Geek Flow Chart

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    I thought lots of you would appreciate this. It made me giggle and kept me entertained for about five whole minutes. :]

    Does anything on this chart apply to you?
  2. That chart confuses me...

    Guess I'm not geek enough to kick it.
  3. I find this chart amusing as I was not exposed to D&D early in life XD
  4. "Doubting the technical accuracy of this chart"
  5. Short Fiction Writer.

  6. Internet definitely = dungeon.
  7. I'm stuck in the in an intense relationship with sci-fi loop.
  8. I don't like computers...Video games...DnD...

    Ohshit, that makes me like Asmo.
  9. "Exposed to D&D early in life + NO = Sunlight = GIRLS"

    I laughed at this.
  10. Wait...So...I am supposted...But...Sunlight? Huh... I think... I am stuck that circle that keeps looping around Second Life and Chat rooms... Am I doing something wrong, you guy? Should...Should I stop and ask for directions?


    What? No, I think I just need help with how to read this grid, I-


    Guys? Come on, someone help me here! ....Anyone? ...Uh... Diana? ...Rory? ...Miru? ........Ike?


    Wait, what? I was jus-WAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhh
  11. I ended up with "girls" but I suppose that's kind of right? >_>
  12. "Reality pretty great Yoda is"


    I guess that's not surprising, that I ended up there.
  13. I was not exposed to D&D at a young age.
    Instead it was Might and Magic.
    but I still got sunlight.
    Your chart is broken.
  14. Doubting the validity of this.

    The logical paths I went through could've either ended at Mountain Dew or NO TO FUR CONS.
  15. This chart fails to show my nerddom. I wasn't introduced to D&D till I was 16... Been a nerd LONG before that.

    Nobody can save you, Jinx.
  16. Posting in a thread full of dorks to disrupt so much dorkiness.