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    • One man seeks work and ends up working with a crew of cannibalistic circus performers. There is one performer that is different from the rest and ends up taking an interest in the newcomer. Will this man end up accepting his place in this twisted circus or want to escape?

    Allegretto La' Caz
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    After months of not finding work, Ciel was able to get back on his feet and find work after hearing a woman talk about a circus. Now, the circus wasn't an option the young man would ever think of, but it beats doing pointless street performances. Ciel was gifte in Aerobics, though he didn't know this himself until recently as living on your own is the time to have a lot time to one's self. A lot of things had been going on with his life, and it was hard to justify whether it was luck or just chance. He didn't necessarily believe in the supernatural, neither was he a spiritual person, but he was going to gladly accept this blessing. To work in a circus deemed odd, but he was promised a place to stay and they provide food prior to the phone call he had with, he supposed, the ringleader of the whole affair. There was no point in turning down an offer like this; Ciel was going to stick with it.

    Ciel, his birth name Allegretto, grew up in a fairly high class family. It was the typical family order; mother, father, and older brother. He remembers being close with his mother, his father being a workaholic, and his older brother Calais was basically always looking up to father. His father was a rough man. He was hard on both his sons, especially Ciel. Ciel wasn't interested in working for his father's company. Since Calais was older, he would be taking father's spot as had. Father was also rough with his wife. Ciel wouldn't forget the moments of how she would just smile and pretend her bruises were nonexistent.

    Ciel clung to his mother and his mother did the same. She was a petite woman was gorgeous raven hair and the most enchanting blue eyes. Genetically, Ciel took most of his mother's features and he was grateful during those years since he was bitter towards his father. She always pretended that things in the house were in order. The cleaning, cooking, and even her marriage. Despite having a few house keepers, she still worked to keep her mind of things as gardening became a new hobby for her, along with Ciel. There was one thing that always bothered her though.

    Ciel's father had women, but their was one particular mistress that stayed in the picture. Mother knew about it, and chose to stop fighting and accept it. It was strange to Ciel though. When he had turned six he witnessed something that he would never forget.

    By the hands of his own mother, his father's blood was painted all over them. She had snapped. All the physical and emotional abuse was too much for her. It's still a bit blurry, but he remembers standing by the door of his parent's door crying due to shock and confusion. A lot of screaming and crying too. He remembers that his mother panicked and grabbed both his brother and him as they left their manor.

    The life of living with just mother did not last long as within the two years of her hiding from her crime, she went completely mad. She wasn't the same woman with high spirits. Even the fake smiles she did back home weren't as bright. Calais hated mother and somehow his relationship with his brother began to deteriorate as Calais shut himself out of their lives and even went to leaving them both without a word. Mother only got worse and due to her losing herself she had committed suicide. Despite being eight at the time, Ciel couldn't bring himself to cry. His mother committed a selfish act. She left him alone in this world. His brother and father also left him to be alone. His mother was a fool, but he did soon forgive her in his late teen years.

    Although, Ciel chose to forget about his family and become his own person. His father and brother were dead to him. If anyone were to ask, he has neither. He changed his name and dyed his hair as he went on with his new, but damaged life.

    Working at multiple businesses to keep living and constantly living was not an ideal lifestyle for Ciel. His faithful moment of calling that ringleader at the circus that was currently visiting his areas was a great chance to jumpstart his life. Though, Ciel became this hostile and quiet man, he can now be at peace within himself. This was one step forward.
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  1. [​IMG]
    Name: Black Mamba (Snake)
    Gender: Male
    Age: 22
    Length: 180cm
    Personality: Snake is usually aggressive, just wants to be left alone sometimes but can become greedy if it's something he really really wants. He's just like any snake, if you step on him he will undoubtedly attack you. He will take distance from things he doesn't like but be drawn to the things that he does like. When he has the object that he's been looking for, he will make sure to keep it.
    Likes: To eat, shiny things, sunlight and to perform (his specialty is speed and agility but his thing in the circus is juggling with burning coal and firebreathing)
    Dislikes: Intruders, things he doesn't like and humans (since he doesn't have a positive experience with them)
    Stage specialty: Fire-breathing
    Overall: Unlike the other circus members he has an unquenched thirst for souls or blood. While the average circus member of this team eats 1 soul a day, he eats 3. Like a snake he can eat things twice his own size. But while a snake takes some days to digest the food it consumes, Snake on the other hand consumes souls that are easier to digest, almost like swallowing air, no hard work needed to digest it.

    But then: "Why is he this way right now?"
    22 years ago he was born in a research facility, he was the ultimate specimen any researcher working with morbid mutation could ever hope to recieve. This baby was injected with the DNA from different snakes and NONE of them were rejected. But the one that truly merged with his own DNA was the black mamba.
    The black mamba can grow up to an average length of 2.5 meters and max 4.5. It got it's name from the black color from inside it's mouth. The scales are grey to olive colored therefore making it well known to almost every living human being and especially in Africa.
    It's also the fastest snake in the world, able to reach up to 20 km/h, but it usually uses the speed to flee rather than to catch food. But the black mamba is also extremely aggressive because sometimes this snake can attack without being provoked.

    The snake is one of the 10 most venomous snakes on earth, the venom of one bite is enough to kill 20-40 humans. The bite will release 100-200 milligrams of venom, even up to 400 milligrams, but what takes to kill a human is only 10-15 milligrams.
    Extremely deadly? You betcha.

    That is the nature of Snake, aka Black Mamba. He never recieved a real name, he never got to know who his parents were that gave him these god-awful and detestable genes. Nothing about his background, only when and where he was born. "Black Mamba" was the name the project was given, he recieved the name of the project but when he killed every last researcher in that hell-pit and fled to only be found by the circus: he was then given a nickname, "Snake".

    And because he possessed the DNA (mostly) from the black mamba, he also had some snake-like features:
    Extremely sharp canines that produced deadly venom that the canines secreted when Snake bit something/-one.
    Eyes with no white color, the iris completely filled the eyes and the pupil was also relatively big.
    His skin being harder (the skin has a pattern of scales but only around the neck, shoulders and his entire back).
    His tongue being long, thin and forked at the end (so he can do that "Sssss" thing like a snake).
    The inside of his mouth being black like the snake he possesses the DNA, genes and features from.

    Then one day a human was recruited to the circus group.
    Not like the other hateful humans.

    (1 soul each except for Snake who gets 12)
    Roron (Male): Ringmaster
    Snake (Male): Fire-breather / Guard
    Muera (Female): Skittle juggling
    Oreon (Male): Skittle juggling
    Conny (Female): Magician
    Vanessa (Female): Tightrope walker
    Armin (Male): Trapeze artist
    Ciel (Male): Acrobat
    Lucio (Male): Clown
    Gregoria (Female): Clown
    Patricia (Female): Clown
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  2. As Ciel walked along the trail as this was his moment to start working. It was still crazy that he was going to be at a circus, but it's not like he knew anyone that would come see him. He held unto his duffel bag as it was nearing evening. He wasn't really nervous, but he was anxious to know if he was going to get this job. Its been awhile since he's been stable. It was weird to be so anxious over getting an interview at a circus.

    The blue haired man made it to the open field of where the circus still resided. He could see the audience that were present not too long ago. He could see the random popcorn bags and confetti all over the grass. He supposed that the crew wasn't interested in unpacking yet.

    Ciel felt a bit out of place being in a place filled with colors and laughter. Those two things were very foreign to him. He wasn't even sure if this was right. "Geez," He sighed as he messed with his hair.

    He geeky uneasy because it was pretty quiet, but he had no idea to whom he was going to be talking to any how. There was no reason to back out now, he's gotten this far.
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  3. Black Mamba felt something different in the air so he exited the tent and a boy came walking up towards the circus. In the blink of an eye, Black Mamba was in front of the boy and sniffed in front of his face, sniffed his hair and neck. The boy didn't seem chocked, just surprized more or less. Black Mamba's snake eyes narrowed and he did that thing many reptiles do with his tongue.
    (It works because his tongue is thin and forked at the end like other snakes)

    "SNAKE!" A loud voice pierced the air and Black Mamba quickly moved away as if he was burned. The circus' founder walked up to the boy, removed his top-hat and nodded as a gesture of greeting. "Greetings human, welcome to The Circus. I am Roron, the founder of this paradise and that one is named Black Mamba." Black mamba didn't say anything, looked at the boy, the director and the boy one last time before going inside of the tent again. "He's otherwise known as Snake. He acts more or less as the guard around the circus."

    The director had a cane also, he held it in front of himself and put his hand on top of the upper end: "What is your business here? Are you one of the journalists we have to constantly chase away or-" The director stopped halfway, tilted his head forward and smirked: "Or are you perhaps here to join the family?"
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  4. Ciel was taken aback when he noticed someone appear in front of him. He was going to tell to move aside so that he could keep going, but it seemed like the other was observing him. He didn't show fear, but it felt awkward being so close to someone he barely knew. He was sniffing his hair and his neck. What the hell is going on? Ciel was about to tell the get away until he heard someone yell.

    He watched the other boy move away from him and he gave him a look of knowing annoyance and looked to the older curiously. "Nice to meet you," He answered the other with a small bow and he gave the other a look of disinterest when Roron introduced the weird one. Snake, huh? He met in eye contact with the other and watched him go back in his tent. He acts more like a dog than a snake. He was an interesting being though. He looked human, but he wasn't?

    "Oh...You're probably the person I talked to on the phone. I'm Ciel, I wanted to work for you," He explained himself. He ignored the term family as he hadn't had one of those in awhile.
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  5. "AH! SPLENDID! You must be Ciel!" Roron laughed and hooked his arm over Ciel's shoulders: "Good good, we have been expecting you. Make yourself at home!" Roron showed Ciel around the circus and they stopped inside the tent: "There is only one thing though before you join the circus-"

    Roron tilted his head backwards: "Are you 100% mentally stable?"


    /One request, could you make your text a tiny bit bigger? I can barely see the text. :/
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  6. {Is this better? Sorry, the text looks big on my tablet so I don't know. ^^'}

    As Ciel had stated to himself, this circus looked dead. Despite Roron being a bit odd himself, he was pretty welcoming. He was still a bit anxious but this guys seemed to make him feel a bit better. As long as he wouldn't meet any other weird ones like that Snake character.

    "Mentally stable?" He arched a brow at the older man as he stop in his thoughts. "...Yeah, I guess," He shrugged, thinking the older was just trying to freak him out.

    "When do you want me to start? I can start working whenever." He mentioned. He was pretty hard working, and its been awhile since he started working at a real job.
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  7. When Ciel said "Yeah, I guess" it was crystal clear: "GOOD! Because only the ones who think they're unstable are stable and therefore not welcome here. If you know you're stable then you are undoubtedly UNstable and therefore you will fit PERFECTLY in here! Welcome to our family!"

    Roron pointed his cane uppwards and then hit it in the ground: "You can start now! We're going to have another show tomorrow, help the others clean up for the next show, we'll leave overmorrow*! (*The day after tomorrow)" He said with a jolly laughter but then he became silent: "What are your personal talents?"

    /Yes, much better, thank you~ ^^
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  8. Ciel bowed in respect for the older. Well, he was glad to know that he got the job. There wasn't much to this little meet up, but it was good to see whom he would be working with. "Um, aerobics. If you're okay with that?" He stated slowly. Well, cleaning this place wasn't something he was interested in cleaning, but he got the job. It was very relieving to hear such a thing after so many hard ships.

    "Yeah...I can help out. Where will I be sleeping for tonight?" He asked. He really didn't care, but it only did well to ask.
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  9. "Hmmmm, aerobics, eh? Well then, you will be working with Juliana, she's a "tightrope-dancer", on the line 15 feet in the air, that thing." Roron crossed his arms and hummed: "Now for the instruments you will need... Do you specialize in something? Like hula hoops? Ropes and ribbons? Bars? Or simply your body?"

    He then explained the cleaning since he noticed Ciel's disapproving glance: "The cleaning consist of taking care of the things lying on the ground, popcornbags, plastic cups and vacuuming the confetti, it usually takes maximum of 15 minutes for the rookies-" "RORON!" A male voice came from the tent: "Yes, Oreon. What is it?"

    Roron answered in the calmest voice. Oreon came out from the tent wearing cowboy looking clothes: "We're done with the cleaning, when do we feed-" Roron covered Oreon's mouth and nodded slowly: "Yes. Soon. We don't talk about that out loud, don't you remember what happened last time you did?"

    Oreon turned his head away in shame and Roron cleared his throat: "As it turns out, Ciel, it seems as though you do not have to clean today. Yes, where you will be sleeping, we have a truck over there with bunk beds that everybody here sleeps in. We have 3 free places, they are perfectly made up and clean so all you will have to do now is go in and pick one of them." Roron said cheerfully and pointed at the truck with the bunk beds and Oreon hurried back into the big tent.
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    And not to criticize your typing, but where are you from and how long have you studied english? Ô.o
    Sometimes it looks like you used google translate is all I'm saying. Don't take this the wrong way, I'm just wondering. ^^
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  10. {Its fine. I'm from America, so English is my native tongue. ^^'}

    Ciel listened intently to Roron and he was actually relieved to know that he wouldn't be cleaning their mess. They were interrupted when someone named Oreon came into the picture. He chose not to ask what it was the two were trying to saying. He looked at the truck Roron was pointing to and he gave the older a bow in thanks.

    "Okay, thank you. I guess, I'll see you again in the morning.." He stated slowly. He would rather get things set for bed. He would look around, but they were leaving tomorrow, so he waa certain he see everything the next day.
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  11. Snake was already in the truck. The new one smelled sweet. He undressed, folded his clothes, put them on the foot of his bed (he was sleeping on the lower bed, the one over him was empty) and put on some sweat pants that he used for sleeping. He pulled a mirror up from a back pack that was hidden beneath his bed and looked at his reflection. He opened his mouth slightly and touched his long canines. Snake produced venom at will and the venom didn't affect him if he himself was injected with it or swallowed the poisonus liquid.

    He sighed and looked away from his reflection. The human that arrived today was more interesting than any other human he had ever met before, even more so than any of the other members on the circus. That human-... Ciel was his name, gave Snake the urge to touch him. Ciel's pale skin shone like the surface of a pearl inside an oyster. The blue eyes had the colour of the sky and the hair was neon-light-blue. Ciel could not possibly be human. Snake looked back at his reflection and sighed once more. Snake's own skin was a lot darker, almost grey and barely any beige color anywhere. His own eyes were big and had no white colors at all, just dark green and the large black spot in the center. His teeth were pure white and almost luminous. He pushed the hoodie off and touched his throat, his skin was hard all the way back to the neck and that's when he could feel the pattern of the scales.

    A monster.
    He was nothing like a human, he would never be accepted here, ever.
    He dropped the mirror on the floor and covered his face with his hands and sighed.
    Why couldn't he just have been a normal human? A normal boy? Receiving love from family and friends. Attending school and learning things.

    Yes he could do basic math, yes he could read and write, yes he could read texts and answer questions, but he still wasn't treated like any other human.
    Because he was different....
    Because he didn't look like them...
    Hateful humans...

    Except the newbie, Ciel, the human that just came here.
    Ciel didn't run, scream or hit Snake when he approached Ciel.
    He was different, somehow...
    Curiosity, Snake wanted to know more about the human that didn't treat him like some sort of deformed organism.

    Snake rubbed his face and hummed, he was in a dilemma.
    Either Snake could approach Ciel like he did earlier, like, awkwardly close.
    Or he could just ask Ciel why he didn't react like any other human did when meeting him.
    Or maybe Snake should just wait for Ciel to come to him?

    ... No, nonono...
    That would never work, why would Ciel approach Snake of his own free will?
    All of the possibile good endings, all of the possible horrid endings...
    Ciel could take distance and never get any closer than just him and Snake being acquaintances and/or circus-coworkers.
    On the other hand, he could get even closer, be just as curious about Snake as Snake was with ciel.
    Snake has to take very careful steps, otherwise he would never get any answers.
    /Weird... Please don't take offense, I'm swedish and sometimes your grammar simply looks like a cat walked over the keyboard to me. I'm sorry, I'm just very picky and I can't help but stopping mid-sentence and staring at two words that I would put in another order. Sorry if I'm annoying, I'm a grammar-and-spelling-nazi, I can't stand incorrect writing/typing sometimes...^^'... And you didn't have to make the text THAT big, like- just as big as mine.
    (I mean it, I sincerely apologize for being so annoying, I love rp'ing with you so please don't ditch me QnQ)
    Also, do you have SKYPE? If we become friends we could talk there instead of here. XD
    Also, we could ask each other if someone sometime wants to roleplay? ^^
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  12. {Ah...harsh? I guess everyone is different when is comes to grammar. I suppose its my fault as I've been back and forth with class. ^^' Sorry about that. In about two weeks it's back to University, but I'll let you know when I may have to offline for about a week. I don't have a laptop at the moment and I don't usually share my Skype. If someone wants to roleplay? I don't understand..?}

    This circus seemed to be...a bit out of place. When he was a child, Ciel had never been to a circus so he shouldn't be quick to judge. Whatever that Oreon man was talking about then it shouldn't really be such a bother to him. Ciel was grateful to know that Roron was so generous and kind hearted. At least he had one person he can trust now. Ciel wasn't one to trust people so quickly, but he needed to have one person he could turn to.

    As Ciel approached the truck Roron pointed to, the effects of sleep soon setting in and he was eager to get some rest. He's been stressing over this job that it was exhausting. Inside the truck was a pretty interesting sight. Who knew trucks could hold beds. It was somewhat spacious, but it was a typical size of the inside of a truck. At the turn of his head, he noticed the man he had ran into earlier. That weirdo. Ciel sighed to himself. His name was Snake, if he could recall. The other just randomly got in his personal space and just stared at him. It was very awkward.

    He wasn't so sure if he should say anything to the other or just let him be. This character probably didn't trust him anyhow if he stared at Ciel so intently. Well, there was no reason for him to sleep above the other, right in front of him will do best since he can keep an eye on him.

    Snake was a strange one, but Ciel didn't care so much if the other didn't like him. He came here to work, not make friends. He can't avoid him either, it might send the wrong message. He sighed and approached the other and stood in front of him. "...You don't mind me taking the bed above you?"
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  13. Snake removed his hands from his face, raised his head and met the eyes of Ciel, the newbie. "No-... Go ahead..." Snake could go for it now, it was now or never, but would the sudden question not weird Ciel out?...

    Snake imagined possible outcomes:
    1) Snake tilted his head to the right and inhaled: "Are you really human?" Ciel looked confused and slowly shook his head: "What do you mean?" Snake stood up and carefully stroked Ciel's hair, it was almost luminous in the pale light from the light bulb in the ceiling. "No... You can't possibly be human... Are you really human?" Ciel snarled at Snake "Yes, I am human! Please don't touch me..." He said and hit Snake's hand.

    2) Snake narrowed his eyes and asked Ciel in a low voice: "Why didn't you run?..." Snake stood up and glared at Ciel, Snake was maybe 3 or 4 inches taller than Ciel and Snake's physical appearance wasn't exactly friendly... Standing up wasn't probably such a good idea... But now that he had begun he could ask the rest too: "You know? Run away? Scream? Or in any other way react like most other humans I meet do?" Ciel shook his head and snorted "Why would I? You're not scary, just-... weird..."

    Snake decided to skip the thinking and just ask the question: "Why didn't you run when I approached you? Why didn't you scream like most other humans I meet do? Or are you even human?" Maybe this one really WAS human and his eyes really had the color of the sky naturally? His hair could be dyed light blue and maybe he avoided sunlight so that was why he was so pale? This human just raised more and more questions, why wasn't he afraid of Snake?
    /Yeah, sorry about that, I've studied language really hard so if I spot an Error (my username, hilarious? XD), even if it's just something that happens when you write/type fast, I'll be just a little disturbed by that, sorry. ^^' I have asberger-syndrome and it's a problem of mine. XC
    On the other hand, it may sound different in our heads, for example where you put the focus, the emphasis of the sentence and such.

    I see, well, just don't forget the roleplay and whenever you're free and have acces to computer and internet you could give a quick glance over here. And with "if someone wants to roleplay" I mean if I suddenly get the urge to sit down and start making magic with someone else I could quickly shoot you a message and ask you if you want to log in and write some messages with me. ^^ (If you want to and/or is available of course)

    Also, now you made the text small again. XD
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  14. {Nah, it's alright. ^^' I'm so confused, on my tablet our fonts match so I really don't know what's small or not...}


    Ciel was surprised to hear the other male speak. He had imagined for Snake to either stare at him or not speak to him for the entire night. What was with all the questions though? He wouldn't want to come off as rude and cause something between the two of them. Even though he could care less, but it wouldn't kill him to answer the other's questions.

    He set his bag on the bed and looked at him to give him his full attention. "To answer your first question, I don't know. The way we met was more strange than frightening. Also, I'm pretty sure I'm human." Ciel answered Snake honestly despite giving him a look of disinterest. He could almost see why most people may fear him; the way he just appears and stares perhaps. Although, now that Ciel can actually take a good look at other, he did look a bit odd than most people. His skin and eyes were one thing, but he figured it was the other male's performance look than his actual appearance. Ciel wasn't one to judge other's of how they look so he could never really question.

    He could understand though. What is was Snake wanted to know. "...You're more weird than frightening." Ciel assured. "Are those all your questions?" He asked. Even though he could understand the other's insecurities, ot just didn't occur to bother him so it seemed pointless for him to explain why Snake's appearance didn't bug him.

    "Are you not human, is that it?" He added, despite wanting to stop the questions. It was best to just get it out.
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  15. /I'm a douche XD


    Snake listened to all of the answers and then when Ciel was finished Snake lowered his head and picked the small circular mirror up that he had dropped earlier. He stood up and met Ciel's gaze, he hesitated at first then he decided to spill everything because they were about to work together so there was no reason for hiding anything: "I am only part human-..." Snake rubbed the back of his head and sighed, how was he possibly going to explain this without making it sound unbelievable. "I was raised on a research facility, the doctors said my body could adopt the DNA from any other animal that they injected me with. The project was named Black Mamba after a number of tests and then in the end, that's what they called me: Black Mamba. It began with them injecting me with the DNA from snakes, different ones at that, but the one that truly corrupted my human side was the black mamba, hence the name of the project and my name."

    Already it all sounded blurry and like a load of bullshit. "What you see right now is the real me, no costume." What more should he use as evidence? Snake looked at his hand and then streched for one of Ciel's hands, grabbed it and let Ciel feel the hard surface of Snake's skin: "My skin is harder than the skin of a normal human being and my back is- well... take a look and you can judge based upon that." Snake let go of Ciel's hand and turned around, the back still having the same color as any other part of Snake's body, but being even harder than the skin on his hands and a pattern of scales. Not dark lines marking small figures but the skin being rifled forming small plates. (Like the ones on the picture of the black mamba I used in my character sheet)

    Snake turned back around and choked a sigh. "The eyes are standing out the most so I don't need to explain them. The teeth and tongue however-" He opened his mouth and touched one of the canines: "These produce deadly vemon, I'm not sure if it's the same as the black mamba or just a combination of every snake I've been injected with but I know it's deadly through personal experience. My tongue is thin and split in two at the end." Snake said and stuck his tongue out from his mouth, pulled it in and raised his arms, shook his head slowly and closed his eyes: "I am inhuman, a monster, and that is what I have been treated like for most of my life... I developed hate for all humanoid beings ever since I could think for myself. All humans I've met so far have either tried to look away, pretended they never saw me, scream if I am close to them, hit me with something and then run off. Therefore they have all been added to the list of humans that I dislike-"

    Snake paused, opened his eyes again and lowered his arms, he then narrowed his eyes and closened in on Ciel but he stayed at 9 inches away: "But you are different somehow-... Even if I hate humans with all of me... You're interesting... You didn't act like any other human did..." The hybrid caught himself leaking probably a lot more personal info than he had intended to.

    - In short, no, I am not human...

    He said and waited for Ciel's reaction, all of this info would undoubtedly make Ciel avoid Snake. Out of fear or disliking, it didn't matter. All humans he had met up until now except for the ones on the circus showed fear and rejection.
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  16. Ciel had given his attention to the other and it was the least he could do for the other, despite the annoyance he was. At first, he had figured the other was trying to freak him out just like from earlier, but he seemed pretty legit. The other's skin was most definitely different from the standards of a regular human being. His whole appearance was just out of place. Why wasn't he freaking out yet? He should of been running away from this circus and looking for new work, but instead he still kept his place in this trailer. Did Snake really worry over something like this? Why should he care about his appearance? If he wasn't human then that's just how it was. Unless he was ashamed of his situation. Ciel hadn't thought of that until now.

    Maybe Ciel was being unfair by finding the other weird and a nuisance, but he really did dismiss the fact that the other was different. His different personality was more weird than inhuman. He looked at the other's features more closely and, in his mind, he looked more human than a monster. As he looked up at the other, he only shook his head and the other and only gave a small smile. "Yeah, you are most certainly not human," he agreed with the other.

    "Although, by looking at your face you look human and who cares if you're different. I am came here to work and make some money. It'll take more than just you to scare me off." Ciel added, and sighed a bit. "You're weird, but I don't dislike you so don't worry about it so much." Ciel gave Snake a smile of assurance, and if he so happened to be put on his list of humans he hate, it was okay he supposed. As long as they could still stand to be near each other as they worked it was fine.
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  17. Snake sighed when the human didn't show fear like other normal humans did. Snake closed his eyes and bowed gently to the human male in front of him: "Then I welcome you to the family..." He said and sat back down in the bed. He put away the mirror, lied on his side and closed his eyes: "Goodn-" Just when Snake was going to go to sleep, one of the other circus-members called to Snake from outside the bus: "BLACK MAMBA! WE'RE GOING TO EAT NOW!" Snake stood up and went towards the exit. He stopped and looked back at the human. "Take your time and make yourself at home..." He said and went out to the tent. Everybody got 1 soul each while Snake got 12. He needed more to satisfy his hunger.
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  18. That was strange. Ciel concluded to himself. He would of figured that the other male would continue to harass him on questions and even act awkward with him like before. If Snake could act like this while he was here working then things would be normal between the two of them. "Thank you," he offered a smile, and turned to start unpacking his bag. He paused momentarily when he heard someone shout for Snake he assumed since he responded. It felt kind of late to be having dinner, but he wouldn't question the schedule of his new job. Ciel, himself wasn't too interested in eating now and brought his attention back to the strange male. "Alright, see you around." He answered, and watched him leave the truck.

    The blue hair man was still unsure about working at a circus, but what else could he possibly do. It's not like he had the knowledge or mental stability to be a doctor, nor did he think of trying to find something that interested him. Ciel was grateful for. Roron had given him this job, so he was going to give this his best.
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  19. Snake went into the tent, the ringmaster Roron came up to Snake and gave Snake a pouch of 12 glowing balls. His mouth became watery and he swallowed. "Bon apetit, Snake" Roron said and smiled. Roron went back to his place, on a chair close to the scene were the performers performed. He sat down and ate 1 glowing ball. These glowing balls were the souls of the ones who watched the show. Snake looked down in the pouch with the glowing balls and licked his lips. He held the pouch over his mouth, tipped the bottom upwards so all of the souls poured out and into Snake's mouth. He swallowed them all whole at once and sighed deeply. "... You actually gave me 13 this time?..." Snake asked and threw the pouch back to Roron who caught it with ease.

    "Why, yes, of course! Your performance was flawless today!" Snake smiled and nodded, his tongue out and did that thing that reptiles do before bowing and exiting the tent. Snake stopped as he heard something a bit away from the circus-... footsteps... 5, maybe 6 persons... Probably under 17... Snake followed them and caught a bunch, 5, of teenage boys. Probably around 17. They had spray-cans in their hands and Snake's mind clicked. "Get out..." He said and the boys stared at Snake with big eyes and trembling lips.

    "I SAID GET LOST!" Snake roared and a loud hiss followed. His teeth glowing from the few traffic-lights that were around. The boys squealed like 6 year old girls and ran away. This was Snake's task other than his performance: To protect the secret of The Circus. Nobody at the circus wanted for ordinary humans to suddenly come barging in with guns creating an uproar. They took the souls to feed on but souls do eventually grow back. It takes a long time-... possibly around 2 years... But only ½ if the human works intensely to become whole again. So everything isn't bad. And if one day not so many souls are harvested and Snake only gets 8 souls or even less, he'll go out and hunt. Not for humans but for animals. Souls are delicious but many are needed to satisfy his hunger. Eating an animal, hares or birds, maybe even a rat or mouse, isn't as good as the souls but they do satisfy his hunger twice as much as souls do. Souls are so small and are similar to snacks. They don't satisfy hunger THAT much, but they create an addiction.

    But right now, Snake was full, the only thing he wanted was water. His throat was so dry and there was no water at the circus. Snake walked around in the area, and behind a tree he saw some muddy water. It was dirty but it didn't matter. Snake crouched down and drank the water, he avoided sucking up the water so hard that dirt followed and succeeded. His throat was a little better so he stood up and dried his mouth with his arm. Snake looked up at the stars that were slowly coming out and sighed. The human that had joined the circus-... nothing could be said about him except for-... interesting... Snake snorted and went back to the tent. "Is there anything else I can help with?" He asked, Roron was still on his place at the chair by the stage, Roron met the eyes of Snake and shook his head. "No, Snake. You can go." He said and smiled. Snake bowed and returned to the truck. He went inside and lied down on his bed on top of the quilt and closed his eyes. He wasn't going to bother Ciel any more.
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