Frustrating Video Game Moments

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  1. What moment in a video game has made you want to break the screen in fury?

    We all have those moments in a game. That bit you just can't seem to complete, can't seem to get past no matter how hard you try. Those moments that make you want to put the controller through the screen, or even murder the designer of the level for making it so goddamn aggravating.

    What was your last/worst experience of this? What game was it?
  2. Kefka's Tower.

    Nothing made me want to destroy something that much.
  3. I mostly just get frustrated at playing games online. Last single player experience that frustrated me was in Dragon Age: Origins, the part where you go to the fade. It wasn't difficult, just extremely annoying and made me not want to replay the game since I didn't want to go through that part of the game ever again.

    Then there was the final boss of Uncharted 2 on Crushing difficulty. I loved the game, but hated that fight. The guys lines were annoying and that fight in general was just a pain in the ass on crushing. Managed to find a way to glitch the fight though my fifth or so time doing it.

    The blade walls in God of War when you're in Hades and have to climb your way out have the worst hit detection I've ever seen. So many times I managed to climb to almost the top and then randomly get hit by one of the blades and get knocked back down to the bottom. That was more annoying than difficult. And it was apparently the only part of the game that didn't get play-tested.

    And finally we have my mortal enemy, Battle Toads. As a kid I couldn't beat that fucking hover bike level. Eventually I managed to beat it...and the game got even harder :/ My NES and copy of Battle Toads got sold though, so I haven't been able to actually play the game for years...but one day, I vow to beat Battle Toads and it will be the most glorious thing I've ever done.
  4. Strategy game campaigns where the the missions start to go from challenging to outright cheating by the AI and developers. There's a very real difference between a good challenge and a frustrating challenge, I have no patience at all for the latter.

    Dead or Alive: Dimensions. Genra. Genra, Genra, Genra. In a fighting game with almost no projectile attacks, he's the boss character with three or four that the AI has no reservations about spamming once you're out of arm's reach. Nobody likes Genra and loosing to Genra in free play mode shouldn't count as a loss, because Genra is just B.S.
  5. Men of War

    The game is an RTS of sorts, and the single player missions often vary from hard to nigh on impossible. Appearently one of the developers favorites on terms of missions is the "hold the line" type.

    Usually it means your men with pea shooters and light machine guns vs armored personel carriers, tanks.

    Not so bad once one realizes what type of units they have, and how to properly ambush tanks. Until they throw you into a mission where a fighter will repeatedly strafe and bomb the trenches that your men hide in. Anyone that lives through that gets a bullet via an enemy sniper for their trouble. Anyone that lives through that gets blasted into tiny little bits by two artillery units that show up five minutes into the game.

    There was also a stealth mission that was almost beyond hard. Had to navigate a squad of men through a town without being detected by the German garrison and patrols. The squad had knives and silenced pistols, but it seemed like killing any of the guards had a 85 to 95 Percent chance of alerting the entire town which would result in the entire garrison coming down around the player's head. Problem was in certain areas of the town, one had to kill the guards otherwise it was impossible to continue without getting detected anyway.
  6. Bulletwitch.

    Hell Difficulty.

    Because of an achievement you get real easily in the game for 14 gamerscore, it throws off your totaly number, so you get 4's & 9's at the end of your gamerscore. An after a while it really started to bug me because I hated seeing myself always one point short. So I finally started HELL MODE which is the difficulty you get after beating both HARD MODE, AND CHAOS MODE.

    Practically two or three hits will kill you and the enemies are evil. Plus they have these HELL SNIPERS that can get a headshot even as you're doing a dodge move that negates every other attack in the game. And once you're outnumbered you HAVE to spam this raven spell that distracts enemies from shooting you to even get a hit in & kill a couple.


    I know for the oldschool gamers that's normal, but these days developers have been spoiling me with checkpoints. Especially ones that differentiate the stages of a boss fight. And the final boss of Bulletwitch can last for up to at least half an hour. And that's if you hit him with your strongest attack while his weak point is exposed and don't miss. Because then you have to weaken him all over again. Any ONE of his attacks can kill you in a single hit. And on HELL MODE he has a ridiculous amount of Health.

    And so after all the hard work of not just beating the other levels BUT THE FINAL BOSS AS WELL. . . . .

    . . . You get ONE gamerscore point.

    It's frustrating beyond all HELL but to this day I do not regret getting that achievement.


    And if any of you have Lords of Shadow DLC. . . then you probably know about a certain boss that his HARDER THAN FIGHTING THE REGULAR FINAL BOSS OF LORDS OF SHADOW. On top of this before you even fight him for the last time you must defeat these Flaming Skeleton enemies that are the most annoying standard enemy I have ever fought during that game.


  7. Pokemon Rangers. The first one. Two Mister Mimes... Yah, after 2000 times I got past them... AND THEN IT GETS HARDER! FUCK THAT!

    I actually broke the cartrage then and there. Just destroied the mother drive. It wasn't that good anyway. Too hard.
  8. Well I haven't found any real challenging new games for a long time. I think the newest game that was challenging was Heroes of Might and Magic 6, I think, or 4 - there was a V and a I in it, just not sure in what position. The campaign got stupid hard started after you get through the undead campaign.

    However recently I've gone back to Shining Force 2 for the sega to have a laugh. The developers got the difficulty settings wrong so Super is Ouch. Super was supposed to be better AI (which is Ouch) and Ouch is supposed to be better AI with +25% damage (but that's Super).

    Even with the enemies having +25% damage the game is beatable if you take the right guys and spend the time to power them up. Well, I'm spending the time to power up my guys but I'm leaving as many of the bad ass characters behind and taking the, "God this guy sucks why is even in the game" guys with me. This has added a whole new challenge to the game that has me bashing my head into the wall.

    Right now I am at the Kraken - one of the hardest fights in the game in my opinion. This f'in Kraken now has +25% damage. Generally not a big deal, you just take your Phoenix and your Bird Warrior to go chop its head off while the rest of your party tries to survive and you use your Tort Monster to tank the hits, than move your heavy hitters in to take out the arms. My problem - I don't have the Phoenix, the Monster or the bird warrior in my party... I am stuck on this mission. With everyone at there max level for this mission where each arm only gives me one xp...

    Correction - been a few days since I had played it and thought I had dropped those two from my party. I haven't yet, cause I don't have enough characters, I just haven't leveled them up like everyone else. I'm starting to now because of how hard this fight has been but it's a pain in the ass since they die from one or two hits right now.
  9. Damn Mario Brothers games where they have those moving platforms and if you fall off them you die. >:[
  10. =__= FFX... You have to dodge 200 lightning bolts to get Lulu's ultimate weapon. I wanted to get that so badly, but the fucking lightning just...GRRRR.

    Oh, and the water temple in Ocarina of Time. Roar. But a lot about the LoZ games frustrate me.
  11. We all know back in the day before they started babying players game designers had their trollfaces on.

    Like in the original prince of persia game.

    Around 5 levels ago you jump though a magic mirror and not HAVE YOUR REFLECTION RUNNING AROUND STEALING YOUR POTIONS!

    Then last level he drops down in front of you and draws his sword, you do too automatically.

    if you kill him you die too and hes one of the fastest proponents in the game when it comes to attack speed/parry.

    Trick is to put away your sword and run into him to merge with him. THANKS ONLY TOOK ME TWENTY TRIES ON A GAME WITH NO SAVE FEATURE AND A 1 HOUR TIME LIMIT ON THE WHOLE THING.


    ARGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH! The final ending to Drakengard. Though the video makes it look incredibly easy, you can tell the person either memorized the sequence, or is looking at it from a guide. It just gets confusing as hell cause the lines tended to blue to me when there were multiples.
  13. ^^^ Asbo-f'in-lutely. These were even worse before google and the ability to look up game assistance. Every new game I play seems so easy compared to the old games and if I do get stuck in a new game I just jump to google.

    Another situation like this is in FF2/4 when Cecil fights his shadow or clone or whatever the hell it is. I don't know if anyone else tried to just straight up beat this guy, burn through all your elixirs and health potions, spend hours doing it just to get beaten anyway and have to reload to try again.

    Defend. Just defend a few rounds and you win. Cecil drops the dark knight class and becomes a mother fucking Paladin and all you gotta do is defend. Thank you for hours of my life gone.
  14. Freaking Sonic the Hedgehog 2! D:< I've YET to beat that blasted game! I always end up losing almost all of my lives at that blasted cliff level!
  15. You know that part in Bejeweled when the message comes up and says "NO MORE MOVES"?? Yeah, I hate that!


    Seriously, though, I've been bothered more than just a little bit by certain games. One of the most memorable is Moldorn in Zelda: Link to the Past. I had zero problems on every other boss, but somehow this one always gave me the most trouble.

    I also hate every godsforsaken level in Mario where you're in the air. Any Mario game. Period.
  16. Shinobi for the PS2. ALL. OF. IT.

    Ninja Gaiden II for the 360, whenever IS ninjas or ninja wolves were around.

    The End for the first couple tries. TOO BAD I CAN HEAR YOUR WHEEZING ASS FROM A MILE AWAY, YOU OLD FART.
  17. Grumpy when playing Ninja Gaiden games (mostly the first, but also the second at points):


    Basically every time I played. My flatmate thought I was going insane.
  18. Quest 64, any boss you aren't on par with, but most notably, Beigis and Jade.

    Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past: Sure Moldorm may be annoying but I've been dealing with arch movement enemies pretty much all my life. It's when you get to the third crystal dungeon boss that I find myself doing the WTF dance. The floor moves, the walls are spiked and shoot out at you, your dodging the mothera-like boss' attacks, and if you run low on magic good luck hitting him with your sword.

    Megaman, more 2 than any other but still the levels tend to get a bit annoying. Like when you see a checkpoint just ahead and you go for the jump but on the other side of the checkpoint is a minion that pops you back and doesn't quite shoot you back to your ledge. Falld own the hole start over from the beginning.

    Mario sky is fine it is those underwater levels that make me want to have that boy go back to plumbing.

    Gradius III, I think it's the fourth level, if you played it the one with all the stone faces. Specifically I'm talking about the rotating pillars part.

    Another Legend of Zelda moment, Ganondorf's light ball toss in Ocarina of Time. Sure it is alright but 1. You got to time them balls right, 2. It intentionally wears you down when he is doing some awesome goaly-ing, and 3. Don't run out of magic, need them light arrows at that part.

    Yet another Ocarina of time moment, the Gerudo training grounds. In the end you get the ice arrows which is cool but this entire area is designed to be confusing with the biggest collection of annoying puzzles. Key maze, coin collection, timed coin collection, mini-boss fights, and eye of truth wandering.

    Don't know why but when I was a kid I hated doing Super Mario World 2's last level. Simply because Cammack in the beginning of that level was speeding after your Yoshicopter and if she hit you once there was basically no coming back.

    Finally we'll wrap it up with any time you had to fight Seymour in Final Fantasy X. The man's a menace.
  19. Specifically the third time. You know, right after you leave Kimari's people? GOD DAMN IT HOW DO YOU WIIIIIIIIIIIIIIN.