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  1. The sun rises from behind the tall buildings of the city. The fresh air of the night still lingers in the streets, and the very few people who must get very early to go to work begin to fill the almost empty streets of the commercial district. It's a nice place, always pretty busy, with all kinds of people in fancy suits and dresses walking up and down with their briefcases and their phones stuck to their ears. David thought it would be a neat idea to open a nice shop in there, a cafe none the less. But no quick-service kind of cafeteria, a nice place, with a warm ambiance, wooden tables and decorations and natural looks over all, with plants all over the place!

    And it did looked wonderful! Looked so great that in just a year, David had too many customers to take care of them all by himself. Okay, there weren't that many customers, but enough to afford a employee to help him. Besides, it would be neat to have someone around to chat with and work with. And so David placed that usual 'Help needed' sign on the entrance door and began to wait for applicants. But it seemed like the old ways weren't that effective anymore, and so far no one had asked for the job. “Hmmm... I guess I'll have think of something else.” Muttered him one late sunny noon, when the place is usually empty.
  2. Alynne was walking down the sidewalk. She wore a pink dress that showed a bit of cleavage and was knee length,surprisingly. Her long hair that normally was down to the middle of her back was in a bun. She wore dangly earrings and a necklace. Her heels clicked against pavement.

    Alynne hated job hunting but she needed to for an apartment a few ways away. Her boyfriend had kicked her out last night so now she was on her own.

    She eventually stopped and gave a disappointing sigh. "Is this the only place that had a help wanted sign?" She asked herself and looked down the sidewalk some more then shook her head. "Guess not.." She rolled her eyes and walked in.

    She looked around the place and she shrugged. "I guess this is alright." She smacked her lips slightly. She cleared her throat.

    "Heyy! Who do I have to talk to get a job here?!" She yelled out loudly having her hand on her hip and her weight onto one foot.
  3. David had his thoughts in something else when the girl entered the cafe. He was wondering about posting the job offer on the internets... maybe in the local newspapers... The thing was that he didn't wanted a line of a hundred people on the door of his cafe, but the lack of applicants that small 'help needed' poster was attracting... Was disturbing. Wasn't until the loud voice of the girl filled the place that he realized about her presence.

    And what a presence! That girl was gorgeous! How her dress fell on her curves... How her hair rested in a bun in the back of her head... Her lips, her eyes... “Oh... Y-yeah. You should talk to the boss.” Said David, walking from behind the counter towards her. “And that would be me.” Said him with a wide smile, offering her his hand for a handshake. “David Noguerra. I'm... Well, the owner of this place.” Said him letting out a colorful chuckle at the end.

    “So, y-you are interested in the job, right?” Wondered David. “Well, there isn't a ton of work to do... The place is usually really calm... Do you have any experience as waitress?” Wondered him, trying to look the girl's eyes instead of that wonderful body of hers.... And so far he was failing at it.
  4. Alynne was going to call out again before someone answered. She looked over at the male and her eyes widen a bit. 'He's hot.' She thought. She looked him over. He's tall and slender with some gorgeous blue eyes. She stared at him for a moment then blinked.

    "Uh..yeah. yeah...I'm Alynne ..Alynne Naswana." She gave a soft smile and shook his hand. She was trying to remember what else he asked while she had zoned out. "! Not even a little bit!" She made the little pinching gesture with it too. "Not to tell you my life story or anything.." Which she wasn't. "But I just moved into an apartment and I need a job. " She gave a slight nervous smile. She shrugged. "But though, it's fine if you say no. " She started to walk out the cafe.
  5. While listening to her, he noticed how cute she looked when she smiled, how adorable her little movements where, but at the same time how audacious and forward she was. “Oh... Wait!” Exclaimed David, giving a few steps towards her and touched her elbow to try to stop her from leaving. “I-I don't mind if you don't have much experience... Well, or none at all.” Said him laughing a little bit. “As I said, the place is really calm... And I could teach you if you want....” Said him blushing a little bit. “I myself didn't had any experience when I started the cafe.” Said David with a shy smile.

    “I can't promise you a big pay, tho... This place is not as profitable as other cafes... But I'm sure it will be more than enough to help you with your apartment.” Said David with an enthusiastic nod. “Soooo... What do you say? Will you at least give it a try?” Asked David, looking at Alynne with puppy eyes.
  6. Alynne turned around a bit feeling his hand. She looked up at him adorably for only a moment. She smiled at his chuckle. She stood there and listened to him and nodded a few times. She listened to his offer and smiled. "Only on one condition.. when do I get paid?" She tilted her head a bit being serious though she had a slight smirk upon her lips.
  7. David scratched his chin and pondered her question for a while. “Hmmm... I guess I could pay you the hours you do today, and if you finally decide to stay, I would pay you every first of the month.” Said him with a final nod. “Come on, I'll show you the place!” Said him cheerfully. The counter, the small kitchen, the tiny warehouse, the machines... There was quite a lot to learn about, even in a small place like that. “The cafe machines... Well, they are a little bit tricky to learn, but I'm sure you'll get how they work in no time.” Said him with his usual smile.

    Then a couple of customers walked in, two business men with their fancy dresses and suitcases. “Look, see those two?” Muttered David, getting a little bit more closer to Alynne than ever before. “Most of the customers are like this guys. Quite simple, you ask them: May I take your order? They say sure, a regular coffee.” Said David imitating their voices. “Oh, I want one with some milk.” David chuckled a little bit. “You take the orders in here...” Said him giving Alynne a notepad and a pen. “And then you come back here and give me the paper. I'll make the coffee and I give it the cups to you. Then you give them their request... And there you go. A couple of happy customers.” Explained him with a wide smile. “Here put this on.” Said David giving her an apron. “Come on, go ahead. Go take their order.” Said David gently pushing her.
  8. She grinned loving the idea of getting paid. "Alright. I can do that. " She followed David to the back and looked at all the machines. She pretty much figured that she was going to have a hard time here.

    Alynne looked when he pointed out two customers. She stared at them then sighed heavily when he said those are the usual type of people that came in. Those are the type of guys that look down on people like her. She hated that but she giggled as he did imitations of their voices.

    She took the apron putting it on and tying it in the back. "This won't go well.." She said aloud mainly to her than David. She took the pen and notepad. She walked over to the counter, her heels clicking the floor as she did. She stood behind the counter and talked in a normal tone. "May I take your order?" She gave a very small almost unnoticed smile.
  9. The businessmen barely looked at the girl when she spoke. “Sure, sure... A regular coffee for me.” Said one of them. “I want one with some milk. And bring some extra sugar too.” Said the other businessman. Then they returned their focus back into their newspapers, cell-phone or whatever they felt like using to entertain themselves. “So, wasn't that hard, right?” said David with a smile when Alynne returned to him. “Let's see... Look! I was right!” Exclaimed David, making the businessmen turn around briefly before minding their own business once more.

    David blushed a little bit and looked at Alynna. “Ok, ok. Come over here, I'll teach you how this is made.” And then he proceed to prepare both orders, telling the girl each step he made and how he used the machines. “Aaaaand... Ta-da!” muttered him. “there you have a regular coffee and one with some milk.” Said him, placing both cups in a serving tray, putting some extra sugar cubes next to one of the coffees and then giving it to Alynna. “Use both hands if you need. You'll see how eventually you won't even notice the tray has cups or not.” Said David, offering the girl a mildly charming smile. “Come on, go ahead. Go give the customers their order.”
  10. She stood there and wrote their orders down. She gave a soft smile and walked back. She gave a small giggle at David's excitement. "You're right ..!" She shrugged then followed him to the back to learn the machines.

    "Seem easily complicated enough .." She told him and listened about the tray. "All I can say is I'll do my best. " She took the tray with both hands and walked out to give the men their orders.
  11. Not a single thanks or nice word came out from the businessmen. They simply nodded and took a sip from their orders. But that was usual in those kind of people, so no use thinking to much about it. “Psss... Alynne!” Whispered David, briefly pointing at another couple of businessmen that had just walked in. “Don't forget to smile.” Added David. Then some more customers appeared, the first ones wanted to pay and leave... But David was quite good at his job, and in no time he had the whole situation under control, plus he guided Alynne and taught her all the things he found she needed to know.

    And without none of them noticing, the rest of the day passed and was time to close. “Phew... Looks like the day got quite lively after noon, eh?” Said David with a smile. “Help me clean the tables and mop the floor.” Asked David. “As you see, we may be closed now, but there's still quite a lot of work to do.” Said him with a tired chuckle. And once everything was clean and shining, David concluded the work-day. “Hey, you sure this was your first day? You did great!” Said David, finally closing the little cafe. “Here, take this.” Said David, giving her forty dollars. “I-Is not much, but is all I can offer you, eight dollars per hour. If you decide to stay, I will offer you more once you get more experience. But for now...” David Shrugged. “Sooo... Will I see you tomorrow?”
  12. Alynne opened her mouth to say something out of line until David called her name and she looked back. She saw more customers come in and she went to also go do their orders. She learned more about the machines and was actually having fun til it was closing times.

    She felt somewhat tired now as she was wiping tables off. She chatted with David a lot. "Yeah..well...beginner's luck?" She giggled.
    She took the money with a smile after she took the apron off. "Thank you very much.." She said as she just puts it in her bra. She didn't have pockets so she couldn't do anything otherwise.
    She arched her eyebrow hearing his question. "Do you want to see me tomorrow?" She asked as a smile touched her lips.
  13. David nodded eagerly. “Of course! You did wonderfully today. You are a really good student, and I would really like to have you helping me at the cafe.” Said him with a mild blush in his cheeks. “So, if you come back tomorrow I'll make sure to have a contract for you. Something temporal... For now I can have you part time. More or less the same schedule of today.” Explained him briefly. “Y-you don't have to answer me right now if you don't want. You can think about it and tell me tomorrow.” Said him shrugging gently.
  14. Alynne smiled a bit. "Alright I'll come back tomorrow!" She bumped him a bit as she started to walk over to the door. "Uh. .what time tomorrow?" She asked spinning around a bit.
  15. The girl bumping him made him blush, but her cute little spinning made him smile. Everything about that girl seemed to make a smile on his silly face! “Y-yea, time... What about the same as today? Sounds good?” Wondered David. Once they had agreed with the time, David began to walk back home, smiling every now and then at the memories of Alynne walking and working at his cafe. How her dress danced with her while she clumsily served drinks and took notes...

    It wasn't easy for him to sleep that night, too much Alynne in his head, but eventually he did managed to get some rest. “Come on, you can't do this to yourself... Not again.” Muttered him as he washed his face in the next morning. “You always do the same! A cute girl says hello to you, you insta-fall in love with her, and then what? Then all your hopes and expectations get crushed by some super-muscled boyfriend or by some ice-cold tongue with sharpened words.” Said Daid to his own reflection in the mirror. “So, get your stuff together, pal! She's just a girl who needs a job. Period!” Exclaimed him.

    Lucky for him, that morning at the cafe was a little bit more busy than usual, so he was able to keep his mind on other things, but when noon came, the place became as lonely as usual. “Pfff... You ain't gonna stop thinking about her, do you?” Muttered David, resting his hand on his crossed arms over the counter. “What do you expect, anyways? I mean, like really expect... Do you think she's gonna walk in here and proclaim her love for you? Even if she did, you just meet her! That would be insane!” Said him, apparently talking to the empty cup of coffee he had in front of him. “Just... Let it go already, damn it... Let go of the thought of her swaying hips... or the bottom of her dress caressing her precious legs... Her almost musical giggling or her moist lips...”
  16. She grinned "Alright." She nodded then started to walk out the shop. "See you tomorrow!" She called out to him and walked back down the sidewalk.

    She made it to her apartment and sighed as she shut the door with her foot and face planted onto the air mattress. She didn't have any furniture yet so she was laying on an air mattress in her living room. She rolled over onto her back and pulled the money out her dress and stared at the two twenties. "At this rate, I'll be sleeping on this mattress til I die. " She sighed then got up to go take a bath.

    After the water had filled the tub, she got in and relaxed. She smiled as she thought about David. She frowned and wondered why she was even thinking about him. She then smiled thinking of the times he kept blushing. She even wondered why then. She rolled her eyes and finally got out. "I'm losing it.." She mumbled and grabbed a long t shirt and went to flop back on her bed. She sighed and went straight to sleep.

    She was up and brushing her hair after she took it down finally since it was up all day. She smiled loving the fact that she can wear her hair down now. She walked over to her suitcase and collected an outfit.

    She took a look at herself in the mirror. She was wearing a bikini top with a very mini miniskirt with some heels. She took her sunglasses and put them on and left after locking her door.

    She took her time as she walked to the cafe as she was actually getting there early. That was a first for her. She thought about David on the way there as she was ready to see him.

    She walked in and looked around. "I'm here!" She hollered out to David as she stood there at the same spot once again.
  17. David was minding his own business, muttering his thoughts in peace when he suddenly heard Alynne state her arrival. “Her energy took him by surprise, and unsure of how to react, he took the cup, a dishcloth and walked towards her as if he was drying the cup in his hands. “Oh, you are here a little bit early. I was drying some...” But then was when he saw Alynne, wearing that outfit that left very little to his imagination. “I... Drying...” Muttered him, agape by the Goddess-like woman standing in front of him. “Y-yeah... D-Drying...” Muttered him once more.

    It took him a few more seconds, but eventually he managed to blink a couple of times and regain the consciousness that Alynne naked hips had stolen from him. “I... Hello. Yes, hello.” Said him, smiling with a mild blush in his cheeks. “I... Got your contract waiting for you in the counter.” Said him, giving a few steps back, still unable to keep his eyes off her gorgeous skin. “I-It's a pretty basic contract. A part-time standard form.... here.” David managed to get to the other side of the counter and give the girl the contract. It was just a couple of papers stapled with care, with very basic terms and agreements.
  18. Alynne smiled seeing David. "Okay drying the cup..gotcha.." She lifted her sunglasses and put them on top of her head. She watched David have a hard time with his words at first til she looked out the window past him. She stared at the moment seeing her ex-boyfriend walk with another woman down the sidewalk. "That bastard never did that with me.." She said aloud unknowingly.

    She then blinked realizing David was walking over to the counter. She only heard something about a contract. "Ah..yeah..paper. " She laughed softly then took it and placed it back on the counter. "Nothing else to do..might as well read it. " She told him then propped her arms on the counter to do so. She knew she wasn't holding up a line or anything as there's no one in the shop yet. She stood there in a slight pose as she read it. After awhile she read the first page. "Okay. Can I just get the gist of this or can I just sign it?"
  19. Even while reading she had a mesmerizing aura around her. It was starting to drive David nuts. “Oh... Well, as I said, it's a basic contract. That means; you work for 8 dollar an hour, and I pay you once a month for all the hours you've worked.” Said him briefly. “Well, there's also a limit of hours you can work and a limit of extra-hours as well as the price for those.” Said him. “But I don't have that much work right now... So yeah...” Said David, alternating his sight between her precious eyes and her scarce clothing. “Oh, and sign this one too.” Said David giving Alynne another copy of the contract. “You keep one and the other one is for me.” Said him letting out a chuckle.

    Once everything was set and signed, David gave the girl her apron, the notepad and pen and a dishcloth. “Well, then you are officially my employee.” Said hem letting out a colorful chuckle, now a little bit more used to see Alynne with those skimpy clothes. “Hey, now that the place is empty, I'll show you how to make inventory.” Said David, guiding her to the small warehouse in the back. It was packed with all kinds of items and goods, making it even more small. “So, once a day, I keep a record of what do I have in store, so I know if I have to order something...” And then David began to explain Alynne how inventory was made.
  20. "Alright .." She tells him as she signs both contracts. She then looked at him with a smile at how he was looking at her.

    She nodded and followed him to the back with a light smile. She listened to him and nodded a few times. "So I'll have to do inventory?"
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