodiest wars in human history has commenced.

    While the wars between the powerful nations in the world rages on, the Nazis and with their beastial allies fought against the knights once again. This war in the darkness began to tore the world silently piece by piece as portals from the Unseen World opened in favor of the Germans, slaughtering the Allies and the knights. The Godslayers fought with all their might and strength, until they managed to wipe out the Nazi Dark Division from existence before D-Day, where the Germans saw their downfall commenced.

    The war ended, the Allies emerged victorious and the Knights remained as the unsung heroes of the war. Even with the end of the war, the Knights' ongoing conflict against the beasts never ends.

    Knights of the Round Table

    The Round Table is a powerful knighthood order founded in secrecy to fight against the ever-growing threat of the Unseen World. The original member's names varies from time to time. The legends surrounding the revolves are many, and the most notable one is the Quest for the Holy Grail which lead to many believing that the Grail itself granted Arthur and his Knights to become the Godslayers.

    Becoming a member of the Round Table was never easy, becoming a Godslayer yourself, was even harder. However, most if not, all organizations that participates in the war against the Unseen World sends their best men and women to the Round Table. Such individuals should possess either most or half these skills; vast knowledge of the beasts, occult knowledge, exceptional skills in combat, analytical mind, supreme physical and mental prowess, and the Knights' favored skill, excellence in swordsmanship. Once sent to the Knights, the Godslayers shall put them into a test to determine the 12 best individuals to become a member of the Round Table.

    A Godslayer's abilities differs from individual from individuals as countless men and women have taken up the mantle of their predecessor. Once a Godslayer dies, the Grandmaster (the person who takes the mantle of 'Arthur') shall gather the Council of the Firsts (formal name for the Godslayers, only used during meeting sessions) to select a worthy knight to be the deceased's successor.

    Betraying the Round Table leads to dire consequences. The Grandmaster will strip off the knight's titles and deemed as an outcast for all other knights who are willing to hunt them down should they ever escape. If not, they will be facing trial with the Grandmaster as the Judge. Depending on the severity of the crime, the traitor will be either exiled or sentenced to death.

    Transforming into a Godslayer is a tiring process, a knight must concentrate their thoughts into their powers in order to enable themselves to transform into a Godslayer. When he/she finally succeeds, the longer the person stays in the form the more power it requires. To maintain in the form, a knight must constantly slay beasts as their souls will be turned into the exact same energy the form was relying on. But in most missions, turning into a Godslayer is not necessary.

    The Unseen World

    The world that is unseen and unforgiving, also known as the Eye of the Scourge, Forgery of the Beasts, the Unforgiving Realm, World of the Damned and the Immaterial World. Home to the rest of the relentless beasts which the Godslayers called them as the Scourge, the Unseen World is viewed as a different plane of existence and perhaps the most deadly and dangerous of all. Governed by the King-in-Red, the homeworld of the beasts is without form and is a subject to countless storms.

    Uninhabitable by humanity, the Unseen World is essentially a vast sea of pure unholy energy that could kill a mortal man in seconds by just standing in the realm. Towards the center of the Immaterial World, lies the damned capital of Amarragh where the King-in-Red watches over 'his' demonic and bestial army.

    Known Location in the Unseen World
    The Untouched Wastes - The borders of the Unforgiving Realm where the King-in-Red's influence are untouched and uncontrolled. The beasts living in the Wastes tend to fight each other for sport more often than in Amarragh.

    Eye of the King - Where the true body of the King-in-Red lives. The beasts describes his true forms as a collection of tendrils, eyes, teeth and jaws that watches over the Unseen World (aside from the Wastes).

    The Black Gates - The weakening barriers between the Known World (Earth) and the Unforgiving Realm. The Black Gates are many, scattered across the Unseen World. The Gates allows the Scourge to enter into Earth, causing havoc as they go only to find themselves fighting against the defenses of the Known World.[/HIDE]

    Prowlers of the Dark
    Beasts of various mythos found all over the world. From the vicious minotaurs to the deadly Cerberus and Chimaera, Mythros covers all known mythological creatures that comes from the Unseen World.

    The vast knowledge of different cultures, mythologies and occultism will play their part here as knights who possesses such knowledge must apply which creature is weak against. They also require careful planning as most creatures rely on their animal instincts.

    The Damned
    Souls that are filled with vengeance, hatred and with the desire to kill for revenge. The Damned manifests themselves as knights in black armor with a murderous aura visible to anyone who gaze their eyes upon one.

    When fighting against one, knights are required to analyze their tactics, movement patterns and weaknesses. For the Damned can be quite unpredictable, a knight's mind must always analyze the enemy.

    Souls who wanders across the Known World, unable to seek paradise after death. Confronting such souls requires only a holy relic not to banish them but to send into paradise. Their presence to a mere mortal is seen as a ghost.

    Unknown. Reserved for beings such as the King-in-Red.

    You will be playing as a Godslayer, the knights who took up the mantle of the duties of the Firsts and the responsibility of maintaining the Round Table's well being as well as safeguarding the Known World from threats from the other side. Remain steadfast dear Godslayers, keep in your minds that you, alongside the others shall be the first and the last line of defenses against the otherworldly beings.

    "Our order has stood against the test of time, remaining steadfast in fullfilling our sacred duty - to keep the Known World safe just as our glorious founder, Arthur himself wanted us. For many years we stood between the lines of humanity's survival and extinction. Through countless wars we fought and through countless wars we remained unpraised as the fight against the unknown is better kept secret. Alongside us, stood the Firsts - the Godslayers of mankind. Through them and through our unwavering faith we shall emerge victorious in this war,"
    -Sir Malcolm Forrester, the 41st Arthur

    Character Skeleton

    Codename: Choose either one of the 12 names of the Knights of the Round Table





    Skills & Expertise: What is your character good at? Aside from the required skills, state your character's skills & expertise.

    Standard Loadout/Equipment: Weapons, grenades, potions, armor all go here.

    Backstory: Give a brief history about your character.

    Godslayer's Appearance: I rather prefer picture here than text since describing using text is probably difficult.

    Godslayer Abilities: What is your Godslayer's abilities? Remember, no invincibility or any Gary-sue or Mary-sue stuff. That sort of stuff will not get you accepted.

    Godslayer Weaknesses: Every man, woman and child possesses a weakness. So does the mighty Godslayers.

    Godslayer Weapons: When your character transforms into his/her Godslayer form, their normal weapons will be replaced by your Godslayer Weapons.​

    • I am the GM, my word is the law and it is absolute and eternal.
    • Don't spam the OOC with pictures or unrelated videos. Some users will have problems loading it and probably having trouble to post (i.e. phone becomes too slow)
    • All Iwaku rules applied.
    • Don't godmodding, which includes controlling other's characters without permission. For example, you attack that character and the character feels the effect in your same post.
    • Post at least 3 paragraphs and once in every 2-4 days. Notify me if you aren't able to post in a specific amount of time.
    • I have the rights as a GM to remove and/or add rules to the current set.
    • I shall tolerate with your behaviour, making my judgements if any of you decides to be an absolute dick to others. Respect is important, and so is honor.
    • For confirmation, put "For hearth and home" on top of your CS
    • Decisions matter. It can decides whether who lices or who dies. It shapes the story of the RP, and thus, think carefully and thoroughly when making one. The consequences are dire if you made the wrong choice/decision.
    • Have fun, really just have some fun. And add "For the Known World" at the end of your CS.
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