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    The large and magnificent island of Erose was in turmoil. The world was in a new era with vast technology at their disposal, but despite this progress they had yet to find peace across the lands. In fact, the five nations of Erose were locked in a bloody power struggle lasting for seventeen years. It was in the last three years that a way to break the stalemate was taken. They had long since known about the existence of magical girls, but up until then it was hard to study what was invisible to the naked eye; magical Essence from which the girls could harness to use their special powers. However, after a breakthrough technology was developed to both see and analyze Essence, great strides was made in magical girl research. The nation of Altresia was able to scout out potential magical girls and convince some of them to volunteer their powers into serving their military. The other nations laughed at what recruiting a few dozen girls could do, but they were shown the true power of magical girls in the battles to come. Normal humans failed to be able to do much more then slow them down, and in one critical battle the nation of Ciol lost their largest and most powerful battalion, causing the rest of their soldiers to go into complete disarray and allow Altesia's army, once on the brink of defeat, to rush in and claim their capital. The nation of Syndey suffered a similar defeat. The other two nations, Ranmael joining Altresia and the power hungry nation of Versai standing alone, both sent out their own magical girls by this time. By then a vast majority of normal human soldiers we being decimated on all sides of the conflict. Versai was the most powerful of the five nations and was even able to hold it's own against the other two for a couple of months, but one unfortunate battle for them saw to the loss of most of their magical girls, killed in a daring ambush. All of their available soldiers were sent into a massive final attack at the Endless Plains, but right before the armies clashed this final time it was stopped by a legendary magical girl known as Lady Paolitina and four other high class magical girls. After demonstrating their power by demolishing a section of the Endless Plains, Versai knew they were defenseless against such attacks with less then half of their magical girls alive, and they backed off the assault with a cease-fire order. Those plains become known as the War-ending Plains after this event, as soon enough a treaty was signed to finally end this long and bloody conflict plaguing Erose.

    These five nations of Erose disbanded all of their normal human militaries and formed into a single nation known as New Erosia. Lady Paolitina became the first queen, and her objective was to better unify the five countries that still had a lot of negative feelings toward each other. Their new military, made up entirely of magical girls, was formed out of girls recruited from all five nations to work together. A prestigious school for training magical girls called Unity Hall was formed at this time. The girls here are said to be able to defeat any opposing army once fully trained. Little did they know that they'd be tested far sooner then they'd bargain for. On graduation day for the first class accepted into Unity Hall, a magical explosion rocketed through the halls, leaving seven students dead and twenty four wounded, a number which could have been worse if the valedictorian, Arella Uruna, hadn't sensed the energy spike a mere moment before the attack went off and ordered everyone to run away while herself leaping toward the attacker and sacrificing herself to deflect some of the attack's energy away from the other students and killing the attacker with it. Understandably upset, an investigation was made to who the attacker was, but her body was almost completely destroyed in the explosion so it was hard to gain much information. However, some locks of pale blonde hair had survived that didn't match any of the student's DNA and belonged to the race of pale blonde haired humans found to the northeast empire of Murdaria. Accusations flew and soon enough the Queendom of New Erosia and the Empire of Murdaria were locked into a bitter struggle, this time fought with the large scale deployment of magical girls coming from both sides. Training the most amount of magical girls to be the highest quality would clearly be what won the war, so both nations have begun putting a lot of effort into this endeavor, even turning to mandatory enlistment of those with the power to become magical girls unless special exemptions are given such as some used for breading purposes to pass on more of the Goddess Gene.

    Unity Hall has been re-opened for a new class of students starting today, and that's where we come in. Will we be sent off into a war soon? Whatever the case, our lives will never be the same.

    Magical Girls

    Magical girls came about due to having a genetic trait expressed within the X Chromosome. Men can pass on the gene through their X chromosome, but unlike women they're unable to actively express the characteristics offered by this gene. Magical energy called Essence flows through all living things, including the world itself. However, only girls with the Goddess Gene are able to become in sync with their body's Essence and perform extraordinary magical abilities with it after cloaking themselves inside their Essence. This "cloaking of Essence" is a fancy way of saying that their original clothing disappears and is replaced by a magical outfit created out of their body's Essence. For people who can pull this maneuver off naturally, their magical essence suit (abbreviated M.E.S.) are unique to that person. Most girls accepted into Unity Hall are able to do this. However, for most other people this doesn't come so easily. They need help from an M.E.S. amplifier, a gem that their body can use to more easily sync with their essence and bring out her M.E.S. suit, which is influenced by the Essence from the M.E.S. amplifier, thus creating a standardized appearing M.E.S. suit for all people using that type of M.E.S. amplifier. This creates a uniform easily distinguishable for the common "foot soldier" class magical girls so clashes between opposing forces won't be more chaotic then is has to be. New and more powerful M.E.S. amplifiers are being created, but for the most part the suits that they create are not as powerful as those who can do this naturally, and they can power up their suits through training rather then by simply getting a new M.E.S. amplifier. For girls that can do it naturally, they also have a device like the M.E.S. amplifier, but it's simply an identifier that gives off an Essence that can be detected that is unique to that type of identifier, so if everyone has the same identifier then anyone who can sense or see Essence can know who's side they're one despite them wearing all different uniforms. Of course people are expected to memorize the faces of every magical girl on their team as an extra precaution.

    The powers that magical girls can use once in their M.E.S. suit varies on the individual. The different types of powers that exist are immense enough where I will not even dare list what you can and cannot due. The main limitation is Essence use and our characters starting off not very skilled. If your magic is very powerful, such as stopping time, it will use up a massive amount of Essence to put to use and you would need to be very talented to be able to even do that in the first place. Run out of Essence and a magical girl's power is drained out of her M.E.S. suit and she cannot cast any more magic until her body restores it's Essence, which could take up to a day to recover from empty and she could easily pass out or die from the lack of Essence. M.E.S. suits can upgrade in power with training, which can even change it's appearance and unlock new magical abilities. Some people have the ability to transform into completely different suits all together. For example, even if someone usually has a suit that gives then fire magic, they also have a suit that allows them to have a lot more speed and some other attacks.

    There are special, yet top secret magical girls known as Goddess Carriers. Information about them is limited, but their Goddess genes are said to be so powerful that they're candidates to become literal Goddesses. However, they are all comatose, probably due to their bodies being unable to handle their own Goddess Genes effectively, but so little is known about them despite heavy research. Another type of special magical girl is a group of cloned girls with the Goddess gene that is in the works. A project to try and allow males to experience the effects of a magical girl has ended in complete failure as far as most are concerned.


    This takes place in a world like earth in a lot of ways besides the existence of magical girls and the Essence that they use. The tech they use includes some laser weaponry, but nothing like transporters or replicators.

    The Queendom of New Erosia is situated on the largest island (Erose) and is surrounded completely by water, which is then surrounded again by a continent called Eree. New Erosia is made up of what was once five nations which have now become prefectures. They are as follows; Ciol to the north. The inhabitants are Caucasians who left the empire of Murdaria long ago after crossing over into Erose. Since then they have developed darker shades of hair color then their ancestors and also red hair is common for them. Despite not using magical girls in the unification war, they have the second highest amount of women with the Goddess Gene in all of Erose. To the west is Syndey, which has darker skinned people but with a hint of an Asian appearance. They have a low amount of women with the Goddess Gene. At the center is Altresia, which appears a lot like Japan, from their customs to their appearance, but they have a lot of different hair colors. Not all their names sound completely Japanese, however, as they have more diversity. To the east is Ranmael who's people are Nordic like. They're taller then most people in Erose, who tend to be a little on the shorter side. They are often brave, if not reckless. To the south is Versai, what was once a powerful Asian appearing nation but was harmed greatly in the unification war. They are blamed for starting the war and a lot of people tend to not trust them very much.

    The northern empire of Murdaria is made up almost entirely of Caucasians with pale blonde hair. They're tall, but not quite as tall as the people of Ranmael. While the emperor is male, magical girls still hold a lot of power here and serve as it's primary soldiers like New Erosia does. I'll add more information about all of these places soon enough.


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    Name- (Names from Earth do exist here, but made up names exist as well. Also, some Asian looking people might have non Asian sounding names, although a lot still do)
    Age- (They live as long as Earth humans, even the magical girls besides a rare few. Magical girl students start at Unity Hall at around age 13 at the earliest besides the best prodigies, and it's a four year program. Most join at around 16)
    Gender- (If you need to be a male no matter what yet still want magic, I'll allow some rare exceptions and say you were one of the few successes to the attempt to create male "magical girls")
    Nationality- (Such as coming from Altresia. You can make up another nation outside of New Erosia, but please explain about them here)
    Occupation-(Such as student at Unity Hall or possibly another job)
    Goddess Gene- (Can have none, one, or both X chromosomes with it. Even men can have one, but they couldn't use it)
    Appearance- (Written or a picture)
    M.E.S.- (What your M.E.S. suit is like if you have one, and if it gives you a weapon)
    Powers- (If you're a magical girl, what type of magic can they do?)
    Talents- (What they are good at)
    Shortcomings- (What they are not so good at)
    Likes- (Self explanitory)
    Dislikes- (Self explanitory)
    Bio- (A bit about their history)
  2. Interested! Ill post my charrie when possible!
  3. Name- Amelia Deligh
    Age- 17
    Gender- Female.
    Nationality- Vermai.
    Occupation- Student at Unity Hall and works at a part time job.
    Goddess Gene- One X chromosome.

    She also has two large, black and white fans which are used as both defence and offence.

    Powers- Heat/ Light Energy
    Talents- Speed, agility (quick reflexes), making unique drinks.
    Shortcomings- Stamina, basic cooking, cloudy days (they make her feel weak), being social in public.
    Likes- Being stubborn, independence, moon and star light, bitter sweet drinks.
    Dislikes- Being given hints/ answers, bland foods, being bossed around/ controlled by others.
    Bio- She was a previous military bound, magical girl until only a few years ago. During the wars, before attending the Unity Hall, she had to use a generic M.E.S using a small red ruby surrounded by white opal which hung on a chain around her neck until she was finally able to gain the ability by herself naturally. There was much rumours and nudging though when other magical girls saw it, claiming that she was a fake and only merely copying the rogue military uniform department. She gained the 'twin fans' much later on. Amelia's mother died as a magical girl along with many others just before the treaty was made, so previously stayed with her dad before taking and passing the registration exams.
  4. Name- Kazuna Alcazar, Prefers "Kaz"
    Age- 16
    Gender- Female
    Nationality- Ranmael
    Occupation- Student at Unity Hall
    Goddess Gene- One
    M.E.S.- Sword is covered in fire and can cut through most metals. Shield can deflect basic magical projectiles.
    Powers- Fire
    Likes- Fire, explosions, anything with fire, of course.
    Dislikes- Water magic
    Bio- As is the custom of most Ranmael's inhabitants, Kaz has been training with longswords since she could hold one. She, like most from Ranmael who stay true to the oldest traditions, has the phrase "Todesfall vor Schmach" tattooed along their right forearm, which translates to, "Death before dishonor". An ancient tradition where "true warriors" would rather die than live in shame.

    Talents: drawing, can speak the language of Ranmael, plays guitar.
    Shortcomings: Since she is a fire magician, cold temperatures make her weaker than normal. On extension her M.E.S. is also less effective.

    Personality: Kaz has a short temper (probably comes with most fire magicians) and has a "different" sense of humor. She loves to blow things up or set things on fire, hence why she was sent to Unity Hall to learn how to manage her magic.
  5. Character acceoted, but for a well rounded character you should think up some shortcomings (although I can see how being stubborn and at first needing to use the M.E.S. amplifier are two things to add.

    P.S. I'm going to draw some of the uniforms for the countries for girls who need the M.E.S. amplifier and also draw my own characters. I don't know how long it will take, but I'd say within the week.

    EDIT: For Kazuna Alcazar, I added in Talents and shortcomings to the character sheet, so you can edit those into your sheet, but character accepted (I'm sure you won't come out with something crazy to make me end up rejecting her).
  6. Name- Tetsu Kagutsu
    Age- 17 (almost 18)
    Gender- Female
    Nationality- Altresia
    Occupation-Student at Unity Hall
    Goddess Gene- Both X chromosomes
    Appearance- (pic coming soon) She has pale milky skin, long carmine red hair that’s usually out, sometimes braided, dark grey eyes and is of little stature in every way. She almost reaches five foot, has the build of a preteen and the face of a girlish looking boy. She has a scar on her right hip from when she drained her Essence and sent herself falling from a two story building
    M.E.S.- (design is on it’s way! >w< ) When she is in her suit, her hair becomes pale blond and her eyes blood red.
    Powers- Blood/Astral
    Talents- Strategic thinking—such as fixing things. She’s great at tackling a problem quickly.
    Shortcomings- Coordination, tiny, talking to beautiful women
    Likes- Her sisters, Unity Hall, friends,
    Dislikes- Pain, vindictive people, failure
    She truly puts the “girl” in “magical girl”, as she looks no older than around twelve or thirteen. She’s short, lean and tiny all around. Most of the time she is out going, but a few things can create her to shell up. She easily gets intimidated by women or girls with large breasts but does her best to hide it. Aside from that, she’s very easy to talk and loves understanding others. She stores confidence, but little pride in a good or bad sense.
    Raised with four other siblings, and being the third oldest, BLANK, felt it all too natural to want to be surrounded by other girls and yearn to protect people. After barely passing the test to get into the magical girl school made only for the best, she practiced hard to improve her skills and learn how to efficiently channel her Essence.

    Name- Croix Nova
    Alias- Stardust Knight
    Age- 16
    Gender- Female
    Nationality- Ciol
    Occupation-Student at Unity Hall
    Goddess Gene- Still discovering
    Appearance- CroixSk.jpg
    Dark purple/brown/black hair, dark violet eyes and cold light-toned skin. Large breasts, thin legs and waist. About 5’5” without heels. She wears this eccentric almost all the time. Usually seen with a small, sneaky smile. Outfit is mostly made up of pinks, some purples and silver.
    M.E.S.- (design coming soon—nurse-themed! XD )
    Powers- Dark Sun (not related to heat/fire). She specializes in Soul Entrapment and Curses.
    Talents- Fighting, magic, cooking, poker
    Shortcomings- Gullible, snarky, weak joints
    Personality – Cunning, snarky and quick to the point, Croix isn’t always the easiest person to get along with unless she’s taken a liking to you. Making her upset or aggressive is easy, but the only way to get true anger out of her is by hurting a defenseless animal—for that,. She executes zero tolerance. She doesn’t particularly enjoy being in large crowds, but often gets involved if something is happening at school. She’s very good at acting like she’s not enjoying herself even when she is.
    Likes- Magic, playing cruel games, being the best, winning, toying/hurting others
    Dislikes- Cigarettes, losers, chauvinists, guys, animal cruelty
    Ever since she developed her magical powers she’s had a thirst for hunger and will hurt or destroy anyone or thing to get what she wants. She has few friends and keeps it that way, as she’s not a nice girl by any means and takes pride in her malice towards others. Croix, or Nova, as she prefers is delusional in believing she is the best, and even when she fails she finds a way to convince herself something just happened to go “wrong” or there was “foul play”. However, she is great at using her intuitive skills not only in poker, but combat and magic. While her past isn’t a mystery to her, she has done great at keeping it unknown to others.

    Ohhh, yes, I think it will be! >w<

    And awesome character, Zozo! This is gonna be great!
  7. I editted the Talents and Shortcomings, hope they're okay.
  8. Yes. All characters posted here are accepted as expected.

    Accepted as expected...that sort of rhymes...heh...well anyways, I'll be thinking of my characters tomorrow.
  9. Accepted as expected.. That's catchy!
  10. Name- Morrow Kotoba
    Age- 18
    Gender- Female
    Occupation- Student at Unity Hall
    Goddess Gene- Both X Chromosomes
    Appearance- [​IMG]

    Powers- Written/Word Magic
    She uses characters drawn in the air to cast spells. So far, she doesn't know many, and her spells are all very simple, one word.
    Talents- Mimicking voices. She is very dexterous , which helps her with calligraphy and other delicate activities.
    Shortcomings- She can have a sharp tongue, insulting others even when she doesn't mean to. She doesn't always catch the nuances of conversation. She catches sicknesses easily, and has a severe auto-immune disease that is yet to be diagnosed. She needs to exercise daily and take medicine to keep its effects under control.

    Likes- Reading, especially about legends and history. Comfortable clothes. The idea of using a sword.
    Dislikes- Liars, food that is too sweet, high heels.
    She is afraid of being abandoned, and will do just about anything she thinks will prevent that. Her idea of personal space and appropriate displays of affection differs from most everyone else's, and she is very fond of physical contact. When a situation is too much for her, she falls silent and reacts coldly.

    Bio-Her father is an author of several popular books, and provided for Morrow everything she could need. They were very close and had almost no secrets from each other. (Or so Morrow thought.) He refused to discus
    any family however, let alone her mother. Until recently, Morrow and her father lived an isolated, but happy life. This all changed when he disappeared shortly after the disaster at Unity Hall.
  11. Meep! Sorry >_< I forgot to add the shortcomings.
    Voi la!

    Thanks, Nekomimist ^.^ Both of yours look really cool and detailed XD
  12. Name- Real name unknown, has chosen to under Necrosia.
    Age- Died at 17, body stopped aging then.
    Gender- Female
    Nationality- Ciol
    Occupation- Student.
    Goddess Gene- Two.
    Appearance- N/A
    Picture (open)

    Powers- Darkness
    Talents- Healing (ironically), when you have to be constantly healing yourself so you don’t rot it becomes second nature. She also keeps her head in battle, using cold efficiency for maximum destruction with minimal force.
    Shortcomings- Unable to drop her M.E.S. without dying, she needs essence around her at all times to survive.
    Likes- Quiet, alone time, birds, purple.
    Dislikes- Crowds, stares, green, not being normal.
    Bio- It was a cold, wet morning when they found her in the scared landscape left behind by a terrible battle. She was sitting, her eyes open, her chest as still as the grave. When she heard them her head turned.
    “I can’t feel my face.”
    Her words were deathly calm, and what was there to feel? The left side of her face was blasted away, the wound that killed her, blacked flesh and exposed bone remaining, but still her remaining eye followed their movements. She was dead, but the glowing gem on her chest kept her alive.
    “Who are you?”
    “I... I don’t know.”
    There was only one place to take her, she needed training, why she was still moving if she was dead had to be investigated. Her retraining would be a long and slow process, skills would need to be re-learned, her identity investigated. The latter was unsuccessful, but maybe, some day her past will find her...

    Secret past info. (The stuff she doesn't know) (open)
    Heraldra never knew her mother, being raised by her father far away from the wars that tore through the land. Her father, a scientist, studied the essence that made magical girls possible and was delighted when his own daughter started showing signs of carrying the Godess Gene. He encouraged her to master her abilities and soon developed an experimental M.E.S. amplifier that he theorized would make any magical girl unkillable, all it needed was the right curse.

    Heraldra loved her father unconditionally, and when he told her to curse the M.E.S. amplifier and then wear it she did so without hesitation, the loss of her memories when she died was an unintended side effect of when the amplifier trapped her soul when it left her body on death.

    More: There are several disadvantages that come with having your soul reside in an M.E.S. amplifier. If the amplifier is destroyed her soul will be released and she will die permanently , if it is taken more than a certain distance from her body it dies until it can be returned, but so long as it remains intact she is, in one sense, alive.
  13. Thank you Zozo! >w< And awesome character, Vay! =D She is going to be fun to have around!... And... awesomely creepy too! XD
  14. Name- Deedra Powell
    Age- 16
    Gender- Female
    Nationality- Altresia.
    Occupation-Student at Unity Hall
    Goddess Gene- Both X chromosomes
    Appearance- In her day to day life, Deedra would much rather wear a long skirt and an oversized sweater to curl into, but instead she wears the latest trends when out of her room, seeming to be ever fashion conscious.
    M.E.S.- [​IMG]
    Powers- Heart (Emotion/Love)
    Talents- Amazing hand/eye coordination. Good at understanding the unstated, emotions and motives. Putting together information to solve problems.
    Shortcomings- Anger control issues. She can even make a complement sound like a snub. Fear of heights. Fear of enclosed places, alone.
    Likes- That first moment in the morning when the day is full of potential. Music, especially live orchestras. Knowledge & Power.
    Dislikes- Explaining herself, being proven wrong, jello.

    Bio- Deedra's mother is a magical girls, as was both her grandmothers. In fact, Deedra can trace her linage back through the ages to some of history's most prominent and powerful magical girls. She is very proud of the fact and the fighting prowess of her ancestresses.

    Deedra came into her own powers quite young, in fact spurring ahead of her older sister, which caused the two to go from being quite close to bitter. In fact few even know Lena Powell's is her sister, since they completely avoid each other at school, or did until the elder Powell graduated.

    Despite being one of the few prodigies, Deedra is actually having a harder time with her powers then when she first came to Unity Hall. She doesn't need an M.E.S. amplifier, but her power control is becoming more erratic, despite becoming more powerful. Her instructors have failed to get her to realize that it is her own emotional state that is the problem and any time the subject is brought up it seems to make the situation worse. She also resents her power, thinking it completely useless in battle and is sure she will never be able to live up to the ideas she has about magical girls and her own linage.
  15. Yav Vaylentine Ocha Next Door, character's accepted.

    My character will be very intelligent.
  16. Excellent character, Ocha! =D I'm excited to read yours, BluePenguin!
  17. Agreed on both accounts.
  18. I found the perfect picture for my first character.
  19. I wanna see!
  20. Here she is, the smart one from Altresia:
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