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  1. Hi everyone! I have a Bleach specific RP thread in this forum, so I thought I'd make a newer one and use it to broaden my possibilities of RPing with people!

    For the most part, I'm pretty open to most things. Heck, it'll get a little weird up here *points at head*. But there are limits. They are listed below. I'm a kinky individual, so you've been warned!
    If you're still interested in RPing with me after reading the thread, drop me a PM or send me an IM (and if you add me, please immediately tell me who you are...).

    Section 01: My Kink List

    I have an F-List that you guys can check out here. It does detail my Faves, Don'ts, and Do's. Any questions, feel free to drop a PM!

    My must haves, however, for any Libertine RP are: pregnancy, large breasts, slutty behavior/characters, tolerance of magic or science fiction.

    My motto: this is fantasy, don't bog it down with 100% realism!

    Section 02: Plot List

    Disclaimer: These plots are not the only things I will be willing to do. Fandom specific plots could also be reworked as original plots, too!

    Fandom Based Plots
    These plots are based originally around the series I intended the plots to be in. However, these plots can be used with original premises and characters.

    Show Spoiler

    1) Toxic Trouble (Kim Possible) - Kim is injected (unknowingly or knowingly) with a serum developed by Shego in order to turn Kim into her personal pawn. Shego's intentions are for more than just turning Kim into an obedient criminal, as the toxin has an effect that makes Kim more sexually oriented, causing her to emit pheromones that affect other people. This, in turn, leads to Kim transforming into any target's fantasy girl. This, in turn, can also (if applicable) turn women into futanari (this is entirely optional). As time goes on and the serum slowly infuses with Kim's DNA, Shego awaits the day that these effects cannot be reversed.

    2) Soul Force (Bleach) - Ichigo and company have kept the world safe from Hollow attacks for years, but come Ichigo's daughter's 15th birthday, Hollows begin to appear again and wreak havoc. They are all thrown back into the game while also having to explain to Ichigo's daughter and her friends as to what's going on. As they reveal that they don't know, a strange enemy is soon discovered and has set their sights on Ichigo's daughter due to her abilities and personality making her the first living Soul Mother.

    Original Based Plots
    These plots are based around either an idea or expand upon an idea I had recieved from another RP.

    Show Spoiler

    1) Viper Rigg, Space Explorer -

    In this plot, we'd follow intergalactic Space Hunter (and very hot alien of some sort or could be a human turned into an alien) Viper Rigg as she takes on oddjobs. However, she runs into trouble on one planet and is infected by a strange alien pod. She begins to gain a massive hunger increase, which forces her to stop by planets every so often and just eat anything - live animals, food, and even inhabitants. She can't control herself as she even begins to vore her bounties, beginning to care less and less about being paid with the amount of power she was gaining. It was also corrupting her, which would lead to the Intergalactic Space Squad to try and find her, then cure her or put her on ice.

    2) Invasion

    A young teenage girl that has everything going well in her life finds a strange man and tries to befriend him. Not getting much of a response and just watching him disappear into the woods behind her house for a few days, she decides to go after him and try to get him some help. Once she's in the said woods, she is ambushed by the man, whom seems to be emitting a strange groan and growling noise. She's pinned down, not believing a man as skinny as he is was easily overpowering her. She feels him plunge into her virgin tight womanhood and for short while, he viciously molests her. She continues to panic until the man finishes and a strange and very large tentacle slithers from his mouth and into her own. It transfers itself from him to her, causing the man to fall over and making the girl lose her own mind. One it's fully swallowed, she lays there for a moment until a vicious grin falls upon her face and she gets up in the creepiest way possible - slowly and like an acrobat that can arc their back in a strange way. She approaches the male, her maw agape as her new tentacle tongue like the man's wraps around him and pulls him into her mouth, swallowing him whole. The now changed girl sways back toward her house, now being possessed by this strange entity and hungers for more food.

    3) Oni

    A young woman is an aspiring real estate agent and heads to a mansion that no one can sell nor are willing to do tours in. She takes on the challenge of surveying the house and selling it, along with touring it. On her first tour with customers, everything seems to be going well. Until strange occurrences happen and several times the woman has to evade this large blue creature - referred to as an Oni by her co-workers. Unfortunately, she finds the bodies of her potential buyers in the master bedroom and then the bathroom. She is ambushed by the Oni when she attempts for the front door, managing to take it out but not before being bitten hard. Rather quickly, her skin turns blue and she begins to transform into the Oni herself, only an exaggerated attractive female form. It is then before her full conversion occurs that she sees the others reforming as Oni as well, under her command. When the conversion is complete, the woman grins and begins to use the house as bait. For a while, it works great - she gets food and new soldiers. But eventually it gets bigger than that... She finds more houses, makes them more bait traps and continues to expand.

    4) Mind Games

    A portal is opened within a city, letting in strange mechanical beings from another dimension. They end up running amok, taking refuge within society on Earth. They find their victims and decide to make them into hosts. In order to do so, they corner their targets and then burrow themselves into the target's head, entering the mind in such a way that doesn't cause any mess or obvious markings. The only noticeable difference is a strange type of horn the person might have (though these are usually small and hidden). Once burrowed inside, the host becomes a weapon for the mechanical controller. These beings live for combat, slightly jutting out of their head or going as far as being a spider-like robot and just using the host's body as a literal karate weapon. A young teenage girl named Marci is a primary target for one of the stronger mechanical beings, having a large energy pool, thus being able to withstand more power being forced into her. She's attacked and soon more or less "possessed" by this being, becoming a savage fighter that causes havoc to everyone - friends and even family. She isn't the only victim to these beings, but she is victim to one of the - if not the most - powerful. Chaos ensues as the mechanical being within the girl grows more and more dangerous every day.

    5) Apartment 103

    A young woman lives alone in a crowded apartment complex. Her landlord insists on sharing her apartment with a roommate, much to her displeasure. She has a terrible secret, one of which is amplified by the fact the apartment complex and city itself is vastly overcrowded. Ever since she had moved into Apartment 103, she developed a problem with blacking out. It was as if something else took over her body, though she knew what this other entity would do. They'd feast on various people within the apartment complex and most of the time it'd also extend into the city. Whether it was just an innocent invite into the apartment or a very sexual date that would end with the said date being her meal, she couldn't stop this "Other Self". When she's back in control of herself, she begins to try and research what is happening to her. This escalates to where her Other Self begins to come out even during the day if she is hungry enough and making her note that she doesn't need to be in the apartment anymore after suffering a month of this strange occurrence. Will she ever find out why this is happening and how to stop it?!

    6) Demonic Gateway

    This plot can be several things. A young girl discovers her mother has been devoured and replaced by a demon. The plot involves the daughter trying to find a way to get rid of the demon while possibly being harassed, raped and witnessing the demon devour people (strangers, friends, even loved ones).

    This plot could also focus on a girl who is very sick and turns to black magic to help her get better. She performs a dangerous spell, which ultimately cures her, but she begins to act demonic and gain demonic traits.

    A third variation is a woman is cursed due to some sort of situation she gets herself into and now begins to black out, sometimes waking up covered in blood and slowly begins to realize she's not the only one in her body anymore.

    7) Parasitic Problems

    A young girl finds herself witnessing a "falling star" falling into her town. She makes a wish on it and goes for a walk. Soon enough, she is attacked by a strange parasite either in its purest form and needs a host, or an infected individual it doesn't intend to keep as a host. She's chosen as a host due to her developing nature (young teenager) and desire to alter this development cycle. She's infected and briefly passes out. She doesn't realize she's infected when she wakes up, creating a bit of a split personality until she realizes the alien's taking over and eventually taunting her from her thoughts and forcing her to perform out of character actions.

    The plotline can be altered from parasite to dying alien transferring its life force, the girl could end up being a guy, or the alien completely overtakes another character and ends up taunting and essentially torturing (ie through sexual favors, forcing her to watch alien activities such as quite possibly voring people, etc).

    8) Portal Girl

    A young girl leads a normal life, only to find out she's part of a lost line of creatures known as Living Portals. On her 18th birthday, she wakens to strange pains and sudden memory loss as she transforms from a normal yet beautiful woman into an abnormally beautiful fantasy-like woman. Her body can stretch to accommodate anyone of any size trying to travel through her newly transformed womb, which is now where the portal is. Her new job is to unbirth and birth related passengers no matter where she is. She slowly regains some of her memory over time and is determined by this to find out what happened to the Portal Girls and why she is one if they're supposed to be extinct. Along the way, she runs into people who want to use her - particularly black market criminals for smuggling purposes - and has to try and not be overly used otherwise she'll forget her quest to find out more about the Portal Girls and personally find out why they went extinct.

    9) A Cybernetic Nightmare

    A young woman stumbles upon a secret that she shouldn't know about. In an attempt to run and hide for her life, she is struck down and presumably killed. Instead of burying or burning the body, her likeness and brain and transferred into a new technology being developed. The project is referred to as Cyber Demon and she is turned into a cybernetic hitwoman that has an alloy exoskeletion that allows her to devour her targets while also assuming their identity once the new robotic woman gets the victim's DNA. She is sent all over the time stream - past, present and future - in order to alter events in history for her creators.

    10) Unwanted Gift

    A young woman has an unknown talent. She emits a strange energy that attracts ghosts to her in the afterlife. Unlike a traditional medium of the modern world, these ghosts choose to take over her body and make her do things she cannot or doesn't want to remember. It ranges from being a very, very naughty girl to devouring an old enemy of the ghost. Due to her strong, but strange energy, spirits that possess her can allow her body to do the abnormal. It's even possible for more than one spirit to possess her and meld her together and she cannot stop it. She tries to find a way to control it or get rid of this "talent" regardless as she can't keep a relationship with how her condition is.

    11) The Visitor

    An alien being invades Earth and finds its first target. Whether it be a male or a female, it traps them and devours them quickly in order to take their form and pose as them. The most common form the alien will take is that of a female. It manages to grab one of the better known naughty girls known around the college campus and decides to use her knowledge and looks to get around the school. The alien targets males first, collecting as much male seed as it can - decided whether or not the male is worth keeping afterward - and then uses converted seed on forcibly impregnating other females within the college to attempt to breed its kind. The more seed the alien collects, the bigger its alien cock becomes. This is likewise to the more women it consumes either via oral or unbrith, which causes her to appear pregnant-looking but gain significant curves and bust size to her body with each meal.

    Slight Variation: An Earthling (female, 90% of the time) could be possessed/converted by an alien parasite rather than devoured and still act this way as they're forced to help said parasite breed.

    Note: This plot does involve at least tolerating vore, pregnancy, macro cocks, and fantasy curvy women with huge breasts.

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  2. I really like Unwanted Gift, is that taken?
  3. It is not! :D
  4. Are you looking for someone to play male...female...??????
  5. Either/Or. I didn't specify on purpose. OOC gender is not a factor either. My main concern is a person being able to play multiple characters like I can.
  6. I'm interested perhaps we can come up with a new plot? I like all those but I have some ideas I want to use.
  7. Sure. Shoot me a PM!
  8. I can give your bleach roleplay a try I suppose
  9. Well, if you want to, we can work something out, Hunter. But only if you actually want to.
  10. I wouldn't have suggested it if I had zero interest, just some parts of it seem interesting, and not in a bad way

    It might actually be more enjoyable then the stuff Tite has been coming out with lately
  11. Well, we can discuss it over PM or IM if you like.
  12. Le bump! Always looking for new peeps!
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