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  1. Night Sky (open)

    "I' the gala." Night Sky fluttered his wings and sighed, walking through the halls of Canterlot Castle as the gala began outside. However, Night wasn't one for the festivities.

    He went to the garden, like he always did. He was shy around other ponies. He was an astronomer, and he loved looking at Luna's sky. But around other ponies, he was a black lump.

    He sighed and slowly made his way to a tree and sat down, looking up at the stars.
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  2. Fluttershy softly hummed to the animals around her. The birds chirped at her sides around the garden andn rabbits followed behind her. She was sent down to find a black rose for the finishing touch for Twilights dress, by Rarity of course. She was ordered to get a specific one and her little animal friends helped her search away. She had on no way of finding wear RainbowDash went. SHe'd come to help and disappeared mminutes later. Huh what a great party.

  3. Night Sky flapped his wings and took off into the sky, smiling as he looked at the moon. He landed on a tree branch near Fluttershy without knowing, yawning. He looked up and smiled at the moon before he suddenly put his hoof on a faulty beach. He yelped and fell out of the tree, landing hard a few feet away from Fluttershy, groaning.
  4. Flutterhy jumped in surprise and squeeled running behind a rose bush the small wood land creatures scattering just as frightened as her. She peeked from behind at the mare. He was handsome. Kind of like Twilights older brother Shining Armour. She blinked shaking.
  5. Night Sky heard a sound and did likewise, darting behind a large tree. He nervously peaked his head around the trunk, his eyes scanning the bushes. He saw the tip of her bright pink tail and he gulped, but he called quietly, "h-hello? A-anypony there?"
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  7. "Eek!" He saw her. She ducked lower to the ground. Now she just felt like a stalker. Her pet rabbit Angel shoved at her from behind towards the male. "A-angel..s-stop it." she whispered shakily
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    Night looked down, staring at her hooves. He nervously shuffled towards her, before he stopped. His wings folded to his back as he whispered nervously, "h-hi I-I'm Night S-Sky..." He stammered, nervous.
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  9. "Im Fluttershy.." she whispered shyly. Angel nudged her. "Oh! And th-this is Angel.." Angel smiled waving at the mare.
  10. Night peered closely at her tail and his wings gently fluttered, "y-you're Fluttershy? A-as in the element of harmony?" He curiously Sat down on a nearby rock, still tense but having adopted a curious look, "wow...I n-never thought I'd meet an element..."
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  11. "Yes kindness.." she whispered her ears flat. "I like your fits you.." she muttered.

    "Fluttershy! Fluttershy!!" Rarity's accent rang out and Fluttershy looked towards her voice. "Im suppose to look for flowers for my friend Twilights made me drop them." she flushed out of nervousness
  12. Night visibly tensed up when he heard Rarity's voice clearly ring out. He backed up a step before looking down, nervous. He whispered quietly, "u-uh w-who is that?"
  13. "Rarity..another element. My friend." she muttered lightly. She looked at her hooves. "Um I have to go.." she said softly
  14. Night suddenly felt an urge to stay with her. Not romantically, just to get to know her Better. When she walked away, he jumped up and asked, "m-May I help?"
  15. "S-sure! Uh I can introduce you to my friends too." she blushed lightly looking away. She felt flustered that he wanted to stay around her. Usually males didn't because she was too shy. She looked away trotting towards the flowers and starting to pick them again.
  16. Night flew over to her and started picking with her, extremely careful in order to impressive her. He felt she could be a good friend if he worked hard. He smiled and asked, "how many do you need?"
  17. "Enough to fiil this basket." She nodded to the half full basket. It was sweet he wanted to help and he barely knew her. She hummed lightly
  18. He nodded and gently dropped the little flowers into the basket. With a smile, the two managed to fill up the basket within five minutes. When it was over, he looked into Fluttershy's eyes, "So...uh...need anything else?"
  19. "Well actually im just going to drop these off with Rarity then head to the party." Fluttersy blushed taking the basket in her mouth her mane falling over her face to hide it. This male was so interested in her. No, he was just being nice, she decided
  20. Night followed her, "I was heading to the party too." He took the basket from her, "Allow me." He said with another smile, holding it between his teeth as they carried it over to Rarity.
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