Ghost Town

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  1. Seven friends were walking home from school. One boy leaned over and whispered something to the other two boys. "Hey, you see that old saw mill?" he whispered pointing across the street. "Yeah. What about it?" one boy asked in a low-tone. "Well, wouldn't it be fun to wander around in a bit? Go for an adventure?" Raising his voice he said, "Hey guys! Lets go on an adventure! In the sawmill!" The girls looked at each other saying things like "Should we?" or "Well... I guess, maybe." "Oh, come on! You all can be so cowardly!" Finally they decided to go on the adventure. The "leader boy" slowly opened the door to the sawmill and took a step in.
    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------In this role-play there are lots of NPCs and 7 characters:
    Guy friend 1:
    Guy friend 2:
    Stark Werden-RedWinter
    Guy friend 3: Will Stiller-NorwayFOO
    Girl friend 1: Lilly Ferguan-SilverLight
    Girl friend 2: Raven Hearts-aliceinwonderland
    Girl friend 3: Mavis Hearts-Rainbow-Noodles
    Girl friend 4: Kiyra Silvers-ProjectON1616
    On your character sheet please fill out the following if it has the word optional by it you do not have to but it would be better!
    Appearance(pic or describe thoroughly):
    Personality (optional-such as: kind, brave, cowardly, etc.):
    Addition Info (optional):
    *: Please make age no younger than 13 and no older than 16, because they are friends I'd like them to be around the same age!
    In the sawmill there are lots of traps, please remember that this is a very old building, the floor may collapse at any time... be ready ;)
    There are not a lot of rules, just please don't be lazy... write 2 lines (at least) on each post, this will make it less cluttered!
  2. Name: Lilly Fergaun (fer -like fur- gone with u instead of o)
    Age*: 14
    Appearance(pic or describe thoroughly): Blonde/brown hair (streaks), elbow length blue eyes:
    anime girl3.jpg (click to enlarge :D), this is her on Halloween.... so please picture her clothes as put in addition info no like the pic!
    Personality (optional-such as: kind, brave, cowardly, etc.): smart and sort of cowardly if the thing is "bad" enough. (Kind of a "goody to-shoes", but only kind of!)
    Addition Info (optional): Normally wears a "raccoon" hat. (not like an actual one like one you buy at walmart with a raccoon face on it :) ) and wears skinny dark jeans and tank tops or elbow length tops.
  3. Name: Stark Werden
    Age: 16

    winter wear.jpg
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Not exactly shy, nor out going. He isn't very self-conscious but will get nerves and red faced if complimented. Can be very rude without meaning to. Sometimes blunt. And strong willed.
    Addition Info:

    Silverness may I ask for a little more story background? A history of the town or what not. Kind of like what you told me at school.
  4. Name: Raven hearts
    Age: 13
    Addition Info: she waers a black tank top and jeans booty shorts. she hair is black and her skin is pale. and her father lets her ride a the bike
    Appearance(pic or describe thoroughly):------->[​IMG]
    Status: free
    Personality (optional-such as: kind, brave, cowardly, etc.): she kind, but shy in front of someone new. she not a scared of anything

  5. I call male 3
  6. :3 I don't know which gender I wanttt~!!!! Ahhhhh choose choose choose~!!!
  7. 2 girls and 1 guy are uncalled for xD
  8. *hug big sis* big sis be my big sis
  9. Alright. I'll be a female character and continue to be Alice's big sis. ;D
  10. Okay I will reserve you a spot! Alice and RedWinter ACCEPTED!!! Thanks for joining all of you! Can't wait to see the rest of the profiles!
  11. Name: Will Stiller
    Age*: 14
    Gender: Male
    Personality (optional-such as: kind, brave, cowardly, etc.): Brave, thoughtful, calm
    Addition Info (optional):
    Not much is known about his life out of school, he doesn't talk about it and doesn't let anyone come to his house. He normally will only talk when talked to but seems to enjoy conversation. He's friendly enough to be liked but because he doesn't start conversation most of the other students have outcasted him.
  12. Name: Kiyra Silvers
    Kiyra is short and pale with sky blue eyes and dark brown eyes. She wears a drop dead hoodie, a 'Bring Me the Horizon' T-shirt and skinny jeans.
    Gender: Female
    Personality: shy, emotional, friendly, fearful
    Addition Info (optional): Kiyra is far from a "normal" girl, she has no memory before her tenth birthday and her parents are dead leaving her 17 year old brother to care for her. She is rarely seen without some sort of injury due to the fact she is often a prime target for bullies.
  13. Name: Mavis Heart
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Walking contradiction; with Mavis, she is always a surprise wise her actions and words. Possibly bipolar, it's better to realize who she is with personal experience.
    Addition Info: Mavis has a younger sister, Raven, who often tags along in life. They are close though they do fight occasionally.
  14. Hey ProjectON1616 please add a last name and you will be accepted. Rainbow and Norway are accepted too! Lets see.... one male character to go, just leader boy.
  15. on the character sheet list thing why is reds name different? lol
  16. NEED LEADER BOY! AND THEN WE CAN BEGIN! YAY! :) History on the town will be posted after leader-boy has been filled in :)
  17. Can I do two?... I really wana start =]
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