Galaxy's End

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  1. In a galaxy close to Omega, a plague rained, consuming everything in it's path. The plague clinged to it's host, causing illness to strike until death followed. Quickly world's fell, falling into total darkness. The plague moved through out the galaxy in less then one week, leaving no organic life alive. With out a host, or a transportation device, the plague waited among the ruins of the galaxy.

    9768 A.D was the day humans first made a mark on history, creating a ship powerful enough to travel to one galaxy to another. It was the humans who brought the plague, spreading it amongst their homeworld. With only contact of the Neline, the humans downfall was quick, and fatal.

    The humans hald for 2 years, quarrying infected, killing possible infected. With the plague at it's extinction, it changed, transforming it's hosts into flesh eating monsters. These monsters came to spread the very same plague with each bite. The last of the humans named the plague Ender before becoming overwhelmed, and going extinct.

    The humans left one relic, the human made planet Hades. It was rather large in size, while it's core sat as a old dieing star. Hades was made as a shopping paradise, holding 9,7376374,854679,15345,1345,734,23 shops. The planet was never opened due to Ender, but with time the avians came to own the Galaxy's biggest market. Unaware of the dangers that sat just two world's ahead.

    Seku walked slow compared to the rushing alien crowds, his bamboo staff pounding loudly against the metal ground. Large sky scrapers dotted the sky, flashing with commercials. The sky sat a light blue, holding a small projected sun. Men, women, and children ran amongst the streets of hades, spending their currency with ease. With a thud from his staff, seku came to a stop. Three shops lied before him, The left one sold herps from Eveless, while the other one on his left sold Titan animal meat. Seku took another step towards the shops, reading the small mechanical sgin on the middle shops door. 'Closed due to illness' read the sign, A small bloody avian hand print sat next to it. Waving his hand over the door opener, the blue door opened, cricking as seku pushed it inside. The floor shined a bright white marble, while the canter shined a blue marble. A black door sat behind the canter while a large blue door sat in the back, pass the shelves of avian medicine. "Something is very wrong..."
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    Lilliet walked amongst the crowds, obvious awe in her expression. It was the first time she'd been to Hades. In fact, it was her first time off her home planet. Seeing all the races up close was a bit intimidating, especially since most towered over her. Lilliet's eyes followed the Neline and Hunter races the closest, her mind questioning whether she could turn them into bio weapons. Shaking her head at such an insensible thought, Lilliet finally arrive at the main shopping district.

    Reaching into the flower on her head, Lilliet pulled out the currency she'd been given. This company-paid shopping trip was supposed to be a vacation for a job well done, and they'd even given her some foreign currency to do it. However it was more likely that the company she worked for just wanted to off-load some of the off-world currency they had floating around. But Lilliet wasn't one to look a gift tree in the roots, so she began to search for a shop that might sell something she'd like. She'd heard through the Grapevine that Hades sold all kinds of weapons. Maybe she could buy one for study to help further her bio weapon research.

    However, much to Lilliet's dismay, she was now completely lost. All the metal buildings looked the same, and she wasn't sure if asking someone where she could buy weapons was the smartest move. Not to mention Lilliet was a bit too proud to ask for help. Come on, I'm a grown flower and one of the leading researchers of bio tech weaponry, I think I should be able to find my way around this hunk of metal. So the Florenie kept walking, believing she'd find her way if she just kept trying. Eventually she came upon three stores, and she finally stopped moving. Lilliet crossed her arms and closed her eyes, a frown now spread across her face. Okay...maybe I do need help. Just because I need directions doesn't mean I'm stupid. Nodding once to reassure herself, Lilliet opened her eyes and looked for someone to talk to, preferably a Florenie.

    It was an Avian who caught her eye first, or was it a Hunter? She had never studied the other races enough to know the difference. Regardless, Lilliet needed to ask for directions or risk being lost for the duration of her vacation. Before she could reach him, he entering a nearby shop. She herself reached the door before noticing the sign. Closed? Huh...maybe that was the owner? He looked fine to me. Lilliet shrugged to herself. Eh, but what do I know about the bird flu? Lilliet turned her back to the store's door and scratched her head, searching for a new person to guide her in the right direction.
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  3. The Titana sister's been roaming their home planet of Elicken for days now trying to steer clear of trouble with the other animals and Neline. But every turn they took made it seem impossible. Nothing was worse than running into some monstrous wolves because they were the biggest pain in their asses. "Dog versus Cat" how classical and that is exactly how it felt when they came across them.

    Kilexa got on her tip toes and stretched as her and her sister walk. To her, a good nap was needed even if she took one ten minuets ago. Man I am so tired. Can I get a catnap? All this running is making me sleeping. She looked to her sister with a sleepy grin and half shut eyes as she dramatized how sleepy she was. But her sister was in no mood for her foolish ways. Maybe if you didn't put our heads on a bounty list we could relax more. Keep moving. Kilexa gave her a cold stare. Look who's talking! Not long ago Kilexa got her and her sister,Tibeth, in trouble when she "accidentally" destroyed a few of planetary equipment and ran off. But Tibeth made the matters worse, when a group of Neline chased after Kilexa, Tibeth rage grew and went into an uncontrollable frenzy attacking the Neline. Since then they have been on the move trying to avoid anymore trouble, but no matter where they went they were not safe.

    When night drew, the sister's took a break in a hidden tree branch way above. Being felines, climbing a tree was not difficult. Both of them sat quietly listening to the area. Kilexa gave a small sigh.
    We need to get off this planet Tibeth. Her sister took awhile to respond and look down to the ground as if she had something on her mind. If we could we would. Right? But with our heads on a bounty list, we won't even get close to transport. The night went on in silence after that. Kilexa fell asleep as her sister sat watch. Kilexa was right, the needed to get off this planet but how if everyone that looked at them wanted them dead. No one would help them.

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  4. [​IMG]
    A light growl egoed through the large shop, followed by a yet another unknown sound from behind the marble canter. Seku managed to take another step towards the canter before a tall white figure exposed it's upperbody. It's bare skin lied the palest of white, while its two eyes hald small white pupils. Blood ran from both sides of it's mouth, dripping upon the white marble floor. "I'm hungry! I will eat you!" The figure managed to jump the desk with ease, sprinting towards Seku. Sekus bamboo staff met with the creatures ribs as it neared, knocking it to the floor. The creature took only seconds to recover, giving Seku only enough time to open turn door and retreat. Sekus blood still rushed as he stood, watching around him. Crowd's still walked, still chatting among them self as they rushed. No one seemed frightened, or aware of the danger. A young florenie sat just a few feet from him, looking confused. Seku might of been avian, but his tough for the floreine language was flawless. "My dear flower, you seem lost. May I suggest you take the quickest ship ride from this planet?, Danger lies here."
  5. Aero was brought on a small assignment trip with his brother, well more like forced. Ever since he had left home to be more reclusive from his family they have been trying everything to get him back. To Aero it was a waste of time, he didn't hate his family he just hated their mentality. Even though it wasn't his first time off Eveless it was his first to Elicken. His brother told him someone had destroyed some of planetary equipment that he was helping develop. Yet no one has been able to find them, saying they literally disappeared from their sight. So why didn't his brother went hunting for them? Simple he just didn't want to do it. He decided Aero was best for the job despite all he'll be good for is his tracking abilities and sight. With Elicken's atmosphere and gravity being different from home what help could he do. Aero simply grumbled the whole trip until they landed inside the large walled city.

    It was odd to him. With such giant walls to keep thing out, what lurked beyond the walls? Aero had heard stories that the beast that were outside the walls weren't something to take lightly. They would rather rip your head off if given the chance. Once on the ground he placed the respirator on to help him breath as he cautiously exited the transport carrier. Aero felt as if he weight a good 40 pounds more. He decided it was best to take his time to get a good feel for the gravity and it was really strong. What good is he for this so called mission? A large snake slithered in front of him as if assessing him for no real reason. Aero honestly didn't care nor was he trying to size him up, he simply wiggled his ears a bit as if it was a signal.

    "So your the Undecim that's here to help while Mr. Xilia is working on repairs." The snake stated. Aero simply nodded, he wasn't much of a talker unless it was necessary. "These are the two were looking for. One broke the equipment while the other attacked us in an angered frenzy." He said while handing Aero the bounty papers. "The sooner I find them the better right?" Aero said while his ears twitch to get use to the sounds around him. He always like to decipher sounds to remind him whats a threat and what wasn't. "I'll get ready. Better get your hunting crew prepared, I don't want to wait forever." He said with a small stretch. Aero left to get his things ready for him to head out and find who ever broke the equipment. Once he believed he was well prepared they went outside the city walls to find them.
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  6. Tibeth looked over to her sleeping sister as she leaned her head back onto the tree. Her hair tangled by the bark but she did not really care. The night was mid, quiet, warm and lonely. All she could think of as she stared at her sister was about their parents and how it was before this mess. But there was no time to let her guard down no matter how quiet the night was, doesn't mean there was not someone waiting for them to make a move. Kilexa began to mumble as she went to go turn to her back, but made the mistake of being too comfortable falling off the branch she was on. "Ouch! Son of a B-" Kilexa quickly shut her mouth realizing how loud she was. "Keep it down will you? You are gonna get us noticed." But the both of them were both too late in keeping quiet, a rustle was heard just behind Kilexa in a patch of bushes. The both of them got situated and faced where the sound was coming from.

    Both of them were in a fighting stance as the noise got louder, a deep growl was heard perking both of their ears. Like everything else around them it was not friendly.
    "Ick. Smells like... a b-bear?" Tibeth looked at Kilexa with widened eyes as a bear was too much for them in it's vicious mutated form. "You think we should run?" Her sister nodded but a problem occurred. There was a path behind them that leaded back to the place where they were wanted most or forward where the mutated bear blocked. They had to fight but a bear may be just too much. Kilexa's initial reaction was to scream like a kitten, and boy did she. Her scream echoed throughout the whole forest as the bear in return roared. Tibeth sighed in misery from her sister's reaction. They bother were in trouble now and there was no room to make a move except to fight, hopefully succeed and run off as fast as they could.
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  7. [​IMG]

    Lilliet spun on her heels at the sound of a voice from behind. The birdman she'd followed earlier was now addressing her, suggesting that she leave the planet due to some kind of impending danger. Lilliet crossed her arms and closed her eyes, her usual posture when thinking. Should I really trust this guy? The Florenie opened her eyes and tiptoed to get closer to the Avian's mouth. She sniffed twice before returning to her thoughts. Well, he isn't drunk on cactus that's a point to him. But he could just be generally crazy, that's not really something I can smell on him. Though he can speak my tongue, so he at least has some intelligence. Lilliet felt a smack of a wing inside her flower and put a hand to her head. "Ow!" Her link with Twitchy meant the bird could hear all her thoughts. He would often make a bit of a ruckus when she started over-thinking.

    Taking Twitchy's reaction as a sign, Lilliet shrugged her shoulders in defeat. She began to speak to the Avian in her own language, forgetting that it would be more polite to try and speak in his. "Alright, I guess my vacation is over." However, the Florenie couldn't resist leaving without more information. "But before I go, are you going to tell me what this 'danger' you speak of is?" Honestly, Lilliet hoped that the danger was some kind of turf war. If it was, then there was no way she would leave before sneaking a peek. Something like that could help her with her research after all.
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  8. Along the path they went, and Aero was becoming increasingly annoyed. With two foxes that seem to love picking on his size and a large tiger that just hates him, Aero had to hold his tongue for a little while longer. They asked questions but he wouldn't budge to answer, he was more focused on the task at hand. To him the bounty meant nothing nor what they actual broke. Honestly Aero didn't understand the way the planets society worked. On Eveless it's peaceful and not many bad things happen. Sure disputes arise and soon go quiet but to place a bounty on them didn't make much sense.

    A large roar followed by a shriek echoed into his ears. He wasn't worried about the shriek he was worried about what the roar was. "Sounds like a bear found them." One of the foxes said sounding a bit afraid. "We need the bounty though." The other replied. It was like they were trying to figure out if going ahead was for the best. They were second guessing their idea of helping. "Fine them run off and go back behind the wall. I'll take care of it, I don't need an Undecim to help me." The tiger ran on ahead without another word. Aero didn't bother trying to catch up with him which puzzled the foxes. "The two of you can go back home. I don't want to force into danger. No need to worry about me I'll be fine." Aero had finally spoke, his voice was calm and little airy as he spoke. "Thank you, but do be careful out here. Things will only try and kill you and never give a second thought." The foxes left going back to the city. Aero on the other hand took their warning and went into the trees. The were large and their branches were intertwined with each other making traveling on foot easier.

    As Aero tried to keep at a moderate pace he finally came to the area that the bear was attacking the girls. He wanted to jump down and help, but he needed the right time. One mess up and he could have exerted too much energy for nothing. So he waited, hidden behind the shadow of leaves like a predator; watching the girls, the bear and tiger go at each other.
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  9. There was a short stared down with the bear between the girls. One false move and it could be game over and Tibeth knew that. Kilexa took a couple paces back then quickly took her attention to the back of her. "Tibeth look another Tiger! We're saved!" Oddly she was right, another tiger came rushing from behind going after the bear but Tibeth didn't like it. She sensed something was off. "Tiger or not, once he finishes that bear he probably is going after us. There is a bounty on our head remember?" She glared at the other tiger than to Kilexa waving her away. As much as they wanted to help the other tiger, it was too risky. They ran off leaving the tiger by itself as Kilexa wished it luck trying to be nice about things.

    Both of them made no effort to try to be quiet as the stepped on broken twigs and leaves heading towards where they came.
    "Where do we go now?" Tibeth thought about it for awhile but even she didn't know and left the questions unanswered. Their pace began to slow down as they felt they were far enough from the bear and tiger.
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  10. [​IMG]
    "Rise...I command you." Vines, earth and nature guideded her, walking spirit along a small dirt path. Spirit arrived on Elicken 3 weeks ago, her large ship crash landing in a fiery blaze. Upon being the only survivor, Spirit went on, trying to find what she called 'The Great Walled City.' Traveling across Large forests, and even desserts, Spirits hope for survival was dimming. She was nearing a forests exit when she saw a figure, taking 6 steps closer, Spirit saw that it wasn't just one figure, but two. 'My Earthly farther, I pray you give me strength.' And off she was, walking towards the strange figures. Upon nearing them, Spirit noticed the two to be tigers.
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  11. Aero followed the two girls away from the bear. It was odd, they were making a lot more noise than necessary and that was only attracting danger. From a good distance he could see a wolf lurking as if listening for the broken twigs and rustling of leaves. Yet it seemed to have found a new prey that was close and chased after it. Good, he didn't need the two running even farther away. Aero tried to keep up keeping his distance and trying not to over exert himself. Silently hopping from one thick branch to another he stayed in the shadows mainly, using the large over grown leaves as his camouflage. Once they showed signs of slowing down he had to approach them carefully. Yet a scent came across his nose that smelled familiar. Like rainwater, new leaves and moss. It made Aero's ears perk, it smelled like home. Looking out to the distance he saw an Eldecim, but she didn't seem to do very well. Either approach her or the two girls he had been chasing. He could easily say they ran off because of a bear and heavier gravity made things easier for them to escape.

    Aero climbed down, knowing to have information is better than going back with nothing. He approached the two girls carefully, "Excuse me, would you mind if I asked one of you a small question." He said still sounding calm. His face was soften with a small smile and his body was relaxed keeping the possible tension away from him.
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  12. [​IMG]

    "A threat unseen by many...." seku managed to force a smile, his staff formerly planted on the ground. "I'm sure all will be well young flower, but I would be saddened to see such a pretty flower harmed." Seku smiled, his gray eyes locked on hers. However, this only lasted a monument before a shirk was heard only a dozen feet away. A young avian child ran, dashing past seku with one simple word, 'Enders.' Looking towards where the boy ran from, Seku saw a large crowd rushing towards them. Grabbing the flower, seku managed to lead the two into a near by shop.
  13. While they stopped to catch their breath, Tibeth noticed another creature in the distance. It was green whatever it was but she had no interest in pursuing it. Kilexa stretched her arms and back as she laughed. "That was too easy. Didn't have to lift a finger. Guess screaming can help." But Tibeth growled at her sister thinking she was a complete fool getting in her face. "Are you that pathetic!? I am sure because of your scream we got located!" They both argued for a bit getting close to hitting each other but before Tibeth could do anything a voice was heard beside them, "Excuse me, would you mind if I asked one of you a small question." Instantly they both looked at the man and paused. They had no clue what to do, but he didn't seem hostile and clearly not from this planet. Maybe he didn't know anything about them. Kilexa straightened up as she turned her attention to him. "S-sure. What is it?" *Edited* Tibeth grabbed her from her shoulder and pushed her face back behind her. No way was she letting her do the talking, she has done enough trouble. "I'll answer your questions." She growled already upset from before. Kilexa pouted and backed off as she decided to look towards the green creature afar. When she thought Tibeth was distracted enough with the strange person, she ran off to the green "thing".

    Upon reaching the creature, she stopped a few feet from it and examined it.
    "Woah. Never seen anything like that before on this planet. What are you?" Kilexa kept her distance not knowing if it was hostile or friendly.
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  14. Aero didn't bother moving any closer he simply leaned against the tree behind him. The younger of the two asked nervously what he wanted, did he looked threatening? His people were never the threatening type, more peaceful than anything. Before he could honestly say something the older one pushed the little one behind her. By the way she acted she had to be one that attacked and the little must have done something to destroy the equipment. "I had to ask if you were the ones who broke the planetary equipment. They say the two of you had committed treason and fled the city. Yet if that was your plan then things would have been planned out better or else you wouldn't be running through the woods." He said while he looked around.

    Aero sighed a little, "I'm not here to collect a bounty. I find hunting people down for money is a horrible way to earn an income." He pushed himself off the trunk of the tree and scratched behind his ear a little. What caught his eye was the younger one straying away from her sister. "The little is gone." He said walking over to the Eldecim. It was rare to see his kind on any other planet than home but a sense of something wrong radiated from her. "Excuse me miss is something wrong, your a long way from home." Aero said sounding concerned.
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  15. Tibeth gave a cold look towards the man asking them the question. "If we are?" She then shook her head gave a more settled posture and look. "It was not on purpose, let alone the ones that actually started it. We just got stuck in a terrible position." Before everything happened it was just a casual day until they met some person who offered them to show them around. Kilexa convinced Tibeth to go because she thought this person was good looking and didn't want to go so Tibeth joined her sister. Unfortunately it went all down hill from there.

    As the man pointed out that Tibeth's sister ran off, her anger grew but deep down she could never really harm her. She walked over with the man to where her sister was. She almost had the same reaction as her younger sister.
    "What is it?" Both of them didn't pay much attention to their surrounding so it was no surprise they had no clue what stood before them.
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  16. [​IMG]

    Lilliet tilted her head, her belief in this birdman slowly slipping. Well, that wasn't very specific. Yes I get it, there's a threat, but what kind of threat? As the Florenie was about to ask him for more details, the Avian mentioned how he didn't want to see 'a pretty flower' get hurt. Lilliet's face brightened at the comment, her frown morphing into a smile. Somehow the Avian had guessed Lilliet's weakness, flattery. It didn't matter what the complimented was about, Lilliet couldn't get enough praise. "Well, I suppose I could believe you just this..."

    A shriek interrupted her and soon a little bird child ran by, saying something about 'Enders'. Lilliet closed her eyes while she racked her brain to figure out what that word meant. Oh, maybe it's an Avian or Hunter word? Lilliet told her communalemur Zabu to search the word 'Ender'. It came up with nothing. Lilliet placed her hands on her hips. "What the heck is an En~DER?!" Lilliet's last syllable came out as a staccato when the birdman grabbed her arm and semi-dragged her into a nearby shop. When he closed the door, she balled her hands into fists and stomped her foot lightly, glaring up at the birdman. "Hey! What was that for? I want to see what's going on. Either you give me some answers or I'm going out there." Lilliet crossed her arms and tapped her foot, waiting for the Avian to give her the response she wanted.
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  17. [​IMG]

    "Woah. Never seen anything like that before on this planet. What are you?"

    Spirits body bounded with the earth, guiding her towards the small group.

    "My dears the God's have finally took pity upon me. I am a Eldecim."

    Spirit managed another step towards the 3 before the Undecim spoke.

    "Excuse me miss is something wrong, your a long way from home."

    "My ship crashed landed, I am the only surviver. A creature attacked my crew and sent us crashing into Elicktin, I been traveling for weeks, I am dyeing from lack of water."

    Spirit hald up her left hand, which was brown, looking as if it was going to crumble if touched. Large black bark tress sat around them, holding thousands of purple, pink, and red 9 pointed leafs.
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  18. [​IMG]

    Seku mouth ran to a smile as the flower spoke,

    "Hey! What was that for? I want to see what's going on. Either you give me some answers or I'm going out there."

    Her arms crossed while her foot tapped. Seku lefted his long slender pointer finger, his left hand placed in front on him. Slowly he pointed to a large scar on his chest.

    "I am among the top five smartest avians, I lead a group of researchers on the surface on earth, a planet that used to be home to aliens called earthlys. The very makers of the planet we stand upon. A plague, a horribly creation have hit our galaxy, turning Aliens from what they are, to creature eating Enders. These man eating monsters then speared the plague by bite, thus the extinction of the humans. This scare is from a scratch I got from one."

    Seku sighed, unsure wather if the flower would belive him.
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  19. Aero listened to the Eldecim and how she was the only survivor of a crashed ship. The fact she survived this long is quite amazing but how much longer did she have? He took out his water container, which was enough for him, and gave it to her. "I know it's not much but it'll be enough to help get you to the city." He smiled of course before turning to the other two. They never meant to break his brothers machines and didn't wan to leave them on a planet that they were hunted down in. "Well I do have a ship if you need a lift somewhere. As for the two of you, you can use the ship as a way to get off the planet if that's your desire." Aero was in a way too kind as his brother says it. Yet he didn't want to become a savage where death is the only way of life, he prefers his peace and quiet.
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  20. [​IMG]

    Lilliet listened patiently as the birdman spoke, making note that he called himself an Avian. It was a little hard to wrap something like this around her bud. She had heard no mention of these 'Enders' on her planet, nor on the ride to Hades. However, his tone was serious, and he did indeed have a large scar on his chest. However, that mark could have been from anything, and without visual proof, Lilliet was having a hard time deciding whether to trust him or not.

    In the end, it was better to be cautious than reckless, and the Florenie let out a sigh of resignation. "Alright then smarty-feathers, what do you propose we do? Sit here until the entire station is overrun? Run to the nearest ship at port? Fight?" Lilliet felt her petals droop at the mere thought of having to fight crazed beings. She closed her eyes to think. Maybe I'll be safe? I am mostly plant after all, and the only race that might eat me would be the Undecim. However, Lilliet quickly threw out that theory. She was one of the 'lucky' Florenie to have been born with flesh, meaning not even she would be spared.

    With a thwack of his wing, Twitchy informed Lilliet that she was, again, thinking too much. Realizing that her posture had tightened up, Lilliet took in a breath to try and calm herself. You won't get anywhere panicking. Just calm down and think rationally. As her shoulders lowered, she returned her gaze back to the birdman. If what he said was true, he would be her only hope. Lilliet's feelings were clearly written on her face as she awaited instructions on how to survive this unknown threat.
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