Fortunes Fools: The Tomb of Ishtar

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    The Tomb of Ishtar

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    Dear Sir/Madam,
    First of all, jolly well done! If you've decoded this letter then you're clearly the person we're after! Sorry for the cloak and dagger piffle, but we had to be sure those Nazi swine couldn't intercept the message.

    I've been instructed by Her Majesty's Government to put together a team for a top secret mission. Very hush-hush stuff, you understand? You'll find all the necessary travel papers and expenses enclosed with this letter, as well as a full pardon for your crimes should you need it.

    I'd be very grateful if you'd all join me for drinks at the Hodsworth Gentelman's Club in London. The mission briefing will be at 2000hrs on June 16th.

    The mission is codenamed Operation Ishtar, and it's sure to be a ripping yarn. But Her Majesty's Government has promised you all a very substantial reward for the risks you'll be undertaking.

    If you're interested, I'll have a glass of sherry waiting for you!

    Oh, and be a good chap and destroy this letter once you're done reading it!

    Yours sincerely,

    Professor Randolph Stern

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  2. The Story So Far...

    1. Professor Randolph Stern, an Oxford academic, has invited a number of mercenaries, convicts, freelancers and explorers to his gentlemen's club in London. He is recruiting them for a top secret expedition... something concerning the legendary Tomb of Ishtar...
  3. NAME: (Make it pronounceable you moron!)

    OCCUPATION: (No professional morons!)

    APPEARANCE: (Image preferred. And I don't care what colour your fucking socks are you moron!)

    ROLE: (What part will you play in this story and what reputation will you have. Are you the panicky academic? the sarcastic toughguy? the stoic foreigner? the ditzy female? the scruffy hero? PS, if someone before you takes a role DON'T CHOOSE THE EXACT SAME FUCKING ROLE YOU MORON!)

    EQUIPMENT: (Keep to WW2 time period, and only what you can carry on a long adventure you moron!)

    INTEREST: (Why they want to find the Tomb of Ishtar. And give me something to work with you moron!)

    In the interests of NOT putting me in a fucking coma, please use the ROLE entry to describe personality quirks, background and secrets. I'm only interested in what will help the narrative, not how many sisters you have and how you lost your virginity.


  4. NAME: Johnathan Pierce

    OCCUPATION: Writer/Soldier

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    ROLE: Adventurus chronicler with a sense of duty.

    EQUIPMENT: Notebook, Biro pen, lighter, satchel, flashlight, canteen, Walther PP, and spare expendibles (ammunition, batteries, food, ect.).

    INTEREST: The reward and the chance at stopping the fascists in their tracks!

    (Hows this look Asmo?)
  5. ALIAS: Astrid Mercier

    OCCUPATION: Art Thief

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    ROLE: Astrid is the chain-smoking, levelheaded, mysterious thief. She's the one sent out if the group needs a spy, or someone to find (or make) entrances into heavily guarded places. Astrid does not work well in a team setting, so she has a habit of slipping off to do things her own way. Though fighting is not her forte', she has learned enough tricks to get her out alive, though her chances would be very slim if she were to have a face to face encounter with a skilled opponent. Deception and spontaneity are her greatest assets.

    There are many rumors about her origins: one being that she is actually not French, but a gypsy girl born into the circus business-this explains her talent for acrobatics and knife-throwing. Her ability to lie and impersonate others on the spot (paired with the many contradictory rumors surrounding her) makes it very difficult for the people she works with to figure out exactly what kind of person she is. This tends to make the others suspicious of her.

    EQUIPMENT: Several different types of cigarettes, lock picks, various knives, homemade smoke bombs, flask with unknown contents, Tokarev TT-30, a carefully maintained pocket watch

    INTEREST: Previously one of France’s most wanted art thieves; the French resistance has offered Astrid a full pardon of her crimes, in exchange for aiding the professor's team in this mission. However, Astrid has other plans . . .
  6. NAME: Cornelius Hobbs

    OCCUPATION: Butler


    ROLE: The panicky, clumsy, pompous and accident-prone academic. If Hobbs doesn't start the trouble, then he becomes the trouble, usually getting knocked out or making things worse. While everyone else does their implausible heroics, Hobbs is the one screaming about how they're all doomed. He has the brains, the languages, and a little bit of charm, but he can't be relied on for much, especially when the bullets start flying. And of course, he's always got a snobby comment for those who are uncooth.

    EQUIPMENT: The maps, the money, the travel documents and the handkerchiefs.

    INTEREST: The Professor ordered him to go along. He just wants to get it over with and go home for a bath.
  7. Not entirely sure if this character would be playable or whether he would be too distant, but this is what I came up with.

    NAME: Bekele (beh keh leh)

    OCCUPATION: Bush Tracker with over thirty years experience.

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    ROLE: Stoic foreigner. A tad distant from the other group members, though not in a condescending or "houlier than thou" way, but simply because of a pervading sense of being different. As an older member of the group (he's 45 to 50 ish) with considerable experience living on the go/in the wilderness, he may potentially find himself in a position of (rather unwanted) leadership. Unfortunately, he's a bit of an uncommunicative leader, rarely explaining the reasonings behind "why this way instead of that, etc".

    EQUIPMENT: A machete. Some herbs in a linen cloth pouch. Flint. A small carving knife. A water flask... containing an alcoholic substance with highly unwaterlike qualities.

    INTEREST: He has been in prison for the past five years for frequenting the rather violent activists that were unhappy with their lack of civil rights. If he brings this mission to term with success, he'll be freed and able to finally settle down with his wife (and kids) for some early retirement shit.

    I think that, depending on the other members of the group, I may tweak the "role" part a bit.
  8. NAME: Duncan.

    OCCUPATION: Gunslinger Bounty Hunter.


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    ROLE: The Scruffy American Anti-Hero Drifter. He brings that distinct 'cowboy' essence all those namby pamby Europeans JUST CAN'T PULL OFF. He can work well with others and help coordinate planning. . . but anyone can tell he's a natural to walking and riding alone. While he may not be known worldwide he IS known by just his face in America and perhaps by some from other countries. No one ever seems to catch his name. But his reputation on paper is as a man wanted for murder with names from organized crime involved. Quite a few people in his own country from certain families want him dead. A man seemingly in it for the money but that by the end of it all. . . could reveal that there might be something more.

    EQUIPMENT: Custom Pistol. Gun belt. Hunting knife. Ammo belt. Cigarettes.

    INTEREST: Given what kind of people are after him in the states he's looking for a change of scenery. . . and some money to make it worth his while.
  9. NAME: Osvald Gundersen Roberts

    OCCUPATION: Saboteur


    ROLE: He's the kind that keeps his cool in most situations, but his tendency to ask a lot of questions clashes with the 'first impression' one might get of him. He likes to plan things strictly, take precaution, he will only make a quick decision if forced to. Osvald dwells on his own decisions and others and has obsessive thoughts.

    Osvald works well alone and in a team, but he is no leader-figure. He has succeeded standard British army training camp procedure and has expertise knowledge on work/missions involving sabotage.

    EQUIPMENT: Lanchester(submachine gun), family picture, tobacco-pipe&tobacco, diary-book.

    INTEREST: Roberts is looking to find something that keeps him away from the European war-zone. Even if the adventure might not take him away, he'll still want to join out of interest.
  10. “Because they don’t know him like I do.” Anya huff angrily.

    Alena burry herself in his chest, “Only you can satisfy me now.”
  11. NAME: Dietrich Klaus

    OCCUPATION: Unprofessional Moron, puzzle-solving extraordinaire

    Show Spoiler

    ROLE: “Little Brother” type. Normal, talkative, innocent and helpful though socially awkward and a bit slow when it comes to some other things. He’s a part of this adventure while not really knowing why, except for maybe a little adventure and to help out the family Bed & Breakfast. He comes equipped with “medic” skills from being unofficially trained as a veterinarian on the family farm and having years of experience doing such work. Innocently triggers simple, obvious traps while being able to bypass those of mind-fucking difficulty; with that said, don’t let him walk in front of the group. He doesn’t appear to be mysterious or conniving in any way, thereby allowing him easy passage into certain heavily guarded areas because someone who seems so fucking stupid and oblivious couldn’t possibly be planning anything at all. Easily amazed. Seems to be a kind and genuinely nice guy. Sort of like a retarded German Sergeant York.

    EQUIPMENT: Backpack containing basic first-aid items (salve, bandages, suture kit, alcohol, peroxide, scalpel), string (for entertainment purposes), tomahawk (like those red savages use), carries no firearm but knows how to use one (hunting experience)

    INTEREST: Letter from the Professor was probably addressed to someone else who happened to be staying at the Klaus’ Family Bed & Breakfast but left early due to “unforeseen circumstances,” leaving the letter behind in his room. While cleaning out the skipper’s belongings, Dietrich came across the letter which seemed to be written in code. Not being able to resist the challenge, the young man decoded it and believing that it was, to his simple reasoning, rude to turn down an invitation (never mind it being for sherry, which he didn’t drink except on important holidays)…he decides to travel to London. Likely, his appearance will be unexpected, since it was probably someone more interesting, intelligent and gentlemanly who was supposed to be there instead.
  12. NAME: Colonel Mishenka Tolenka,
    OCCUPATION: NKVD Operative

    PERSONALITY: vengeful, hotheaded, loyal, likes laughing.
    ROLE: three parts comic releif, two parts badarse.
    EQUIPMENT: flask of vodka, PPSH 41 sub machine gun, rations, ciggerettes and a Tula Tokerov pistol
    SKILLS: brawling, guns and Explosives
    INTEREST: It is Mishenka's mission to ensure that the other allied powers do not exclude the Soviet Union. his orders come from Stalin himself, and Mishenka will follow these orders to the death if need be


  13. Awesome, Amp.

    Right, IC is up, complete with English cliches and getting the plot exposition out of the way.




    Blue feathers


    Creature Race:
    Star Elf
    Cursed raven



    I Belong/I'm Alien:
    I belong
    Brend is slightly Asian in her facial features. She bears small markings in the middle of her forehead. Her eyes are blue and her hair is bluish black, which is partly tied back. It is fairly long in places and braided. A large white flower and three white feathers are placed usually in her hair. She usually wears a grey jacket with a black scarf which is patterned with white. She also wears a long dark skirt and grey boots, and a belt with a chain. She is only wearing a black glove on her right hand.

    She lives in a colorful, sensual world, inspired by connections with people and ideas. But rather than taking things as they are, she take joy in reinterpreting these connections, reinventing and experimenting with both herself and with new perspectives. This process leads to an air of spontaneity, making her often seem unpredictable, even to her close friends and loved ones.

    She enjoy interacting with people; once she gets going she's usually the center of attention but she does her best to hide her true emotions. She tends to show her true self around the people she knows, exposing someone completely different from the girl in public. She is very curious and questions almost everything. She hates to be ignored, is extremely envious, egotistical, possessive, and pouts often if she doesn't get what she wants. With that being said, she is very protective over the ones she love and will fight to keep them safe no matter what.

    She has long since thrown away tradition and law, for a bird only follows nature, and the cursed followed their master. With many years in servitude she believes freedom is precious and now that she has it nothing can take it away from her with ease. Freedom is one of the most important things to her, she hates to be caged in.

    Spending most of her life as a bird and with birds she loathes them. She knows how greedy birds can be and their true nature so she shuns them and tries to keep others from falling for their "innocent and harmless" facade. Though she knows that not all birds are completely like this, she still hates them.

    Sensitive and observant.
    Brend find it easy to relate to other people and recognize their emotional states. She seeks harmony and strongly dislikes conflicts.

    Charming and open-minded.
    She is a relaxed, warm individual who rarely has difficulties making friends or fitting in. She also tend to be very tolerant and flexible.

    Imaginative and artistic.
    She possesses a creative mind, coming up with bold and unusual ideas all the time. Her vivid imagination and artistic skills form a powerful combination, often helping her in an unexpected way.

    She tends to be very inquisitive and willing to try out new things. She would rather take risks than miss an exciting opportunity.

    Passionate and enthusiastic.
    She may often be quiet and reserved, but she can also become incredibly passionate if She is working on something that excites and interests her. She tends to have very intense feelings, but her passion and enthusiasm are usually hidden from the outside world.

    Low self-esteem.
    Brend often has problems with self-confidence. Most of her positive traits revolve around sensitivity and artistic expression, and such things are often seen by many as secondary to, for instance, academic performance.

    Get stressed easily.
    She is an intensely emotional individual; consequently, She may have difficulties coping with conflicts or stress. This can also lower her self-esteem and stifle her creativity.

    Very competitive.
    Despite being quite reserved or even shy, She can become very competitive in certain situations.

    She dislikes long-term commitments and plans, often living completely in the present and consciously trying to avoid thinking about the future. This can lead to a lot of tension and misunderstanding in her romantic relationships.

    Fiercely independent.
    She value freedom very highly and does not really worry about traditions, rules, or guidelines, believing that they only hinder artistic expression and free thinking. Not surprisingly, she is likely to clash with more traditional types, especially in the workplace.


    Current Relationships:

    Her master, Raven's sister. She was forced to scout for her. She hates her guts, but had to do everything she told her to do. When she died the markings on Brend remained as she was still her scout but since she was dead Brend wasn't given any orders so she could do whatever now.

    This is the woman that turned Brend into a raven, and is Raven's mother, and so Brends hatred for this woman is stronger than any other.

    Elizabeth Meg Sylvinsdaughter:


    Skills Fantasy:
    Gathering information


    (Will elaborate throughout the rp)

    Weapon mastery:

    Cursed form:
    Cursed form (open)


    Mid-trans form:
    When transforming to and from her cursed form when the conditions are met she can stop it in the middle letting her stay in a human-like form with wings.
    Mid-trans form (open)



    At the age of 9 she was taken by the drow for reasons unknown to her. She worked as a slave for about a month, thinking that she was going to live in servitude for the rest of her life and that it couldn't get worse. She was wrong; at the beginning of the next month she was forced to participate in a ritual lead by a woman. She remembered seeing the symbol of a crow eating a spider.

    During the ritual she was forced to drink the blood of one of the woman's daughters, Raven. The next thing she knew she began the painful transformation into a raven. Once she was completely transformed the other woman's daughter marked her with runes. At the time she had been studying runecasting so she know what the runes meant and dreaded every moment they were carved into her skin. She was now bound to the girl to serve as the drow's scout.

    For as long as her master lived she was forced to server and was unable to transform back into her Star Elf form, which she knew was impossible since the ritual. Even when her master died, which she felt and though it hurt she enjoyed every minute of it, she was still not free of her curse. After marinating in joy for a bit she soon was at a loss, she had spend 10 years as a scout, now that she wasn't forced to do that anymore what was a raven supposed to do with its life?



    Theme song:
    Voice actor:


    Flying just above the tree line one could see a single raven, one with runes that glowed of blue behind its head and along the scapulars of its wings. One might be bewildered at its glowing blue eyes, but even more so when those eyes shut and the bird suddenly drops from the sky. On the ground it laid still, black smoke lifted from its body and dispersed in the air. A piercing caw left the raven’s beak as it rolled around in the snow that blanketed the area. The way it moved one could tell it was in pain but wouldn’t be best to approach. Suddenly the cries stopped and the bird lied still once more, before it shot up into the sky with calls of glee. It soared high with one thought flowing through its head:
    freedom at last!

    This bird is known as Blue feathers, a title given to it by its master due to the runes that bound it, but it was bound no longer as it felt the life of its master fade. Inside it was giggling, wishing it was there to see the woman’s last breath, longing to laugh in her face as the life left her eyes. Now only one other lives with the knowledge of its true name, the name she had before she was cursed with a small insignificant body and enslaved to pure evil. A name that she longed to hear from the lips of another once more:
  15. I hope to disappoint you as quickly as possible, just to get any empty hopes of quality out of the way.
  16. I'm going to back out before gets to far started. Keep getting distracted from trying to elaborate more on his role.
  17. A short lil intro post while I wait for Ampoule's character to be brought in. Didn't feel like interrupting. If you are posting next, Asmodeus, feel free to have the doorbell ring/door knocked just as Hobb brings Klaus into the living room or whatever to speed up things.
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