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  1. A groan pours from your lips as your eyes slid open. The first thing you see is the blurry image of a blonde man standing in front of you. He appears to be wearing a red flowing coat and looking at you with a wide grin. You attempt to get up only to take note that you're chained to the wall. Glancing up once more, you realize the man is laughing. "Welcome to my world, Pet." He says as he takes a step closer to you.

    "" You manage to moan pitifully causing the red-clad man to laugh harder.

    "Yes, you silly goose. My world." He says as he motions to the cell that you're currently in. Absently, you take not that there are other people chained to the walls... deformed people... "I have brought you here... And fixed you." He chuckles. "...And you will preform in my circus." You open your mouth to object, but he notices this and cuts you off. "If you refuse... Well then, you'll just end up like the others." He says with a sense of grim satisfaction before turning on his heel and leaving the room.

    What others..? You wonder to yourself. You can't help but try to imagine how many others there are... or were. You try to take a moment to process things. You were taken from your home and brought to this.. this circus only to be changed into... you don't know what. "Its best for you to just listen to Master.." A small voice says from across the room.
    You glance up to see the voice came from a rather small girl that is also chained to the wall. You instantly note that she has a cat tail with little ears resting on top of her head. You think she's looking at you, but you can't be quite sure. "If you don't... Well.."

    Escape... You glance around at the others as they nod in agreement. You suppose it sounds like a good idea. First, however, you have more important things to worry about. Such as things like what that monster of a ringmaster did to you. Steeling yourself for the worst, you glance down to see what you've become...

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    The Ring Master

    "This is hard work, you know."
    The Ring Master spoke to a corpse of a young boy who's ribcage resembled carrion. His heart was attatched to wires, keeping it alive until he was finished. Stray body parts littered the room, and dirty lights cast eerie lights across the body. There was no sound, spare for the clinking of medical supplies, the buzz of the electricity pumping life into the heart, and the light and spirited voice of the Ring Master.
    "This is hard work. Cutting all of you open and taking you apart. I give birth to a new you, and do I get a thanks for it? Oh no. They are angry at me. But why? I do nothing wrong!"
    His voice was pouty and and mocking, as if to tease a child who got no praise for doing something. Of course, nobody could hear the Ring Master, but who would object to the brain of a Mad Man?"
    "What a boring life they would have without me! I made them into something everybody wants to see. They are the stars of my show! And you will be, too, my little sweet!"
    There were spare limbs everywhere, parts of animals of unknown species scattered about. Extra eyes and fingers float in nameless liquids across spider webbed shelves.
    "Shall we make you a spider? Or perhaps like my precious Payton and give you some ears. Oh! Maybe a tail? Or extra teeth? What do you say?"
    The Ring Master gave a small pout when the body didn't answer, its heart beating slow and steady.
    "Hmph. Figures. All of my creations are so unappreciative. I let them preform and be beautiful stars in front of crowds, yet they are still sad. There is no pleasing them!"
    The body twitched as the Ring Master attatched a third eye on its neck, its slimy iris blinking once before remaining unmoving.
    "You know, you should just see the other creations! The Twins, My MY! What a tricky on they were. All those screams. Gave me a killer headache, oh yes! Quiet they were not, Oh Ho! They thrashed so much they tore themselves apart! The second time took me the longest, It did, I had to attach them at the bone. They weren't getting away that time, Gosh no!"
    A gap tore its way across the shoulder of the cold body, in which the twisted man added the teeth of several different species into the space.
    "Or even the Plant Girl. Oh, she was fun! I had almost scrapped her, I did, until I saw the saddest looking plant outside! Funny, yes! Now they suck the life from her blood and create the prettiest image! How the crowd does cheer for her."
    The gap, now filled with teeth and a stray eye laying dormant, began to eerily move as if it were its own mouth, clamping shut almost close to the Ring Master's fingers.
    "Op! Close one, oh yes! Oh but think! You might become friends with the Ghost Boy. It was the most cutest thing to watch him wake up to see he was barely there! The fear on his face was truly a knee slapper, let me tell you! It's almost ironic watching the silly thing go through walls without even realizing it!"
    This time, the heart spasmed and stopped altogether, signaling the death of the boy lying idle on the table.
    "Well Drat! You had to go and die, too! So unappreciative! And I thought you would be different. Such a shame. However your hands are beautiful, simply beautiful! I will surely put them on a beautiful young lady so she can lift four objects at once, oh splendid! And... Oh my, look at the time. They should be waking up soon! Now, don't you go anywhere, Darling, I want those beautiful hands of yours."
    The Ring Master wiped his hands on a dirty rag before grabbing an unknown object and tossed it to the far side of the room. A squeak was heard, along with the clatter of metal against tile as the object clattered to the ground after meeting its target.
    "PAYTON! Darling, go wake up the others. Its time for Rehersals. Take that sweet little tail of yours and scurry along to wash up and gather the others to meet me in the big top, before I take one of those precious doe eyes of yours and rip one out. Got it, Payton? Ta Ta."

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Payton Aegis
    Payton, the small cat-like child, slept and twitched peacefully in her 'crate' created by Master. He had seemed to take a small liking to her from the beginning, and always kept her apart from the main 'barracks' from where the others slept. She was partly thankful, since the Barracks were nothing more than dirty cells that smelled very unclean. The downfall of being with Master, was his small rants as he talked to the half-alive people he liked to mismatch like some sort of twisted game. She couldn't say she enjoyed being liked by him particularly. It only left room to be tormented more or played with, which she didn't enjoy in the least.
    Payton had been absorbed in a rather enjoyable dream, with people she didn't seem to know. She was happy in the dream, however, and had an aching sense that she knew them somehow. But, before the little cat-girl could place a finger on who they were exactly, a sharp object lodged itself in her ankle and she jumped with a large MRREEOOOW!.
    Her ears stood at attention and the pain made her tail poof up to half its original size. The threat alone made her hop out and immediately start the long walk to the barracks. It was still dark out, and she knew that Master had taken it upon himself to make some new creations since the last show, which meant she had to do another introduction. She hated it here, she had to admit. It wasn't exactly 'special' treatment she received, If anything it was more a punishment that wouldn't end.
    Her ankle hurt as she walked out the door and into the open air, past the tent and torwards the building that looked strangely out of place in the already creepy circus area. The circus moved, which meant that by the next night, all of their presence would be gone. Tonight, however, there would be a show, and that meant preparing the ones who would most likely be in shock from being in a new place, and a new body.
    She knew some of the vets would already be awake and dreading the next few hours of practice, Master overhead watching them with a close eye. She had yet to figure it out, but he had a way of making them hurt without even lifting a finger.
    Payton stood in front of the dreaded Barracks, wrinkling her nose at the smell. It was almost as if the experiments took place in the barracks alone, wreaking of carrion and rot. With a deep and regretful breath, she walked into the dark cellar and flicked on the lights.
    Bulbs that hung limply from wire flickered on, barely giving light to faces but enough to recognize shapes and lumps of the Deformed.
    "Master says it's time for practice, Vets. If you see somebody you don't recognize, you have to show them where the showers are and get them cleaned up and in their costumes. Master already has them picked out."
    The cat girl pointed to a room at the opposite side that glowed slightly brighter than the room she was currently in. She saw heads poking up from lumps, but to decipher who they were was almost impossible.
    As sad as it was, it was nearly impossible to tell who was who. There was always new faces entering the Circus, and just as many who vanished without any trace. Those were the ones they didn't speak about. If they did, they would become one of the unspoken.
    "If you're new here, find someone who looks like they know what they're doing. Its best not to keep the Master waiting. You know what happens when he is kept waiting.."

  2. Soren yawned, stretching his limbs and paying no mind to the chains that chafed his wrists. He was used to it, at this point, unfortunately. He grimaced as his stomach let out a low growl. ...Great, when did he last- oh. Right. He gave it to the new girl, the one with the plants on her back. He couldn't see her from where he was, but he assumed she got a bit of rest this time.

    "Master says it's time to practice, Vets."

    Hatred flared up when he heard Payton spoke, gritting his teeth. He hated him, hated him so much for ruining the lives of people for his own sick entertainment. The hate was enough to keep him going when he, ergh, had to swallow fire. At least his incorporeal talent made the flames pass right on through, but there were times when he got burnt and it hurt. He hated and feared fire like a wild animal would fear fire. The albino wished he could figure out how the Ringmaster knew of his fear as he slowly got up, floating towards the bars. He stuck his hand and foot out before phasing through, the chains somehow managing to stay on his body. Maybe it had to do with the strange symbols on them? He didn't know. He yanked the other foot and hand out from the bars and made his way towards the front.

    Li Hua had cried in her sleep last night, thoroughly dehydrating her body. She needed water, soon, just as the plants on her back needed water. But she didn't care, for she missed her family dearly and she didn't know what to do other than listen to the Ring Master and do her job. She didn't want to be punished like that ghost boy did, exploiting their fears as punishment.

    She came awake to the sound of shuffling feet and looked up, noticing several water bottles in the corner away from the bars. She took one and began gulping it down, finishing it in record time. Ever since these plants were implanted, no pun intended, on her back, she needed more and more water to drink. It was troublesome, but what could she do about it? At least she got more water than average, as far as she could see. Standing up, she got her clown clothing the Ringmaster had given her and staggered towards the bars that were now sliding open for others to get out from.

    One cold shower later and she found herself struggling with her new clothes. She did clothes work with these things on her back?! It took a while and she thought it wouldn't slip on and she'd be punished before the the clothing finally went through. She glanced at the cracked mirror to see if any of the plants had been broken. Thankfully, no, except for a few from the first couple of times she had to put her costume on. Let's just say the results weren't pretty when the Ringmaster got angry for having his beautiful plants broken. She couldn't help but sob once more when she saw her reflection in that cracked mirror. She wanted to go home, go home to her family, but how? She didn't know, but in the meantime she'll try to stay alive in this hellhole. And with that she scurried towards the big top before the master of the circus got angry.​
  3. Theodore Vaughn had never truly been a 'normal' teenager. Attitude wise, sure, but his normal day-to-day routine was anything but normal. Theodore Vaughn was one of the Flying Vaughns, a family of circus performers known for aerial acrobatics and stunts. The family consisted of a mother, a father, two children, and their grandparents. Theo loved his life. How many guys could say they lost their virginity to a contortionist and actually mean it? And every time he stopped into different towns, he got attention. Girls stayed after to talk to him because he was new and different and exciting and he didn't mind one bit. What teenage boy would?

    Sure, it got irksome, traveling around with his family. Especially his little sister. She was so annoying! She always wanted to be doing what he was doing, to be friends with his friends, to go out wherever he went out. Then his parents would make him! She had trouble making friends so of course he had to be the one to fix it? It was so stupid.

    The last thing he remembered before waking up and looking at the Ring Master, was his friends wanting to go check out the "competition". He didn't know what happened to his friends. All he knew was that he woke up literally attached to his sister by the hip. He remembered her screams. He remembered her clawing at him, the fear in her eyes and in her voice as she screamed until no further sound could come out. He had screamed, too. The feeling of his flesh ripping was agonizing. Worse was seeing all of the blood. Worse than that, was seeing his sister, naked and bloody, trying to scream and cry with her hip ripped open and exposed to the bone....

    Genevive Vaughn was a little sister. She was a little sister who enjoyed annoying her brother and making new friends that she never told her parents about, simply because they would make Theo ruin his plans to take her along. His friends were older, and hot, and usually children of circus performers. They were all family, but when they got to go out and have fun, it was just so different than being at home and working and practicing and working and practicing. They got to be kids. They got to have fun.

    She hadn't liked the look of the 'competition' from the moment the car was parked. She didn't want to get out. It just felt wrong. As they watched, she felt sick. Her mind tried to comprehend what she was watching and all she could come up with was that maybe it was all really good holograms or CGI or makeup. It had to be. Surely. Nothing like these creatures could actually exist.

    Then she woke up on the table, naked, confused, and in pain. She heard her brother say her name and looked over. He was closer than usual. She tried to get up. It hurt. Something pulled. She reached down and felt her hip, then her brother's hip, space between.

    She didn't remember what happened next. She remembered waking up again to an even greater pain aching through her entire pelvis. They couldn't pull apart the second time. They were stuck. They were stuck and it was horrible. The monsters were real and now they were one of them.


    When the cat girl called for them to wake up, Theo just groaned. It was hard figuring out how to do anything after suddenly becoming conjoined twins with his younger sister, but sleeping? Forget about it. The best they could do was both lie on their stomachs and desperately try to sleep. It never came easy for them.

    "Genny..." His sister just grunted in response. "Gen, it's time to get up..."

    "No...god, no, please..." she whimpered and pulled her arms under herself to hide her face in them. Not one more day in this hell. Not one more day....

    Theo frowned, reaching his arm over to rub her back. "Come on...just one more day...that's all...we need to get up..."

    She wanted to cry but she couldn't. After two months, there were no tears left. She let out a shakey sigh before shifting to push herself up in time with her brother. The 'twins' rose as one and left their cages, heading towards the shower.

    Aside from the general horribleness that was suddenly being attached to one's older brother, was the awkward day-to-day things they had to figure out. It took them a week before they could manage the bathroom. Basically, they dragged a chair in for whichever twin didn't have to use it. Showers were less awkward, since they'd had to shower together a few times before, being part of a traveling circus all their lives and all. Living space was usually pretty cramped. But their inside arms always seemed to get tangled.

    They fought a lot. It wasn't ever unusual for the others to hear the twins squabbling about how an arm was in their way or about how they stepped on the other's foot. Sometimes it came to little elbow jabs but rarely anything worse than name calling.

    When they were done with their showers and typical "morning" routines, they walked back into the "barracks" and looked around. "No new blood."

    Genny sighed. "Thank god...I don't know what's worse...seeing a new face in the morning or not seeing an old one.."

    "Seeing a new one. Not seeing an old one means they probably died and don't have to deal with this shit anymore..."

    "...That's...yeah..." she sighed, walking with her brother over to their own cage. They crouched as one to pull out their leotards, tight fitting, brightly colored, sequined things that no one in their right mind would wear. The weird thing about them was that they were separate, with zippers up the insides to accommodate their joined hips.

    "That one's mine." he said, snatching it out of his sister's hand and handing her the one he had picked up.

    "Ohmygod! It doesn't fucking matter!"

    "Yes it does! This one has room for my junk!"

    "Your junk is so fucking small it doesn't matter! Ow!" She winced as her brother elbowed her and reached over to hit him in the head. After a brief scuffle, they stopped and started getting dressed like nothing was wrong. This was just normal for them...
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  4. Max tossed and turned on his hay bed as he heard Payton's voice. She was saying that it was time for the performers to get their big lazy butts up because The Ring Master wanted them to practice before tonight's show. Max opened up his big scaly eyes, and stood up. As soon as he stood up he hit his head against the ceiling. Max had forgotten that he was taller than the room it self so he had to bend over when he was in his room.
    Ow, damn ceiling.
    Max said a he bent forward so he wouldn't hit the ceiling. He went over to the door ,that separated his room from the outside world, and opened it.

    It was a hard life for Max, every thing was just to small for him. Every since his mutation life hasn't been the same. Once outside Max stood straight up and felt the cool breeze against his scales. If their was one thing he absolutely hated it was the cold. Max was pretty much a crocodile.
    And then I walk outside to this shit...
    Pretty much everything bothered Max, but like everything he learned to keep it to himself. After Max bathed in the sun, for a little bit to warm, he headed for the showers.

    As Max was going into the shower room he saw the twins walk out. As they walked past him he turned his head to look at them a bit longer. The twins was the most fascinating thing he's ever seen. As the twins left his sight he went into the shower room and took a shower.
    Once he was done taking a shower, max put on his orange pants and went to go to the barracks with the others. When Max entered the barracks he smelled a new scent.
    Another one?
    Max chuckled to himself.

    That Ring Master is never satisfied huh?
  5. #87b3f5
    Sage was the newest, she had only been there for a few shows, and she still wasn't used to her new change. The only reason she was here was because her friends wanted to take her out as a celebration of her getting promoted. Assholes. While she couldn't blame them completely, because she never told anyone of her past, she did tell them she hated circus's. So, they still got a bit of blame. Not that they knew the circus master here was a maniac. After she had woken up, it took her a few days to even fully realized what happened. Though, she couldn't help but wonder where her friends went. Even though it was technically their fault she was in this mess to begin with, she still hoped they were okay.

    When she "joined" the circus, she pretty much told everyone to eat sh*t and die. Normally, she was a people person, she would be around people and feel better. Not here though. Whenever she was around the others, she just felt more like a freak then she already was. Her scaly skin, and snake like blue eyes were the easiest to get used too. Her skin was always slightly rough from her days of fire dancing and her eyes didn't bug her as the vision was mostly the same. What bugged her the most was the forked tongue. Her first few days she spent it moving, the now two pieces of her tongue.

    Now though, now she was being woken up while dreaming the most delicious dream with a very sexy man was slipping through her finger tips as the cat girl told them to wake up and everyone started to make noise while they woke up. A small growl came out of her as she slowly sat up in her cell. Her eyes opened and her snake like blue eyes glared coldly at everyone. Assholes, all of them! Can't even get goodies in her dream! A small sneer on her lips as her fingers tried to comb out her mop of tangled black hair. Once it was at least mostly untangled, she got up and stretched.

    Looking around, she watched as the others get up and start a routine. Shrugging it off, she opened her cell door and made her way to the showers. One of the few things that she got from her previous life as a fire dancer, was she was never ashamed of her body or being nude. Kind of hard to have a problem with being nude around people when half your life you have to get burns healed or take a shower to help the burns. So, showering where anyone can see you wasn't a big problem for her. Though, the cold water was a huge pain in the ass. Simply because of the water being cold, she hurried got in, scrubbed, and got out.

    She pulled on her outfit, or what a fire dancer would call an outfit anyway. Most would say her outfit was rather revealing, but in reality, all fire dancers wore as little as possible. It's not because they liked to wear revealing clothes, well most anyway as Sage wore clothes like that no matter what, it was because when you burned yourself. It was better to burn skin then to burn clothes that once was burned, would burn into your skin and have to take it off. She followed the rest of the freaks to the main tent and crossed her arms once she knew she was in the right place and just watched everyone.​
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  6. [​IMG]

    Polina Rose O'Reilly


    The chipper sounds of a teenaged girl happily singing in the shower, a bit off key, a bit too loud, and making up most of the words as she went. If one happened to not to the showers before her, they would have to endure such sounds. And today was popstar power shower hour!

    Even though she woke up alone in a wooden box, confined in darkness save for the few holes to give her air to breathe, she would still sing on, happy to be alive. In the carnivale of the devil, prisoner to his dark whims and twisted fancy, she was still happy to be alive. This was how she was. This was Po.

    Each one she cheerily greeted as they entered the happiest place in the carnivale she knew in the morning. A smile, a giggle, a handshake, a salute, or even the cool 'fistbump' she had readied for anyone who wished such a cheery gesture. Even if most would ignore her, she would be content to turn back and continue to scrub her dog pelt whilst she sang.

    "♪♪Shake it off! A-shake it off! But I keep bruising! I can't stop can't stop losing! But its like I got this music saying its gonna be alright! Yeeeah oh yeeeeeahhh yeah yeah yayuh!♪♪ You like that, Vector?"

    Amber eyes in the head of the limp dog pelt traced the features of pale girl's face. The girl was pretty... but she just could not sing. And that song though...! But shes still My Girl... The happy thought set the pelt's tail to wag gently as it rest, draped upon the chair.

    "I like it too, boy," she cooed as she pat the pelts head before turning to turn off the shower, "but everyone got here before me so they can't join in. Oh well, its okay... tomorrow we can sing Wrecking Ball together, right?"

    The amber eyes in the pelts head rolled, exasperated. Po laughed and just waved a hand at him as she towel dried her silvery hair. She then began to towel dry the dog pelt and slowly yet surely the air got heavier and heavier in the looming silence. Finally she had enough and said it out loud:

    "We should check out the noobs right? Check em out and get their scent... and.... and yeah..."

    The dog pelt blinked twice as Po's big green eyes became sullen and aimed downward towards her wriggling toes. A lower lip she bit as she cast out the memory of the last noob they had tracked down by scent. Po blinked twice also and the screams of agony within the memory echoed away into nothingness.

    "Vector..." she called timidly as she put on her simple canvas dress; no need to be fancy when she most likely would be doing multiple wardrobe changes. She scratched behind the dog pelts ears then she lifted the King Shepphard pelt up and big green eyes stared deep into its amber ones. " will be seven years soon, boy... you ready for that...?"

    Po sighed then draped the pelt upon her head and shoulders. The familiar pain seared through her as her skull, neck vertebrae and shoulder blades extended up and into, the pelt, attaching Po to Vector. Years before she would have been screaming in agony. But nowadays she came to recognize the pain as comfort. It meant they were still alive. Together.

    Yes, Polina. I am ready for year seven...

    Po gently stroked Vector's forepaw as she traisped away to where the others were getting set to practice. A wistful smile crept upon her full pink lips as she braced herself. Big greens began to mist up and she wiped at them hastily. The youth could sense his resolve even before he spoke those words in her head.

    ...yes, My Girl. I am ready to be free...

    Or die trying.

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  7. Sidney "Sid" Blackwood



    It felt so early in the morning, too early to be waking up and going to "practice." Of course, she knew what practice was, but being new, she didn't know what *these* practices consisted of. To be honest, she was kind of lost and had no idea what was going on. She did hear that she had to take a shower and get into a costume, one that had already been designed for her and everyone else.

    The girl speaking looked her age, and it peaked Sidney's interest; maybe she could make friends with her, or talk to her to better wrap her head around what was going on.

    The young girl didn't sleep very well, her bed consisting of a cement cell floor that wasn't very sanitary, soft, or pleasant smelling. However, it was still a chore to get up anyway. It took a minute or so, but she talked herself into getting up, a bit excited to see what the day had awaiting her. She couldn't admit that she was intrigued, though. Everyone was so melancholy, and she had a feeling that there was a somber ambiance to the room for a reason and that she shouldn't be feeling what she was.

    Sid followed the crowd, since the cat-looking girl said to find someone who looked like they knew what they were doing. Her bright blue eyes were wide, curious, and amused, as well as lost, timid, and frightened. Going into the showers, she saw many creatures she had never seen before. It was scary, for a young child like her. It's all fun and happy when they're in books and fairytales, but it's a different story when you're the one in it.

    She found she was now a permanent character in the story as well. She had wings, her hair was white, and if anything else about her was changed, she had yet to figure it out. She couldn't say she disliked the look. It was like an angel kind of thing. It wasn't ugly to her.

    But then again it wasn't pretty either.

    There was the sound of pit-pattering water, hitting the tiled floor and people's nude bodies. Sidney felt extremely uncomfortable being in their presence, and didn't feel comfortable showering herself in front of strangers. She didn't know anybody either, so she couldn't have a shower buddy or a friend to talk to and help her relax. So she found a little secluded corner and washed only her face and armpits shyly. She wouldn't undress in front of these people, and if anyone expected her to do so they were sadly mistaken.

    After washing a bit and drying, the little girl followed others again to get their costume. She was too timid to ask, and no one took the liberty to help the new girl, so she waited until all of the costumes were gone, and took the last one that was left. She could actually say she liked it; she couldn't complain.

    Her costume was a strapless white dress, silver sparkly slip on shoes, a couple of silvers bracelets, and silverish feather-looking earrings. After she put everything on, she looked older- perhaps that was the purpose of the jewelry. Though the earrings were a bit annoying to get used to, Sid also found that the clothes were comfortable, which came as a nice relief. She could go through the day without having to fix her shoe, or pull up her dress, or maybe even pull it down because it was too short.

    Yep, she was free of hassle, and ready to take on this "practice."
  8. Payton Aegis
    Payton was becoming worried. They were taking too long, and by the look of it, they'd all be in for some trouble. Invoking the wrath of the Ring Master was dangerous, especially when one of his new experiments failed. They didn't know that, but atleast they ought to have some sense to hurry. This wasn't like a school day, where they could be a little late. In this case, if they were late, one of them would either lose an eye, or worse.
    Payton too showered and got dressed, clad in a frilly dress with a poofy skirt, a collar with a bell, and a little paw print button to clip into her hair. It was silly and thought it made her look even more like a child, but she didn't want to enrage the Master anymore than he would be when his acts appeared late to the Big Top.
    She saw the Twins, who were once again bickering about something Payton didn't understand. The Angel Girl, with her glistening wings and beautiful voice. The Ring Master took pride in creating his own Angel, even took the vocal cords of some middle-aged woman who had a voice everybody would want to listen to. The Croc boy, who towered over every single one of them and had teeth the size of steak knives. The Girl with the wolf pelt scared her just a little. She had only ever seen her transform once, and the sound of bones cracking and fusing together proved to make her sick to her stomach. The Snake girl scared her, too. When she talked she had a little lisp that eerily reminded her of a serpent. That was the point, of course, but it never failed to raise the little hairs on the back of her neck and make her tail puff up in alarm.
    There was the ghost boy, which she knew that he didn't need to shower. He was barely there and also there at the same time, and it made Payton uncomfortable to be around him. The Plant girl was strange, always gulping down water to satisfy the plants sucking the life from her each second.
    It goes without saying that Payton was afraid of almost everybody in the circus.
    Once dressed, the young cat-girl made her way to the Big Top and found almost everybody there. It seemed alright, and that Master was nowhere around, until she saw his figure in one of the higher seats. He was holding his bull whip, adorning his big top hat and tapping his finely polished shoes. He was clearly unhappy with the mornings experiment.
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    The Ring Master

    They were filing in, Splendid! It was oh so a joy to see his creations file in to his Palace, The Big Top! He was not impressed, Oh no. Not at all. They seemed unhappy and sad, and that was not the point in this fun zone, How not so!
    He clapped his hands in a rapid manner, jumping down a few of the seats and sending a quick glare at Payton as she was the last one to come inside. How pathetic of the little feline.
    "You're all late. This just wont do, oh no it will not."
    There was a pause, and each of the participants of his Carnival experienced pain, specified to their person.

    The Cat-Girl's ears twisted and pulled on her head, as well as a loud ringing noise inside her brain.

    The Croc-Strong Man's body temperature dropped dangerously low.

    The Snake-Woman's scales burned and itched with intensity.

    The Ghost Boy's body nearly vanished completely.

    The Plant-Girl's plants started to drain her blood rapidly, leaving her weak and confused.

    The Twin's bones shifted and cracked at the hips, making their skin stretch and pull.

    The Angel's wings started to tear from her body, her spine pulling against her back.

    The Wolf-Girl's pelt separated from her body, falling onto the ground.

    It Oh So delighted him to see his Creations. He was in Control, oh he was! How exciting it was. People came to see the works of art they made, and each show he would introduce them to the Crowd in the most exciteful manner! There was no other joy in the world, he doubted. They jumped and preformed in the most amazing way possible, to impress the crowd!
    However tonight they would move on, Oh yes. Staying in a single place for too long with missing people proved to be dangerous, he presumed. People looking for their people, but they were changed into his beautiful creatures!
    "Get to practicing, My Precious Acts! Tonight is a big night. And that should teach you to be on time, yes?"
  9. Soren knew that look, the look the Ringmaster had. And whatever happened next was going to be unpleasant. He glanced worriedly at the incoming other people that entered the place, unaware that they were making him angrier by the minute. Or maybe they did know and were keeping it to themselves. He didn't know. Please no fire, he prayed silently as the others slowly trickled in. Hopefully it wouldn't be too bad for him, right? ...But what of the others? Especially the new ones? They wouldn't be alright with what he had in mind, that was for sure.

    He couldn't stop letting his worry show as the girl with the plants on her back entered the premises. What was her name? Li...something. He'll just call her Li for short. Yeah, he didn't know what the Ringmaster had in plan for her, but it probably had to do with her worst fears, or maybe her deformity. If anything, hopefully she'll die. ...Oh god. I just thought of someone dying and hoping they would. Oh god what am I turning into?

    His thoughts were cut short when he found himself barely there. ...Oh. He was okay with this. That mean he was close to death, right? So maybe he wouldn't have to suffer this hell anymore- No, no thinking that, he thought, mentally smacking himself for it. No, they'll escape. They'll be free from this hellhole and they'll go home and see their families again. He was sure of it. His face was defiant as he shimmered, barely there. The Ringmaster might not notice his expression, but maybe he would. Whatever, he will still fight that man at every step, finding loopholes and the like.
    Li Hua, in the meantime had taken her sweet time after seeing someone that looked like an angel heading towards the big top. She gawked, eyes wide. Holy cow she was pretty, and she didn't know angels existed literall- wait. Then she remembered the exact place they were in. ...Right, one of the others like her. Drat. So maybe this wasn't a real angel after all. She shook her head and hurried over to the big top.

    She blinked as the Ringmaster tutted and said that it wouldn't do for them to be late. What did that mean? Her thoughts were cut short when she suddenly felt incredibly weak, falling to her knees. She blinked and tears started to well in her eyes. What was wrong with her? Ever since she'd came here, she found herself doing things she wouldn't normally have done. Like drinking so much water that she'd nearly burst, or like this instance, being so weak that she couldn't hold herself up. Darkness was creeping into the fringes of her vision as some sort of apparition that she could barely see went over to her. She yelped as it got too close for comfort and tried to touch her, only for their fingers to pass right on through. That's it, she couldn't take it anymore. She began to cry hard, alarming the apparition.

    "It's okay," it whispered, sounding like a male voice of someone her age, "I'll help you, I swear." She just shook her head and covered her ears as Soren tried to soothe her. He bit his lip when he saw he wasn't doing that much of a good job. "...We should practice, before he gets angry- well, angrier than before," he said hoarsely. Still no response. "Li?" Still nothing, she was still floored by everything.​
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  10. Theodore and Genevive both glared up at the Ring Master, but the look didn't linger long. They turned their eyes to the others that shared their horrid fate and it was only then that they did see a new face.

    Genevive took her brother's hand. She looked so young, and so beautiful. They were used to his horrifying transformations like Croc and Po, but to make a little girl look like an angel? He was sick. She started to move her brother over to stand near Sidney.

    I don't want to do this anymore. I can't.

    You need to, Vee. What is the alternative?

    I want out. I want to go home. I want to be able to put my arm down at my fucking side! I want to sleep!

    I know. I know. A look of pain crossed Theodore's face. It wasn't physical pain. He didn't feel that anymore, not the normal pain that having one's bone stitched to another caused. It was emotional pain for seeing his sister hurting so badly and knowing he couldn't do anything about it. But what can we do?

    I want to go home, Theodore. It was more urgent, more stern.

    The young man nodded. Alright. Sick fuck. We can do this. Just be strong for a little while longer...

    The madman started speaking. He addressed them, told them they were bad. The 'twins' knew what was coming next. They gripped each other's hands and closed their eyes. They would not cry out. They would not give the sick sonuvabitch the satisfaction of seeing or hearing their pain.

    Through all of it, Genevive opened an eye to look over at the new girl. The first day was always the hardest. She reached out with her free hand (being the twin on the right side, it was her right hand) and took Sidney's hand before the pain could overwhelm the child. The poor thing needed to know someone was there for her, that the pain wouldn't last and even if it did, that there was someone there for her...that there was someone she could go to...that she wasn't alone. Genevive knew how lucky she was to have her brother with her, even if it was a huge pain in the ass. He was there for her. They were going to get out.
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  11. [​IMG]

    Polina Rose O'Reilly


    A bright smile held between full lips as heated pinks shone high up on her cheeks. Big green eyes held a brilliant shine as she glanced at each of her carnivale family members and nodded a simple greeting to each one-- yes, that included Croc even if he may not care for such a warm gesture.

    And as she always did each morning, Po held Vector's limp left paw and waved a doggy pelt greeting to each of them. But then fluffy white feathers got in the way-- Oh! Vec! Juslookit her! Awwwww...

    Big green eyes grew even bigger when she saw the lovely, lovely little angel; a glint made of instant fondness befell the presumed 10-year old from said green eyes.

    Amie and Jackie would be 10 now too, Vec... I... well, I... yeah...

    Yes, Polina, I still love them too.

    A final wave of the dog pelt's paw, then she turned to finally greet the Ring Master.

    With a polite smile, eyes toward the ground, hands demurely behind her back, she would bestow him a single bow. Then Po would curtsey and greet the Ring Master with a grandiose: "Good Morning, Ring Master!"

    But not today. No, on this fine day she just gave a grandiose shriek when the bones connecting her to Vector snapped in two and he fell to earth like a wet blanket.


    The bones protruded from the top of her scalp, back of neck, and shoulder blades. Yes, there was some gore but blood was not spraying away as one might imagine. But that did not diminish the horrific sight of the jagged white things erupting from the kneeling silvery-headed teen.

    After a moment of holding herself, doubled over and trembling from the pain, Po whipped around, frantically clawing at the ground seeking her dog pelt. Tears gushed from her eyes, blurring her vision.

    "Vec!! V-Vector," she bawled out, saliva and snot hanging like string from her nose and mouth, "where are you, boy..? Vector!!"

    She crawled about, almost wriggling like a worm caught in the sun, panic making her body tremble even more. "VECTOR!!"

    He was in excruciating pain. She did not need to be connected to him to know such a thing. This happened many, many, many times before when she defied the Master's will. And each time she had to submit and accept his "requests" to spare her best friend from torture.

    "I gotcha!! I GOTCHA!!" she screamed triumphantly as she snatched up the dog pelt and clutched it tightly to her breast, a wet cheek buried deep into the dog pelt's cheek, "it's gunna be okay now, boy! It's gunna be okay now..! Shhhh! Shhh!"

    And although his thoughts were incoherent and interweaved with wave after wave of red agony, he attempted to resist her aid! Vector did not want her to attempt the only means she knew to cease his pain.

    He knew that she would reach into his underside and dig for the broken bone shards. He knew that it would hurt even more. Much, much more. But what he knew most of all was that their telepathic link would re-connect and Po would feel every jolt of searing hot pain Vector did. He did not want her to hurt because of him.

    But Po was not having it. No way she would let him continue in his own torture.

    And, undoubtedly, to the Ring Master's delight she continued onward, howling and screeching, as she dug in and extracted each and every single last piece of her own body within him.

    And so finally, in her shaking palm, she stared at the last of the offending bone shards and let it slip between her fingers. Soon thereafter, Polina followed it downward, crumpled into a messy, sweating, blubbering and trembling pile upon the earth.


    "S-s-s'okay... s'okay now Vector..." her voice was but a ragged whisper; a far, far cry from the bubbly sounds of her normally sweet toned voice, "we're okay now, b-boy... "

    A single whimper sounded out in response, echoing into the hollows of her mind. But to Po it was a sigh of relief. And gratitude.

    And love.

    The silvery headed teen and her dog pelt would pass out and further incur the wrath of their Ring Master.

    But no. Pupils dilated wide with what she saw before her. It was like Epiphany--

    The paperdoll reached out...

    --It was like the warmth of a mother's voice, encouraging, relentless, and timeless. It was her mother's voice. It was Maman how I remember her.

    The paperdoll reached out her hand and helped the fallen angel rise once more.

    And so too would Polina rise.

    Someway, somehow, the strength and will to get up over took her. Yes, tears still streaked down her cheeks. Yes, her legs still trembled so bad her knees knocked together. And yes, she would still need some time to recover before she reconnected a proper physical link with Vector.

    But she still got up. Even if it only meant for her to be knocked down again.

    Polina stood there with her dog pelt, clutching it tightly like a little girl holding her blankie, resisting the dark. She wiped away at her face, ridding it of snot, saliva and tears as best she could. And when she was ready she took a nerve steeling deep breath, then:

    "Good morning, Ring Master..."

    Her smile was not forced, but her mouth was at odds with a smile since her full pink lips wanted to pout right now. But those eyes, those big green eyes narrowed ever so slightly. How could even sweet, little Po withhold her contempt right now; she just just finished ripping away pieces of broken bone right out of her best friend but mere moments ago.

    Year seven, Vector. It's gotta be us, boy. Us.

    All of us. Free.


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  12. #87b3f5
    Sage couldn't help but get annoyed. The burning and annoying itchiness came as the leader became angry at them, for no real reason, which only fueled her anger towards him. She did her best to ignore it, itching at it would only make it worse. It would never really go away, and once you itched it, the burning feelings from your nails scratching would make it last even longer. So, she would simply just wait for it to go away, or at least become tolerable. Closing her eyes, she went to her happy place. Which was her old life, on a Saturday night, and surrounded by friends while they watched the DVR recording of their favorite shows. Her life before this was simple, and she loved it. She was torn from her memory, her and her best friend Chrissy laughing and shoving popcorn in each others face, when the ring leader told them to get to training.

    She watched as the others jumped to their own thing. In a way she hated everyone here, they all complained about the ring leader but never made any attempts of leaving, but she could fault them as she hasn't exactly tried leaving either. There were stories about what happened if you tried to leave, and she always wondered if death would be better than this life. Then she would simply chicken out and some how hoped this was all a terrible nightmare and she was in a coma or some bull like that. Finally, the pain became manageable and she finally moved to her "spot". Her area had everything a fire dancer would need. From batons, a fire hoop, swinging ball, and fans.

    When she first joined, there was a dancer. The ghost boy did some dancing and the twins did acrobatics, however, they had no fire dancers. Once she "joined" she quickly listed off everything she would need to make a half decent show and poof, everything she needed appeared. She didn't know how he got everything, and apart of her didn't want to know. Her eyes roamed to the other people and acts, an couldn't help but wonder slightly where they came from. However, she didn't want to get close to many people. Just in case she could get away, she wouldn't feel so horrible if she had to leave them behind.

    Shaking her head of this thought, she picked up her equipment and checked on it. The first thing you learned as a fire dancer, was to always make sure your equipment was in top shape. You only needed the chain to break on the swinging fire ball once in your life. Once she started to look over everything, she made sure to oil and repair the fire part of the equipment to make sure it would light correctly. Now that she knew everything was set and ready to go, she started to work out with the equipment. Not setting it on fire of course, you never practice with lit equipment.
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  13. Soren had no idea how to comfort Li Hua. He tried, but he knew if that continued she would be punished. Badly. And he didn't want that to happen no matter what. He found himself flickering back from being an apparition to his normal self. With a sigh, he tapped the girl on her head, drawing her eyes to him. "We should go," he wheezed hoarsely, "Before know..." She sniffled and wiped her eyes, trying to get back up. He wasn't supposed to help her get up, he knew it. No matter how much he wanted that, the Ring master wouldn't let him. Heaving a sigh, he did a few stretches to practice warming up for his own act.
    Li Hua, on the other hand, was at a loss for what to do. She was supposed to be a clown, right? What was she supposed to do? She'd never went to a circus before, this one being her first, so the concept of acting like a clown was foreign to her. Biting her lip, she began to copy Soren's stretching, earning a confused look from him. She stopped copying as his eyes locked with hers for just a moment before looking away. That was...awkward. Sighing, she tried to do some other stretching that could be done, still at a loss as to what to do. She found herself staring at the ghost boy when he began doing acro dancing, gawking at him. That looked...really cool. And he could- she shrieked when he began to bend himself in odd ways that she found frightening. Her mouth clamped shut as he looked at her in fear, stopping his practice session. "Li, you okay?" he asked in a whisper. She shook her head and once more tried to go back to her happy place, what was in her heart and memories.​
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  14. Sidney "Sid" Blackwood


    The big top was quite magnificent. Well, in size, that is. It was very big and spacious, big enough for someone to fly around in! It wasn't too fancy though, but Sidney was still amazed as she'd only been to a circus once. Even then, she was very young and had very slight memory of it. As her eyes scanned more of her surroundings, she took notice that people seemed to be staring at her. Suddenly self-conscious, she looked down and twiddled her fingers as her cheeks turned pink from embarrassment.

    "You're all late."

    The angel's big blue eyes blinked to attention, intently listening to the man. As she looked at him, her brows furrowed as faded memories tried to push their way into her head.

    'You're my creation...' She remembered something of that sort, she was half conscious, laying down, confused. Something about a circus...

    She was pulled out of her thoughts by something touching her left hand making her flinch and instinctively pull away a bit; but after seeing it was someone holding her hand, she relaxed and let her. She was very pretty -she had orange hair, freckles, and gorgeous blue eyes. She hoped she could look that pretty once she got older. The only thing was that her physical attachment to her brother scared her a bit.

    It was once again that Sid was pulled from her thoughts, or rather, yanked this time with the help of excruciating pain. Her wings seemed to tear from her body, that and her spine tugging at her back. It felt like her skin could rip any second. As an ineffable pain flushed through her upper body, she screamed and collapsed, her nails digging into the ground as if it would relieve the pain as her back arched. When she fell, she did at such a strong force her hand ripped away from the other girl's.

    It was only seconds before the poor young girl was crying. But, fortunately, as soon as she thought she couldn't stand it for one more second, it stopped, just like that. Sid stopped crying momentarily, almost in shock. Was it really over? Without meaning to, Sidney sniffed and continued to cry in the form of whimpers. The pain was gone, but she was still hurt.

    A few moments after, people began splitting up and going into different sections of the big top to rehearse, and Sidney wondered how everyone could just get up and leave after something like that, that awful pain. But somehow they did, and she had to force herself to as well.

    With another sniff and a wipe of her tears with her wrists, she got up off of the floor and looked around, lost once again. Her eyes dashed from act to act looking for someone to be a loner around, and once they landed, they landed on a ghost boy and a girl or -plant girl. She was very hesitant, but she slowly made her way over there to the two, her eyes flickering from the ground to them. She would just stay near them, for now, and observe to try to pick things up.
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  15. Payton Aegis
    Payton watched in horror at the misery and pain going down around her. It was a myriad of terror, and the screams filled her ears and echoed through her head on a repeating track that bounced around in her brain. This Is what they got for being late, and she surely did not want to see what would happen if one of them were to do something even more horrible. As far as she knew, all of them had atleast been at the circus for a few days. However, not all of them probably knew what to do. They had to practice their acts and preform to the certain specifications left to them by the Ring Master. If they were not met, and they did not please him, they would surely be in for more pain after the curtain closed.
    Her ears and tail ached at the seams, the parts of her body where they were surgically stitched and melded to her bones. She did have human ears, but the only purpose they served were to make sure her head did not look deformed. They were useless. Sound was captured by her overly large wolf ears that were no doubt attatched to her skull. Her tail, which only helped her out by getting caught under her feet when she was walking, was surely attatched to the base of her spine. She could feel the small vertebrae at the end of her back shift whenever she accidentally stepped on it or it got caught on something it shouldn't.
    Payton sighed and wrung her fingers in front of her, first looking up at the shadowed figure of the Ring Master before turning her attention to the people around her, recovering from the storm that just hit them all at once. There was whimpering and crying, something she expected. The atmosphere was gloomy, and by no means did she want to practice anything, or even be here, but she figured she didn't have a choice. There was no escaping. The very thought of it seemed impossible. There was something else keeping them from leaving, besides the horrible fear of torture from the Ring Master. It was a static, an electric feeling that deterred her away from the edges of the Camp. Even when they moved locations, it was always there, moving with them, moving with the Ring Master. It wasn't just an electric fence, either. Payton could never place a finger on what it was exactly, but she was positive she didn't want to find out the hard way.
    Twisting the fur nervously around her tail, she approached one of the Actors and gave a small smile, offering a hand to them in greeting.
    "Hey... I'm Payton. You're kinda new here, yeah? I think I can show you the ropes."
  16. @MusicalT

    Soren could only watch helplessly as Li Hua just pretty much stopped paying attention to what was around her. He was sort of like that at the beginning too, when he was new and thought the whole thing was some kind of nightmare. It was sad, but it did happen to a lot of other people so he couldn't blame them, at least, he thought it happened to most of the members of the circus here. He sighed before noticing the angel girl coming towards them. Biting his lip, he tried to think of a way to introduce himself, or at least talk to them. Maybe he could do it while practicing? Yeah, that way he wouldn't get in trouble. Oooh, maybe he can be a little funny with her too! "Hi there!" he croaked, his voice still as damaged as ever. He twisted his body in what he thought would be less frightening for the child and made a silly face at her. Well, he hoped that would cheer her up.
    Li Hua didn't pay attention to her surroundings until she heard a "Hi there," coming from the ghost boy. Curious, she looked around and saw that an angel was coming towards them, the very same one she was gawking at that made her late. She was starting to calm now at the sight of the girl, thoughts directed at her. "Hi, my name's Li Hua," she greeted gently, giving a small wave as she wiped her eyes and tried to put on a smile. Though it was forced, at least she was able to reassure the girl. "What's your name?" she asked, trying to put on a brave face for the girl.​
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  17. [​IMG]

    Milae Anosov


    Milae yawned, abruptly sitting up as she heard Payton's voice. At first she had no clue where she was or who was speaking, but she finally remembered everything and shuddered. She groggily left her room, still not quite sure what had actually been done to her. The girl went to scratch her forehead, and the eye placed there closed immediately and her hand grazed its eyelashes. She yelped, but managed to calm herself. Even after three weeks, Milae still wasn't used to having a third eye (which she believed was a bit reasonable). The eye was useless in aiding her sight, but it let her access her mind and foresight better. She didn't quite understand it, and was honestly quite pissed at how freaky she looked, but she knew she couldn't do anything about. The Ring Master would punish her if she tried any shit, anyways. Oh, how she had tried to escape! Even with heightened foresight, Milae couldn't get it through her head that there was no escaping, and she'd have to accept it. Besides, even if she did get away, who would accept her? She had a damn eye on her forehead!

    The girl arrived later than the rest to practice, feeling extremely jittery. That feeling always stuck with her. Just like there was no escape from the circus, there was no escape from her nerves. Standing much shorter than most at 5'1.5" made things a bit worse. Especially when she glanced to the reptilian-looking strongman...what was his name? Max, is what Milae thought. She didn't want to look at the Ring Master, God, how she hated his crazed expression...Knowing she was probably already in trouble for being tardy, Milae looked up, cringing as she looked into his eyes. She swore he looked directly back at her three.
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  18. Genevive "Ginny" Whitaker Vaughan

    Theodore "Theo" Christopher Vaughan

    Ginny watched the little angel girl walk off. She shrugged, figuring the girl was just too weirded out by everything and in pain to realize Ginny had been offering her help. She sighed and turned to look at her brother, linking arms with him necessarily (except for the fact it gave their inside arms something to do besides dangle awkwardly between them) and heading over to the ropes. They would perform today. They would practice and they would perform, but they were also going to leave. It wasn't as bad when everyone around them could be assumed to be their age or older, but taking children from their homes and torturing them? It was too much for the twins to sit idly by and watch. They just couldn't do it anymore. But hey had to wait, bide their time, look for an opening and strike. It was just like the trapeze. They had to wait, and watch, and time things just right, or else there would be disastrous results. They walked straight towards the silk ropes that dangled from the top of the tent, eyes scanning the other 'exhibits' for any hints of someone thinking the way they were.

    Theo grabbed the silk, wrapping his arm up in it before starting to climb. His sister wound her arm around his neck to hold on, to keep a bit of pressure off their pelvic bones as he pulled them up. As they twisted themselves up and dropped and spun, their eyes remained on the people below them. They worked seamlessly as one, a stark contrast to how they typically seemed to everyone else. Their act was one of good vs evil, a semi-erotic, mesmerizing aerial silk display that would be set to wild music when it was time for them to actually perform. Two characters, one good, one evil, tied to each other, a symbol of life, of yin and yang, of struggle, of balance, of life itself. Where there is good, there is evil. Where there is evil, there is good. One cannot exist without the other, the two concepts fused just as the Vaughan's themselves.

    The ghost boy?

    He seems too afraid.

    He's made three attempts.

    And I think he's scared of trying again.

    We should still talk to him. And Sage.

    The snake girl? Why?

    I don't know. I like her. I think she'd go along with us. Besides, I think she likes you.

    All girls like me.

    Don't be an ass. I swear to fuck I'll drop us.

    Don't bring it up if you don't want me commenting on how hot I am.


    How about Croc?

    We definitely need Croc.

    The twins twirled their way to the ground, landing rather gracefully in a very practiced, very exciting to watch maneuver. They stretched, joints popping and muscles aching. They spied Milae before they spied anyone else and immediately turned to head towards her. They did a few slow flips, hands to the ground, walking their legs up over their heads in practiced movements. It was important to keep ones self limber at all times and it was an exercise they liked. Honestly, the one good part about their new situation was that they were on the same page most of the time and rarely even had to think about telling the other person what they were about to do.

    They stopped and took the last couple of steps that would close the gap between them and Milae, stopping in front of her and smiling down at her with looks that said they wanted something. Both twins produced their outside hands to her. "Come with us. We'll help you practice." Ginny said with a grin. It was best to get the girl moving before the Ring Asshole got mad at her for standing around.

    "Come tell our fortunes." Theo said, a rather charming smile on his face. They fully intended on whisking her away to a farther corner of the tent away from the Ring Master so they could talk. "See what's in store for us."
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  19. Milae had been staring off into space when the twins approached her, something she often did. She jumped back a bit when Ginny addressed her, but smiled politely. The twins were... fascinating, to say the least. The woman didn't know them too personally, but that was the case with everyone around her. She didn't talk to anyone much. "Alright..." Milae managed to say, although it was a bit quiet. Ever since she had been taken to the circus and altered, her more daring and confident side had faded. She blushed, mostly because she had been caught doing nothing, but also partially because of Theo's smile.

    She looked around for a moment, watching everyone practice. "Everyone's so interesting. I mean, it's awful, but... Oh, whatever." Milae mumbled, mostly to herself. It wasn't too quiet though, so the twins probably heard her. She sounded absolutely miserable--and she really was. The eye on her forehead blinked after her actual eyes did, causing everything to seem off-track. If it did it for too long, it gave Milae headaches. Everything was so odd now with her foresight. After only being around for three weeks, Milae's experience with those who wanted their fortunes told was usually angering. If they had bad futures, they'd get pissed and call her a phony. Occasionally, if they had good futures, they'd brag and mention how much better their lives were compared to hers (they just assumed everything--to be fair, she was in a circus with a third eye reading palms).
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  20. Lilith was very nearly always the first one awake in the mornings and today had been no different. As soon as Payton had told them it was time to get up, she was out of her cage and slithering towards the showers, wanting to get in and out as quickly as she could so that she could take a moment and sun herself before they all had to be under the tent for morning practices. The showers were always cold so she needed the extra time to soak up some warmth before her day truly began. As she lathered her long hair she caught her thoughts moving to the newest additions to the circus and felt her eyes start to tear up. So many new faces, and all so young. From a scientific stand point she understood it; younger bodies might be better able to handle what the Ring Master did to them, but the thought of all the time and things they lost because of the cruel mans seemingly insatiable hunger for creating new monstrosities made her want to cry and never stop. Once she had finished washing and rinsing her hair, she gave the rest of her body a good scrubbing and rinsed just in time for the first of the others to show up for their showers. She smiled softly and nodded to Croc and a few of the other veterans before making her way out of the shower tent, not bothered in the least that her upper half was still naked; her long white hair covered anything that would have embarrassed someone else.

    When she entered the tent where the costumes and props were kept she slipped into a silvery top that tied around her neck and waist but left her back completely bare. The top fit tightly around her chest, and though the deep V cut of the top showed up a good amount of her chest, everything was still covered. After making sure her top was tied she began brushing out her waist length hair making sure it was free of tangles before working bits and pieces of it into elaborate curls that resembled snakes. Once that was done and she was sure nothing was going to come undone she made her way to the practice tent, slithering smoothly over the packed dirt, towards the back where her darlings were kept. She had wide variety of snakes, all different sizes and species, but her favorites where the poisonous ones. She had always loved snakes, had been studying them when she had been taken. The only good thing about what had happened to her was that it had brought her closer to the things she loved. When she reached the back of the tent she glided past several containers, each holding a dozen or so of the slithering reptiles. The larger ones where kept separate and had cages of their own or shared with only one other of the same species. She made a hissing noise as she passed each container and the bodies inside instantly came to life. She wished she could have spent time with all of them, but the ones the Ring Master preferred her to perform with most where the large ones and the exotic venomous ones. She came to the last container, a small smile pulling at her pale lips as the creature inside flicked it's tongue at the ventilation holes at the top of it's cage. The blackish brown inland taipan was her baby. He one of the most venomous snakes in the world and was a favorite of the crowd. She opened the top of the container and held out her hand to him, which he kissed with his tongue before sliding up to curl around her neck, his head resting on her shoulder. She gave his head a stroke with her long fingers and then proceeded to collect a couple other serpents before making her way to the center of the practice ring. She looked around worriedly as only a few of the others were present at this point. Her blue eyes darted around the tent, searching for the Ring Master, knowing how much he hated it when is creatures were late.

    The snake writhed in agitation as her apprehension grew and she hissed to them gently "Husssh now my lovesssss." Her nervousness showing in the long S's that slipped from her lips. When everyone was present she knew they would be punished. Too many of them had been late. When he spoke from his seat high in the stands she cringed. Even though she had heard it for the last 5 years of her life, the Ring Masters voice still made her shiver every time he spoke. Even though she knew something was going to happen, that didn't prepare her for the itching, burning sensation that traveled over the length of the bottom half of her body. That pain made her double over and coil around herself, though she was careful not to crush any of her companions. She bit down on her lip to keep from making any noises, but felt tears slip down her pale cheeks as she heard the cries and voices of the others in pain. Sid whimpers and Po's cries of distress were particularly hard for her to hear. Once the pain was gone, she was slow to uncoil, and she made sure her cheeks were free of tears before she sat up, her tail curling in a half circle to support her. She cast her blue eyes around the room and surveyed the damage done by the Ring Masters cruelty. She wasn't too sure what he had done to Po, but it seemed to be effecting her quite a bit so she slowly made her way towards the girl, making sure not to sneak up on the child. "Do not do anything rash Po...." she knew that look. It was a look many of the others had had over the years, most of whom had never been seen again. Only a handful ever survived trying to escape.
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