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  1. When people at Aki's old town discover that he is not even really a guy it causes too much troube and it forces him and his family to move... will he make a better home in this new town?
    -My Character Info!-
    Name: Aki Saki (His name used to be Aya, which was his girl name, before he changed it)
    Height: 5'12''
    Aki sighed as he looked out the window, holding his chin up with the palm of his hand. He couldnt believe this was happening... all of the people who he thought was his friends just basically disowned him... even tried killing him because they discovered his secret that he was an FTM transgender... that hurt him deep, right to the core of his soul. 'Well look at it this way,' he thought to himself, 'atleast this will give me a brand new start.
    Suddenly the car stopped in front of his new house, he had to duck slightly so he could see through the car window. It was a small, cute-looking pale green house. He looked at his mother who had stopped the car. She turned to him and smiled... a smile that was forced, a smile that she does to try to make Aki feel better. His mother was a pretty woman with her long beautiful blonde curly hair, high cheekbones, perfect nose, full lips and deep purple colored eyes that looked even more beautiful and bright in the sunlight... Aki had her eyes.
    Aki was so happy that she stood by him even when the world seemed to be against him. His father even left them when he discovered the truth about Aki... it crushed his mother. But she still stood by him. He did however feel bad, he felt like he was the one that ended their marriage.
    "Aya.... I mean Aki... Help me with the stuff would you dear?" Aki's mother asked. Aki nodded, "Alright mom." He got out and stretched his legs, the sun hitting his face. He breathed in the fresh air before unloading the truck.

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  2. Name: Laurel Green
    Age: 15
    Height: About five four
    Looks: Short brown hair, kind golden eyes, and thin lips.
    Extra: Bisexual


    Laurel pushed her own gate away, staring at the car that had pulled into the driveway beside hers. She was wearing a green tank top and khacki shorts, her house slippers on over her narrow feet.
    "Hello?!" She called to the two people, waving a friendly hand. "I'm Laurel." She ran up to their driveway. "You guys must be new. I live next door. What brings you to Meridian?"
  3. Name: Romero Consto
    Height: 6'2''
    Looks: Short brown hair, hazel eyes, strong build, but not too muscular.
    Romero was sitting in his garage working on putting new tires on his car.

    Man, I JUST fixed these a month ago. He stood up and dusted himself off when he saw a car pull into his neighbor's house. Laruel, of course, was the first one out there.

    "I'll have to stop by later so they don't think we're COMPLETELY hyperactive." He chuckled and continued working on his car.
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  5. Mind if I join? ^_^ If it's okay, I think it'd be interesting to have a character with a little bit of a different approach, makes for better character development and plot, yes? I hope this is okay. Just say so if it isn't.

    Name: William Caeld
    Age: 31
    Gender: Male
    Height: 6'1"
    Looks: Medium Length Black hair, goes down to his shoulders, but is often put in a tail. Occasionally has a bit of scruff, but is usually clean shaven. Dark brown eyes, bright smile, sympathetic facial features, empathetic expressions are common.
    Extra: History teacher at the local high school.


    The sound of the vehicle pulling into the driveway across the street would have been too quiet to hear, had the raven-haired man not been opening up his windows to let some cool air into his home. It had been a terribly hot week, and it was only going to get worse, according to the meteorologists on the television. Of course, they weren't very reliable, more often than not. William stopped as he saw the car pull up, giving into his curiosity. This area was rather popular for newcomers, it seemed that every year someone left and someone else showed up in their stead. The last couple that had lived in the house across the way had irritated him to no end, and in truth, he was hoping whoever got out of that car would be the exact opposite.

    At first, he saw a woman exit the car on the driver's side, then a young teen get out the passenger side, the car apparently devoid of any other life. "Interesting. Must be a single mother." The man muttered to himself, letting his finger trace the scruff of his chin as he watched them for a minute. After a few minutes, maybe he would go and say hello. For now, he needed to finish what he was doing. He had a lot of papers to grade tonight, after all.
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    After Aki finished bringing stuff in, he went back out into the front and stretched his arms and looked around. He decided he was going to explore. So he started walking to the right side of the sidewalk, not really knowing where he was going. But he liked that.
  7. Romero sat up from his car when he saw the new neighbor walking by.

    "Hey, bud, how's it going? You new here?" He chuckled and walked over and offered his hand. He looked down at how dirt it was and recoiled it instead.
  8. Aki smiled warmly and shook his hand, "Hey, yeah. I just moved here. The name is Aki."
  9. "Aki? You're not full of yourself are you? I'll have to call you cocky Aki!" He laughed a little too hard at his own joke.
  10. William marked off the last of his papers, sighing softly as the papers were stacked on the corner of his desk. "Guess I may as well go say hello now." The raven haired man muttered to himself, standing up as he began to make his way to the front door. William exited the door, walking across the street to the two kids who had joined up on the sidewalk. This neighborhood was always good at welcoming newcomers. As he reached the sidewalk himself he smiled at the two of them. "Hello, Romero. I see you're becoming acquainted with our new neighbor." The man said with a wide smile. "My name is William Caeld. I'm a teacher at the high school, so I'm sure we'll be seeing more of each other. Its nice to meet you." He said politely, extending his hand for a handshake.
  11. Aki looked at the older man and nodded, he shook his hand, "Yes, I am Aki. Nice to meet you." he decided to ignore Romero's bad joke.
  12. "Old man Caeld finally emerges! Aren't you gonna burn in the sun or something?!?" He walked over and slapped him on the shoulder.

    "So where ya from Aki?"
  13. "Old? You know I can flunk you, right?" William replied with a smirk, glancing back to Aki. "Welcome to the neighborhood, Aki. I hope to see you at school soon. Try to enjoy your time here, yes?" He said with a smile before turning to go back towards his home. It was always good to greet the newcomers, but it was likely they'd be seeing a lot of each other, so they would have plenty of time to talk later.
  14. Aki smiled at William, "Thanks man... ah, see ya at school." Once William was gone, Aki looked at Romero and arched an eyebrow, "Me? Oh... I am from Viginia..." he stuff his hands i his pockets, "Virginia Caulpa. Its a small town. Probably never heard of it though." he said looking at Romero with his deep purple eyes. Culpa was a very hateful small town... If you looked at anybody cross eyed you would get shot in the face or worse... one of the many reasons why he moved.
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  15. Romero laughed and made a small motion at William.

    "He's sort of a shut in.. but he's the best teacher I've ever had. You'll learn his way of teaching.. it'll change you. Culpa? Sounds like a swear in spanish. You taking me for a fool, boy?" He washes his hands and gets a jacket on.

    "Well come on, you lazy bum, let's go around the neighborhood. Careful though, all the girls know me as the alpha, so I may ruin your game." He winked playfully and threw an arm around Aki before walking down the road.
  16. -My Character Info!-
    Name: Mya Zyzack (Pronounced 'Me-ah Zeye-Zack')
    Age: 16
    Height: 5'9''
    Looks: ((attached. Ignore the title, her name is Mya))

    Mya was walking down the side of the road back towards her house. She'd taken a simple stroll and her black headphones were in her ears, her head bobbing to the beat. Glancing up momentarily, she noticed someone knew had moved in. She smiled a little, taking her headphones out and tucking them in her pocket, making her way over. She walked up behind Romero. "Hey, who are you?" she asked the new kid, smiling.

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  17. "Speak of the devil, my main squeeze Mya!" He threw his open arm around her and brought her forward. "Mya, this is my new bro Cocky Aki, and Aki, my-a favorite girl, Mya!" He laughed at his own silliness again.
  18. Aki stopped when he heard a sweet voice and turned around. He blushed slightly when he saw her. He thought she was absolutly beautiful! He smiled, "Uh, hiya! I am Aki, Aki Saki!" He ignored Romero.
  19. Mya smiled, giggling a little, but pulled away from Romero. She held her hand out to Aki. "Well, nice to meet you Aki. It's been a while since I've seen a new face around here." she said. She didn't seem to need to ask him anything, only wanted to meet him.

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    Aki smiled and his heart skipped a beat for a second. He shook her hand, "Nice too meetcha Mya!" he laughed lightly and rubbed the back of his head.
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