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    Sci-Fi Mecha Roleplay

    ATTENTION: This roleplay is CLOSED to submissions at this time.

    Spots Open - 9/10
    Themes: Post-War, Racism, PTSD​

    Note: Will be updating page with more and more setting information, as well as clarifying questions as time goes on.


    Basic Information

    • [​IMG]

      Welcome to God Shell, a science fiction mecha roleplay set in a post-war interstellar setting. In God Shell you will play as a semi-familiar to grizzled veteran who has survived the recently ended Orion War aboard their own, special mecha unit. By whatever means or happenings, a particularly great and powerful mecha dubbed a "God Shell" by human civilization came into your character's possession, and has since become their trusty steed and a battlefield champion. During the war your character and their mecha started out as a strange case, but soon rose to notoriety and even legendary status.

      But now the war is over, there are a great many things transpiring that your character will undoubtedly become caught up in. You will play through the various scenarios that will crop up in the post-war environment, and your actions -as a powerful and influential force- will have significant impact. While there will be battles to come, this is not a roleplay in which the mecha will be wholly focused upon; an interesting and convincing character -with aspirations and dreams, fears and weakness- is needed here.

      This is an Adept-level roleplay, and such I expect players who apply understand that they will need to demonstrate the criteria associated with it:

      An Adept roleplay is best suited to players who have a varied character repertoire and a grasp of complex themes. High reading comprehension is expected. There should be little to no "fluff" posts.

      Posts should generally have several sentences per paragraph, and have multiple paragraphs. Overall, however, quality is more important than quantity. In addition, players should come in with the understanding that no amount of "importance" your character inherently possesses will grant them plot armor. If you put down a post with certain actions, those actions will have consequences and those consequences will be certain and unavoidable in an immediate sense.

      Note also that it is highly likely that collaborative posts will be instituted for certain situations. If you do not wish to participate in collaborative posts, I advise you refrain from joining.

      • Common Iwaku rules apply.
      • Common roleplay rules apply (no godmodding, etc)
      • No posting order. Apply posts as desired or needed.
      • No strict posting deadlines. I hope for one post per week, at the very least.
      • Notify me if you expect to be gone for some time. Failure to do so will result in ejection if you are deemed missing.
      • Place character sheets in this thread. Await approval.
      • This is meant to be a more mature roleplay. Expect coarse language, potential sexual themes, and violence.
      • Rules subject to spontaneous changes.

    • As a sci-fi roleplay, our setting is able to be scaled in terms of Mohs Scale of Sci-fi Hardness. I will scale it intentionally to give players an understanding of what is and isn't possible in God Shell.
      *Adapted from the tvtropes page

      Mohs Scale (open)

      1. Science In Genre Only: The work is unambiguously set in the literary genre of Science Fiction, but scientific it is not. Applied Phlebotinum is the rule of the day, often of the Nonsensoleum kind, Green Rocks gain New Powers as the Plot Demands, and both Bellisario's Maxim and the MST3K Mantra apply. Works like Futurama, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, The DC and Marvel universesnote , and The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy fall in this class.

      2. World Of Phlebotinum: The universe is full of Applied Phlebotinum with more to be found behind every star, but the Phlebotinum is dealt with in a fairly consistent fashion despite its lack of correspondence with reality and, in-world, is considered to lie within the realm of scientific inquiry. Works like E. E. “Doc” Smith's Lensman series, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Star Trek: The Original Series, and StarCraft fall in this category.

      A subclass of this class (arguably 2.5 on the scale) contains stories that are generally sound, except the physics aren't our own. Plot aside, they are often a philosophical exploration of a concept no longer considered true (such as Aristotelian physics), or never true in the first place (e.g. two spatial dimensions instead of three). Some of Arthur C. Clarke's stories fall here. However, given the overlap with fantasy, it can prove tricky to even classify a story as SF.

      3. Physics Plus: Stories in this class once again have multiple forms of Applied Phlebotinum, but in contrast to the prior class, the author aims to justify these creations with real and invented natural laws — and these creations and others from the same laws will turn up again and again in new contexts. Works like Schlock Mercenary, David Weber's Honor Harrington series, David Brin's Uplift series, and the 2003-2009 Battlestar Galactica fall in this class. Most Real Robot shows fall somewhere between Classes 2 and 3.

      4. One Big Lie: Authors of works in this class invent one (or, at most, a very few) counterfactual physical laws and writes a story that explores the implications of these principles. Most works in Alan Dean Foster's Humanx Commonwealth series, the Ad Astra board games and Robert A. Heinlein's Farnham's Freehold fall in this category, as do many of Vernor Vinge's books.

      This class also includes a subclass (4.5 on the scale) we call One Small Fib, containing stories that include only a single counterfactual device (often FTL Travel), but for which the device is not a major element of the plot. Many Hal Clement novels (e.g. Mission Of Gravity, Close to Critical) and Freefall fall within the subclass.

      5. Speculative Science: Stories in which there is no "big lie" — the science of the tale is (or was) genuine speculative science or engineering, and the goal of the author to make as few errors with respect to known fact as possible. Stories in Larry Niven's Known Space series set before the introduction of the Outsider hyperdrive, the first two books in Robert L. Forward's Rocheworld series, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, and Robert A. Heinlein's The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress fall in this class.

      A subclass of this (5.5 on the scale) is Futurology: stories which function almost like a prediction of the future, extrapolating from current technology rather than inventing major new technologies or discoveries. (Naturally, Zeerust is common in older entries.) Gattaca, Planetes, The Machine Stopsby E. M. Forster, and the more Speculative Fiction works of Jules Verne fall in this subclass.

      6. Real Life (aka Fiction in Genre Only): A Shared Universe which spawned its own genre, known as "Non-Fiction". Despite the various problems noted at Reality Is Unrealistic, it is almost universally agreed that there is no other universe known so thoroughly worked out from established scientific principles. The Apollo Program, World War II, and Woodstock fall in this class.

      God Shell, then, would classify itself on the higher end of Rating 2 (World of Phlebotinum, approx. 2.7-2.8), possessing a number of uses for the unnamed 'phlebotinum'. Phlebotinum is a trope term for some sort of material or energy source that allows for normally impossible things to occur, be it a perpetual energy machine, a fictional particle, etc. This phlebotinum is present almost uniquely in the God Shell mecha, but is slowly being applied to other facets of technology. The reason it is not a Scale 3 is due to the fantastic traits that God Shells take on thanks to their phlebotinum usage. God Shells are mecha that skirt the line between Super Robot and Real Robot.

      The traits available for your mecha during creation will convey in a much clearer sense the scale of hardness present in God Shell.


    Setting Information

    • [​IMG]

      The year 0 CY marked the moment we had first come into contact with an alien civilization... violently. Amidst celebration and disbelief, glee and anger, the human populace had begun a cacophony of discussion when interstellar colony ships came across what seemed to be another civilization already out in the stars. The message was relayed, and as the ships halted their approach, they were left to await orders from their organizers before proceeding. Several days had passed in stagnation as experts and leaders debated what to do; the aliens themselves were silent, unresponsive.

      On the fifth day, the colony ships were fired upon by the inhabited planet they initially approached, and the world devolved into fear. Immediately a military response was mounted, and it seemed the aliens too responded in turn. With growing force, the two factions were a snowball rolling downhill at impossible speeds, unable to halt. War was inevitable, and no one stopped once to consider an alternative.

      Then the battles began. In the stellar space between Earth and its first colonies, and that of the alien enemy, ships waged war in a vacuum while ground battles took hold on surfaces to secure new and quickly-established military operation bases. With no modem of communication between the two factions, both simply came at each other without mercy. Furious battles of hatred ensued as the stars lit up in a scourge of war. For a time, humans thought themselves capable and were hopeful of victory, but as time went on it became apparent that they were the inferior civilization technologically. Vastly superior alien machines obliterated much of the human deployments, even as the human scientific machine turned and churned out newer and stronger hardware.

      Humanity was pushed back, closer and closer to its original home world as colonies were ravaged or wholly decimated. The war was not going in their favor, clearly. Then, from seemingly nowhere, legends began to arise. Human heroes possessing strange and wondrous machines completely novel to humanity showed up to the fight by accident or by sense of duty and desire to help. Their machines, dubbed God Shells, pushed back enemy forces on their own, and instilled boosted morale in their fellow brothers and sisters. The tables turned, and they began their march upon the alien's homeworld, eventually reducing their civilization to a petty bug in the stellar community.

      The Orion War had ended, leaving their enemies suppressed and heavily monitored by humanity. As more and more alien civilizations were discovered, the need for an ever-aware and prepared human military force was instituted; the Orion Defense Department. The ODD served to fix what had been broken in the war, as well as to create spheres of control and force against the rest of the galactic arm.

      This is where we are today in the year 18 CY; an unquestionably powerful civilization extending its arm across countless stars, whose shadow instills fear in those races it hovers over. The heroes of the war return home, or simply stay within service, joining the ODD to continue their ventures. But even in peace, there are still countless issues that linger.​

      "When the smoke clears, what will remain for you to return to?"

    • [​IMG]

      The God Shells are, at their core, a mecha whose origin is hazy or completely unknown and who employ the use of a strange 'Grey Energy' to function. They are often considered to be alien in origin, or the result of wayward human experiments utilizing novel ideas or stolen alien technology. They vary in appearance save for their uniquely human characteristics. Where they came from specifically remains unknown, though have ended up in the hands of researchers and scientists, as well as in the hands of common citizens and military personnel alike.

      All God Shells display the quality of "binding" their controls to a single individual, and after doing so do not function for anyone but them. Generally the first individuals to make contact with them experience this silent bonding, though many cases have occurred in which several individuals attempted to initially bind themselves to it with no success.

      Their powers are superior to those of nearly every piece of similar mecha technology found in the Orion Arm. Few things but a small army can take them on and succeed. They have limitless energy sources, all display flight capabilities in atmospheres and the vacuum of space, and a number of advanced systems humans have yet to replicate properly.

      Some God Shells remain in the hands of the human government, and are used solely for reverse-engineering. Hundreds of them are in the hands of civilians and soldiers, and are either inactive or are in use in the post-war environment for peace-keeping or outright battle. God Shells are being slowly registered by the Orion Defense Department, incentives are being offered to those not employed by the ODD to join, and rumors abound that they will soon motion to forcibly take them from their original owner's hands if they do not join, regardless of their uselessness without the pilots.

        • [​IMG]

          The Skith are the "former" enemies of humanity, and their greatest foe in the Orion War. Hailing from the terrestrial planet of Jhovus, these massive, insectoid creatures are known for their extreme sensory capability having four sets of eyes, multiple 'ear-holes', vastly sensitive antennae, and fine fibers embedded within their carapace to detect ground vibrations. It's been said that not even a ghost could sneak up on a healthy Skith. Average adults stand at nearly nine feet tall and display fairly powerful exoskeletons whose strength has been likened to soft wood.

          Having attained their space age technology two hundred years in advance of humanity, their strength was clearly superior to that of humankind when the Orion War had begun. Possessing power sources allowing for near limitless ejection of plasma-based projectiles in hand-held firearms, their ground war was nearly unstoppable. However, due to their biological size, spacecraft appeared much larger, more cumbersome and slower than those of humans, allowing for stellar human fleets to delay the invasion of colonies for longer than expected.

          Today, the Skith race has been reduced to single population of individuals on their homeworld, having been wiped from the Orion Arm in humanities push-back campaign. They number in the several billions on Jhovus, heavily subjugated and occupied by an immense human military force.

        • [​IMG]

          The Yivondan race were largely bystanders in the Orion Arm, being quite knowledgeable of war but wise and wary all the same. Known for their short statures (often called dwarves by humans), Yivondans are considered to be quite close in technological level to humanity, both utilizing Zipper Drives to traverse the vastness of interstellar space. Yivondans are adept engineers regardless, with highly compact and efficient systems designed to manage space. Their civilization is considered weak by both humans and Skith due to their lack of involvement in the war, but are employed by human corporations to facilitate intense and speedy structural design and construction.

          Despite their creations catering towards compactness and efficiency, Yivondans are also known for having an incredible sense of aesthetics in their works, managing to make something simple nevertheless beautiful and retain succinctness in function.

        • An extremely mysterious race that has rarely been seen and thus elicits frequent rumors. What is known about them is their appearance and demeanor; Zidulith appear as almost-amorphous shadows bearing a single chevron-like crest where their "heads" are considered to be. Otherwise their bodies are featureless and impossibly black. Many often perpetuate the myth that their bodies are made of shapeshifting black holes.

          Zidulith appear entirely silent but quite curious, keeping distance from foreign races but ever-watching regardless. Their homeworld is unidentified, and only one colony of theirs has ever been visited. They are known to possess powerful space-faring technology of some sort, but such machines somehow appear missing even on their colony. It is unknown how or when they travel to and from worlds.

      • The Zipper Drive, also known as the Myto-Alcubierre Drive, is a technology developed by humans that allows for near-instant travel between stars systems in the Orion Arm. Adopted from the Alcubierre Engine developed years earlier, the Zipper Drive makes FTL possible through the use of spacial vacation. Spacial vacation is the process in which the space-time fields are essentially warped aside and away from the drive (and the ship it serves) to create an area lacking in forces able to hold back the ship's movement. By applying force within the vacated region, faster-than-light speeds can be achieved in an instant. The name behind the Zipper Drive is derived from the hypothetical appearance of the process; as the ship travels forward, the space in front moves aside much like a zipper being opened up.

        All humans ships (as well as Yivond ships) utilize this form of travel, allowing for star sytsems directly beside one another to be reached in mere minutes. Further systems, then, require additional time to reach. Zipper Drives are too large to mount on privately-owned civilian ships, reserved singularly for much, much larger spacecraft.


    Character Creation

      • Characters, while surely being different in many ways, should all possess one unanimous history quality; sometime during the Orion War they came into contact with a God Shell, and the mecha synchronized itself to them, forever becoming tied to your character. What they did with the mecha is up in arms, but it should generally end up with them having made a name for themselves during the war. As they exited it, they should have some notoriety to themselves.
      • As such, characters should have some exciting histories to them, be it grandiose or smaller in scale. Make up a legend to your character. They were a war hero after all!
      • Regardless of how they settled immediately after the war, all characters were registered (if they weren't already) by the military (technically now the Orion Defense Department) by virtue of them possessing a piece of powerful technology. This doesn't really need to factor into your biography, but realize that it has happened regardless.
      • Age does not matter here; if you wish to play as a child who somehow gained control of a God Shell, so be it. Just realize that unless you explain fully how they managed to train themselves as a pilot without dying immediately, I will not accept them. There might be a super robot nature to this roleplay, but individuals do not suddenly gain knowledge of war just by hopping inside a mecha.
      • Formulate your character in such a way that the end of the war leaves them impacted. Perhaps their home town (or maybe their entire world) was destroyed. Maybe a loved one was lost? Maybe the character has a grudge against their own kind (or the military itself) for some perceived slight they suffered during the war. You don't have to choose one of these, but it should be something that similarly affects them in a significant way.
      • Ultimately, your character should have some aspiration or intention they wish to achieve/attain. If you wish to devise a plot itself that you would like your character to go along, run it by me. I'm very flexible in this sense.

    • [​IMG]

      Creating your mecha should be fun, but that shouldn't mean you can go all-out batshit insane. The process of creating a God Shell requires adhering to certain standards set forth in the Basic Information's associated tab (Sci-fi Hardness) and by using your better judgement. God Shells should be significantly more powerful than their mass-produced military-made counterparts, but should most certainly not be so powerful that it creates boorishness; nothing is worse to me than an entity that suffers no troubles at all in the heat of battle. They should be strong, not invincible.

      Traits are created that describe the available qualities your mecha may have. These traits describe special characteristics, rather than simple ideas you can manage yourself. Things like the thickness of your mecha's armor or the commonplace weaponry it employs is up to you. Things like being sentient or being able to teleport however are not things you can apply without spending the requisite points on traits. Open the hider below for a list of available traits.

      Traits (open)

      Sentient - Your mecha has a mind and will of its own, able to perform simple tasks even without you in the cockpit. It will follow your directive, ignoring others, but if it "doubts" your will and power, it may very well ignore you as well.

      Empathic Machine - While not sentient, your mecha can sense your emotions well, and responds in turn with a power boost, or a power loss. Strong positive emotions will empower your mecha, while negative emotions such as fear or sadness will weaken it.

      BURST - With a simple command or thought, you can send your mecha into a short-lived but substantial increase in power. It only lasts for a few seconds (a minute at the very most), but grants your mecha unparalleled combat capability. The cooldown however leaves your mecha tired and lethargic.

      Forward Shielding - Your mecha can generate a directional shield that is incredibly strong, but is obvious in its issues; it does not cover the entirety of your mecha.

      Omnidirectional Shielding - An energy shield that covers your entire mecha, but is considerably weaker than its directed counterpart.

      Aversion Shield - Weapons fired at a greater distance from your mecha are slowly moved aside by spacial warping. Powerful shielding at long range, but suffers from very poor defenses at close ranges.

      Hyperdrive - Your mecha is capable of going FTL, though is reserved to doing so only for long-distance travel. It takes a few seconds to charge and has a several-hours-long cooldown.

      Teleportation - Your mecha can instantly teleport short distances (approx. 800 feet at most) with minutes in between subsequent shifts.

      Speed Forme - Your mecha can undergo a physical shift that allows it to travel considerably faster than normal, around the speed of a full-throttle military fighter jet. Sacrifices defense and offensive ability during the shift.

      Offensive Forme - Your mecha can undergo a physical shift that brings to bear a greater number of built-in weaponry. Sacrifices defense and speed ability during the shift.

      Defensive Forme - Your mecha can undergo a physical shift that increases its defenses, either by way of an energy shield or additional physical shields. Sacrifices speed and offensive ability during the shift.

      Weapon of Indescribable Doom - Your mecha possesses some sort of weaponry that, for all tends and purposes, is a low-grade weapon of mass destruction akin to a tactical nuclear warhead. Use wisely.

      Energy Blades - Your mecha can employ the use of some sort of non-kinetic blade weapon.

      Macross Missile Massacre - Your mecha can employ the use of a missile system that sends out an obscene number of missile warheads.

      Homing Lasers - Your mecha can employ the use of nigh-inescapable homing laser beams. Pew pew.

      Weapon Summoning - Your mecha can summon a single weapon out of nothing. Can take this trait multiple times. Requires description of summoned weapon. Must have other traits if the weapon relates to them.

      Drones - Your mecha has a number of deployable drone-like objects that can utilize weaponry of their own.

      Energy Projectiles - Your mecha has access to energy weapons such as laser rifles/cannons, plasma launchers, hard-light guns, particle beams, etc.

      Black Hole Weapon - Your mecha makes use of a single weapon that projects an all-consuming singularity which quickly dissipates.

      Final Attack! - Your mecha possesses a single weapon that can unleash a once-in-awhile grandiose and apocalyptic attack.

      Scuffle - Your mecha's arms (really its whole body) is built to withstand the forces involved in hand-to-hand combat, allowing it to strike enemies with its limbs without risk of self-harm.

      Rocket Fists! - Your mecha has some sort of body part that can detach itself and fly about. Go crazy.

      The Undying - For one reason or another, your mecha is seemingly incapable of being incapacitated. It can take an immense licking and still truck on, from missing limbs (or a missing head!) to a completely torn-open torso.

      Twin Engines - Compared to other mecha, yours displays an overall increased physical ability in all respects. Costs 2 trait points.

      Corrective Armor - Somehow your mecha can recover from wounds despite being made of metal. It is slow, quite slow, but it means repairs are technically unnecessary. After a certain point of damage, however, the mecha will simply become inert and will not recover.

      Portal Shield - A close-fitting shield that covers most of your mecha in a strange portal-like field that utterly absorbs any and all oncoming material including air! The only places not covered are the soles of your mecha's feet and a ventilation shaft to ensure air can be recycled for the pilot. While active your mecha cannot see, unless its vision systems are also uncovered. Costs 2 trait points. Anyone who can identify the reference gets a cookie.

      Ablative Armor - Your mecha can enter and exist planetary atmospheres as it wishes, as well as benefits from high defense against heat-based weaponry.

      Final Form - Your mecha can, one time, shed its ugly exterior to become a greater version of itself with permanently enhanced abilities. This can only occur in a dire situation. Costs 2 trait points.

      Boosting Ballad - Your mecha can undergo extremely quick and fine maneuvers in any direction.

      By the Power of Greyskull - You can summon your mecha from anywhere in the world. Just be careful about where you do this.

      Ice-Rink - Your mecha can slide along the ground as if devoid of friction. No more walking like a commoner!

      Ghost - Your mecha can go invisible, as long as it doesn't take any offensive action. Can still be seen on non-visible light frequencies.

      Radar Haze - Your mecha deploys an invisible energy field that disrupts radar systems from seeing it.

      Avatar - Your mecha came with a special package inside; a human being. While the spirit of your mecha is attached to this individual, meaning its functioning depends on their survival, it does benefit from increased overall performance.

      Fluid Piece - A part of your mecha can be transformed like play-doh into any conceivable form, be it a weapon, additional arms, a rocket.

      You have 6 points to spend on traits. Make sure to list them in your sheet. If you have trait suggestions, run them by me!

    • [b]Character Name:[/b]
      [b]Mecha Name:[/b]

      • Character appearances may either be represented through and image, through text, or both. If using an image, include it at the top of the sheet.
      • Remember. "Aspirations/Dreams" should include what your character plans/wants to do/change, or any potential plots you'd like them to go through. Think especially hard about this one. Make it interesting.
      • Mecha appearances may either be described using a picture, through text, or both. If using an image, include it at the top of the mecha sheet section. I prefer for mecha appearances to include an image. Please use mecha images that fit thematically with the roleplay; something from MechWarrior, for example, would obviously not fit here. If you need some help finding mecha images, consult me. Text must be included that describes its size.
      • Mech Characteristics should include things such as their armor's toughness, how fast they are, systems present in it, etc.
      • Equipment includes items that can be easily detached/equipped to the mecha. Things that are unique and characteristic of the mecha (such as wings) are not equipment.
      • Remember: if your purchased traits don't include it, and it isn't something basic, your mecha cannot have it. If you aren't sure what is "basic" feel free to propose certain ideas. I'll clarify whether or not it is allowed.

    • Baldr the Besatt - UnseenShade
      T.J. Johnson - daird
      Aurelia Antilles - CrimsonHorizons
      Gerald Sinn - Daws Combine
      Orion Caster - FrostedCamel
      Vahan Darbinian - Lstorm
      Leon Hexer - Liger Zero Jager
      Zaas Namazura - Nocturne997

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  5. While normally I wouldn't turn an individual away for lacking perfect English (if it is a second language), looking over your past posting history shows that this isn't the only potential issue; your past posts do not reflect the level of writing skills (language barrier aside) allowed in this roleplay. So the answer is no. Sorry.
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  10. Character Name: Baldr the Besatt (Besatt means possessed in Norwegian) [God Shell soul
    goes by Siren]

    Age: 26

    Gender: Both (Male by sex)

    Appearance: Baldr stands at 6'6" and sports a lithe, slim body. His skin is incredibly
    pale, nearly white. His eyes are abnormal. The bonding changed them from the normal green to green with black flecks that formed broken concentric circles, making his eyes seem artificial. His eyes glow only very slightly. Along his forearms, calves, and shins, weird green tattoos appeared, forming what seem to be scale patterns on the leg and feather patterns on the forearms. His muscles are moderately defined, much like an athlete. His hair reaches halfway down his back and the shade is a green tinted near white. His facial features are not masculine nor feminine. They seem to be perfectly in the middle. His fingers are long and seem delicate. His voice is unusual. the bonding and possession caused his voice to change. His normally very deep voice is coupled with a moderately high female voice any time he speaks.

    Personality: Baldr's personality is very much a gentle one. He is normally inoffensive
    and tries to be good company. However, he is greatly opinionated and will gladly voice his
    concerns. He also is rather calm most of the time, with occasional fits of impishness or
    affection. Baldr is moderately mercenary in behavior, seeking some form of profit, though
    it is not only related to material wealth. He also tends to be realistic.

    Siren's personality tends to be more forward. She tends to be a bit suggestive and tends to
    attempt being enticing. She respects Baldr's desire to not engage is casual sex, though, so
    she sometimes comes off as a tease. She has a good heart, hidden behind a wall of sarcasm and smart assery. Siren also tends toward optimism, much to Baldr's annoyance at times.

    Both can occaisonally have rather foul mouths.

    Biography: Baldr grew up in peace and matured in war. His home world was actually not
    even touched by the war. He was always a keen explorer and mapped places that the others feared to touch. By the age of 18, he was running out of nearby places to explore. It was the last place he explored where he found his God Shell. Deep in a cave by the sea, he encountered a pool of water. Unable to resist seeing where it led, he traveled deeper and deeper. His vision began to blacken at the edge when his head broke the surface of a long untouched cavern. Sitting on the rock, in an enticing but modest position, was a female shaped mecha. He approached it, too curious to leave without figuring it out. When he got within about twenty yards of it, the thing activated. He had heard stories of people
    bonding to mechas, but they all sounded like a nice and easy process. This one was not. He later found out that the process was painless, the possession was not.

    Pain wracked his body as he felt something intruding upon his mind. His previously stocky
    body became slim and lithe. His eyes seared from the changes and introduction of the
    flecks. His scalp crawled as the roots changed the hair color he would exhibit. When he
    thought it was all over, his claves, shins, forearms, and throat burst into spasms of pain.
    The markings were etched into his skin forever and his vocal cords altered, adding a new
    voice to the mix. All at once, after all the changes, the pain stopped and he fell

    Baldr heard singing. Sweet, enticing, beautiful singing filled his ears. No, not his ears,
    his mind. The lyrics called for him to rouse. The voice was distinctly female and sounded
    like a perfected voice. His body and mind roused and his eyes adjusted to the dimness of
    the cave. He saw no woman. He panicked. He paced. His eyes darted place to place,
    desperately trying to find the source of the singing. It was all fruitless.

    Her voice rang out in his head as the song abruptly stopped. "Poor sleepyhead. I didn't
    mean to hurt so badly. Your first time shouldn't be so rough, now should it?" The giggle
    that echoed in his mind would happen time and time again anytime she poked fun at him.
    Eventually, her laugh would comfort him when war was worst, but this time it just annoyed him. "So, I should bring you up to speed. I am Siren, this is my God Shell named Spectral Siren. I am the soul of this mech, and now I inhabit your body alongside you. Before we can work together, I had to change up your body a bit. It needed to fit little ol' me better. And no, before you even think it, I am not a demon and not trying to control you. We are in this together now, little man. Partners in crime, or sex, or battle, or really whatever you normally do with yourself."

    Baldr sighed and took a seat on the rock floor. "Great, so now I have to share my body and
    head with a female mech. Please tell me you can't tell what I am thinking."

    She giggled again and suddenly he got a mental image of a woman with long green hair, green eyes, and feathered angel-like wings. She wore what seemed to be a short cut Greek tunic the reached only to about mid thigh on her. "Nope, I see and hear it all. You get to hear mine too. And I can even let you see what I look like to myself. Nifty, huh?"

    He sighed again and rubbed his eyes. "Nifty is one way to put it. Now, why do I sound like
    myself and a girl?"

    She laughed fully this time. "I said I had to make you more suitable to me. Your voice was
    waaaaaay too deep for a pretty girl like me. I added my voice to it too."

    His reaction was not bad nor was it overly approving, but he figured he had to live with
    it. "Fine, if we are stuck together in this, then we better get working on training and
    doing something about this encroaching war."

    So, they did. They trained and developed a friendship, becoming quite close since they
    could readily know exactly how the other felt. They set out shortly after to begin beating
    back the aliens. Their task in war was rather simple. They would find high value targets,
    infiltrate the base, and assassinate the target. They often lured the target out with a
    siren song so they could properly identify it and remove it.

    Their continual assassinations and unique method of attracting targets brought them the
    nickname of "Skald's Sword" among many military groups. They killed at least twenty high ranking officers in their 8 year time in the war. Once the war ended, they quietly offered their services to ODD at a price as a discreet mercenary assassin. ODD calls them in when obvious assaults would be ineffective or bad for PR. Otherwise, Baldr and Siren explore planets in their off time.

    Aspirations/Dreams: Baldr wants to explore every nook and cranny he possibly can. He
    especially desires to get into the classified files of the ODD. In addition, he seeks to
    find a legendary alien artifact said to grant eternal life. Rumors have surfaced lately
    that it exists and he wishes to get his hands on it to destroy or use as he deems

    Siren has relatively simple aspirations. She wishes to keep Baldr alive and help him try to
    find eternal life as it would mean she gets to stay in his body and continue experiencing
    things. She also is making it a point to try and play matchmaker for him eventually, though this one she is willing to spend much more time with.

    Mecha Name: Spectral Siren

    Picture of Mech (open)


    Does not have pictured cannon. Rather than the pink color scheme, it is
    emerald green save for the plating that appears like breasts, belly, and hips is pure white
    instead to seem like a worn tunic.

    Characteristics: Has a vocal system allowing for actual speech and also facillitating
    the Weapon of Indescribable Doom. Armor is medium, allowing for good mobility with
    sufficicient protection for most operations. Comes with two targeting systems, one for
    close combat and the other for ranged combat. Equipped with thermal dampening thrusters to reduce heat signature. Also has IRNV vision mode and compensators for space fighting to reduce brightness of stars and other celestial bodies. Has status sensors to display relative status of mech pieces. Has motion sensors as well as radar. Mech stands at about 40 feet tall. Max travel speed is about Mach 1.1 while average combat speed is around 300 mph in air. Max ground speed is 150 mph for travel or about 60-80 mph for combat.

    Traits: The Undying, Weapon of Indescribable Doom (Siren Song of Ire), Corrective Armor, Boosting Ballad, Ghost, Radar Haze

    Equipment: One railgun shotgun, one railgun assault rifle, a barbed whip, a falcata, wings
    can produce sprays of needle-like barbs to inhibit enemy movement, two hidden blades in the knee that protrude upward and lie flat against the front of the thigh if extended. Vocal
    unit can produce a focused blast of sonic energy to produce resonant damage. (Range is long but it is slow to refire, requiring at least 10 seconds between "chirps")

    Special Notes: Corrective Armor functions only if Baldr is near the mech. Siren can and occasionally does take control of Baldr's body.
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  11. I am definitely interested in this. I will be posting a character skeleton tomorrow.
  12. I'm interested; I'll try to make a CS fairly soon.
  13. CS is up for your review.
  14. The Siren Song of Ire; that is your Weapon of Indescribable Doom, yes? Generally such a weapon is meant to induce destruction on a grandiose scale. From the sounds of it, the weapon seems a lot closer in power scale to conventional weaponry. Can the sonic blasts be upscaled at will?
  15. Siren song of ire is like a hyper version of the sonic blast. It is a massive cylinder that hits over about 4 miles with nuke shockwave levels of power. It is a sniper uber weapon basically
  16. ... and it fires every ten seconds?
  17. Not siren song of ire. That is the wmd level weapon that can only be used like twice a month.

    The normal sonic blasts would be about 800 yards at absolute max range and would be about three feet in diameter. (About .5 miles of range)
  18. Alright then. CS looks good. Welcome aboard.
  19. If possible I would like to reserve a spot. Cannot currently sit and type for a long period of time.

    Post is up on next page.
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  20. Character Name: Nidalie Haste

    Age: 26

    Gender: Female

    Appearance: On the shorter scale of heights, Nidalie clocks in at 5'4 and 130 lbs. Olive toned skin that's clear of any blemishes. She has wide set hips and large bust, making her attractive to most men. Bright green eyes dominate her face, her hair a mess, died mostly grey with streaks of blue and green it was originally a dark brown. She has a tattoo on her right shoulder that no one has really seen.

    Personality: Nidalie is a passionate person. Emphatic to other peoples suffering she can be quick to anger and violence when she sees wrongs that go un noticed. Lately she has been just bitter, quick to snap, moody in a sense. She will still jump at the chance to help a friend being fiercely loyal to those who she cares about.

    Biography: Born and raised on the colony planet Zen, it was said that there was no other place in the galaxy that could match it's beauty. Nidalie had known no other life she was born there and thought she would raise her children there. Those dreams like the dreams of millions of others where destroyed when the aliens first assaulted human ships.

    Though at the beginning it seemed unneeded, a milita was raised on the planet Zen, her father the Milita leader for their region deemed it necessary for his eldest daughter and two younger sons to also train along with the militia in battle tactics and weapon drills. At the time Nid was 8 on the year 0 cy, without a real understanding on the happenings across the galaxy she thought it was quite normal to be taught and trained in the art of war.

    Reality crashed around her when the aliens entered there atmosphere, the military force that the militia was meant to bolster, a force 20 times the militias size had retreated off planet days earlier.
    The initial bombing of the surface devastated Nidalies home world, her family was trapped out of the bunker stationed near their home. 1/3 of the population of Zen died that day, her families bodies never to be recovered.

    Unable to deal with the lost Nidalie recklessly threw her self at every opportunity to fight the alien threat. Going on two gorrilia missions, bot ending in high casualtys and utter failure. Angry and alone, the last survivor of their last mission, it was as she was attempting to return home did the Mecha call to her, no words where ever spoken, yet she could feel where the mecha lied, half buried by rubble, the mecha was uncovered during the initial bombing. She found it there, entering the cockpit for the first time the machine imprinted on her siginiture and began to function under her fingertips.

    The year 12 CY and Nidalie at the age 20 had spent 2 years fighting the enemy on her home world before finally spearheading their victory, the remaining enemy forces running off planet just like humanity forces before them. She left her home world after that traveling to fight with the other god shells. Hers was one of the first real human victory in the war, the saying sprouted

    It stopped at Zen.

    Aspirations/Dreams: The rebuilding of her war torn home, and the eventual return home.
    The prosecution of "Heroes" who committed atrocity during wartime. The militaristic reform of tactics in general when it comes to war time tactics.

    Mecha Name: Horizon

    Appearance: Light blue primary color that encompasses most of the mecha. Dark grey secondary that colors the accessories (Ie Shoulder pads,knee pads, joints, ect)

    Characteristics: Standing at 15 yards the mecha has twin engines, improving the reaction time speed and strength of the machine. In flight the Mech has a travel speed of mach 2 faster in zero gravity conditions, with a combat effective speed of 450 mph. Land speed of 200 mph at its best 100-120 combat effective. Within the cockpit there is a viewing monitor that encompasses half of the area. With 360 view plus overhead, using some sort of cameras on the outside of the mecha. A HUD system is used to show the integrity of the ship, direction, speed and ammunition of any weapons connected to the mechas internal systems. left and right hand side is where the communication hub and weapon systems are, so she may keep in contact with ground forces. Though it has no speaker system it is able to patch into other Mechs systems so they may stay in contact. (SKYPE GROUP CALL) Long range radar may also be found there while close range and motion sensing radar are on the HUD. Also a surround system so she can you know, NOT listen to music.

    Traits: Boosting Ballad , Forward shielding, Scuffle, Twin Engines, Energy Weapon

    2 sets of MBDA MICA Surface to air and air to air missile pods. Hidden pockets on what would be the Mechs ribs, active radar guided.
    Twin 50 cal. mini-guns in another hidden compartment in the left forearm, Super heated and explosive rounds can be toggled as long as the guns are hidden.
    Large hidden blade within the right forearm that can slide out to a fixed position over the right hand, the edge also super heated by mechanisms within the large blade.

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