Getting Over Someone

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  1. So, I'm assuming that at least a few of you have felt heartbreak of some sort at one point or another.

    My question for everyone is how do you get over someone? What are some things that you like to do? Hang out with friends? Eat a gallon of ice cream? Cry your eyes out for days at a time?

    EDIT: I'm merely curious. No other reason. :P
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  3. ^Played on repeat over and over again until you realize you're better off without them. =D
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  5. You flatten meat while watching Redtube? o.O I usually watch the Cooking channel, but I guess everyone's different.
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  6. Note: This is in regards to all kinds of relationships, romantic, family, friends etc.

    Remember that relationships require two people, two people who mix well and get along.
    If one of them isn't happy you're best bet is to move on and hope to find someone else.
    Though you also need to be able to be happy and comfortable being single, ain't no relationship going to work if we need it to be happy.

    That's all assuming it was simply not a good mix, but both people were decent and level headed though.

    In cases where one person was abusive/manipulating?
    Cases where someone purposely tries to paint you in the bad?
    Maybe they're acting on gut reactions/generalizations, and not actually treating you for yourself?

    This is where it boils a lot more down to "Depends on the specifics" because one's reaction to a situation varies on the circumstances.
    But generally the same philosophy still applies, find someone else, keep your hopes high, respect yourself, don't let others bring you down.
    Especially don't let someone try to take some 'moral high ground' and talk down to you or make you feel like the sole bad guy. If you want to escape bad relationships and enter good ones you need to respect yourself, and form relationships with those who will respect you as well.
  7. You made this joke better than I did.

    Hats off to you, sir.
  8. Beat.

    Beat the meat.
  9. I'm pretty sure her comment was sarcasm. At least, I hope so.
  10. I erred on the side of genuine bafflement.

  11. he means masturbate!
  12. This thread seems like master bait for innuendos.
  13. I was being a smart ass. If someone is thinking of cooking while watching Redtube and they're not 1000lbs, they're doing something wrong. Or they really like meat....there's some pretty weird philias out there.
  14. My money is on the really weird philias.
  15.'s really a fucking thing. @_@ Damn internet....
  16. Haven't had too many cases where I had to "get over" somebody, but in such cases, I suppose I just continue on like any other day while silently repressing my emotions until they explode when I'm conveniently by myself; or I find something to keep my mind off whatever the issue is.
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  17. Sounds like the best solution for anything, to me. *thumbs up*

    (Not sarcasm)
  19. What's redtube?
    Though I'm not sure b if I want to know the answer, knowing you guys
  20. It's YouTube if the videos you're looking for is porn.
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