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    White Bridge Charter School is an all girl's school for young women who want to pursue careers in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) based fields. White Bridge was founded in 1927 by Zella Robbie, a prominent, wealthy and influential flapper. The school was originally located in Chicago, but in 1942 it was moved to Washington, D.C where it now remains. The current headmistress of the school is Ms. Amelia Robbie, Zella Robbie's grand daughter. The entire staff of White Bridge is made up of females and has never had a male instructor since it's founding.

    White Bridge gains it's students through three tests; An intelligence test to see if the student will be able to keep up with the rigorous and advanced curriculum. A psychological test to see if the student shows or is capable of being bold, independent and tenacious. And a career placement test to see whether the student really belongs in a STEM oriented environment. Due to these tests and the sexist stigma that females should not insert themselves in the STEM fields, the students at White Bridge tend to be highly competitive and aggressive in order to achieve the best opportunities.

    However, some students although they pass these tests, tend to be on the weaker and meeker side and are often targeted by the more aggressive and cruel students. One of these weaker students being, [Name]. [Name] has it tough, due to being socially awkward and a bully magnet. Most pranks are usually geared towards her, but after one particularly nasty prank, a group of girls who have been friends since middle school, decide to step in and take [Name] under their wing.

    1. No Godmodding, special snowflakes, mary sues etc
    2. Here are the variations of the White Bridge Uniform
    3. Try to be a little diverse with your characters
    4. NPC's can be controlled but don't go too far with beating them up etc.
    5. If I don't think your writing matches the intermediate requirements of this rp, I reserve the right to kick you out. However before I do that I will issue three warnings so you can change.
    6. No weapons.
    7. The rp will take place at the school and at the girl gang's base after school.
    8. Please no abuse backgrounds.
    9. This is not a romance roleplay, but the characters can be romantically involved. Just don't make their relationship the center of the rp.

    Posting Requirements
    At least five sentences per post.
    Third person, past tense.

    ♥ GIRL GANG ♥

    Aria Blake - @Polystical
    Samantha McAllister - @Blind Jane Death
    Lorene McKarlee - @ZeldaFeb
    Connie Çelik - @Indabayou
    Sara Garces- @Cats
    Melissa Melbourne- @Monica Monroe

    Lilly Fukui - @Kaykay

    Character Sheet
    [Real Life Image]
    Age: (15-17)

    Detailed Appearance: [Include height, weight, clothing style and anything not included in the picture.]
    Personality: [At least 5 sentences. If you list, then explain each trait.]
    STEM Selection: [Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics]
    Life Goal:

    History: [At least two paragraphs, ten sentences each.]
    Voice: [Optional]
    Theme Song: [Optional]

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  2. [​IMG]
    Aria Blake
    African American

    Detailed Appearance:
    Aria stands at five foot nine, when she isn't wearing heels but when she is, her height is boosted up at least four inches. She weighs one hundred forty five pounds, with most of it being muscle. She's an athletic person so she's quite toned and has a nice six pack.

    When outside of school, she tends to wear leather jackets, skinny jeans and cute fitted blouses. As for her shoes, she bounces between tennis shoes, and heels. She doesn't wear that much jewelry, but if she does, she usually wears earring cuffs and multiple rings.

    Smart Ass
    Aria has a sharp tongue and she's not afraid to use it. She likes to piss people off just to see them lose their shit and she relishes in the anger of others. Those others being ones who are the enemy of the gang or just her own personal rival.
    Comedic Relief
    Aria knows that the world isn't all fun and games but she hates being in serious situations. When things get gritty and teeter on the edge of sadness, she'll always crack a joke to divert the course.
    In some ways, Aria can be a mother hen and she looks out for her friends and family. She can't sit idly by if someone's getting bullied or manipulated, and she will step in whether it's her business or not.
    As smart as she is, Aria can get too bold sometimes and insert herself in a situation that she hasn't thoroughly observed. She rarely ever waits around to see what's really going on before she dives in headfirst.
    Animal Lover
    Aria loves animals and treats her pets and even strays with the utmost respect, sometimes she even treats them better than people when it comes to feeding them. She will blacklist anyone who abuses an animal no matter how close they used to be.

    STEM Selection:
    Life Goal:
    Aria wants to create artificially intelligent animals that can be used as pets for those who can't keep up with the care of real animals, or are highly allergic and also to be used for wild baby animals in captivity that need to be taught how to live in the wild. If that fails, she wants to become a police sketch artist.
    Aria is great at taking things apart, learning how each individual piece functions and then reassembling them.
    She's a great artist but uses her skill for drawing up blueprints mostly.
    Aria has a way with animals and doesn't back down if she gets injured by them.

    Aria is somewhat of a legacy at the school, because starting in 1955, every female in her family attended and graduated from White Bridge. She comes from a family of right brained people who pride the more realistic careers over the 'artsy fartsy' ones. In fact, anyone who becomes an artist in the Blake family, usually gets ridiculed at family gatherings. Aria distinctly remembers one aunt, Kelsey who became a graphic designer and whenever she came to family reunions she got picked on so much that she moved to Seattle and never came back. But Aria had no problem with that at first, because she adopted the same mindset of her parents. There was a time when she belittled and looked down her nose at artists and musicians because she thought they were useless. Because from the moment she entered school, she was focused on science and engineering and she didn't think she'd ever care for the dreaded arts. Although she had great artistic skill, she used it to sketch blueprint of her future inventions. Her parents, Darnell, a health inspector and Tina, a neurosurgeon, gave Aria anything she needed in order for her to further her interest in whatever field she chose, (provided that field wasn't art). Aria decided on her life goal when she was about eight years old and when she shared her desire to help animals by way of engineering with her parents they took her to the local shelter where she adopted her cat, Mule and her dog, Belladonna. Despite this, Aria was never particularly close with her parents because of two major reasons; they were highly critical and extreme over achievers who badgered her about keeping her grades up and saw her precious pets as test subjects and stepping stones rather than beloved companions. And they got frighteningly aggressive whenever Aria sketched anything, even if it was just a blueprint. And this relationship with them got even worse when Aria realized that she did hold an interest in art and often thought of pursuing a career in it, but the mere thought of how her parents would treat her, stressed the girl out.

    Because of this, Aria often spent time away from home and never forged a strong bond with them. She kept her grades up to keep her parents from snooping around and she regularly participated in school events to give the illusion that she was heavily invested in her education and not avoiding them. Whenever family gatherings were on the horizon it became her sworn duty to find something that she needed to do, so she could avoid them and because her family took pride in a strong work ethic, they let her skip out on them. Unfortunately, this habit of hers alienated her from her own family. However, that wasn't much of a problem to Aria because she found a new family in her friends. She had met most of them in middle school and they had stayed friends throughout their schooling together. She preferred their company to her family's and she often showed them her artwork, without fear of them sneering at her or ridiculing her. She felt comfortable around them and they were the first people she came out to as pansexual, something she never told her parents because they didn't believe in any orientation beyond 'gay' and 'straight'. Because she had such weak bonds at home, Aria became highly protective of her friends and it was because of this that she started to become interested in being a police sketch artist. She realized that she wanted to be able to protect people in any way that she could.

    Theme Song:

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  3. [​IMG]
    Name: Sara Garces
    Age: 16
    Orientation: Straight

    Detailed Appearance: Sara if 5'7 and weighs about 155 pounds. When Sara is off school she usually wears a long striped shirt, to cover up her tattoos on her arms, with blue jeans. there's special occasion or a party, she usually wears a short dress. (Like the on in the picture.) As you can tell from the picture, Sara does wear glasses.
    Personality: People-oriented and fun-loving. Makes things more fun for others by their enjoyment, good at getting others to have fun. Outgoing, social, group oriented. Does not like to be alone, feels at ease around others. Talkative, open, can be touchy freely. Values relationships and family over intellectual pursuits. Interested in serving others. Living for the moment, loves new experiences.
    STEM Selection: Science
    Life Goal: Sara wants to be a genetic counselor when she grows up.

    Skills: One major skill that Sara has, is that she has outstanding Communication skills (Listening, Verbal, Written).
    Talents: Sara's talent is that she can write really fast. You give her something to write down, and she'll get it down before you can say jello. With neat hand writing of course.
    History: Sara was born in Houston Texas, January 8th 1998. Luckily for Sara she was born in the U.S so she would never have to worry about being deported to Mexico, but her parents weren't so lucky. Her parents came to the U.S illegally because they wanted their daughter to have a better life than they had. Since her parents where illegal, they moved around a lot. So Sara never had a chance to make friends. Sara has been pretty much everywhere. Every time she would move, she would lose friends. eventually Sara stopped making friends. As if it wasn't bad enough that she didn't have any friends, she would also get bullied a lot. One day when Sara and her family was moving her father told her that this was the last time. This was like a dream come true to Sara. When Sara went to her new school, she met her new best friend. The two where the best of friends. Shoot they were like twins! For once in her life, Sara was truly happy. But it didn't last long....Some how the Immigration police found Sara and her parents. Thankfully they didn't know exactly where Sara and her parents were hiding, they just knew that they were hiding in Adair Idaho. Sara's father told her that they had to move one last time. Sara had a big fit, but she got over it. She said goodbye to her best friend, and gave her a long hug. After she said bye to the rest of her friends, she and her parents headed off to washington DC. Sara has now been in washington DC for 5 years now. Which is the longest she had stayed anywhere.
    Voice: WIP
    Theme Song: WIP

    (I will finish her history and other stuff by tonight or tomorrow. In the mean time, what do you think about my character sheet?)
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  4. Screenshot_2015-06-03-17-26-47.png

    Melissa Melbourne
    Orientation: bi-curious
    Ethnicity: Caucasian

    Detailed Appearance: 5'4 weighing 140 pounds. Melissa wears her uniform in an informal way. When outside of school her wardrobe consists of a faded tee shirt of a video game characrer of gaming reference, pair of black jeans, a pair of red and black tennis shoes, and a hoodie. She wears contacts, but when she feels lazy she will wear her black glasses. There are times where she will cosplay as a video game or movie for absolutely no reason.


    Melissa tries her best to be a good person to others. She is always willing to lend a hand. She lets a lot of her gaming lingo into her speech due to the large amount of time she spends gaming. She seems so cheerful, but it can be seen as hollow on some days. To be honest Melissa is very unhappy with how her personal life is. She only gets enjoyment from a small number of things. One of them being her friends. She feels very lonely at times and depends on what interaction she has with her friends.The reason she likes to cosplay for no reason is that at times she just wants to feel like she is someone else.

    STEM selection: Technology

    Life goal: Melissa wants to go into game design and create wonderful new world's for people to enjoy and be happy.

    Skills: she is great at coding and hacking. She figures that she is very good at playing video games. She also likes to play guitar.

    Bio: Melissa was born in Seattle, Washington. She had an older brother and younger sister. Melissa's father was an informatics professor and her mother was a high school math teacher. Melissa would spend a lot of time with her father as he would teach her about computers at an early age. He would show her all the 8 bit games that could be made with simple programming. Melissa never really bonded with her mother. She became daddy's little girl. For a long time Melissa was truly a happy child. Though she was unaware that her parents were having troubles. Melissa noticed that her father was around less as she got a little older and her parents fought when they thought she couldn't hear them. It would eventually become too much.

    When her parents got divorced it came as a real shock to Melissa. She couldn't belive that her parents didn't love each other anymore. It became very exhausting for Melissa to be dragged through the courts along with her siblings. Being treated like a piece of property to be fought over like a car. Melissa eventually chose to stay with her father while her other two siblings went with her mother. Melissa's father packed up their things and would move to D.C. For a while it felt like Melissa would never make friends and she would spend her days just playing video games on consoles or ones that she would make using some programs. Until she met the other girls. They let eat at theor table one day and she felt accepted. She never believed that she would feel happy again, so she promised that she would stick by her new friend and work on help other people, because she knows what it is like to feel low and she wants to help others feel better.

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  5. [​IMG]
    Name: Lorene McKarlee (Pronounced Lore-een)
    Age: (15-17): 16
    Orientation: lesbian
    Ethnicity: Caucasian

    Detailed Appearance: Lorene is 5'5 and 145 pounds. She always tries to look very formal both in an out of school, so her uniform is always neat and symmetrical. Outside of school, she still continues to look respectable, normally with a button-up top and a plaid skirt with leggings.
    Personality: She can be shy around overly-confident or high-ranking people, but very outgoing around mostly anyone. She loves new ways and ideas, and purposely constantly changes her schedule to try to keep herself excited. She is a workaholic and will practice or exercise when she's bored. While Lorene can be very girly on the outside (and constantly tries to project this girly image of hers), she is a tomboy at heart and hopes to find someone with the same attitude. She is very positive about most things in life and always tries to keep everyone around her positive as well.
    STEM Selection: Mathematics
    Life Goal: Author, actress, or math professor. (She's working on all three areas to see which one she wants to stick to.)

    Skills: Lorene is great with quick-thinking, including when it comes to lying, reacting quickly, and keeping her emotions in-check.
    Talents: Lorene has a great concentration. She will work all night on one project and not realize that she never slept until her alarm clock goes off. Whether it's just working on a school project or on her own little idea, procrastination is not in her dictionary.
    History: Lorene was born on February 9th to a busy, upper-class family. Lorene was lucky that, despite how busy her parents were with their business, her parents always made time for her and showed her the life of business and economics. Her parents own a fashion business which was originally started by Lorene's grandparents. Because of her growing up around fashion, she still has that girly side, but does not hope to continue on with the company after her parents plan on passing down the title. When Lorene was 6, that's when she wanted to explore mathematical areas instead of having a business. Ironically, she never was actually good at math until the was 14, and could never stand the stress of it while she was in elementary and middle school. She finally decided to try and improve her mathematical skills a year after she met her friends, in Washington D.C. for two reasons: 1, she had no interest in business but still needed a skill that her parents would approve of, and 2, her friends actually gave her enough determination in the gang to try to improve herself. So, she started studying more and looked more at jobs using math, in which her ideas started to expand. She also found interest in being an author or actress, but still continued to work with math more often. Now, math is no longer a hard subject for her and she constantly gets in the advanced classes.

    Going back to how she was as a child, she moved every single year of her elementary school due to her parents 'experimenting' for which state offered the best business quality. In first grade she was in California, then in second grade she went to Florida, then New York, Georgia, and finally Texas for fifth grade. Despite all of her attempts to keep in contact with her elementary friends, she quickly lost contact with them and other people throughout elementary. When she moved to Washington D.C. for middle school, she finally made her first real friends and has stuck with them all the way up to high school. This was when she finally felt determined in math. Her parents decided to move the business over there, and now Lorene is more-than-protective of her friends because of her lack of experience during elementary. Now, she has moved onto learning Japanese and trying to improve herself in history (since now that is her worst subject). She is studying every other day, while also trying to exercise more. For the past 4 years, she has been running at midnight for at least once a week, normally more.

    Theme song:
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  6. @ZeldaFeb
    Haaa, thanks for catching that xD.

    It looks good so far!
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  7. [​IMG]
    Name: Connie Çelik (cheh-lik)
    Age: 17
    Orientation: Lesbian
    Ethnicity: Turkish

    Detailed Appearance: Connie is average height, but her muscular frame makes her a lot heavier than she looks. When she's out of uniform, she mostly wears black- not because it's part of a bad girl image (though she does ride motorcycles and wear leather jackets), but because it's easier to hide oil stains and smudges on. She is most recognizable by her small slitty eyes, aka perma-glare, and severe straight bangs. She keeps her hair up in a high ponytail when working on her mechanics.
    hair up (open)

    Personality: Connie is the strong silent type, and very protective of her friends. She doesn't need to shout- a solid glare is all she needs to put fear into the hearts of many, though she can back up her threats if she needs to. Her tough front can sometimes get in the way of her trying to be nice, and sometimes scares off potential friends. Connie has a dry sense of humor, and isn't one for puns. Getting her to laugh is a feat worthy of celebratory pizza. Due to growing up with her aunt, she can sometimes tap into Cari's wild nature. She will break rules if she plans ahead and knows she can play her cards right.

    STEM Selection: Engineering

    Life Goal: She wants to be an MMA fighter and/or design green cars, then retire to own an auto repair shop.

    Skills: With the right tools, Connie can repair almost anything from appliances to cars. Computers she's not too good at, though.

    Talents: Connie has great spatial awareness and memory for locations (but never ask her for directions. She knows where things are, not how to get there). She is a talented fighter and strong as well from training. Connie had been into boxing for years, but only just started to get into doing MMA herself recently. She enjoys it, but the new style is an adjustment and bruising is inevitable.

    History: Connie's parents had a rough start in America. Even though they both had degrees in engineering and sciences, their inability to speak English meant that they could not find good work. Connie herself did not learn to speak fluent English until second grade. Due to her white appearance (fair skin and blonde hair), most children thought she was just quiet or rude, and left her alone. Eventually things fell into place in the next few years. Connie's parents got dual citizenship and jobs liaising between Turkish engineering companies and the US. They are often back in Turkey for work, leaving Connie under the supervision of her aunt. Under her aunt's care she learned how to ride motorcycles, fight, and fix nearly anything. Aunt Cari was young and wild, but her escapades with Connie went unnoticed as long as grades were kept up to the parents' high standards. Among other secrets that the two kept was Connie's coming out. Connie knew her parents would never approve of it, but Cari was always supportive of her.

    Whenever her parent's are around, they indulge her with information about their work and push her to achieve more in school. Despite all the secrets and time spent apart, they gave Connie a love of mechanics and engineering that only kept growing. She loved schematics and physics just as much as she loved grease stains and MMA fighting. Unfortunately, the coinciding combination of intense drive and wicked triceps resulted in a bit of a reputation in school. While the kids in elementary school just didn't understand her silence and frustration, her middle school peers feared it. She counts herself lucky to have found the group of friends that she did, and doesn't mind exercising her rep to defend them. For the first time she had friends her age, people to confide in that weren't related to her. Things may have been rocky at first as they all got used to each other, but as the years went on so did their bond. She wouldn't trade them for the world. Even if it does cost her a few detentions every now and then.

    Voice: Mary Elizabeth Winstead (Ramona Flowers actress)

    Theme Song: (Karmin's verses especially, which starts at 0:52) *Explicit language
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  8. [​IMG]
    Name: Lilly Fukui
    Age: 15
    Orientation: Straight
    Ethnicity: Asian

    Detailed Appearance: Lilly is 5'2 and 110 lbs. She doesn't do anything special with the school uniform, nor with the clothes she wears after school. She'll usually wear a hoodie as a sort of mobile blanket and then either sweatpants or boys' athletic shorts depending on the season. Her short hair is pretty much always unkempt.

    Personality: A complete shut-in, Lilly is absolutely horrendous at communicating with people. Her thoughts never seem to form the words she wants, making her come off as very aloof or awkward. However, she is very fond of anyone she can talk with, but has trouble expressing that properly, often making her lose those bonds. She prioritizes her inner world over reality most of the time, preferring to sit down and read, draw, write, or code instead of talking with people. Naturally, she doesn't really mind being alone much, or really at all.

    STEM Selection: Technology

    Life Goal: Turn the worlds she thinks of into reality through the game world.

    Skills: Coding, drawing, script-writing, knows a lot of trivia due to reading so much
    Talents: nearly photographic memory, speed reading

    History: Ever since she could read, Lilly enjoyed books. A little bit too much, really. The worlds of fantasy and magic, futuristic technology, heroes embarking on quests to save the world, friends going on eccentric but exciting quests together. Reality couldn't quite match the worlds held in books. Even books based on reality such as encyclopedias seemed to surpass reality, giving details and in-depth knowledge that one couldn't understand by just looking. By the age of 8, Lilly had already rejected reality. Classmates approached her, but she would turn away and continue reading her books, hoping that if she tried hard enough, she too could enter a realm of adventure and excitement, away from reality. She even began to write her own stories and put together little things of her own through simple coding programs like Scratch. For awhile, she was satisfied with this. She didn't need people.

    But then her classmates got older. In middle school, Lilly's lack of social skills and rather unimposing physical stature made her an easy target for people wanting to feel better about themselves. The lack of care put into her own appearance didn't help matters. People would permanently borrow her stuff without asking, throw things at her, or just suddenly yell mean things at her without any prompting. One day it was too much, and Lilly ran home in the middle of school, cursing this cruel reality. She began being homeschooled and studied intensively on coding, hoping to create a world for herself to escape to. Withdrawing even further into herself, even Lilly's parents began worrying about her. She didn't want to admit it, but humans are social creatures. Even Lilly needed a friend, someone to talk to. To progress her skills, she reluctantly applied to White Bridge Charter School, fearing meeting people once more but knowing that to achieve her goals, this would be a necessary step.

    Voice: Lilly has a fairly small, high-pitched voice, requiring extra effort on her part to be heard clearly in a typical classroom.
    Theme Song: Song.
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  9. Finished my history. Sorry if it's sloppy. I'm not really good with back story's. DX
  10. Okay so the only thing wrong with that back story is that I said the gang had been friends since middle school. So you can either change the entire back story or say that Sara has been in dc for at least five years.
  11. I'll say she's been in D.C for five years.
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  12. It's done.
  13. [​IMG]
    Name: Samantha "Sam" McAllister
    Age: 16
    Orientation: Lesbian
    Ethnicity: Caucasian

    Detailed Appearance: 5'2" and 125 pounds. Tends to not put much effort into her appearance. Her wardrobe usually consists of denim jackets, t-shirts or tank tops, skirts and tights or jeans, and either sneakers or combat boots. She's pretty insecure both about her shortness and her near completely flat figure.
    Personality: Sam's default response to anything is sass and sarcasm - sometimes to the point of making her seem rude and tactless. She often uses her cynicism as a personal barrier, hence making her hard to get to know. However, she's fiercely loyal to her friends and is quick to pull the rug from underneath anyone she sees as having too high an opinion of themselves. Although a very capable student and willing to devote time and effort into things that interest her, she is chronically lazy, and often procrastinates on work and study until the last minute in favour of her more enjoyable pursuits. She avoids any kind of physical sport like the plague.
    STEM Selection: Science
    Life Goal: To either be involved in medical research or become a reputable painist.

    Skills/Talents: She's deeply interested in logic and debating, and is widely read on history and philosophy. She can play piano, and is a decent cook.

    History: Sam was born an only child in North Carolina, assigned male at birth. Her father spent most of his time working to support the family, leaving Sam in the care of her overbearing mother. Although strong academically, Sam's experience of elementary school and early middle school were dominated by her feelings of intense frustration and jealousy. She preferred to hang out with other girls and wasn't interested in typical 'boy' things - this made her a target of bullying by boys and drew lots of scrutiny from her mother for being a 'sissy'.

    As the girls her age grew up and tended to hang out with 'other girls', Sam came to feel betrayed and isolated. She developed a lot of reactionary, sexist views and became a cynical recluse, occupying her time outside study with piano and reading on history and philosophy. Her cognitive dissonance became broken at the age of 12, as she saw the boys around her changing through puberty. At that moment she realised she had been a girl the whole time, and her body was about to change in ways she didn't want. Terrified, she tearfully confessed to her parents that she had always wanted to be a girl and wanted to transition. Her father supported her, but her mother was opposed. This led to their divorce. Sam's father took custody of her and moved to DC to give her a chance to start over as her true self.

    She started in the gang's middle school in the final year. As her boyish appearance made her the subject of a lot of rumours, she remained abrasive and distrustful towards others. Her initial interactions with the gang were hostile - she treated them with much of the same attitude she had with other girls since she was 10, and didn't expect to rely upon them. However, when they stood up for her in the face of bullying, she came to appreciate their friendship, and respected their openness and acceptance towards each other about the things that made them different. Apart from her father, the gang are the only people she has trusted enough to come out to as transgender. She's come to depend a lot on the gangs support.

    Sam's father currently works as a chef in the city and, while completely supportive of Sam's transition, often finds himself too busy to spend much time with her. Although currently undergoing hormone treatment, Sam is unable to pursue any surgery until she turns 18. This remains a great source of distress for her, as she fears the consequences of being outed - being mercilessly ridiculed, or worse, being expelled from White Bridge.

    Voice: Kate Micucci
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  14. Officially (I think) finished my CS. I couldn't find the voice I wanted for her so I just didn't include that, and I know that the history wasn't that great. Lol. Let me know if I need to change anything.
  15. I'm done with mine as well, unless I messed something up.
  16. Done my character sheet, hope it's OK!
  17. Me to, I'm done
  18. I'll be just a teeny bit longer, sorry to keep everyone waiting!
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