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  1. Story:
    A plague is coming....prepare for the Galaxy's End. Fate will bring together the ones who can save the galaxy, together they will travel, fight and survive. The plague is known as Ender, turning it's hosts into Enders, zombie like monsters. Can you survive and defeat the Enders countless numbers? Can you save the galaxy?

    Species and planets:

    Undecim- A Species that is known for their oddly shaped ears and high sense of sight. Native of their home planet Eveless, the Undecim is the youngest of the Glaxays life. With a planet bursting with nature the undecim do little to no damage to their planet, living off the animals, and the plants it grows. The undecim live with in the large forests that cover most of their worlds land, living in the massive tress, forming city's bigger then any of earths.

    Lifespan 0-200.

    Eldecim- When Undecim reach the midway point of their lives, they may turn into Eldecim. This occurs when Undecim devote their entire beings to one of the four elements, and hence they are rewarded with powers over that element, commonly the one that most closely represents themselves. The process is slow, but the Eldecim will begin to change, becoming more and more like the element as they learn to control it. When the metamorphosis is complete, the Eldecim's body will dissipate, and the Eldecim will become one with the element.

    Lifespan 100-500

    Eveless(Eve-le-ss): Eveless is very similar to earth, its gravity is the same as earths, though, it rains much worse and more on Eveless.

    Neline- A evolved animal race of the planet Elicken, only 3 species evolved, gaining human characteristics and intelligence while all other animal life grew more aggressive. Fox's, snakes, and tighers gained this while all other life grew to kill them. There city's lie with in large walls, while their technology is far more advance then most of the galaxy.

    Lifespan 1-115.

    Elicken(EL-IC-Ken): Elicken haves a lighter atmosphere then any other planet, leading to anyone who isn't a natives to have trouble breathing. The gravity is also heaver, making exhausteion to come quicker.

    Florenie- While on some planets it was the fauna that evolved, on Natlist(Na-li-st), it was the plant-life. The Florenie consist mostly of evolved flowers, shrubs, and mushrooms. These creatures still retained their photosynthesis abilities, and so there was no lack of food. The Florenie have thrived because of this, and through studying their world, have been able to produce bio-technology using the animals, insects, and unevolved plants that inhabit their planet.

    lifespan 0-300

    *I was thinking the Florenie's appearances varied the most. Some look very human-like while others seem more...primitive?*

    Natlist(Na-li-st): A planet made up of large swaps and forests, only two weeks out of the year does it not pour heavy rain. The gravity is the same as earth's.

    Avian- A large bird Species that hails from the planet Titan. Many are born with IQs of 400 or more, giving the lage birds incredible intelligence. However, these birds are born with out flight capabilitys and claws. They are known for their extreme technology investment in the medical area.

    Lifespan 0-700

    Hunter- A another species of bird from Titan, the hunters are capable of flying only on Titan, and to have claws. Hunters are known to be violent and aggressive. Hunters are born with the intelligence of humans.

    Lifespan 0-150

    Titan: low gravity, weather is similar to earth's while it's surface is not.

    1. I will need decent spelling/grammar.
    2. Max two characters PER PLAYER.
    3. No fighting with anyone .
    4. What I say goes, so feel free to ask questions.
    5. If your going to join to only drop out two days later, please turn back now.
    6. If real life causes problems or becomes to busy, please let me know so we can work something out for you're character.
    Character sheet:
    Name: First and last


    Gender: M/F

    Species: Pick one from the list

    Appearance: Picture or description.


    Inventory: List any and all items that a character carries

    Biography: I need FOUR sentences at least.

    Character song(optional): Pick a song that represents the character.

    I give a big thanks to the two people who helped with ideas for this rp.
    @Lucifers Sairen
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  2. does two characters per player mean we must have 2 each or have up to 2 each?
  3. You don't need to have two characters. It's the Max of how many you can have.
  4. Name: Seku hibou

    Age: 578

    Gender: Male

    Species: Avian

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Sexuality: Pansexual

    Inventory: 1 Large bamboo stick. 1 backpack, 4 sticky stuns.

    Biography: Seku was a quite child only talking when talked to, his iQ was one of the highest of his kind, standing at 789. He was only 65 when his home was raided, a clan of hunters have discovered his family as they left looking for food. The hunters followed there pray back to their small wooden home, attacking that very same night. Seku managed to kill 3 of them before escaping, fleing into a large forest.

    Character song: The fray- How to save a life
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  5. My internet came back earlier than expected, so here I am! However, I have a question I forgot to ask in the interest check. Where are we going to start the rp? Will we meet on the same planet and if so, which one? (the answer will possibly affect my Bio)

    {Also just an fyi, I'll be making a female Floriene}
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  6. Everybody will be starting on a large human made planet. It's more like a world wide shopping center. Selling anything and everything in the galaxy.
  7. Name: Spirit Woodlen

    Age: 304

    Species: Eldecim

    Appearance: [​IMG]
    She wears a green T-shirt with green sweatpants. Her eyes are also small and green, while her lips are Rosie red.

    Sexuality: Bisexual

    Inventory: nothing

    Biography: Spirit was a happy child, spending most her time reading or taking walks among nature, eventually spirit begun to pary to the God of earth, devoting her life to his holy text. Spirit was rewarded with the power of small earth control when she hit the midway point in her life, giving the ambitious girl a new dream, to gain more control over her power. As spirit learned to harness and control her power, the faster her metamorphosis speard. At the age of 301 her metamorphosis was complete, and so was her control over her power.
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  8. Name: Lilliet Flos

    Age: 97

    Gender: Female

    Species: Florenie

    Standing at four feet, Lilliet is one of the tallest amongst her flowery siblings despite being one of the younger ones. Though it appears that she's wearing clothes, they are actually a part of her body and assist in photosynthesis. Out of all her parts, it is her blue petals that take the longest to regrow. Despite the fact that the leaves on her back look like wings, they do not assist in movement. Instead they serve as storage leaves for spare energy. Although generally harmless, when agitated the thorns on Lilliet's long hair vines can excrete a light poison that can paralyze whatever is bothering her, except Enders. Lilliet can control her vine hair, though about the only real purpose it can serve is holding onto things.

    Sexuality: Heterosexual

    Inventory: Lilliet carries two things, one being her bio weapon, Twitchy. Twitchy is a small bio tech bird that is normally resting inside Lilliet's head flower. When in standby mode, Twitchy is about the size of a softball. When Twitchy shifts into battle mode, it grows a bit larger and small red gems appear on its wings, back, and head. As part of the symbiotic relationship between Twitchy and Lilliet, some of the energy passively synthesized by Lilliet is shared with Twitchy and stored in the gems. Twitchy can project this stored energy from the gems in the form of lasers.

    Twitchy Standby Mode:
    Show Spoiler

    Twitchy Battle Mode:
    Show Spoiler

    The other thing on Lilliet's person is her communalemur, Zabu, who is commonly found clinging to Lilliet's back underneath her vine hair. Communalemurs are special bio tech made to communicate with other races' technology. They can receive and send messages, as well as interact with certain technology. It is possible for Communalemurs to hold data, like a flashdrive, or take control of machines. However, these abilities are based heavily on the situation, and in order to do such things, they must use the energy of their host. The harder the task, the more energy is required.

    Zabu the Communalemur:
    Show Spoiler

    Biography: Lilliet was 12th out of 14 siblings. Since they were all born at the same time, their age relative to each other was based on who bloomed the fastest. Being a late bloomer, Lilliet had to work for attention, and work she did. Though certainly not the youngest Florenie to begin work in the bio tech labs, she was one of the younger scientists to be accepted at the age of 37. She was lucky to be born when she was, for Lilliet was in time for the rise of bio technology. Using the research of scientists before her along with her own, Lilliet was able to help produce more powerful bio-weapons by expanding on the symbiotic relationship between bio tech animals and the Florenie. And thus, 30 years after becoming a scientist, Twitchy came into existence. Worrying over the possible effects of this stronger symbiotic relation with the bio tech, Lilliet was told by her superiors to find a suitable test subject to bond with Twitchy. Being more or less her creation, Lilliet took it upon herself to bond with Twitchy and analyze him on a more personal level. For the next 32 years, Lilliet continued her research on Twitchy and was able to create a few new bio weapons. However, she still to this day is bonded with Twitchy and refuses to "upgrade" to any of her newer models. Recently Lilliet acquired her communalemur as a reward for her hard work in the field of bio weaponry.

    Character song: "What If" by Plain White T's
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  9. Oh my God's, I lover her! <3
  10. I changed her appearance.
  11. [​IMG]

    Name: Kilexa Titana

    Age: 36

    Gender: Female

    Species: Neline

    Sexuality: BiSexual

    Inventory: Brass Knuckles, Communicator Pendant

    Biography: Kilexa is a rather lazy Neline being raised by her much older sister Tibeth who yells at her for being such a lazy being. Kilexa never met her parents but listens to many stories about them from her sister when they are sitting around. She is agile and loves using her fists and legs when fighting. Being simple, she takes the easy way of life. Kilexa has to carry a communicator pendant because she struggles to talk to other species other than Neline.

    **Additional Information Is Predicted
    Character song:
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  12. [​IMG]

    Name: Tibeth Titana

    Age: 84

    Gender: Female

    Species: Neline

    Sexuality: UnKnown

    Inventory: Small Pouch: Fire Starters (Looks Like A Firecracker), An Old Photo of her Parents, Medical Spray

    Biography: Tibeth is the older sister of Kilexa and the wisest along with the strongest of them both. But Tibeth is slower then Kilexa. Tibeth has a strange condition where she will go on a rampage randomly and destroy whatever is in her way, she carries a medical spray that can help calm her if Kilexa can't herself. Tibeth was also alive when her parents were around but since Kilexa was not she will tell her many stories of them. She disapproves of Kilexa being so lazy and will be strict around her even though in general she is uptight anyhow. Tibeth wants to protect Kilexa the best she can but she knows very well she wont be around till the end therefor she trains her constantly to defend herself. With her being older she has developed more of a human body than Kilexa.

    Character Song:
    (The Song Does A little Foreshadowing. Don't Watch If people beating themselves up disturbs you.)

    **Sorry the pic is so big. I was having a hard time resizing this one. More info is predicted as well.
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  13. The role play is ready to start! The link and thread will be posted by tomorrow.
  14. Can't wait. I been craving a RP already haha
  15. Holy snaps finally made it back. My family took control of my personal computer.... they broke theirs, just like how they broke my phone. Now that I'm back I can finally place my character :3
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  16. You'er here! :D
  17. So happy to be back and I found the character that I was saving for this. Hopefully my computer isn't going to die randomly because of them :P

    Name: Aero Xilia

    Age: 86

    Gender: Male

    Species: Undecim

    Appearance: Aero has white hair with black tips in his front bangs. He keeps some braided and his hair length only meets the upper part of his back. His eyes re large and almond shape, and slightly slanted. Aero has blue irises and hints of brown and green, so mostly a hazel color. He isn't as tall as most people think he only stands a 5 foot 8 inches and has a light muscular build. But with his small size an easy build he is very athletic.
    Sexuality: Pansexual

    Inventory: Aero carries three small pouches on his waist. One containing medical herbs and bandages, another carrying small amounts of food, and lastly poison. He also carries a short sword which is usually lace with poison and a hunting knife on his right thigh.

    Biography: While being born with an older sibling, with many years in between them, being alone was normal. But he didn't just sit and become depressed, he used this time and actually had fun. Taking his time to learn everything he needed to know and learn more than that. While it had it's perk, being invisible wasn't something he wanted and tried to gain attention. Aero tried by being kind and trying to help his family when new siblings were born. Yet he felt a giant gaping hole in him as if he was the invisible help that they needed to borrow. So he left and lived on his own making an adorable friend that lived in the wilderness.

    Character song(optional):
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  18. Lucifers Sairen were you going to make another character? (specifically a Hunter?) I ask because my randomly OCD mind screams that we almost have one of each race and we must complete our melting pot! If you weren't, then I have an idea in mind (albeit a not too creative one) but if you were planning on it then I would hold off on making another character until I maybe had a more unique idea.
  19. WELLLLLLL, I did have a hidden character I was going to play, but I might not if @Lucifers Sairen makes another character. Also, I'm working on the IC Thread now.
  20. Wait which one is left? Is it the hunter or was it something else?
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