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  1. The continuation of "guardian: dark isles" we're back!!
  2. Slowly the young Captain would wake to a thin steam of light shining through the wooden shutters over the window. She'd stretch her arms over her head arcing her back up a bit. As she settled back into the bed again she'd yawn and attempt to rub the sleep from her eyes. After a several minutes she'd roll over on her stomach burying her face into the pillows for a few more minutes. She'd then scoot over to the edge of the bed putting her hand down to grab her bag that had fallen to the floor.
  3. At the helm Abraxas watched the sea smiling "we should be arriving today sir by sunset I reckon." Nodding in response he walked down the deck going into the quarters to meet klefki. Almost just bursting in he stopped himself and knocked "may I enter captain klefki?"
  4. She'd take a moment to pull the bag into her lap and look through it for a second to grad some breeches and tug them on tying a belt on over them. She'd call out as she swung her legs up out of bed sitting on the edge to untangle her hair, " You may.. " She say sleepily not quite awake yet. She'd continue to untangle her hair, her eyes had slipped closed once again as she fought to stay awake. Her bag would remain balanced in her lap as she slowly woke up.
  5. Walking in Abraxas closed the door behind him "still tired at this hour I see." Setting down a tray of food and refreshments on the bedside table he smiled "the curse of long hair I suppose." His words were kind and his smile was warm but in his eyes there seemed to be nothing...not emotion or evil just...there.
  6. She'd slowly open her eyes half way pulling her hair around her kinda snuggling into it, " Yes but it does help keep me warm on cold nights. " she'd say with a tired smile. As she started rubbing the sleep from her eyes again she'd look up at Abraxas, her eyes a little bleary. She'd give him a smile that was kinda goofy before smelling the food and sniffing at it as her stomach growled.
  7. Smirking he said "its okay it isn't poisoned." Taking a bite from an apple he chuckled sitting on the chair across from her speaking with a mouth full of apple "oh we will reach our destination by sun down."
  8. Klefki would push her hair back behind her shoulders and out of her face. Reaching over she'd also grab an apple and look down at it in her lap. " Where will we be headed once we land? " She'd bring the apple up to her mouth and take a bite from it as she looked up to the shutters. The thought of catching her own breakfast crossed her mind as she munch on her apple blearily.
  9. "That will depend on the scent I track it can be anywhere from Athens or the northern border." Walking to the shudders Abraxas looked to the sea Sighing with a pause "or even if this bloodline is still there."
  10. She would nod absentmindedly as the thought of swimming filled her mind. After she finished her apple and set the core down next to the other apples she'd stretch her arms up over her head and her legs out in front of her. " You think anyone would mind if I hop on off for a bit of a swim? " Whether or not anyone would she still planned on jump over for a bit.
  11. Motioning for her to go he said "by all means ms. Klefki I'm sure you are okay to catch up with us."
  12. She'd smile jumping up pulling off her over clothes, leaving her under garments on. She'd set them on top of her bag before heading towards the door, " Aye no ship can out run me in the water. " She'd say with a smirk. She'd open the door and with a quick wave back towards Abraxas she'd runs to the edge of the ship vaulting over the railing waving back towards any who may see with a laugh before diving down into the depths. She'd wiggle her way out of her under garments as she'd change into her water form, quickly tying them to her thighs with a bit of cord before diving down in search of breakfast.
  13. turning to surprised crew members he shouted "I know you sad boys never see a pretty lass almost naked but get back to work!" laughing after he said that he walked into thatchs quarters where a maiden was servicing thatch "Jesus man cover your lower half and her head at least!" laughing heartily "aye lad I know ye ain't much for relations like here but us normal men do!" shaking his head smiling abraxas sat down across the way "not that I do not enjoy it but more of resisting urges!"
  14. As she licked her claws clean from her catch she would spend most of the day swimming along side the ship smiling and waving at the younger lads who couldn't help their curiosity. She'd also spit water up at any of the older men who just wan't to catch a glimpse of her hitting them square up the nose and letting out gurgled laughter as they sputtered and threw things at her as she quickly dodged them. Every now and then though she'd spot something shining in the depths, a few coins, an old necklace, a beautifully shinning shell. These she would dive down quickly to grab them and climbing her way up the side of the ship to give them to the young ones as presents smiling as they gawked at her before diving back down into her watery home until someone called her out of the ocean to get ready to dock at their destination.
  15. As the ship docked abraxas finished a tankard of rum smiling "are the boys ready for this?" Thatch replied with excitement "boy they live for this!" The two walked off the ship and waited for the other captain to join them.
  16. After changing quickly into her new armor she hurriedly stuffed her other clothes into her bag, latching it shut before throwing it onto her back and bursting out the door of Abraxas' quarters. She would sprinted down the gangplank and skid to a halt in front of the two larger males. Panting she'd smile up at them her still drenched hair clinging to her face, " Hope I didn't keep you boys waiting for to long. " She'd push her hair out of her face tying it back with a bit of leather cord as she looked up at Abraxas. " So where we off to first then? "
  17. Smiling at her thatch said "not at all lass although you like messing with my crew." Butting in abraxas laughed "I'm sure there ain't any complaints from em neither man." Walking down into the big town the culture difference and how people saw them was painfully obvious so they kept their heads down. "First we need to go to the ruins in Athens there I can pick up the scent of these men. Then once we find them we convince them to come with us."
  18. The young captain gave Thatch a mischievous smile and a wink before following after the two through the city. She did her best to not bring any attention to them but once they started passing some stalls selling clothes and jewelry she couldn't help but look around, her eyes shinning in wonder. The art, the smell of food, everything around her charmed her and she knew that she'd have to come back here to visit.
  19. after a few hours they reached the hill top with ancient collapsed pillars, abraxas began to look around running his hands over the stone until he smiled "alright, I have the scent I should find them shortly just let me listen for them."
  20. Klefki would look around curiously and began nosing about while Abraxas searched for whomever it was. She'd walked a short distance away and began peeking underneath some bushes and climbed a few trees sometimes jumping from one branch to another. After a little while though she began to grow bored and hung upside down from a branch.
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