Freetown Christiania

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  1. Constitution of Christiania
    Anyone is free to do what they want,
    As long as it doesn't infringe on the freedom of others to do what they want.
    The purpose is to create a society that rests in itself and strives in a common effort to ward off psychological and physical pollution.

    Welcome to Freetown Christiania.

    Christiania occupies an island within the walls of Copenhagen, Denmark. Formerly referred to as the "forbidden city" of the military, citizens of Copenhagen conquered the then abandoned island in the 70's, reclaiming the area for their own.

    "Christiania is the land of the settlers. It is the so far biggest opportunity to build up a society from scratch - while nevertheless still incorporating the remaining constructions. Own electricity plant, a bath-house, a giant athletics building, where all the seekers of peace could have their grand meditation - and yoga center. Halls where theater groups can feel at home. Buildings for the stoners who are too paranoid and weak to participate in the race...Yes for those who feel the beating of the pioneer heart there can be no doubt as to the purpose of Christiania. It is the part of the city which has been kept secret to us - but no more."

    Under this premise, the youth of Copenhagen moved to Christiania, hoping to build a better life for themselves.

    Over forty years have passed, and the city is still thriving. Meditation and Yoga are a common pastime, along with many forms of artistic expression. The micro city operates completely independently from the rest of Copenhagen, relying on internal sources for electricity and water, and selling goods and services to stimulate their own economy.

    With the many positives residents find in living in Christiania, however, there are some obvious negatives. Because the citizens of Freetown Christiania are, as the names suggests, free to do whatever they want, drug and alcohol abuse runs rampant. Furthermore, there have been violent crimes in the past that have shaken the island community.

    So what'll it be? Live your life within the boarders of traditional societal structure, or take a step outside to Freetown Christiania?

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  2. I already watched the thread before you tagged me and yes I am in lol, working on an rp idea right now but once I finish that will think of some people to tag. Most should be open for rps since summer and school over XD but yeah... brb XD
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  3. Okay I'm up for this one.
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  4. Yaaaaaaaaaas
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  7. This... This is revolutionary.
  8. rofl XD yes it is lol
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  9. Ice is in.

    It's weird having a red name now. And seeing all the buttons
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  10. So, I haven't actually decided what the rules should be for this thread. Like, I know that the concept is meant to be "free to do whatever you want without infringing on the freedom of others," however, because this isn't an age-restricted group, I don't want to have people posting like... explicit things for everyone to see, you know?
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  11. If it gets explicit...fade to black or take it to the Inbox.

    Basically...if I understand things...we're probably going for the area in-between a Pixar movie and a Quinton Tarantino movie
  12. Hahahaha. You understand me so well.
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  13. Now I want a Disney QT mix rp lol
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  14. Hey that's what friends are for. :wink:
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  15. Hey guys, I'm headed to Germany today, but I'll probably be on again this evening for a while (though possibly from mobile), so if you've got any ideas or rules/plot ideas/etc, I'll be back later and we can talk about it.

    Because of time zone differences, I'll honestly probably be on while its still pretty early where you guys are at, so we'll see how that works out.
  16. This looks like a lot of fun!
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  17. I don't know if it's much of an actual plot though. Like I obviously like the general idea, but I wanted to see if anyone had anything to add to it?
  18. I think a lot will develop from character interaction more than anything else.
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