Godaial: The Elemental War

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  1. Greetings to all! I do apologize for the delay in this Character Sign up! I had originally started this but when I had tried to post, it did not go through and erased it. I am attempting it again to try to get this going!


    There was a time in our world when there was balance. Peace was throughout and all creatures had learned to work together. We knew we needed each other, otherwise there would be chaos. The light was strong but it was over too soon.

    Darkness cam upon us as two beings who decided they were in the right descended upon the world. They believed we all did not need our Elements. That we were stronger and the old beliefs were outdated. They caused war and destruction. No one was sure who they could trust and what to believe. One by one, the Elements were taken out of our lives, leaving pain and heartache.

    What they didn't know was that the Elements were still alive and had gathered together to create a plan. They were planning to bring back peace and balance. Their followers were killed for still performing and holding the Old Beliefs; they had no choice but to hide until the right time. Water, Earth, Fire and Air acted as leaders for the Elements and came up with a solution. They were each to find a Mage. One that they can lend their power to. Mages together could stand up and bring back righteousness to our world.

    Now here is the question. Are you going to stand up and join us? Or are you going to sit back and watch it all crumble? We all may not be Mages, but we won't go down without a fight. We are the army to fight for us all. To bring back peace and balance.

    Now decide. Who's side are you on?

    Please Note: ALL MAGES ARE TAKEN. But you may be a follower! Followers of the Elements are Welcome!

    Description of the Races:

    Dragonians are the Eldest race of Godaial. They have a royal aura to them, and are ruled by a king. They have two forms: Their 'Regular' Form and their Dragon Form. Their Regular Form is one that resembles closely to the humans, but they have wings that can be camouflaged. They often hide them to not scare the humans. Back when the Old Beilef was open, they associated more with the Element of Air.

    The Dragonian leader is King D'ryavn. Because of the destruction of the world, he has put a huge effort towards keeping his race alive. He does not like them dealing with the Old Belief in fear that they may be targeted for doing so. So if a Dragonian was named Mage, they would have to do so in secrecy. He does his best to keep them well and has them separate from most of the world in the mountains.

    Siryhns: Siryns are a race that dwells mostly in the Lakes and Oceans of Godaial. They easily adapt for land travel and living by changing their normal fins or aquatic lower half for legs for land. They also lose their gills during this changing process, and easily regain their natural form when they would like to return to the water. They do not have a leader, for they all tend to prefer to be alone and one with their water. They are calm beings and would prefer to not be mixed in the mess of the rest of the race's lives. When they were able to practice their Old Belief, they were one with the Element of Water.

    Trolls: Trolls have dealt with the harsh weather of the deserts, and have grown accustomed to them. They have a mini government like system, with each small tribe having a chief. They tend to not have too many disputes among their own race because it could cause more deaths than good results due to the lack of necessary goods out where they inhabit. All chiefs report to Chieftain Orobane so he can keep an update and keep peace among the tribes. When the Old Belief was in place, trolls associated with the Element of Fire.

    Chieftain Orobane does not dislike being the Chieftain, but does not act or interfere with any of the tribes unless he believes he HAS to intervene for the good of them all. Otherwise, he tends to be on the lazy side and stays within his own hut.

    : Humans are the youngest race in Godaial and also the biggest. Their personalities vary greatly, for it seems like one is not the same of the other. Because their personalities vary so, their association with the Elements depends upon them and their upbringing. Who they act more like is who they tend to go towards.

    Elves: Not as old as the Dragonians, but not as young as the Humans, the Elves do their own and adjust what they do to best fit their needs. Their leaders are those called the Elders. But their race is having huge turmoil as the ones who have brought down the Old Belief have chosen them first and have been trying to take over. They have split and are currently hiding with other races or in small groups, as they try to figure a way to fight back. No one is sure why they were the first targets, but they do have many willing to help them. When they were allowed to worship the Old Belief, they chose to worship the Element of Earth.

    1. Please do not God Mode.
    2. Try to do your best. We know that sometimes it is hard to react especially if there is not much to react too. Try to at least do a few sentences, and try to proofread. We do not expect it to be perfect, but we can try our best.
    3. Mages, do try to remember you are JUST learning about your abilities. You cannot perfect them all at once. You can master a few techniques with natural talent, but there is a lot to learn.
    4. Try to include all. If we can, avoid posts between JUST TWO people.
    5. If you have a question, you are more than welcome to ask me. I do not bite often, I promise.

    Extra Notes: As you can see, each race has a Element it tends to follow. You do NOT have to go by that. The Element you follow is your choice. It is just a guideline to show you the basics of each race. At a later date, I will make it known about the characteristics of each Element themselves and the forms that they tend to take. But for now, we all probably have a general idea of how each element is. BUT if you would like me to put some clarifications, I would be more than happy to do so.

    Is there an element you are interested in and I don't have it listed? Message me. There are others, I just haven't written of them yet. Possibly for a reason.

    And I am sorry all, but there is a chance that not everyone can be a Mage. One Mage per Element. I have a particular bend on that rule, but it has already been decided and will be exposed in the actual RP. Until then, One Mage per Element.

    Character Sheet:





    Element Followed:



    Short History/Short Bio:

    Yes or no

    Pictures of the people mentioned above will be added at a later date.

    If you wanted to be a mage and it seems to be taken, still make a character and put which element they will follow. We will see how things progress and see if things change.

    Do keep in mind that even if you chose a race, you do not have to follow their normal in regards to which Element you follow. An Elf can follow Fire, etc. These are just the basic guidelines in regards to how the races are normally.
  2. Name: Nahem

    Gender: Male

    Age: 24

    Race: Dragonian

    Element Followed: None

    Appearance: Human form:

    Dragon Form:

    History: His parents was strong believers in the elements and while growing up they taught him to believe them also but he did not believe in them whole hearted.
    The war broke out and his parents was killed for their beliefs. After finding their bodies. He went through a series of emotions. Which eventauly led him to the thought that this was his parents own fault for believing in such foolishness and cursed them for it. But he Still wanted vengence and set forth to find it but for many days he could find the culprits and ended staying in a troll village till he caught wind of who exactly killed his parents.

    Bio: Nahem does believe nor respect the elements. He believes in strength and strenght alone. For the strength of the of his talons or sword can cut through any rock, his wings beat the wind beneath him, his fire evaporate any water, and can put out any fire with is sweat and blood.

    Mage: No.
  3. Name:
    Claiming to be 24 (actual age unknown)
    Element Followed:
    Darkness Air
    Sam is a laid-back, easygoing Dragonian with a penchant to happily deny the strict rule that is typical of his creed. He generally wanders alone, enjoying himself wherever he goes. He can be considered lazy at times, wanting to avoid trouble in his life and just enjoy what the world has to offer. He doesn't care about the old ways, or the new ones for that matter. As far as Sam is concerned, it simply doesn't matter. Hey, no one has to know about the element he follows, right? It's no one's business, so he doesn't flaunt that either. Despite being so laid-back, he very stiffly hides his secrets and even those who are friends with him couldn't really tell you anything about him beyond the most basic of information. Sam tends to be very subtle about how he handles his privacy, so most people don't even notice this fact until presented blatantly. He also tends to be a great person to talk to; his laid back attitude doesn't mean he'll hesitate to give a lending ear and some worldly wisdom to whomever asks. He seems to see everyone as a friend, and appears very relaxed and trusting amongst strangers, encouraging them to relax and trust him as well. He's fairly trustworthy, and does whatever he can to make sure everyone can be as relaxed as he.

    Sam is a very manipulative, harsh Dragonian who sees everyone else as beneath him. He doesn't trust anyone and only encourages others to trust him in order to ruin them. He loves finding out people's secrets and then using it to blackmail and crush them. He is a strong believer of the fact that the only good elemental is a dead one, for they challenge his authority. Sam is very controlling, demanding things to be exactly the way he wants them and so tends to plan extensively, using his element against those who don't yet know what's happening. He thrives off the ignorance of people, for the stupider the are they easier it is for him to do whatever he pleases.
    Short History/Short Bio:
    Sam keeps his history a tight secret, so it's largely unknown as to what he may claim is true or false. What is known however is that his name is pretty much a lie. His real name is largely unknown. He claims to have been born from a relatively insignificant human village and then left to live his life being an exciting adventurer, exploring the world and all the people in it. Supposedly, he still has a loving mother and a hard-working father back 'home', on a quaint little farm with his little sister. He occasionally sends back his regards to let them know he's still around. Most of this is probably fabricated, though the real one would be vastly different knowing his hand in the reason the world is what it is now.

    In reality, the dragonian known as Sam hatched from a well-to-do bloodline, giving him a delusion of grandeur that was only made worse as time went on...

  4. Name: Keevako

    : Female

    : 22

    : Dragonian mutt

    : Fire

    : Keevako is not a big“people person”. Made fun of as a child, and then separated fromdaily interaction, she is rather socially awkward. She does notunderstand any slang and becomes confused by it. Keevako is quiet andcareful by demeanor, but when it comes to battle she is headstrong,confident, and cold.

    : Standing 5'5” she is notexactly the most intimidating. Her mother was a pure blood Dragonianwho mated out of her race and created Keevako, a Dragonian mutt whohas horns and a thick, scaly tail that she was unable to hide. She iswell worked and muscular, but slim and very sneaky. Before she leftthe city she had studied sword wielding. But when she moved away andinto the desert mountains, her mother had her file her horns down soshe wasn't as noticable.

    Short History
    : Ever since she was born,Keevako has been different. She was born in a Dragonian city upnorth, but she never did fit in. She didn't spend much time there,but she remembered how all the other kids didn't have tails, but theyhad wings and they could all change into dragons. They made fun ofher for not having wings, and because she had a tail and couldn'tmake it invisible like they were able to do with their wings. Keevakonever knew or had a father, her mother would never talk about who hewas or why she was so different. Eventually, she was just toodifferent, and her mother decided to remove her from the Dragoniancity. They went south, miles and miles away from where she was born. Her new home was not in a town, it was a short mountain range on thevery edge of a vast desert. The two of them lived by themselves,hidden within the labyrinth of rocks. Her mother taught her how to sow seeds and do everything she needed to do to survive on her own.
    Keevako was not all alone, though. Three miles from there home therewas a town of Trolls who lives near the main road as a merchantvillage. She had her horns filed down very low as not to attract alot of attention, but she could not hide her tail. However, theTrolls didn't seem the mind. They were kind to her and her mother,and they let them go about their business in peace.Then the war began and much of what sheknew was in grave danger. It was a day like any other when ithappened, Keevako and her mother were in the market when they attacked. The Trolls were able to escape for the most part, andbecause they got out of the way the ones attacking only took itemsinstead of destroying it. The two of them were trying to escape, buther mother wasn't fast enough. They hadn't spotted Keevako, but theygot a hold of her mother and ended her before her daughter's eyes.
    Keevako was now alone at age twenty,and now was out for some revenge. She knew they didn't destroy thevillage so that they could return and raid again. She was a strongbeliever in the Old Beliefs, just as her mother was, and over thefireplace there was a decorative mask and a pair of twin swords.As time passed, there were severalattacks where the evil forces would try and raid the Troll villageand every time Keevako would be there, wearing the mask as a disguiseand rolling her tail up within her armor, she defended the villagewith a ruthless hand, and soon after the other villages joined her inthe defending, but none of them knew it was the Dragonian mutt fromthe mountains.

    : Yes

    Pictures of Keevako (open)
    Keevako with her horns
    The mask she fights in

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  5. Name: Lorderynn


    106 (This is considered young for an elf, right?)


    Element Followed:

    Cautious but curious. Not quick to judge or lose her temper, unless it concerns cruelty to nature and animals. She has an uncanny love for the outdoors.

    Appearance: Elf-Girl.JPG
    She has the alien beauty of elves, with soft tanned skin, due to all her time outside. Her hair is tinted with a turqoise green at the tips, a mark of her affinity to earth (which is a secret way of elves worshipping the earth element, but when asked they say it's just the latest trend). She wears leather armour most of the time and a short cloak.

    Short History/Short Bio: She is part of a small settlement that resides in the mountainous areas, surrounded by trees. Her mother has taught her the importance of the balance of nature and to respect it. Her father has taught her the art of hunting and respecting its rules. Their family and friends have always been close-knit and as is her personality, she is one of the very few who venture far from the settlement and is usually the onlt one who would go out to trade at any nearby village.

  6. Read the interest-gatherin' board, liked the idea, and here I am. Water Mage taken yet, Oyoa? I've got an idea or two in my head, just let me sneeze them out real quick. If WM is taken, that's cool too. Brain-snot galore in my head, so I'll be whatever you need pretty much, just ask me and I'll get on it.
  7. Name: Almyra Talonclaw

    Gender: Female

    Age: 12

    Race: Draconian

    Element Followed: Air?

    Personality: Almyra is a spoiled brat. She expects everyone to do what she wants them to do and can be a royal pain in the arse to deal with. She still is a little kid but her temper tantrums can be quite... distructive.



    Short History/Short Bio: Almyra was hatched into a wealthy family with minor ties to the nobility. This, unfortunately, caused her to believe that she was superior to everyone around her and made her the bossy little brat that she is. Sure, she can act like a sweet, kind girl but the meanness has only increased by a certain even in her childhood.

    She often is found not far behind Sam and constantly belittles him, treating him like her personal servant. Unfortunately, their relationship is quite different than that.

  8. I think I want. I'll see what I can cook up.

    Warning: I am obsessed with Elves.


    Name: Arya Nólatári

    Gender: Female

    Age: Appears around 19

    Race: Elf

    Element Followed: Light

    Personality: Cheerful and caring.

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Short History/Short Bio: Arya was brought up in a group rather than as an only child according to the custom of her village; children knew which of the adults were their parents, but grew up under the care of the Elder in a unit, a process said to promote better teamwork and communication for use later in life. The Elder taught them about many of the elements rather than just that of the Earth, though Arya never demonstrated much interest in the main four. She focused herself on learning how to heal others, something that was much needed in her village.

    The village was burnt to the ground about a decade back, and Arya has been wandering since, searching out other people to join up with and potentially help however she can. As someone who belonged to a group all her life thus far, she feels lost whenever she is alone. She has been cast away from many other settlements for various reasons ranging from her lack of belief to her background in medicines to her place of birth.

    Mage: No.

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  9. My creation is complete.

    Nereus Ourano


    25 (in human years)


    Element Followed:

    At first, he seems cold, quiet, and calm (and maybe rude). After getting to know him and giving him a chance to warm up, he'll start to show his slight sarcastic sense of humor and clever side.

    (I haven't been able to find a suitable picture that I liked, but I would imagine that the Siryhn look quite similar to the Zoras from the Legend of Zelda games.) http://images.wikia.com/zelda/images/a/a1/Zora_(Twilight_Princess).png

    Short History/Short Bio:
    Nereus was born in a very small group of Siryhn. He left the group at an early age and trained himself to become a fighter. Often he hunted dangerous underwater creatures for fun or sport. Soon he had a small reputation as being a very skilled hunter. Some even offered money for his kills, though he always declined. He had heard some small bits of information of the surface from Siryhns who had ventured on land to do whatever they had to do. However, Nereus is determined not to get involved with the turmoils of the land-dwelling people. He might not have a choice in the matter, though...

    No, though he wouldn't mind being one if he had the opportunity. (Might help with his hunting, y'know?)

  10. Iliana will be all up in this biz.

  11. COLEMANIAC: Just for my personal clarification, is your character more like a rouge that doesn't really go to either side and just fights when he believes is fitting?

    soullesshuman: Accepted!

    modestmonster: Accepted!

    Arashi: PMed you, but as of this moment, no, I do not have a Water Mage and you can be so. ^.^

    Mew♥El: Accepted. - Including Light Element. ;P

    lovedove830: Reserved! yay!

    Iliana: Spot will not be taken. I promise.

    As for everything else, sorry for the delay. Life tends to get in the way somehow.

    And apparently Dragonians are too cool. I will create a character once I see how we are doing with races. The character will mostly just to help lead in the direction of the RP, as well as a guide. I may also do the Elementals themselves as well, but they will not be very active... for the most part.

    And, with that, I am off to try to work on this to get a few plot things figured out. ;P I will be messaging a few people. xD
  12. Well, generally speaking I tend to represent or follow the Light element where applicable, but it's not on the list of stuff, and I didn't want to be bothersome with questions about it ^^; I assumed it wasn't on the list and figured I could leave her undecided for the moment. I'm fully aware it doesn't seem to count most of the time.
  13. And thats Almyra. My character.

  14. Accepted! This will be quite interesting. ^.^ Didn't think of having one so young... go you for thinking outside the box. *laughs*
  15. Never expect what happens to me when you give me full control... And a dark mind.
  16. Can plants be part of an element? Kind of like you can control plants.

    If yes, I would like to reserve that element.
  17. Actually, plant fits into the whole earth element. Originally Earth was called Nature... I might have to change that term to clarify. I do apologize. Is there another element that you are interested in?
  18. Oh, no, it's okay :)

    Hm, I'm gonna have to think of some other elements. Maybe I might choose ice or electricity if those are allowed.
  19. ((If this is unacceptable I will gladly create a different character.))

    Cinnaret Tarow-Wenla
    Age: 16
    Race: Siryhn
    Element Followed: Water

    Eerie, intelligent, quiet, prideful, moody, competitive, irascible, petty, curious, easily amused, insensitive, and completely lacking basic people skills. She makes up for it (sort of) by having good intentions (most of the time). She does what she wants and is not accustomed to rules or authorities.

    Appearance: http://nenuno.co.uk/creative/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/water-inspired-11.jpg

    This is a good representation of her Siryhn form, the one she is in ninety percent of the time. Instead of a dolphin-esque tail, it is very wide and rounded at the end, much like a fan. The entirety of her tail is five feet. Light grey and light blue scales extend from mid-torso to the beginning of the fan-end of her tail. The fan bit is hard, ribbed cartilage. Her skin is covered in a thick slimy membrane.Eyes are light, clear grey.
    Human form: A magical disappearing act. Membrane, fins, tail, scales, gills, skin markings, claws, and fangs all cease to exist. Her skin remains very pale. Has a bad habit of remaining butt naked at all times unless forced to wear clothes. Her coordination is still very poor on land. Her height is 5'0 which was previously the length of her tail. She often gets annoyed by her small size as a human. Shape is delicate but almost boyish with its lack of voluptuous curves.

    Short History/Short Bio:
    Cinna was born in a river and raised for only two years, the norm for Siryhns who grow rapidly in their first five years. After that, her parents Tarow and Wenla stranded her in her new home, a small deep lake. A waterfall emptied into the lake, and her test of survival as a Siryhn was being pushed over that waterfall and into the lake. She passed her test by living and was rewarded by receiving the official status as a Siryhn.There was little to do in the lake; very few creatures lived there, and it was so deep into a forest that it was rarely visited by other species, so Cinna amused herself by catching her food, playing with her weak control over water, and figuring out how to gain a human form. Several years after her arrival, a human stumbled upon her lake. Long story short, news traveled quickly that a Siryhn girl lived in the lake and protected those that came to visit the odd creature. Her small amount of natural talent was spoken of but it was not strong enough for people to covet it.

    Mage: Yes.