Frustrating Video Game Moments


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Adventure stories! They can be fantasy, modern, sci-fi, all kinds! Give me some good world travel stories and I'm all over it! I also enjoy romance stories and even though I tend to play females I love playing gay men.
^ That, 500 times that! The other Seymour battles are a snap EXCEPT that one...STOP MAKING MY PARTY ZOMBIES! D:<

Ike Sapphire

Super Mario Galaxy 2: the perfect run is one that I just find almost impossible. When I got so close to it I had to die >< my choices at the time were death by hammer bro or death by boomerang bro

Final Fantasy IV ds version: everything about it... well namely the bosses anyway

Super Smash bros melee When you're fighting I believe what it was, was the 100 man melee or something like that aaannd the dreaded fifty-first challenge. Fighting Mewtwo, Gigabowser and Gannondorf at the same time

Kirby Air ride: Most the check blocks that are nearly impossible to do

Pretty much any Mario Kart when you're going through to get all gold, It's fun and all and a really good challenge but some time those random objects in the stage that screw you over can piss me off. That and the blue shells


Ugh, happened to me the other day playing Mortal Kombat online. The guy kept turtling on me, which is annoying because my character doesn't have any moves that can get in on him. Plus my style is more defensive, trying to zone the guy until he makes a mistake and then I unleash combos on him. What sucks the most is that he just kept chipping away at my health, then any time I got near, he just teleported away. It's kind of lame that that can happen.

And while this isn't necessarily a video game moment itself, but I hate it when my opponent in Starcraft 2 is bad mannered. The worst is offensively GG-ing you. That is incredibly annoying, and it makes me respond by building random buildings all over the map so that I waste their time. Or when they do a couple of failed all in attacks that you hold off easily, and then they start trash talking you calling you a noob, etc etc, then messaging you after the game from several different accounts, but they have you blocked so you can't respond to them. I don't see the point of acting like a little child when you lose because you played like an idiot.


Definitely hate that. In fact I hate the new use of the word noob in general. It used to single out a player so the more experienced can aid them and teach them how the game works. Now-a-days it is a word that is used to demean and insult people. That's why I sometimes don't do certain things in games until I know what I'm doing especially pvp. It's not being called a noob by everyone else that sucks it is the fact that they blame their mistakes on you afterward if you lose. And even if you win it's because "they're so pro they did it even with a noob on their team."

To me "noob" is the most annoying video game moment ever.


I've gone back to using "newbie" to describe an inexperienced player in need of (or receiving) assistance, because of the negative connotation to the shortened variant of the word.