Forgotten but Not Gone (Paranormal RP)

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Antiquities Hotel: Horror or Hoax?
People often say that the places with the most traumatic places are the places where paranormal activity is the highest. These places attract believers and skeptics alike and many have a habit of converting skeptics. None so much as the Antiquities Hotel in Pennsylvania. Built on the grounds of a once-extensive asylum, miles from any urban area, the Antiquities Hotel has been abandoned for decades following a mysterious unsolved murder. The details of the asylum’s existence and practices have been lost in time, though they were believe to be unlawful and immoral. Now the hollow shell of the Antiquities Hotel is a tourist attraction for those willing to brave a few hours within its crumbling walls. Stories of experiences within the Antiquities Hotel are often left to the smallest details, its website boasting some choice words such as “life changing,” “thrilling,” “absolutely terrifying.” The mysterious owners of the hotel communicate very little with the outside world and just as very little is known about the hotel and its history, little is known about the current owners beside the fact they strongly believe in the paranormal activity that occurs at the hotel. Requests for a few hours in the hotel are often met with a date and a time window, neglecting other details. Also they claim no responsibility for events that occur on the property during your tour and will not reimburse you for "any harm done, physical or emotional" and a waiver must be signed. This Halloween weekend only brave ghost hunters can attempt to break the record for longest night at the Antiquities Hotel of 4 hours and 27 minutes and win a cash prize of $500. If you’re looking to spend a night at the hotel, contact details can be found on their website. But be warned, the homepage of the website reads:
Some of the current residents may not want you to enter their home
Some may not want you to ever leave

This idea is a little open-ended. I’m willing to adapt. I just really wanted to do a paranormal roleplay. You’re welcomed to play just one character or more than one but please play interesting, realistic characters. Characters can be malevolent or benevolent in nature and replies should be at least once daily and a length of one paragraph per post per character (where applicable). I prefer slightly extensive character sheets even if your character’s personality, description, etc. is subject to change. More details on this later if enough interest is shown. Please be willing to contribute to plot and character development as well as have a good grasp of the English language and grammatical structure (though mistakes are inevitable). I prefer excessive detail rather than not enough. As always, roleplay is meant to be fun and if anything were to arise that affects your ability to reply or the quality of your replies, just let me know. Questions? Suggestions? Comments? Let me know! I’d like to get this off the ground as soon as possible.
Not open for further replies.