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  1. Plot
    It was 3250 A.D. . The Galaxy is ruins after the fall of The Grand Galactic Empire from a number issues and going into a civil war. Races Create their Own Governments after many centuries under the Empire and they are rather shaky and even more so with multi-race governments. They remember how The Empire was and it wasn't too great towards the end,which many remember. However some ended up in a derelict space station. From there some actual order and peace will rise.

    Race:(Name and brief descripition)

    1. Standard Stuff really.​
    2. If need be I can add and change rules.​
    3. Have Fun!​
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  4. Name: Ajax Lakland
    Age: 25
    Race: Human
    Profession: Pilot
    Without his flight suit on he is: 6'2" caucasian male, with short brown hair and brown eyes.
    Personality: Joker, cocky, thinks he's invincible.
    History: Born on Earth. Doesn't like to talk about his distant past. He was a fighter pilot for the Grand Galactic Empire before its fall. In a major battle his ship was damaged and it drifted through space, until coming into contact with a station. He survived the long drift through cryogenics and life support.
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  5. I meant it like "This is a placeholder spot to remind me to make a character sheet"
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  7. May I have two characters?
  8. sure.

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  9. Name: Vovk Kravets
    Age: 35
    Race: Strumm. Discovered by a team of explorers, Strumms are hardy humanoids with skin the texture and color of sand (and no external nose). They were immediately adopted as shock-troopers (and later introduced to the general public as hardy security mostly), though more than one smaller ship has had trouble carrying the species as they actively absorb large amounts of oxygen through their skins, enough to strain/overcome the life support of smaller, less expensive/junker ships. They are incredibly tough and strong, though - they can survive physical trauma that would leave a human hard to identify... and no one knows how long they can really live because most of them are killed beforehand, either through their own species or people who are simply disgusted by the species.
    Profession: Engineer/Security
    Appearance: Average for his species - generally humanoid in shape, but is incredibly dry and has no visible nose. Mostly wears a dark red, long-sleeved coverall made of reinforced textile along with gloves to avoid abrading everything he contacts. Has amber-colored eyes.
    Personality: Generally untalkative, but neutral in his demeanor until informal situations arise - at which point he becomes one of the warmer people most meet.
    History: Strumm was born on a small Strumm colony on the edge of the galaxy. Having such a small, isolated population, they had to learn how to recycle and repair almost anything, being that their lives would be nigh unbearable without the machines that kept them. As such, everyone from Jali at least learned basic mechanics and electronics. Unfortunately, due to terrible conditions, Vovk ended up being bought, when still relatively young, as a pet/future guard for a rich corporate head. His life, from then on, was much less than satisfying - he had to fight progressively tougher opponents for most of his necessities, and had very little in the way of distractions. This caused Vovk to eventually turn against his former master/employer. There was ONE thing that this master forgot - it was that if you raise something to be the strongest being you ever think you would encounter, nothing could stand in it's way should it have a change of mind - as such, the only witness to the twenty-two dead in that particular ship-mansion is Vovk himself, having fled with a shuttle. He had still troubles, from there - he legally didn't really exist, and had no papers, making any sort of employment difficult - he mostly managed to get small repair jobs using his dulled skills (which quickly came back and got even better), until he was taken in by an Ukrainian family who gave him a new name and hosted him for a year - which was all he needed, for he quickly managed to turn his life around and become an actual member of society. Vovk still holds that family and their values close to his heart even after his departure from them - and once in a while, that family may or may not have credits "mysteriously" appear in their bank accounts.
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  10. well it's alright. though humanity was fairly new to space when the empire was already going. plus of course history.
  11. I'm terribly sorry it took so long - I have finally updated my character sheet.
  12. accepted.
  13. Name: Anastasia "Aurora" King
    Age: 30
    Race: Human
    Profession: Owner of “страсть”
    Appearance: 5'6, 130 lbs
    Personality: Anastasia is cynical on her best days, and furious on her worst. She usually is in a bad mood, but can still remain collected most of the time. She is fair, and just and most know that a deal with her is always a safe bet, so long as you keep your side.
    History: Anastasias father was an engineer, who owned a cat by the name Sophie. He met a young lass, named Irina, whose father owned one of the venues on the station “страсть” a bar for criminals, thugs, and the filthy rich. Not long after they got married and Irina’s father died of a heart disease, leaving Irina with the bar. The family was upset, but their sorrows were alleviated by the news that Irina was pregnant. The child was named Anastasia. Anastasia was brought up well into the age of 11 with Sophie (Whom she called Sophia) when her Father died in a engineering accident.
    Her mother stricken with grief lost all energy, stopped eating and a few months’ later died of the same hereditary heart disease as her father. Anastasia was brought up by her mostly Russian speaking grandmother who took over “страсть” until Anastasia was old enough.
    Now Anastasia keeps herself extremely fit and healthy so as to avoid the possibility of the heart disease taking her life as well, and she runs the famous establishment with the help of Nez’Ri and Sophia who strangely had remained alive throughout this time.

    (Sorry this took so long, I'll finish up the other one soon)
  14. accepted. though the station is initially pretty rundown.
  15. well when I said filthy rich, I meant they got rich in a filthy way. Mobsters and the like

    Name: Nez'Ri
    Age: nearly 600 years
    Race: Scylion. A race of Avian/Reptile scavengers. They barely got life support systems for space travel, when they were encountered. They have extremely good metabolism and immune systems, making them resistant to almost all toxins, diseases and even radiation. They have wings, and sharp talons on their feet, and hands at the end of their wings. They can fly and therefore have hollow bones, making them easy to break.
    Profession: Mercenary, currently hired by "Aurora" as personnel guard and security for “страсть”
    Appearance: 5'4, 98 lbs
    Personality: Nez'Ri is calm, shallow and a heavy drinker. He's also solitary, preferring to be alone, and drink to himself. He can be pessimistic and even a little sadistic. He respects his colleague "Aurora" and will gladly dish out punishment that is due from her disrespectful patrons. He knows his way around a fight, and carries plenty of weapons in the open, and behind his leather coat.
    History: Nez'Ri grew up following his large family into the trade of thugs, mercenaries and assassins. It didn't take him long to adopt the traits of a killer, and soon he left his family to travel alone. He traveled through plenty of rundown cities and stations, before getting a job to kill a man named Jacob Byrch. It didn't go so well, and Nez'Ri now wears a metal mask to protect his would be exposed skin.
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  16. Name:Drake Vale
    Age: 23
    Profession: Leader of the station
    Personality: He is a pretty good leader. He is up front with his men and has pretty good charisma. Also with his guys is pretty warm and heaven help you if sees you as a threat t his station and it's people. Also is an ace of all trades regarding most stuff in the station. Is also capable of being cold and ruthless when need be as his life has taught him.
    History: Was born on the on-set of the Fall he grew up in a chaotic time. Losing most of those he cared for early on he did pretty much everything he needed to do to keep himself alive picking up plenty of skills along the way. Soon enough as the galaxy settled into rebuilding Drake layed claim to an old derelect space station to turn into a sanctuary for the people.
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  19. Name: Dr. Natalya Slayton
    Age: 29
    Race: Human
    Profession: Medical (former space pirate)
    Appearance: (5'6'' and 122 lbs)
    Personality: Most of the time Natalya likes to keep to herself and prefers to be left alone if she's not busy with her medical duties. She does however have a problem keeping her temper down and being stubborn most of the time. But deep down she's a kindhearted person who loves to help out whenever she can, even though she doesn't look like it.
    History: Natalya was born and raised on Earth on a small colonized farm by her father and grandfather until she was in her early teens. She lost the last of her remaining family when a famine broke out and claimed lots of lives including her father and grandfather. With not much credits she boarded a small freighter that was soon captured by pirates and was taken in as a captive. Being so young the ageing pirate captain felt sorry for her and decided to adopt Natalya as his own, and she later became a member of the crew. She traveled all over the galaxy with her adopted family until another pirate ship boarded her ship and killed all the crew members except Natalya, who they thought was dead. She escaped by using the remaining escape pod and found herself in an rundown space station. From that point on she vowed to herself that no one else was going to die around her, and so she took the position as a medical doctor.
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  20. accepted.
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