Girls of the Wild RP or... A magical academy RP (it's like a highschool dxd with Mxo hybrid)

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  1. I was wondering if anyone interested in Girls of the wild RP or a Magical academy

    So I still have no plans for Girls of the wild but I badly want to do that and as for the magic academy I'm still in need of brainstorming.

    As for Magical Academy here how it goes, (in one sentence or couple sentence) So basically you're a chosen student which been picked over thousands of candidate and you have no idea that actually that the academy is a magical academy until you've been given a student ID card, which later you must input it into a machine in front of the school. once you input the card then a chess piece will come out, chess piece is the sign that you're an official student of the academy and it'll be the tools to let your magic out. (then I'll explain more later on)

    and I'm open to any suggestion!
  2. I'm up for the Magical HS. Im a big fan of DxD so obviously it's right up my alley.
  3. well I only got a simple plot of that, though it wouldn't be contract rather than a club or class battle somesort~ (like each class have a king, queen, rook and so on)
  4. Yeah I understand, hopefully other people will actually show interest.
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  5. I hope so~!
  6. Also started reading Girls of the Wild today, and I find it quite enjoyable.
  7. yup it is! and the plot are good as well~!
  8. Yep book 29 already, I should probably slow down a bit.
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  9. I read it in 2 days so lol! (90 chapter in day 1 the other in day 2) pfttt... though it's still on going though~
  10. Hopefully it wont be finished for a while, cause its really quite good.
  11. yes especially when the boy get badass well a little badass~!
  12. Basically what im saying is I am now also up for a Girls of the Wild RP.
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  13. pftt okay~ then we wait 1/2 more people to show interest~!
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  14. So I am assuming that Girl in the Wild is a novel~

    Also i am up for the magical hs rp~ ^^ *waves at greedy with a smile*
  15. Whoa the thread has risen from the grave, how strange.
  16. haha~! ^^

    Is that a good thing?
  17. Well I would say so, considering I did say I was interested in this thread.
  18. *chuckles and smiles* what sort of ideas did everyone has? I know Greedy won't be on for a little longer cause he should be in bed at the moment but yeah~ ^^
  19. None really, though being a fan of both Girls of the Wild and HS DxD I said I was interested in both.
  20. I haven't really heard of either of them but I could always just do a quick read of one or the other ^^
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