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  1. I just redesigned my shop. Yes. I've changed the style I'm drawing, to a very simple cute chubby little chibi type thing. You should get one, it's free. This redesign is still a WIP I still need to draw some examples. These would be great avatars, siggy companions, anything.


    Art example #1 (It's a self-portrait) (open)

    REALLY bad cyborg girl. (open)

    * = required for colored images only
    :cake: = required for all

    :cake:Type: Colored digitally, traditional coloring, lineart, or sketch.
    Name: I will put it somewhere on the drawing if you give a name.
    :cake:Hair Style: References would be great.
    *Hair Color: References would be great.
    *Eye color: Again, references make the coloring easier.
    :cake:Clothing style: REFERENCED PROBABLY NEEDED (if it's not like.... a t-shirt and shorts.)
    Items?: I may add ONE item to the drawing. Like a book, purse/bag, maybe a weapon...?
    Anything and everything else:

    1: @die_Sprachkenntnisse (waiting for reply)
    2:DA Commission

    Finished Commissions (open)


    And of course, you can always check me out on DeviantArt!!! LonelyStar111 on DeviantArt
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  2. [​IMG]

    Type of drawing
    : Colored by hand

    Style: Chibi

    Number of Characters: One

    Name of Character: Zachariah

    Sex/Gender of Character: Male

    Race/Species of Character: Human, somewhat pale

    One Line Description of Character: A teenager that has spent quite some time travelling the world, although spending much time in a cold, dark, mountainside village has had its effects on him.

    Hair Color: Pastel blue

    Hair Style: Bowl haircut, except instead of being straight around the edge, it's spiky.

    Eye Color: Green, I guess.

    Skin Color: Somewhat pale, what you get for being relatively tan, then spend the next year or so in the shadows.

    Scars/Tattoos/Blemishes: Tattoo free, no scars, maybe patches of rough/dry skin idk

    Mood/Expression: Positive, cheerful, though not overly enthusiastic

    Clothing Style: A wind-tight jacket in a bit lighter blue than his hair, dark blue/grayish pants, large snow boots and a white scarf.

    Pose: Neutral, standing on both his legs, both arms down his sides.

    Thank you so much in advance!
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  3. Wow. Thanks very much for ordering! I'll see what I can do, but I would really appreciate a reference image for the hair. :D
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  4. Here's the Sketch (open)

    Is the hair ok?
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  5. Reference image is up, and the sketch looks really nice! Thanks again!
  6. No problem! I'll get working on the lineart.
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  7. Ok I'm done! Here you go:

    Finished Commission for IntrusivePenDesperateSword (open)

    There! You can have the file. I don't know how else to give it to you xD

    Attached Files:

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  8. Thank you so much, I love it! Good luck with any coming submissions!
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  9. Your welcome! I really enjoyed doing that one. *squee* My first commission completed!
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  10. I'm still open... :D
  11. Still.... open... and waiting.
  12. Woot woot.
    I haz arrived to ask for fanart.
    If it will be fine with you, I will just tell you the character to look up. Comic Sans from Undertale, if you can please draw him I would thank you for days.
    And Line art please, just a Chibi and not super chibi will do!
  13. O.O ooooh. I don't think I'm comfortable with doing skeletons or cannon characters at the moment... sorry.
  14. Type of drawing: Sketch
    Style: Chibi
    Number of Characters: 1
    Name of Character: F0X
    Sex/Gender of Character: Female
    Race/Species of Character: Kitsune
    One Line Description of Character: Fun Flirtatious Vixen of Iwaku who servers to help all she can!
    Hair Color: Grey
    Hair Style: See Profile Picture
    Eye Color: Violet or grey
    Skin Color: light
    Scars/Tattoos/Blemishes: None
    Mood/Expression: Smirking, or biting her lip
    Clothing Style: black corset with a lacy black and white skirt
    Pose: Standing, pushing her hips to one side and her hand running through her hair.
  15. I will work on this, right after French class. :3
  16. @RainbowSocks Does a satyr count as a furry? Because I'd love a chibi if it isn't something you won't do. :)
  17. @Dullahan No, I wouldn't count it as a furry... but I'm not sure I could do it... I'd be willing to try though.

    Also, @F0X sorry it's taking me so long.
  18. Ok. @F0X I don't think I can do the post you asked for.
  19. Aww Darn! No worries, hope you get lots of other commissions!
  20. OMG I MEANT POSE!! POSE NOT POST!!!! @F0X Please stay!!
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