Forging Roads

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  1. Kiori dropped the large box and sighed heavily. "Ugh. I hate moving!" Kicking the box, she leaned her shoulder on the wall and watched as her family did their part. Kiori scanned the empty building that would soon be her new home. It was decently large for just four people; the four separate bedrooms and two large bathrooms made for a comfortable reduction from their old castle like manor. She loved her old home- it was peaceful, secluded, and had more than enough backyard space for her and her brother to place around. Granted, the backyard was basically the nearby forest, it still seemed small to her now considering she grew up there. Kiori was snapped out of her thoughts by her brother roughly ramming into her shoulder. "Stop being lazy and move the box!" he sneered, wrinkling his nose at her. Kiori scoffed and stuck out her tongue before picking up the weighted box and carrying it up the stairs. The box contained various objects that belonged to her, so of course she was forced to carry it, but she still hated labor.

    The move was completed within a few hours of their arrival and the sun was now bright in the sky. Kiori locked the door as she waved goodbye to her family that had helped. Turning around, she walked into the bare kitchen and found her father. "Why exactly are we living away from the family?" she started. Her father, Kouji, turned turned to face her, cracking his neck in the process and smiled. "Well, why not? New city, new home, might as well start it as a smaller family, right?" Kiori furrowed her eyebrows. "Yeah, okay. Mom didn't go down without a fight, did she?" Her father's smile was instantly replaced with a nervous grin. "How could you tell?" Because your arm is bleeding and she's in her would be room brushing her hair. She only does that when she's angry." Kiori put her hands on her him and straightened her back when he laughed more. "This is funny, Daddy! We're stuck in a new city full of a completely different species and you want to make an adventure out of it?! No!" Kouji placed his hand reassuringly on his daughter's shoulder. "It'll be all find. We still have extended family in this region. In fact, you'll be going to school with some of them."
  2. Nicolie yawned with a stretch as he came downstairs to the store to open. This day every week was a day that he opened the bookstore later than usual so he could sleep in a little. There was small group of people at the door, wanting to be let in. He grinned at the excited chattered that he heard as he unlocked the door and flipped the sign in the window to open. When they came in, they scattered, going off to different sections and bookshelf as they took their time. The regulars knew he was there all the time so they never worried about him, leaving off somewhere when they looked around. Nicolie relaxed behind the counter and waited for purchases to come by. As he waited, he watched outside. It was a past time when he knew he didn't have time between costumers to do something else.

    That's peculiar. He thought. I've seen that vehicle quite a few times today. Maybe a new family just moved here. Nicolie thought on it a little more. Hopefully they're not pure breed. And not close at least. If I had to end up helping them, I'd never getting anytime here with my books. He sighed at the thought and really did hope that that wasn't the case.
  3. "Hey, kid! Get out of there!"

    Dakota woke up bleary eyed to the familiar sound of the hollering man. The girl chose to sleep beneath an over pass that night, somehow this same cop seemed to be the one to catch her most mornings. The she wolf rolled over, sleepy eyes looking up at the man. God, these people started work early. The morning dew on her face was refreshing enough though.

    "It's not safe to sleep in places like this you know... there's places for kids like you. Please, just come with me."

    Wordlessly, Dakota got to her feet and walked past the man. He was a dark skinned fellow, with a shaved head. He grabbed Dakota's arm as she tried to move past him. "Come now, I'm only trying to help." He kept getting more and more insistent. Dakota snarled at him, pulling her arm away and ran off toward the city street. The man could have caught up if he went into his car, but he simply stood and watched her go. With her luck, she'd run across him again.

    Dakota walked a length, trying to decide where she would hunt for her next meal. A pigeon or a rat was hardly a meal for a wolf, but a meal was a meal and she would be lucky to eat anything that day. A small crowd of people drew her attention. Humans were strange, the way they just lined up to wait for things. She looked up at the building they were waiting to enter, squinting at the words. She had never learned how to read, after all. She wanted nothing to do with human culture. Nostrils flared as she took in the scents in the air around her. Perhaps in one of these alleys she'd be able to find some food... Maybe even a stray cat.
  4. Despite her father's words, Kiori was still worried about their new home. Even with family nearby, they would have to live in constant fear of a human finding out their identity and possibly wanting to find out. Her parents and brother could be taken away from her, or she could be taken away from then, all because one of them might have slipped. Kiori outwardly frowned at the thought. This move was definitely a bad idea.

    Kiori stretched her arms into the air when she had finally got her bed set up. It took her a tiring three hours to complete the job and now her stomach roared with anger. "I need food... but I'm too tired to get up.." She groaned. Flopping backwards on to her newly set up bed, Kiori stared at her white ceiling and contemplated her next meal. As far as she was aware, they only had snacks in the fridge, and she couldn't exactly go hunting for a rabbit or something. Another groan escaped her. "Mom! How could you let dad make us move here?! We still have family in the country!" She shouted loudly enough for her voice to carry across the hall. Her mothers reply echoed down the hall. "I tried to stop him, honey! You know how stupid he can be!" "You know, I can hear you two, right?!" Kiori's father hollered from downstairs. Both Kiori and her mother replied with a in sync 'Yes' and proceeded to laugh. Rolling over to her side, Kiori attempted to muster up the strength to get up. After ten minutes of nothing, she finally rolled off of the bed and landed on her back. She squealed when the fall seemed further from her than she thought. "Hm. I can see how you would have trouble fitting in." Kiori looked up above her to find an uninterested and decently attractive young man standing over her. "You the hell are you? If you're a robber, I hope you know you chose the wrong house." Sitting up, while still keeping her eyes on the stranger, Kiori patted her black hair away from her eyes. The boy snorted, his chocolate brown eyes sneering at her. "Don't be stupid. The name's Chika, and apparently we're cousins."
  5. Jake was standing in the middle of his new apartment and sighed resignedly. This situation wasn't ideal, but he supposed it was opportunity for him to move forward. There isn't much for a runt to do within a pack. He was lucky he had been kept alive this long, since he didn't have many notable skills. Still, he was alive and he had the ability to make this whole... thing... work if he wanted it to.

    "So, a fresh start," he mumbled, looking around the small space. "I guess it's not too horrible a thought. At least in this city, I won't get disdainful looks from everyone. Here, I'm actually pretty average looking. For a human, anyway," he added to himself before sighing, again, and sprawling out on the floor. "I hope this won't be a huge mistake for us."
  6. Nicolie sat at the counter as the customers really took there time in making their selections now that it was a little later. He pulled out a daily magazine and lazily looked through it as he habitually played with the tips of his longish hair. Half way through the magazine a young teenager walked in wearing uniform-like cloths. "I'll start sweepin-" "Actually, Sena, why don't you stay in here and watch the register. I'll go out and sweep today." Nicolie interrupted and casually took the broom of the kid's hands. The teen shrugged and sat behind the counter like he know he was already going to be bored.

    As soon as Nicolie took one step outside, he took a deep breath before starting his chore. He watched cars go by and waved at a few pedestrians that he saw quite often. After finishing, he leaned against one of the windows and just stood there watching as other people went on peacefully. This is how it should be everyday. He thought and took a sniff of the air. Unfortunately, I don't know how much longer that that's going to last with how many pure breeds moving into the city lately.
  7. Dakota turned from facing the ally way when the man stepped out of the store. It was startling, but for a second she could see his true form. A wolf... just like her. She hadn't seen another one for a long time. She wasn't quiet sure how to take it... Would he be mad at her for being in his territory... Or was he like a human? What was he doing? Was he sweeping?

    Dakota froze for a while as her mind whirred with confusion. It took her a moment to snap out of it and approach him. "Hey," she said, interrupting his relaxation apparently. "I know what you are... I'm the same way," she said uncertainly, not sure if he could tell or not. "You can stay here and do human chores, or you can come with me and catch some food. I smell some rats down there." She gestured with her chin toward the ally way. No one was close enough out here to hear there conversation, but they could have been watched by those inside.
  8. Nicolie was lost in thought, feeling a nice breeze move through. He then looked over at a young girl that suddenly came up to him. Though he was a little confused at first when she said she knew what he was. Is she a pure breed? Then she mentioned catching rats in the alley way. Yep. She's a pure breed. "No thanks. I don't eat raw meat." Catching rats? I've never heard of a pure breed doing that in the city. She looks like she's been through a lot though. "If you'd like, I could cook a really rare steak. It's far better than a diseased nuisance that's for sure." He smiled. "But, what about your pack? Don't they feed you?" Nicolie asked then quickly regretting it. "I'm sorry. That was personal. You don't have to answer that." He said with a small nervous laugh.
  9. Dakota scrunched up her face at the sound of a cooked steak. She'd never tried it, she'd always caught prey. She was a bit offended. Food was hard to come by. She was offering to help him hunt, and to share too.

    "A pack?" She asked. "I don't have one. Do you?" She asked, feeling a bit hopeful. She wasn't offended at all. "If you do... I'd do whatever it took to join." She looked a little uncomfortable asking this. After all, he didn't even want to help her hunt. What kind of weird wolf was this. Was he too good for all that now?
  10. "It's really not that bad at all. I thought the same thing when I was younger." He chuckled at the face she made at the sound of cooked steak. She's a pure breed without a pack? That's unusual. I wonder if she was kicked out or left of her own. "Actually, I don't have a pack either. I never really had one at all. It was just my family and I. I've lived like a human most of my life because my parents raised me here." Nicolie smiled. "I'm a half breed. I didn't grow up like most other wolves." He paused for a moment. I'm going to regret this. "You seem like you're having a bit of a struggle adjusting here. I could help you if you'd like."
  11. "I'm a half breed too. I've never had anyone. But I'm still surviving." She stuck out her chest and grinned with pride.

    "What do you mean adjust?" She asked, eying him suspiciously. "I don't want to blend in... I'm a wolf. I don't want to live like a human."

    She backed away from him, snarling slightly. "I'll starve before I eat anything I haven't caught. No... Steak for me." She felt her disappointment as a sharp sting in her gut, causing tears to well up in her eyes. The first wolf she met... was this all there was left? Were the wolves doomed to die out, or live as humans?
  12. Nicolie almost dropped the broom in surprise when the younger declared she was half breed as well. So no one really raised her into a human society? That explains her rambunctious behavior. He thought with a grin. "I didn't mean that in a bad way. Isn't it a little difficult the way you're living right now? With what you're hunt, you could easily catch an illness that can kill you from the animals that are far more infested here then they are outside the city. Won't you at least try? If you don't want any of the food I have, I can take you to the forest or the mountains to catch something. It really isn't that far away." He tried to reason with her but felt like he wasn't getting anywhere. Well, I can't really stop her from doing what she wants.
  13. Dakota narrowed her eyes and nodded. "Of course it's difficult. And I have gotten sick a few times. But it's the way us wolves are supposed to live. Not working for the humans who displaced us, and cooking our food." She was just about to leave, when the man mentioned the forest. As against humans as she was, she had always been afraid to leave the city, it was all she knew. She had never set foot into the place. The thought made her blush. "Well..." she said, her behavior changing suddenly. "I've actually never been to the forest... If you've been... I would like to eat something larger than a rat."
  14. "Well, to be exact, humans work for me every once in a while. I own this store right here and every now and then there are a few people looking for seasonal work. With as much revenue I get, I can afford to pay the people I hire and still live on the second floor." Nicolie looked up the building to the kitchen window. "The only thing about the forest that you have to worry about is the hunter, but they're easily avoidable. To be honest, I haven't been there in quite a few years, but I doubt the deep part has changed much. You can most definitely find things far bigger than a rat. The rabbits in the forest happen to be pretty large and maybe you can score a small dear too." He smiled a little happy that she seems to be taking his offer.
  15. Dakota scoffed. "No hunters scare me. I can take on one, maybe even two, with your help." She looked him up and down, as if sizing him up.

    She didn't understand much of what he said. Apparently he sold stuff, what she didn't know, as she couldn't read the sign. Whatever it was, she preferred living her way. Though he was being kind enough to take her out to the forest, so she chose not to argue with him about it. "If you take me, I'll definitely share whatever we catch with you. Half of it!" She seemed excited, more excited than she had been in a long time. It was like being in a pack! Albeit a small one, but still. "You'll still eat raw meat, right?"
  16. Kiori wasn't too fond of her newly discovered 'cousin', nor did she enjoy his sarcastic and cocky attitude. She spent the rest of her afternoon tolerating him and soon found out that she would have to spend a lot of time with her in order to get acquainted with the area. Kiori was immediately against it. "Why do I have to spend my time with this guy?! I can attend school and play friendly with the humans without his help!" she argued with her parents. Despite her constant reasoning, her parents didn't budge and even forced her to start spending time with him today. "Go buy some groceries for dinner tonight. We need to start eating like humans." Her mother ordered, rubbing her temples. Fiercely, Kiori stomped out of the house, a smirking Chika following behind her.

    "Don't be so mad, Kiori! We'll become great friends!" Kiori didn't even have to glance behind her to know that her brown haired friend was grinning from ear to ear and enjoying every second of her misery. "I hate you." She mumbled as she turned a corner. She took a few steps, her vanilla eyes scanning the area. "Where the hell is the grocery store? And why am I in front?!" She turned behind her to the amused boy. "Stop dawdling! Show me where to go!" Chika chuckled a bit, his brown eyes lighting up, and began walking in the same direction. "I just wanted to see how long it would take you to realize you didn't know where you were going." he called behind him. Kiori growled and stomped after him. This guy was going to drive her nuts.
  17. Jake rolled around on the floor a bit before huffing and getting up. He was bored, something he'd always thought would never be a word to describe himself. Scowling, he started to curse the Old Ones for sending him here. He may have been an Omega, but dammit, he had a purpose there at least! Here... here was reduced to being a normal human. He sat up, shoulders hunched over. If only he could have stayed behind...

    "Not much I can do now though," he mumbled, getting on his feet. He looked out the window and grunted. "I guess I should go look around and familiarize myself with the place." A breathy sigh escaped from his lips as he turned and walked out the door.
  18. "Well..."Nicolie looked over at the younger girl and gave a small unnoticeable sigh. "If it's what you want then sure." He smiled and opened the store's front door. "It'd be a little less awkward waiting inside, besides, don't have have an officer after you sometimes?" The tall man chuckled. He went inside and around the counter to another door. "You can wait up here if you want, while I get ready." He said, turning his head to look at her. "You're not turning into a pedophile now are you?" Sena suddenly spoke from the register. "Oh, come on. You know I don't swing that way." Nicolie retorted seriously and let out a malicious laugh when he saw the boy's freaked out expression before going up to change clothes. He's so fun to mess with.
  19. Dakota blushed feverishly when he mentioned the officer. How the hell did he know that? She angrily snorted, but followed him in wordlessly. She stood uncomfortably near the door, letting it close behind her. It wasn't often that she was inside a building... Hardly ever at all really. The close quarters made her sort of claustrophobic. The strange human's next words caused an eruption of fury that could not be contained in her belly. She could feel her ears go red due to the heat of her anger. She turned to the human, eyes lit with a defiant glare. "I am not a child!" Dakota's baby face and lack of development landed her in these sort of positions before, and they never ended... pretty. "Next time you choose to talk about someone as if they weren't there, I suggest you not under estimate just how willing they are to talk back." Nostrils flared with emotion, and she could just about feel the fur on her neck stand on end. If it was there of course. At the moment, she was a human.

    Dakota's head turned, allowing her to look over at Nicolie. "I don't much like your friend," she said, then turned on her heel to leave. Her pride was stinging, and she wanted to have as much dignity intact as possible. She decided to cut this meeting with the only wolf she had met yet short. "I'll see you later... Maybe." She snorted one last time before leaving the shop.
  20. Kiori and he cousin soon found the store and quickly completed their shopping. In the process of it, Chika had managed to joyfully stop and chat with four different people while they were looking for groceries, and each time, Kiori had to stand in the background awkwardly and wait to either be introduced or for the conversation to end. Of course, she preferred not to be introduced to these overly chatty teenagers, but every single time, without fail, Chika seemed to noticed this negative emotion she emitted and introduced her. On more than one occasion, she had to explain that she wasn't Chika's girlfriend, which irritated her. Apparently, Chika was very famous with the ladies.

    On their way home, Kiori made it her mission to not speak with her childish cousin. At the moment, he was laughing hysterically at the expression she made whenever someone asked if they were dating. "It wasn't that funny!" She retorted angrily, quickly abandoning her 'mission'. "Ugh! Why are you so irritating?! Are wolves in the city like this, or is it just you?!" For a split second, Chika's smile faltered, but it quickly reappeared stronger than ever after a few silent seconds. "I think it's just me. I'd like to see myself as a special for of wolf." Kiori replied with a 'Tch' and muttered something under her breathe. She was looking behind her so she didn't notice the tall figure step into her path. By the it hit her, she was stumbling backwards into her chuckling cousin who had moved to catch her. "U-Uh Sorry!" Kiori looked up to see an over built, tall, burly man with a too-small pink tank top and white blue shorts that only emphasized his wide hair legs. "Oh, no, Darling! It was may fault! Are okay?!" He knelt down to pick up some backs she had dropped and gave them to her. Leaning in closer, he whispered something into her ear, low enough for only her and Chika to hear. "You pups should be more aware of your whereabouts. You might get snatched."