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  1. Okay, so the idea is that you can either be part of the Sohma family or just a regular person. Now, there can only be one of each zodiac animal, so you'll have to act fast if you want your favorite. Also, this isn't going to follow the anime's plot or have any of those characters in it because I think that would just get confusing. So yeah, be creative and have fun! Oh and remember that the color of the animal matches their hair. (So, for example, whoever wants the be the horse can't have purple hair because there aren't any purple horses and same goes for the other animals)


    ~Character sheet~

    Cursed? If yes, what animal?
    Human appearance (pic optional):
    Animal appearance (pic optional):

    My Character (open)

    Name: Kimika Sohma (Nickname: Kimi)
    Age: 16
    Cursed? If yes, what animal? Yes, cat
    Human appearance (pic optional): She has long dark grey hair, which can pass as black, and bright blue eyes. She wears the blue and white school uniform during school days. On the weekends and after school her clothing varies. Around her wrist is a bracelet with round black and white beads which she never takes off.
    Animal appearance (pic optional): A dark gray cat with bright blue eyes.
    Personality: She is a quiet girl who knows how to take care of herself. She has a hard time trusting people and because of that prefers the company of animals. Under that loner appearance, though, she is actually a kind, caring girl who has no trouble standing up for what she believes to be right.
    Bio: She has struggled with the curse all her life. Not only does she have to worry about becoming a cat, but without her bracelet she would, also, have to worry about turning into a monster. When she was born and her mother saw her monster form, she all but disowned her. Her father was more excepting of her curse and moved out of the Sohma estate to raise her in the city. Since he was always going between her and her mother, she was left by herself a lot. Once she was old enough, he left her alone altogether only checking on her once and a while to make sure she was okay. Currently, she is living in a apartment, payed for by her father, which is just a few blocks from the high school.
    Family: Her mother, Narumi Sohma, whom she has not seen since she was a child. Her father, Tatsuro Sohma, who visits her every few weeks.

    Here are the open zodiac animals (I will try to keep this list updated but be sure to check the other character sheets just in case)

    Sorry, but there aren't any zodiac animals left. If you still want to join it will have to be as a normal person.


    And these are just some other pictures that I happened upon. You don't have to use them, but I just thought I'd put them out there just in case.
    Show Spoiler

    I thought this would be a cute cow.

    Show Spoiler

    This would be the tiger, but if you use it you would probably need to describe the hair color as something else.
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  2. Why would the cow's hair need to be black and white? Just because Haru turned into a BxW cow doesn't mean this new one has to. I mean, there ARE BxW cows, but there are also black cows, brown cows, brown and white cows, cream cows (I think. Might be wrong on this one) and all white cows.
  3. You're right, sorry. It's just when I think cow I think black and white but as long as it's a type of cow it's fine. I was mainly just talking about no unrealistic colors like pink, though I suppose the seahorse could be pink if they wanted. Anyway, I'll change that.
  4. ...I feel like I came off meaner than I intended. You don't need to apologize for not thinking of all the different colours of cows o__o;;
  5. Haha, no it's fine. Don't worry. :) I know you weren't trying to sound mean. So are you interested in being the cow or one of the other animals? I hope so! ^.^
  6. Omg can i bee bunny please ='_'= must be bunny ^'_'^#
  7. Yeah, of course! Go ahead! =^.^=
  8. Yeah bunny i will have my pic up in sep ok?

    Lukca "Lulu"
    13 (looks 12)
    very shy and kind
    theres nothing that can be in a bio just that her mother left her when she found out she can turn into a bunny. her father died after and she lives with relatives in her family. and throuth everything she dose not speak and only writes what she wants to say.
    she has zero family but others like her
    (bunny looks) Gray cute bunny ((if you sean rotg you know Bunnymub when he lose his power that the cute little bunny))

    humen looks: she waers a very wear outfit that is not real like her personalty her top is green but it would just cover her flat cast then she waers a white jakte on top. shorts very short shorts wich is brown and has a white belt. she waers stokings wich are striped black and blue. she also waers fingerless gloves wich are red then her shose are all of the colors she waers so blue green white brown red black.
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  9. I can't wait for this to get going! :D

    Name: Niki Sohma

    Age: 16

    Cursed? If yes, what animal? : Monkey

    Human appearance (pic optional):
    Show Spoiler

    Animal appearance (pic optional):
    Show Spoiler

    Personality: She is seemingly a very composed individual who seeks the approval of others through doing small tasks or running errands. Niki always helps others because it "gives her a purpose in life" while trying to deal with her curse. She comes across as well mannered and independent until someone shows some form of disapproval towards her. In those moments she turns into a wreck. She can basically cry on cue and apologizes for even the smallest mistakes while somehow making matters worse in trying to fix them. Along with that she becomes very mean when around men/boys/guys in general; even boys younger than her because they would ALL make her transform. Only the men in her family that share the curse avoid this side of her seeing as they cannot make each other transform.

    Bio: Her mother and father were the type to push family life onto a young girl. Niki was pressured as soon as they were comfortable with her dating to start doing so. The family curse, however, put much distance between her and the boys her parents tried to bring into her life. Niki was their oldest and as such they expected a great deal of things from her. A grandchild was one of those things. She could not muster up a decent conversation with any boy and the curse turned it into some type of episode whenever she saw a boy.

    The constant disapproval of her parents was too much for her to take and so she moved out. She had a job as a waitress at a local restaurant and saved her money until she could afford a small apartment across town. She was overjoyed to finally be up from under her parent's strict hands, but now she would have to learn how to deal with the curse on her own time.

    Family: Mother - Ayumi Sohma, Father - Nakamura Sohma, Younger brother - Yamada Sohma[/spoiler]
  10. Both accepted! Great characters and I love your pictures CrimsonMaiden. That monkey is so cute. :3
  11. Thanks! I really can't wait for this rp to get rolling! We need more people!! I put this thread in my signature so hopefully that will grab some attention :D
  12. Name: Shion Sohma

    Age: 17

    Cursed? If yes, what animal? Rat

    Personality: Outgoing, Energetic, Sportsy? (If that's a word lol)

    Bio: She first changed when she was 5 and her father left in fear. Her mom took care of her and her twin brother Sion until she was 12. She died in a car crash and she's been living with her brother ever since.

    Family: Sion (brother)

    I may play Sion to if its okay. Same Bio but he's a normal human.

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  13. Kyysucara Namosaka: Yes, go ahead! Both of your characters are accepted. The only rule is one cursed character per person since there are a limited number of those. For normal characters you can have as many as you want as long as you play them. Haha, you're character is almost the complete opposite of mine which is so appropriate considering I'm the cat and you're the rat. =^.^= I think there should definitely be some conflict there, don't you?

    CrimsonMaiden: That's a good idea! I was also considering making a banner. I've never done it before, though so I don't really know how... ^.^;
  14. I was thinking about that too! You definently should to get more attention :D I can go look around if you want me to. I have seen th place ofr it, but I can't remember where it was...

    I really, REALLY wanna see this rp kick off and live~!
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  15. I know me too! If you could find where I can make the banner that would be great. I'll look around, too and let you know if I figure it out. :)
  16. Haha, that was fast. I'll take a look.
  17. Lol I did that on purpose. I can't wait.
  18. cant wait for the rp to start ^^
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