Gallagher Academy for Exceptional Young Women and Men

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  1. Roseville, Virginia.

    A small town located in the southeast part of the small state. And while the town holds it's small town high school there lies a school so elite that no one in the town has ever even stepped foot inside it's historic walls. Most of the town even wonders if it's a real school. But you know the truth. The other kids turn their noses up at your perfectly ironed uniform but you know it's only because they are jealous.. because everyone wants to be a Gallagher Girl.

    Your car is approaching the school, driving though the small town you see the kids looking toward your polished black SUV. They glare at your through the blacked out bullet proof windows. But before you can even blink the light turns green and your car pulls away from the jealous teenagers. As you exit the town your car makes a smooth left turn up a winding road. You see other black cars pulling up beside your own. All of them driving upwards towards the giant mansion looming in the distance. The autumn breeze blows a few leaves past your roaring cars as it warns of the chilling winds soon to come in the autumn season. After all, the school year is beginning.

    Your car pulls to a soft stop and the engine roars softly as you look out the window and up at the towering mansion that you call your school. Whether it is your first year or your last you have heard the rumors of the school. But now you were about to discover the truth of the secretive brick walls.

    You exit the car and take your luggage from the driver who wishes you luck on your studies.. you think you here the words "You'll need it" Under the drivers breath but you shake it off. So, now here you stand in front of the prestigious Gallagher Academy. You turn to see the other girls in their blue plaid skirts and pressed white collared button downs until you see out of the corner of your eye a.. boy? A male on Gallagher Academy? This must be a joke! Others around you have begun to notice as well and everyone beings to eye the teenage boy in a red pressed uniform jacket and khaki pants. He's not alone either.. Many other boys begin to appear from around the corner of the school, lead by your headmistress Miss Lily Gallagher.

    Miss Gallagher claps her hands a few times and you turn to listen to your Head Mistress.

    "Ladies, Welcome back to Gallagher Academy. On behalf of myself and the rest of the staff here at Gallagher we are very proud to welcome you fine young ladies back to school. Now I'm sure you are all wondering why they're are young men on our property as Gallagher is a ladies only boarding school. Well these young men are students from Dephier Academy for Exceptional Young Men. Lead by their Head Master Mr. Ryan Waggner, former head of the FBI's special unit. These young men are very similar to you young ladies and we have kindly offered to share our school with these young men as their school is being rebuilt after a fire burnt down half their school. I hope you will be friendly and welcoming to our guests while they learn with us here. Now ladies please find your dorms and unpack, at 12:30 we will have our welcoming ceremony and we will go over rules. I do hope you all received your dorm assignments and schedule in the mail. If you do not have a sheet please find a teacher located at the doors on your way in and speak to them about getting a new dorm assignment sheet. I expect another wonderful year and I will see Every single one of you in the grand hall at 12:30 I expect none of you will be late.. That is all" Miss Lily spoke and turned to a man near the young boys who you assume to be the head master of the other school. You wonder who could have burned down the young men's school.. but you have other things to worry about right now.

    Turning to the cast iron doors that were opened to allow you in you thought to yourself.. ​

    "I wonder what comes next..?"
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  2. ♠Cassandra-Sublevel 2♠

    Cassandra had enjoyed the journey to her school in Virginia. After all she lived with her parents in Oregon during her summer breaks and there wasn't very much sun in such a rainy state. The small town was so very different from Seattle. While she tapped her manicured fingers against the door handle of the sleek black SUV she noticed the teenagers of Roseville. A vicious smirk crawling across her face. They could stare in mock disgust all they wanted, but Cassie knew the truth, they would kill to be in her position. Riding past this small town into a better future then they could ever imagine. To them she was just another rich girl going to the elite prep school that had it's residence just north of the town. What they didn't know is just what she was studying at her prep school. Chuckling under her breath she shook her hair. Poor souls would never live the life she would embark on after next year when she graduated from Gallagher as a trained killing machine.

    When Gallagher appeared in the window she felt her heart skip a beat. "Home Sweet Home.." She whispered with a smile. As her car came to a halt in front of the gray and white brick building she opened the car door and uncrossed her legs. Sliding out of the car and patting her small uniformed skirt she flipped her blonde locks over her right shoulder and looked around. She wasn't the only girl and saw many of her classmates greeting each other, each with an exciting tale of what their summer consisted off. Cassandra thanked her driver as he handed her the red plaid luggage that held her things for the school year. While she wandered over to find her friends and roommates for the year she noticed the commotion and saw the boys that stood in clean uniforms. As Headmistress Lily explained the situation a small smug look came to her face. Boys? On campus? That meant Cassie wouldn't have to flirt with the boys in Roseville on the weekends. Plus a boy that could keep up with her was always a fun challenge after all. Turning from the boys she looked around for her friends.

    (Anyone can be her friend)
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  3. Erin Lindstrom - SL2

    After three years the car routine was nothing to get excited about. Erin slumped boredly in the back seat. It was so extravagant, sending a car, but at least that meant her dad didn't have to take the time to drive her and interrupt his work schedule. Another year, hopefully a good one. She was excited about having higher clearance, not such a newbie anymore. As the car pulled up to the academy grounds she tugged at her stiff uniform. The only downside to going to a high-class espionage school was the getup. She always wore a pair of athletic shorts under the pleated skirt in case of a sudden breeze, and the silly tie thing hung loosely around the collar of the starched white blouse, the top few buttons of which were left undone. The black stockings wouldn't even stay put on her long slender legs, and kept sliding down and hanging loosely around her ankles. The only thing she was allowed to customize about her wardrobe was the shoes, and she'd chosen a pair of blue Converse for this particular day.

    Finally stepping out of the car and collecting her suitcase, she took notice of the group of boys off to one side, and Ms. Lily explaining their presence. While some of the girls whispered and whined about it Erin just shrugged it off and headed to find her dorm. She recognized most of the female students, if not by name then by face, though there were some new ones. Every once in a while she'd throw a sidelong look at the boys, who were all huddled together in groups looking like lost puppies. "Kids," she scoffed, running a hand through her short messy hair and then looking down at her dorm assignments for this year. Roommates… what a bother.

    "Oh, hey Cassie." She'd almost run over the shorter girl in her haste to get on with moving in. They'd been in the same Covert Operations class the previous year. "Evans, right? I think we might actually be roommates this year. Is this your student number?" Erin held up the sheet of paper designating the students' living arrangements. Secretly she hoped there might just be a second Cassandra Evans enrolled at Gallagher, because from what she remembered of this one was a snarky know-it-all. Still, she offered the other girl a small smile, on the off-chance they were roommates she'd rather they start off on the right foot than not.
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  4. James Prince - SL1
    Jonathan Prince - SL1

    The twins had arrived earlier along with the rest of the Deipher boys. Their transition had been almost rushed what with the chaos of the fire and everything right before the beginning of the school year. All their belongings had been shipped in and the boys had spent the previous night at a hotel with their aunt. Now, after being introduced to and by the Headmistress, they were at a slight loss for what to do until orientation. That is, they couldn't decide between themselves.

    "We don't even know who our roommates are," Jonathan was saying, "And all our stuff is just sitting in a pile in the dorm, we should unpack and get it all sorted out."

    "Nah," James waved him off, "Plenty of time for that later. First impressions are important you know. We'd better get a jump on things. This was an all girls school up until this year, so that means there's an opening for the most charming male students but if we're not fast some other slick Deipher gents with too much product in their hair is gonna steal the spot." James paused to wave at a group of girls who were whispering and staring, flashing them a winning smile that sent them into a chattering frenzy. Jonathan just sighed and rolled his eyes but his austerity just seemed to add into the equation.

    "It's not like they've never seen a boy before," Jon grumbled, but eventually gave in and allowed James to escort him around the campus. The buildings all looked very old and artful. Sub Level 1 meant they must also have an underground facility, one that went at least three levels down but could quite conceivably have more. There wasn't much time to ponder this though because they stopped very frequently to exchange friendly hellos with the other students milling about. Most of them female, since they were well enough acquainted with the Deipher transfers. Though eventually Jon persuaded James to seek out at least a few of them that they knew, saying it would look bad of them to suddenly abandon all regard for their fellow brethren.
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  5. Dominique 'Domino' Kelly
    Sub Level Two

    Her summer break had exhausted her. Her 'aunt' Ashley had a big project she was working on so to keep Domino on her toes she sent her on a ridiculously complicated and unnecessary scavenger hunt. "Take a picture of this exact thing at this angle in this light." Blah, blah, blah. Domino would have much rather preferred resting in her bed and staring mournfully at a family photo album, but Ashley had refused to let her relax and descend into depression. Domino supposed she should have thanked her at some point, but being forced to run around town snapping pictures of random things and people had pissed her off. So now she was barely awake, sitting in the back of a car and heading back to school. She so wanted to just...sleep, but she couldn't allow herself to do that. She had to be prepared for anything, even though the driver had remained the same each year, she refused to show weakness in front of him.

    When the car finally pulled up to the school, Domino slid gracefully out of the car, grabbed her bags and started towards the entrance to the school to hear what the headmistress had to say.

    "Boys, huh? This'll be interesting." She said to herself, casting a bright smile at a passing acquaintance who gave her an enthusiastic wave. She waved and hugged several girls exchanging, 'I missed you's' and 'how was your summers' before turning to a cluster of boys and smiling wide. "Hey guys. Welcome to Gallagher, no need to look so nervous, we aren't wolves." She said cheerfully, extending a hand to shake.
  6. Luhan~ Sub Level 3
    His flight in had been rough and now a painful headache rang in his skull. Esther, his little sister had cried and clung to his pants when he had gone to the airplane, begging him not to leave. Rubbing his temple, Luhan got off the plane, headphones on his ears delivering a steady stream of music. Despite his laid back demeanor, his honey colored eyes scanned the airport for any potential threats as he gathered his suitcase and made his way to the front of the airport. Walking through the sliding glass doors, the cool Virginia wind greeted him with a welcome smile. A man waved Luhan over, complying, he greeted his driver before letting the man set his suitcase in the trunk of the car before he got in.

    Propping his head up against the palm of his hand, his long fingers tapped a simple rhythm onto the plastic of the black Mercedes interior. The ride to the school was always horribly boring, and always ranged from half an hour to an hour trip depending on the traffic. Luhan still wasn't sure why the girl's school, Gallagher had decided to merge with the boys school, Deipher, but he couldn't decipher a hidden motive. As he and the driver neared the school, he could see other citizens and teens glaring enviously at him and the stream of other shiny, expensive cars. Instead of glaring at them, he ignored him, the beat of his music taking him away for the time being. Blinking hard, Luhan shook all signs of fatigue out of his eyes before running a hand through his midnight black hair to smooth it down and to make himself look at least presentable.

    Upon arrival, Luhan slipped out of the car, smoothing down the black vest of the boys uniform before letting the driver handle the bags. Setting a twenty dollar bill onto the steering wheel as a thank you, he noticed some of the girls gawking at the other guys, and he couldn't help but feel a little bit uncomfortable. It had been a long time since he had socialized with the other species, but gathering his courage, he moved to join the cluster of boys that he recognized from Deipher. Watching as a girl moved towards them, Luhan wanted to merge with the shadows or anything and disappear, but he shook her hand and with a forced smile, "That's reassuring, I'm Luhan, and you are?"
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  7. Cassandra~Sublevel2
    Walking into her room she threw her luggage onto her bed and looked up at the girl who had almost run her over. "Oh, hey Erin." She said simply as she looked over the sheet the girl held out to her. "Yeah that's mine. I guess we are roommates." She nodded with a small smile back. She unfolded her clothing and began hanging it up in her closet. The two other beds remained empty and she looked over to Erin. "I wonder who our other roommates will be..." She said quietly and closed the door when she finished. "So how was your summer Erin?" She asked politely trying to make small talk. She'd never really talked to Erin before, but she didm recognize her from her Covert Ops class last year.

    Pippa- Sublevel 1

    Arriving at Gallagher was such a nerve racking experience. With every twist of the winding road Pippa thought she would throw up. She never fit in at any other school, what made her parents think this year would be any different? As the car pulled to a stop at a red light in the small town by her new school she looked out the window, a move she regretted, as some teenagers from the local high school looked at the stylish black car and glared at her. She gulped nervously and looked away ad the car sped off towards the school. When the car came to a soft spot at the entrance Pippa just caught the ending speech of her new Headmistress. Looking over to the small herd of boys she twirled her hair in confusion. She had been told Gallagher was an all girls school? The girl was suddenly awakened from her days ream by the drivers soft cough as he handed her the luggage. "Oh I'm sorry! Thank you!" She said softly with a small wave. As she walked towards the entrance to the tall building she bumped into a stranger and looked up with a scared expression. "Oh my goodness I'm so sorry!" she muttered with her soft british accent. ​
  8. Ophelia~Sublevel 2

    This was going to be another year of the same thing that happened last year. She would walk into the schools confident with her own self...then do something stupid to screw that whole thing up. And on top of tha she would piss off some big popular girl who would end up making her life a living cesspool. Though whoever that was wasnt making it that much different than what it already was. Ophelia spent the whole ride day dreaming and it wasn't until she heard the voice of a older male forcing her out of the car. "Oh sorry sir...thank you for the ride" she grabbed her luggage and rolled it out of the car, and before she knew it Gallahger had become her home once more, except it was a bit different...cause she saw new faces. And those new faces belong to guys, she got to make a fool of herself in front of guys as well.

    A soft sigh escaped from her mouth as she looked down at the small sheet of paper and made her way to her room. Girls were squealing about how exciting their summer break was and guys were trying to keep their distance as if they were going to get eaten alive by the girls, which they probably were...just in other ways. Of course she had no one to run up to her excitedly asking how her summer was and what she did, well because she hadn't really made friends the first year but the second year was a new thing and she was determined to talk to someone, who wasn't herself. Ophelia looked at the door and breathed out before she knocked softly and let herself in already seeing two girls in the room. She had known them both by name since she had seen them in her Covert Ops class. One was Cassandera and the other was Erin, and nerves began to hit her as she extended her hand.

    "H-hi I'll guess I'll be another one of your roommates...I'm Ophelia" and of course her being the klutz she was tripped over her own two feet as she made her way to both of them. And here was the part where she screwed everything up...she was amazing at everything else, scholars...scholars...and scholars, but talking to people wasn't a big thing though it was pretty easy for her to make friends. Ophelia sat herself up rubbing her head softly completely embarrassed as she tried it one more time by holding out her hand. "I'm sorry can we try that again...I'm Ophelia your roommate" she said pushing some of her hair out of her face smiling softly. "But most people I know call me snaps"
  9. Dominique 'Domino' Kelly
    Sub Level Two

    Domino grinned, "Do I detect a hint of sarcasm, Luhan?" She teased. "I'm Dominique, but call me Domino so I don't start seeing myself as a soccer mom past her prime." She joked. It wasn't as though she hated her name, but she didn't think it fit the version she appeared as at school. At home sure. She was a complete Dominique. D.D Depressive Dominique. But at school she needed a nice nickname to fit with her extroverted exterior. "So, what level are you Luhan?" She tried to guess his status just by looking at him, but she of all people knew not to underestimate others. He looked like a newbie with his baby face, but who knows, he could be older than her! She knew more than a couple students who looked young as hell but were in fact a hell of a lot older. Some of those particular people had even been teachers...​
  10. Erin - SL2

    Upon finding the room, Erin quickly threw her big hard-sided suitcase onto the bed in the farthest corner of the room. The thing was old and battered from going through so many airports, and sporting half a dozen luggage tags. She gave little more than a grunt in response to Cassie's roommates comment. She hadn't recognized the names on the sheet so it didn't give her much of a clue. "My summer was okay. Dad and I stayed in Florence for much of it, but we spent a week in Venice too, you know, Italy." She genuinely smiled for a moment, "All the restaurants served wine like it was normal and he let me have it. Takes getting used to though, it was…" She trailed off as a red headed girl entered the room and began to introduce herself, tripped, then introduced herself again.

    Erin popped the latches on her suitcase and flung it open, unperturbed. "I'm Erin," she said to the girl who introduced herself as Ophelia, offering her a nod and a small smile before continuing to unpack. The first thing to come out were two extra pillows that she threw on the bed beside the one already provided, next was a small framed photograph of a silver-haired man with a kind smile and whose deep gray eyes were a reflection of Erin's. She set the picture on the small bedside table and pulled out a few books and other knick knacks and then a fat stack of postcards. The rest just seemed to be clothes that she found a place for in the little closet near her bed.

    When the beastly suitcase was finally empty she closed it once more and slid it underneath the bed, then knelt on the mattress and picked up the postcards, letting them spill out all over in front of her. One by one she picked them up, stuck a bit of poster tack on the back and hung it up over the head of her bed. All the postcards seemed to be from different places, a number of States in the US as well as international ones from countries in Europe and Asia. Some were old and creased and some were brand new like the one featuring Florence's skyline and another showing Venice lit up at night with all the lights reflecting on the water. She sat back and admired her work for a minute.

    Finally she said, "We still have orientation right? Either of you know when that is?"

    ~ ~ ~
    James - SL1
    Jonathan - SL1
    As the boys continued to mingle about they followed the gentle flow of the student body toward what was presumably the main building. Those who had moved in were casually socializing, while the new arrivals were hurrying around looking for their dorms or roommates. They just floated around until one of them was run into from behind. "Woah are you okay?" They turned as the girl stumbled and Jonathan put a hand on her shoulder to steady her. Taking note of her frightened expression the twins just smiled reassuringly and introduced themselves.

    "I'm Jonathan," said James, extending his hand in a gesture of friendship.

    "No, I'm Jonathan," Jon corrected him, "He's James. But it doesn't really matter because everyone mixes it up anyway." The boys laughed.

    "Hey do you need help carrying that?" Before she could answer the twins moved to pick up her luggage. "Girls' dorms in the east wing, right? So, that way." James started off on his own.

    "Hang on, we're not allowed in the girls' dorms." Jonathan protested.

    "No silly, we're not allowed in the rooms. There's nothing in the rulebook that says we can't walk the hallways. Besides," and here he threw another charming smile in the girl's direction, "the gentlemanly thing to do would be to help this pretty lady carry these heavy bags up the stairs."
  11. Alexander "Bayton" Vikashev
    Horribly loss...
    Alexander was horribly loss. One moment he was walking with a small group of boys from Deipher, the next he found himself alone in an empty hallway, the people he was following long gone. How he got seperated was beyond him. It didn't help that his mind was off in the clouds. He had been fielding calls all morning from family updating him on his fathers worsening health. Instead of being at his fathers side helping his sister through this, he was wandering through several halls looking for anybody that could help him find his room.

    "Почему школы должны быть настолько большой? " He muttered to himself annoyed at the whole situation.
    (Why does this school have to be so big?)
    "Только те, с его помощью являются претенциозным brats, которые думают их лучше для всего мира. Глупый большой школе."
    (The only ones using it are pretentious brats that think their better for the world. Stupid big school.)

    He continued walking down hallways until he spotted a single door hanging open, voices floating through the threshold. Eager to get to his room and figure out who he would spending the rest of the year sharing a room with, Alex jogged down the hallway toward the open door. He made it too the doorway, standing awkwardly outside the room as it appeared to be one of the female dorm rooms. Still he knocked on the door as casually as he could, a small embarrassed smile growing on his face. Easily switching languages he spoke up hoping to grab one of the girls attention, "Heyy, Any of you know where I could find the boys dorm? I kind of got lost and I have no idea where my stuff is. "
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  12. Cassandra-Sublevel 2

    "Hmm Italy huh? I've only visited once and I was quite young so I hardly remember. I'm quite jealous, sounds like you had an eventful summer" Cassie said casually before her attention was turned to the new girl. The girl muttered like a scared 5 year old. "Nice to meet you, I'm Cassandra." She said with a small smile to the nervous wreck of a girl. "No need to shake in your little boots hun. We won't bite" She offered as she finished making her red and black bed and throwing decorative pillows on it. "Orentation? Oh right Headmistress Lily said something about the main hall at 12 something" Cassie said as she plopped down on her bed and pulled one of her nail files off her desk and began filing away at her manicured nails. "I'll probably leave for it soon. Nice post cards Erin" She said as she admired the girls handy work on the wall. She looked up from her nails when a boy appeared at their open door. "The boys dorms? Shit.. I think they're one floor up and to the west." Cassandra said before looking over to her packet of information for the upcoming year. "Are you lost?"

    Pippa- Sublevel 1
    Suddenly Pippa looked up to see two boys looking almost identical to one another. Her face flushed bright red as she stuttered to speak. "Y-Yeah I'm oaky, sorry for running into you guys.. Maybe I should keep my eyes on where I'm going huh?" She laughed softly. Looking from boy to boy as they introduced themselves. "Really? It wouldn't be that hard to keep you two apart.. I mean James has a little freckle rightttt there." She said lightly touching the boy's lower cheek bone. Giving both of the boys a smile as they helped pick up her luggage and James set off towards the girls dorm rooms. His charming smile to her made the girl blush slightly before rolling her eyes. Pippa giggled and trailed behind him with Jon. "Is he always so.. energetic?" She asked with another small laugh. "Turn right I think. My dorm room is number 284" She yelled up to James.
  13. Ophelia-Sublevel 2

    She smiled at both of the girls and placed her luggage on one of the empty beds opening it. The bag has looked tiny but there was quite a lot in there. Ophelia always hated unpacking on the first day but it was one of the simple tasks that had to be done, so as she opened it up Opheila took out her comforters, pillows, and a blanket placing them on the bed. Then she went to her clothes putting them in the closet that was beside her bed. After that there were just tiny things like a bag of her toiletries and shoes, her shoes went in her closet and the bag went into the bathroom.

    Right now she was on a roll, until she stopped hearing a males voice. Of course she couldn't help him cause she got a little lost herself inside the building since it was pretty huge. So she kept to herself so that no wrong information was given and finished unpacking the rest of her stuff, which was just a stuff animal that her little brother Daniel had gotten her and three pictures, one of her and her mom, another one of her with her dads, and the last one was a family photo with her aunt. "Wel that was quicker than I thought it would be" Ophelia had mumbled to herself then began to make her bed. Her sheets might have been embarrassing and it nerdy to other people but she loved them. They were just comic book sound effects then just a plain sky blue blanket so not too much was going on.

    Honestly she hadn't wanted to go orientation but the headmistress was morally strict about things like this so she really hadn't had a choice. "Actually I think I'll just walk around the school until the orientation if either of you would want to join?" She was nervous just asking someone if they would want to walk with her. Ophelia didn't know how she would survive this school year if she couldn't just ask a simple question to the people she was going to be living with.
  14. James - SL1
    Jonathan - SL1

    "Must've gotten too much sun this summer," Jonathan said. "I don't have a freckle!" James rubbed his sleeve across his cheek. He didn't remember having a freckle, their walnut complexion sort of negated freckles. Jon peered at his face very closely, then licked his thumb and rubbed the tiny offending freckle until it disappeared. "Geez use a napkin next time you eat chocolate cake or else they'll start calling you the sloppy one." They made a face at each other. "Ah, whatever. 284 you said?" James soldiered on ahead of them.

    Jon just shook his head and chuckled, "Yeah he's usually like that. So what was your name again? You sound like you're from England or something." he shouldered the bag he was carrying as they all marched down the hall. "I think this is it," said James, coming to a halt in front of one of the doors. The twins set down the luggage beside it and straightened their uniform jackets. Side-by-side they really were a mirror image of the other, in spite of their differing personalities.

    ~ ~ ~

    Erin - SL2

    The interruption of the boy at their door went by without Erin's acknowledgement. Cassie seemed to have it covered so while she chatted with him Erin took the time to arrange her few personal care items in the bathroom. She stayed in there a moment, staring at herself in the mirror and trying to comb her messy short hair into some sort of order. She felt awkward in the uniform, fiddling with the necktie and eventually giving up because it looked silly anyway. She took it off and, exiting the bathroom, tossed it onto her bed. Reaching into her closet she pulled out a black and blue plaid men's cardigan- it had been her father's -and pulled it on over the short sleeved blouse. It looked okay with the blue of her uniform and she felt a bit more comfortable.

    Hearing Ophelia's plea for someone to walk with her, Erin almost ignored it, but then she decided it might be okay to walk around before the program started. Maybe they could find something to eat in the cafeteria, since it was almost noon anyway. "Sure I'll go with you," she said to the nervous girl and then slipped out into the hallway. Other students passed them on the way out but Erin didn't bother to greet any of them. She hardly spared a glance at Ophelia either. If the kid got lost it wasn't her fault, and she'd have to figure out her way around eventually. Erin remembered where pretty much everything was from last year, the only real change in the layout was that there was now a boys' dorm, but that was on the other side.

    She walked with the determination to go in a straight line, so in spite of the mass of girls and boys running around she didn't move an inch out of her way for them, and every time someone carelessly bumped her arm or something she shot them a look that said "watch it". Eventually she found her way to the cafeteria, but if there was going to be food they apparently weren't serving yet, but the open-kitchen policy hadn't changed thankfully and so she grabbed a couple of apples and a few packets of peanut butter crackers from the snack area.
  15. Pippa-Sublevel1

    Pippa giggled again at the two. "Ohh it was cake" She laughed again. "Sorry there James." She apologized and laughed as they trailed behind him. Pippa turned her attention to Jon as he asked her name again. "Oh my name is Pippa. Pippa Abney. I'm a first year here at Gallagher. And yeah I have a slight british accent.. I'm from the northern part of England." She said confirming his thoughts of her heritage. As James found her room she sped up to open the door for them. "Thank You guys for helping me to my room." She looked at them and laughed. "Okay now I can't tell you two apart.. Oh my" She said with a large smile plastered on her face. "So do you guys need any help with your luggage?" she asked trying to be helpful.
  16. Ophelia- Sublevel 2

    As they started to walk Opheila lost the nervousness but it was still terrifying cause of the girl's aura. She was wound up a bit which seemed which made her a bit scared. She even felt that she was being annoying just standing near her. They reached the cafeteria though and that seemed to be the only route she remembered fully. Well that route and the other to her calming spot she claimed at the beginning of the school year last year. Which reminded her that she would have to check on it later.

    But it was mainly the silence that was killing her. She hoped to have some small conversations here and there but her words could form nothing, cause she was deathly afraid of the girl that stood a taller than her. But she was going to have to start something so that she wasn't totally afraid of her, "You know you look pretty annoyed right now" she instantly regretted what she said as she sighed softly to herself. "I didn't mean that...what I meant to say was how was the whole trip here" well she kinda did mean what she said but this girl looked like she didn't need to be pushed any further.

    While they were in the cafeteria she ended up trapped a little carton of grapes since she was a little hungry. Ophelia had popped a grape in her mouth then ended up grabbing another carton then walked out of the cafeteria with the semi scary tall girl next to her.
  17. James - SL1
    Jonathan SL1

    "You're very welcome." - "We're already unpacked though, we got here early." - "We'll see you around then, or at orientation probably." - "Let's try to sit together at dinner!" The two of them smiled. "It was nice to meet you, Pippa. We're also first years, so we'll probably have a lot of the same classes." She was nice, and the boys individually decided that they liked her. She'd be the first of hopefully many friends here at Gallagher and she was the same age to boot. They waved and started back down the hallway, figuring it would be better if they didn't loiter on the girls' floor in case some nosy faculty member got the wrong idea.

    On the way back they came across an open door with another guy leaning in. "Hey, are you lost…" he trailed off when he saw the pretty girl on the other side of the doorway to whom the stranger was speaking. "Oh, my bad, didn't know your girlfriend was here." - "Nice!" The twins hurried past so as not to make the couple feel awkward. On the main floor once again, they continued in the same manner as before, stopping and chatting with other students at random to pass the time.

    ~ ~ ~

    Erin - SL2

    "What do you mean?" Erin said, a little surprised, "I'm not annoyed." She shoved the peanut butter crackers into the pocket of the oversized sweater and took a huge bite out of one of the apples, perching on the edge of a table and resting her feet on a chair. Ordinarily this sort of behavior from a lady at Gallagher would be frowned upon, but school hadn't officially started yet, and Erin was not the kind of person to follow rules that weren't being enforced, too much effort. "You did mean it though so don't go trying to cover it up. If you're gonna say something honestly you've gotta own it." She took another bite of apple, perfectly aware that when she didn't smile she had a resting-bitch-face. Someone would have said something to her about it sooner or later, she hadn't really expected it to be this little waif though.

    It didn't matter because she'd lost count of how many "are you mad?" and "are you okay?" and "what's wrong?" inquiries she'd gotten in her life because of it. In spite of this she went on to answer the other question. "I hate flying so the trip here was nothing special. Gallagher's kind enough to pick me up at the airport so that's all right." Not that the other girl cared, since it was just something she said to try and distract from the other thing. But realizing poor Ophelia just wanted to have a conversation Erin decided to indulge her a little longer. "What about you, where are you from?"
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  18. [​IMG]

    Luhan~ Sub Level 3

    Luhan let out a humorless chuckle at Domino's remark, "I gotcha, Domino it is." There was something about the general vibe of the building and students that kind of freaked the teen out currently, "Ah, I'm a Sub-Level 3, so I'm a senior this year, what about you?" From her looks, he would guess maybe a Sub Level 2, around maybe a sophomore year level?

    Discretely checking his watch, which was hidden underneath the sleeve of his school uniform, he apologized quickly to Domino, "I've got to get to my dorm room and then get ready for the orientation, I'll see you around then." Slinging his backpack across one shoulder, he grabbed his suitcase and dragged it across the campus, heading towards the boy's dorm rooms. The buildings were spectacular, built in a gothic and Victorian era fashion, giving the whole place an elegant yet haunted vibe. Looking at the crumpled paper in his hand, Luhan read the dorm number, looking up as he passed each dorm room.

    Finally stopping at his room, he unlocked the door, hearing the mechanical click of the lock before stepping in, greeting the twins, who happened to be his roommates.
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  19. Ophelia:Sublevel 2

    She wasn't like most girls here, the whole prim and proper thing didn't really seem to be for her. Ophelia chuckled a bit trying hard to keep her laugher in as she cover her mouth. "I don't know....I mean you probably aren't annoyed you just seem like it, the aura that you're giving off is pretty frightening..." she popped another grape Into her mouth deciding to sit in a chair instead of sitting on the table like Erin had. Then she sensed that she was actually trying to keep the conversation going, which probably wouldn't have meant that much to any normal socialist. But to the nervous wreck like herself it seemed a bit easier to continue on the conversation.

    "Oh well Im originally from a little town in France, then I moved down here so I could attend Gallahger" it was a little white lie but part true, since she was from France. Ophelia found it a bit hilarious though, how she was sitting. It was a bit ironic in her mind how a girl attending a school that taught girls manners sat on a table instead of on a chair with perfect posture and all that other crap. "Ooh someone might catch you not being ladylike...such a rebel" she joked chuckling a little more. It was true the whole prim and proper thing got old after your first year, why would a lady need to have such manners to survive in the world. Honestly she had some whole philosophy on the whole thing that she made up one day when she should have been paying attention in that class.

  20. Alexander "Bayton" Vikashev SL 2

    Alexander had stared drifting off, as he watched the girls in the room. Most hadn't payed him any mind at all, quickly unpacking and talking a bit among themselves. It was only when he was forced to move aside to let them out the door did he really snap back to the present. The beautiful girl in front of him staring expectantly at him, waiting for Alex to talk. He snapped his eyes down her body, noticing probably for the first time her looks. His embarrassed smile grew a bit, his hand finding the back of his head in a slight nervous tick.

    "Oh yah sorry I'm глупый(Stupid) some times. Yes I am horribly loss and need assistance." Taking a step forward he extended a hand to her, giving her his most winning smile. "Alexander Bayton, but everyone calls me Alex. My first year state side, have you been to this school before?"
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