Fun for all creatures on Halloween night.

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  1. Marshall was awakened from his underground "crib" he called it. He immediately got up ruffling his hair. His alarm clock went about 10 seconds after he arose. He punched it as soon as he could sending it flying into his brick wall. He floated off of the bed his eyes still closed. He felt around for his toothbrush and brushed the spider webs off of his fangs. He chomped once or twice then smirked. He shivered a little. "mm...cold." he murmured. He's been asleep for 200 years. The last time he haunted he was just a little 939 year old boy. Small chap...only about 3'6" at that age. He haunted during the civil war. It was quite fun until his parents were killed by Abraham Lincoln. The so called "Greatest president of all time,"...please... He decided to go into a deep slumber and now he's back. 1139 years old. Come to think of it, he can finally drive legally now, hah, who would have though.

    Marshall grabbed his ax-bass, and floated off towards his door, which lead to the sewer, which lead to a ladder to the streets of...what ever town it was now. He was pretty sure it was October 31st. He couldn't wait to see what had changed in the last 200 years. He was hoping he would see some old friends.
  2. Kaylee awoke to the sound of her clock radio blasting Atreyu. Rolling out of bed, she glanced at her calendar and smiled, realizing it was Halloween. Her favourite holiday. She moved to her closet, and pulling the door open, she scanned her array of clothing. "Hm..." she commented to herself. Pulling a black corset laced with red ribbon from her closet she turned to her full length mirror, holding it up. Tossing it on her bed, she turned back to her closet, pulling out a black lace tiered tutu she laid it on her bed under the corset, examining how the outfit would look. Nodding she pulled her tee shirt off, wrapping the corset around her petite frame she laced the ribbons of the corset. Pushing her sweats down, allowing them to fall on the floor, she stepped out of them. Pulling a pair of black lace tights from her drawer she pulled them on, pulling the tutu over them.
    Stepping in front of the mirror she examined her outfit, smiling. "Good job, Kaylee." she congratulated herself, feeling rather proud.

    Running down the stairs she stopped in the kitchen to say good morning to her mother before running out the door.
    Pulling the door shut behind her she sighed happily, prepared for whatever excitement Halloween might bring her.
  3. Marshall floated out of the sewer and immediately blended in. He hit the ground and looked around. "So like...THIS is halloween now?" he asked himself out loud. Everyone looked like either him, or like all of his friends...including people or things...that he had never seen before. He was a little frightened by it, but tried not to show it. He noticed a girl, looked like a witch. He smiled at the fact, that it was one of the most beautiful witches he had ever seen. They're looks had gotten so much better since the 1800's. He rushed up to her in a slightly nervous fashion. He looked at her and smiled. As he got closer he noticed how much more beautiful she was. His eyes started widening. He stopped in front of her a little awkwardly. "Um...hi." he said while awkwardly, and nervously, sticking his hand out. "I-I'm Marshall Lee." He gave a nervous grin.
  4. Kaylee hopped down her front steps landing gracefully on the sidewalk at the bottom. She looked around and began to stroll towards the park when a teenaged boy made his way over to her looking a bit nervous. Smiling she took his hand as he offered it to her, shaking it. "Hi," she giggled some "I'm Kaylee. I've never seen you around. Did you just move here?"
    She stood smiling, looking the male over some. "He's kinda cute," she thought to herself.
  5. Marshall looked around a bit. "Um...yeah. Just moved here heh." He bared his fangs a little while smiling. "It's uh...nice to meet you Kaylee," he said. He looked around the neighborhood. "Sorry to like... interrupt what you were doing, I can leaved if you want," he said, hoping she was okay with him tagging along.
  6. "It's nice to meet you too, Marshall. Where did you move here from?" she smiled, awkwardly folding her hands behind her back. "No, you're fine. It's always nice to have company when I go on a morning stroll." She smiled, noticing the male's fangs. "Oh cool fangs." she leaned towards the male some, marveling in his fangs. "Did you ahve them custom made? They look so real..."
  7. Marshall hesitated at both questions she asked. "Um...y-yeah....sure....custom made," he lied. He felt guilty for lying, but immediately averted the subject. "So where are we going?" he asked.
  8. "Wow. Those are nice veneers." she continued to marvel in the male's fangs for a moment more.
    "The park." she said, smiling. With a slight bounce to her step she once again began strolling towards the park.
  9. Marshall followed closely behind her and tried his best not to look at her goods, for she showcased them proudly. "So are you going to the park...i-if you don't mind me asking."
  10. "It's amazing. That's why." she stopped to turn to Marshall "Oh, you should see it, Marshall, it's so beautiful. There's so many trees; huge oaks," she said enthusiastically, making hand gestures as she talked "to little apple trees. And all the flowers you could possibly smell." she sighed and smiled then continued walking.
  11. Marshall smiled at her enthusiasm and followed her. He kept staring at her, because how amazing of a girl she seemed to be. He could tell by now that she was a human, but he was still attracted to her as much as he was when he first saw her, maybe even a little more now. Marshall forgot about how weak he was, so he tried his best to hide it. He felt for his ax bass, which was still there. 'perfect,' he thought. 'Maybe I could serenade her.' He smiled at the idea a bit.
  12. She turned to face Marshall, walking backwards now. She glanced at the bass the male was carrying, she had noticed it earlier but was too fixcated on his fangs to mention them right then. "Nice bass. Can I see it?" she stopped, holding her hand out.
  13. Marshall stopped and looked for a second. "..O-oh my bass?" he asked as if he didn't hear her, "Yeah sure...I-I guess." He took it off of him and handed her the bass. "Just be careful, that's a real ax." he said realizing the time period he was in once more. "uh, um...a real axel bass guitar..." he said trying to remembering how little he studied about the late 1900's and the 2000's.
  14. "Nice." she took it from the male, carefully holding it by the neck. Pulling the strap over her head, she played a few riffs, softly humming along as she played. She began playing Dead! by My Chemical Romance, singing the words in perfect tune to the music. Turning around she began walking towards the park still singing and playing, ignoring the stares of bystanders.
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    Marshall smiled. "You know how to play?" he asked. "I mean you sound great...heh." he smiled while rubbing the back of his neck.
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    She nodded, smiling and continued to sing and play until they reached the park. She stopped, leaning against a large oak tree "If life ain't just a joke, then why am I dead?" she played the final notes, then pulling the guitar off she handed it back to the male.
  17. Marshall took it back smiling uncontrollably. "'re really good." he said. He couldn't fathom how well she was at the bass, mostly, because back in the 1800's no one knew how to play things like that. They stuck to the piano and those instruments he couldn't bare to listen to. He scratched his jaw and looked at her. "You seem cool Kaylee," he said rather calmly. That was the first confident thing he had said all day. He was actually quite proud of himself.
  18. She blushed at the male's compliment "Thanks. I've been playing since I was about five." she crossed her arms over her chest, still leaning against the tree. "You're pretty cool too. You're the first cool guy I've met in this town. All the guys at school are preps who play football and go after cheerleaders." she made a face. "Definitely not my type."
  19. Marshall smirked pretending to know what football, and a cheerleader was. He hesitated, then made the decision. "Hey...I wanna show you something," he said to her with a sweet smile.
  20. She smiled a little. "What?" she said, feeling a little nervous about what he wanted to show her.