For all us Shinigami who simply wish to chat

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  1. Okay so this is our chat group now guys c:
    Oh and hehe~ For those new people looking to chat to other shinigami here's a little joining form to help us get to know you better c:

    Favorite shinigami:
    Who recruited you {William , grell , ronald and so on}:
    Do you know who Alan and Eric are? :
    Full shinigami , or trainee:
    A picture {Not required , and it's a picture of your character not you c: }:

    By sure to delete anything in the { }'s

    Members list:
    Sorrel~Shinigami {Trainee}
    Kaycee Sohma {Trainee}
    ~Fenris~ {full}
    SugoiShiroNeko {Trainee}
    Shinigamifrost {trainee~?}
    The Riddler {Full}

  2. Form~
    Username: ~Fenris~
    Favorite Shinigami: .. . Does The Undertaker still count?
    Do you know who Alan and Eric are: Yes. Why Yes i Do
    How far are you in your training: Full Shinigami
    Who was the Shinigami who recruited you: Well Alan and Eric, But i met Grell first.
    {{Optional}} Picture: She has got long black hair, That she ties up at the end. So it makes a type of Ponytail thing, Big Wide eyes with Black Pupils. So no color. She wears the standered shinigami Uniform. So The suit, But with a few Added Extra's, Her Death Scythe Takes the Form of an Electric Guitar, She has got pale skin, And the guitar is red, Black and gray, Her Glasses are Really hard to explain.

    Is iz Lazy So i copied and Pasted from Cs. :D
  3. Username: Kaycee Sohma
    Favorite shinigami: Grell, and Ronnie. We all know this. <3
    Who recruited you: William
    Do you know who Alan and Eric are? : Yes
    A picture: Nope, but I have brown hair, and basically....yeah. Still a trainee, so plain glasses. :3

  4. Of course Unnie still counts <3 What type of question is that Zoe x'D
    And you know how I feel about you people putting my Undertaker down as your favorite , but I suppose , sense you like my brother anyway ene;;
    Anyway accepted Zoe c:

  5. Edited my form into my last post. Should we just start were we left off on the other thread once everyone else(Mostly) gets on?
  6. As i said, I just copied and Pasted. XD I was going to Put william down. But i wasn't sure. XD Beside his an Idol. Ph i mean Your the one dating him. XD
  7. .........Don't you mean Grell? o3o I sure as heck ain't dating Will!
  8. Lol Kaycee she was talking to me about Unnie c'x
    And yeah you're accepted Kayc .u.
    Oh okay good thing Zoe , cuase I'll go fan girl on you -grr- hehee~
    But yeah you can put him down as your idol c:
  9. Oh. -facedesk- That makes more sense, lol.
  10. Username: SugoiShiroNeko (Just call meShiro )<o:p></o:p>
    Favorite Shinigami: Ronald-kun,Undertaker-san, and Grell-sama (I can't pick just one =^w^=)<o:p></o:p>
    Do you know who Alan and Eric are: Yes(But, unfortunately, I haven't seen The Most Beautiful DEATH in the World yet)<o:p></o:p>
    How far are you in your training: I'm anew recruit (and I have a lot to learn )<o:p></o:p>
    Who was the Shinigami who recruited you:Grell-sama~!<o:p></o:p>
    Picture: I have long, light blonde hairthat fades to brown and neon green eyes (H3H3! I almost forgot, I'm 165 cm (5'5") and wear dark greyrimless glasses)

    (Copy and pasted XD)

  11. Oh yay <3 our families getting back together now <333
    I was worried there for a moment >n> stupid Chicken smoothie , had to try and stop our fun -ttcch-
    Though I must admit I dislike how this site doesn't tell me if some one's made a post while I'm writing my response ene

  12. This site is so different...
    (I guess we just have to get used to it...)
  13. I know, I thought I had lost you guys forever. <3 Well, you have to admit, it's better than nothing.
  14. I wuv you guys
    My heart nearly stopped when I saw the thread locked...
    (CS is stupid. All the mods there are a**holes)
  15. Hello new friends. Is this an RP intro? If so I would be happy to move with to the correct genre OOC section. If not perhaps you can tell me more about what you're doing.
  16. Nope. Mine did stop. For atleast 4 seconds. Couldn't breath either.
    And thanks, but we're just chatting. :3
  17. We are chatting, Ochalla-sama

  18. I would've died if I lost you guys <3
    You guys are like my awesomest friends ever <333
    This is so why we all need to move to the same area so we don't ever have to worry about something like stupid mods on cs ruining our friendship </3
  19. Ochalla, We where originaly from another site, Just a group of people who were talking about an Anime called black Butler. We tended to stray a bit into chatting without meaning to. So one of the Mods locked our forum. We are hoping to make a new start here ^-^ If that is fine with you. We won't cause any trouble.
  20. I know. .u. I vote we all go I don't know, lol.