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    Hey, my name is Lizzy, I am a bit of a comic girl. Batman is like, my favorite character. Total fangirl!
    But you can just call me Liz if you want! You can usually find me in the coffee-house reading with a cuppacino.
    But if you ever want to talk, you know where I am. But I never did expect to find myself in the situation I did. It all happened just a few nights ago, I had decided to go out and see if I could make some friends, soon coming to a local nightclub and accidentally getting a bit drunk. It was a mess but I guess it ended well because I did make a friend. But everything after that was crazy and something got into my system because now, I have powers. I am a pyromancer!
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    Ray woke up and looked around. He didn't know where he was. He remembered going to the nightclub with his friends, but couldn't remember what happened he slowly sat up and realized he was on someone's couch. He could see his breath. It doesn't feel that cold in here. He shrugged it off. "Hello, is there anyone else here?" He shouted.
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    Drew Chauncey's ears perk up when Ray shouts out, "Hello, is there anyone else here?" He heads into the Living Room, which Ray and Lizzy woke up in, and smiles. "Welcome to my humble abode!" He laughs a little, scratching behind one of his ears, and comments, "Last night was crazy, huh?" Drew hops up on the table in front of the couch Ray was on and makes a Karate move as he says, "Some guy came up to you guys last night and just started fighting you and Lizzy! You went like Hee-yaa!, and Lizzy helped you like Hoo-wow! and THEN you guys got BLASTED with a ray of ENERGY from the guy you were fighting and you guys were blasted back like Wooooaaaaahhhh!" Drew landed on his back off the table. He jumped back up immediately, though, with bright eyes and his bunny-tail twitching. "After you guys got blasted with the energy, you were passed out and the stranger just left. How weird! But anyways, Lizzy's hair was on fire and your hands felt really cold."
    Drew smiles shyly and taps his toe against the leg of one table as he adds, "I thought you guys needed help, so I got you into my car and you guys just kept sleeping." He looks over at Lizzy and comments, "She hasn't woken up yet."
  4. She heard slurred words, everything around her blurred together in a rush of color and sound, recalling vague memories of the previous night. Everything was moving in slow-motion, still woozy form last-night, trying to make sense of how she had gotten onto a couch. She was unable to make out any clear words for several minutes, raizing up a hand in front of her face, seeing something like six of them instead of one. She was completely out of sorts, and she felt like just laying there, though something that felt like a burn was running up her back repeatedly, like someone was throwing a flqame up her back and when it reached the top, another one was sent shooting up her back again.

    " Uuuuuuugghhh..... What happened?"

    She slowly sat up, her hand now pressed against her forehead, looking at Drew and Ray, seeing several more of them than she should have, everything shifting and blending together in her vision. She couldn't see straight and instead of sitting up, she fell back down against the couch, a quesy feeling coming to her stomach. She didn't want to move, and she coudlnt't remember much of anything from last night or before last night. It all seemed so crazy to her and she wanted to make sense of it she was under a lot of fatigue for some reason.
  5. One of Drew's ears twitched in Lizzy's direction when she clumsily uttered, "uugh, what happened?" Then he walked over to her with a small smile and asked carefully, eyeing her still-flaming hair, "Would you like me to get you a bucket, Lizzy?"
  6. Ray looked at the hyper active rabbit and began rubbing his temple. "So what your telling me is ended up in a fight with some dude who had mystical powers. You got quite an imagination. He looked over at Liz. "You don't look to good are you OK." He put his hand on her forehead. "It doesn't feel like you have a fever."
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    Mike opened his eyes to the bright light of the bathroom and blinked several times as his eyes adjusted to the light, Mike Calls out to the voices he hears faintly from behind the door "Hello?,Guys? anyone,". The bathroom was littered with champaign bottles and cocktail glasses, Mike stumbles to his feet and makes his way out the bathroom past the stack of beer cans in a pyramid. When he enter the other room he saw Ray and Drew who he could just remember from last night but that was it. Rubbing his head mike said as he stepped over the debris left from last night "wow we must of had a really wild night last night"
  8. 'Your telling me.... I- i feel really sick... and why- why would I need a bucket?"

    She eased herself into an upright position, things starting to balance out and become still, the dozens of blurred images clearing up just as she noticed Mike coming into the room, shattered glass having been strewn about the floor near the back of the room. In an effort to figure things out, she did a full scan of the room, noticing that several things lay in disarray. she wanted to go and clean it all up but when her hand got close to her ears, her fingers were singed by fire, letting out a yelp of slight pain form the burn, confused as to why it had happened.
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    Rin had been crouched down outside the house, under a window, listening to the commotion going on inside. His ears twitched a few times as he followed the conversation. It was pretty confusing, but then again, he'd only heard half of what was going on. So far, from what he could tell, there were like, three, maybe four people inside. Lizard, Mark and... Whatever the other was called. These people sure have some weird names! He chuckled to himself, raising his head a little, to peer inside the room. Yup. Four people.

    His light brown eyes were immediately drawn to the one with flaming hair, his tail slowly starting to wag. You see... Rin had what you could call, a slight obsession with fire. He loved it, and anything to do with it. He snuck round to the door, quietly. He stood, glaring at it for a couple minutes, as if that would magically cause the thing to open. After a short while of nothing happening, he ran into it with some force, knocking it down and landing ontop of it with a grunt. There were probably easier ways of getting inside. Like maybe, checking to see if the door was unlocked first? But oh well, it was done now. He raised his head, remaining sprawled out on the floor as he looked towards the room the others were in, his tail starting to wag again. "Heheh... This is gonna be fun!"
  10. "i think we must of had our drinks spiked or something last night, i don't feel to great" mike replied as he brought his hands to his stomach he felt nauseous and felt like sparks were running through him,Suddenly the tv went fuzzy and a spark of static jumps across the room and hits a spoon on the table. "ok this is getting weirder and weirder by the minuet but i think i must of got my drink spiked" mike exclaimed as sparks flew from his finger tips.
  11. She was shocked from her dazed state by the crash of the door, along with the abrupt landing of the stranger who now lay sprawled across the broken door. Her ears laying flat against her head, she look at the bright brown colored stranger, seeing him as being very clumsy and reckless. It would be easy to take him down from what she was thinking, but she wasn't going to take any chances. Leaving the comfort of the couch she had lain on, she stood, her tail swaying from side to side.

    " What on Earth? "

    Confusion striking her with a rapidness that made the burning tingle pulse through her body with a quickness like no other.
  12. Mike staggers over to the intruder and said "are you ok?"
  13. Ray held his hands as Liz yelped to show he did nothing wrong. He could still see his breath. He looked st Mike as sparks were leaving his hands. "OK I'm going to go home now." That's when heard some knock down the door. He ran over to subdue the intruder and some how freeze his hand to the door.
  14. Mike halted moving to help the intruder up and then said "can some on tell me what is going on other than the fact I remember going out to the club some guy jumping us and a fight broke out and then I cant remember from there"
  15. He looked up at the others, blinking slowly. He got to his feet slowly, looking around the room. He racked his brains quickly, searching for something cool to say, something.. Witty. He frowned for a seccond, before uttering the smartest thing that came to mind. "Uhh..." Yup. Impressive. His tail slowed slowly behind him. He gave his head a sudden shake, snapping out of his daze. "Oh hai!" He announced happily, rubbing the back of his head with a small grin plastered on his face. "Sorry about the door.." He added, more quietly, sending a small glance towards the fallen plank of wood.
  16. When Lizzy asked why she would need a bucket, Drew straightened up and said, "I had assumed you were hungover, and wanted to puke... but I guess not." When he noticed her gaze coming across the room, Drew blushed at the state-of-affairs of his house, but he was startled when she yelped. Looking at her curiously, he stated, "Well, you can't touch your head-flames apparently."

    Drew was startled yet again when the stranger beat down the door. He actually squeaked a bit, jumping at least a foot, and stared wide-eyed at the fallen foe. He saw that Mike had suddenly burst electricity from his fingers, but he was paying more attention to the tough wolf. When Ray ran over to Rin and accidentally froze his own hand to the door, Drew laughed a little, nervously. Then the brown-haired stranger stood and uttered, "Uhh." Drew relaxed a little, but was still apprehensive. As Rin tried again, with the phrase, "Sorry about the door," Drew's nose and tail stopped quivering, yet his eyes darkened in anger.

    Stepping over to face the larger man, he said accusingly, "'Sorry about the door,'? Why the hell did you even break it?" Pointing a finger at his chest, Drew poked Rin and remarked, "What was so important you had to completely forget the concept of knocking?" Drew folded his arms and added, "Plus, where did you even come from? I didn't save you from the bar last night." Drew waited tensely for an explanation, and was completely unaware of his shadow on the floor growing a bit larger, and the lights becoming dimmer.
  17. mike took a light bulb from a draw and put it between his fingers of his right hand and it promptly lit up "wow im like a electrical generator" Mike exclaimed.
  18. Watching the scene play out before her, she calmed down and eased herself away from the commotion, soon finding herself outside the house and in the front yard. She sat down in the grass, pulling her sleeve down in an anxious manner. She wasn't planning on any of this happening but it was happening anyway. She had to learn to control whatever was going on with her. maybe Mike was right when he said their drinks had been spiked, maybe this was all some crazy dream and she would wake up if she pinched herself. Testing the idea, she chose a soft spot on her arm, and pinched it with a twist, wincing as a sharp pain shot up her arm and faded just as quickly as it had come. Still there, she sighed in disbelief, slightly concerned for her and her friends well-being. She got up and went back near the doorway, keeping a safe distance form everyone as her hand went ablaze with a golden red fire, though her hand felt no heat from it, she didn't notice it because of the lack in temperature change.
  19. "Well... Uh... Uhm... I.." He chewed on the bottom of his lip, taking a small step back away from the rabbit. "I don't know, actually.." He admitted, taking another step back, misjudging it, and falling back on the floor, landing square on his butt. "Ow.. That hurt!" He exclaimed, his ears flattening against his head as he attempted to rub the pain away. His attention was drawn to the guy with the lightbulb, then again a few seconds later, to The one with the flaming hands. "Wow, that's so cool!" He jumped up quickly, grinning, his tail wagging frantically behind him as he stared into the flames, everything else completely forgotten about.
  20. " Wha- Oh my gosh my hand is on fire!"

    She stared at her hand in shock, seeming unable to move. She stared at her hand for several moments before she made an attempt to snuff in out, setting a bush ablaze in the process which got her into a panic.

    " Someone please help me put this out!"

    She was unsure of what to do with the fire, not wanting to make a fool of herself which she was certain she had just done, now worried her hand was going to burn to ash even though she couldn't feel a thing from the fire that had engulfed her hand so quickly, her hand still quite clearly in-tact and functioning properly unlike the mess of panic and worry that was currently residing within her mind.
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