FMA: Alchemists on a Mission

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    Fierro was dressed in casual clothes unlike his fellow State Alchemists. He hated uniforms and would rather blend in with the rest of the general population. With his tee-shirt hanging loosely over his shoulders, Fierro looked around for his new partner. According to the chain of command, the guy's name was Cassius and he was a newbie. That didn't bother Fierro one bit. When he was a newbie, he was often picked on by the others. At times it was fun, but usually wasn't. So he wouldn't do the same to this guy.

    Fierro waited at the train terminal for his new partner quietly, occasionally looking around for someting to occupy his mind. The train was running late, like usual. Glancing back at the papers with Cassius's face on them, Fierro sighed slightly. He didn't like waiting for things. Tilting his head to the right slightly, Fierro wondered what was taking so long.
  2. Cassius was dressed in armor that cover his body however did not wear a helmet. He had nothing against the uniform but he found this to be simpler with his alchemy. Even though Cassius had been shown where the meeting location was he still managed to get lost in the the big city he was not accustom to. After walking around for hours he finally managed to find the train station.
    Cassius began looking for his partner Fierro. He had lost the papers with Fierro's picture but he was confident he remembered his face. Scanning the area he saw a man who match the picture and walked up to him and said.
    Hello, I am Cassius , you are Fierro I assume.
  3. Fierro smiled at the guy. He was clad in armor... no wonder he was called the "Iron Plated Alchemist". Extending his hand, Fierro stated, "Hello Cassius. It's nice to meet you." The handshake was quick and formal. To be honest, Fierro wasn't too keen on physical contact. He liked to have his space. Despite this, Fierro was happy to see Cassius. Their mission was one that would require both of their skills. They were going to investigate the recent reports of alchemists who were robbing wealthy individuals. The criminals were against the military and were beginning to get radical. The two were to stop them before they killed.
  4. Cassius enjoyed the quick introduction , to be honest he was rather worried he be stuck with the uptight military type like the Colonel that recruited him. Cassuis stood next to Fierro for a while unsure what to do. Fierro was not as uptight like the Colonel but Cassuis was never sure how to deal with people , So he decided to wait in silence for the train. Cassius then realized the papers he was given did not include a location so turned to Fierro and asked
    Fierro you received the location for the mission and the train information correct? I only got our meeting spot.
  5. Fierro turned to Cassius. He zoned out for a bit and his brain was still processing the last question. "Oh, location," Fierro stated as he pulled out his paper. "Yes, it's northern Amestris," Fierro replied unsure of the exact name of the town. Fierro didn't recognize the name of the town and just shrugged it off. "Yep, something like that." Just as Fierro finished his sentence the train pulled in. Fierro had his ticket ready when the doors opened. He had the option of sitting in the reserved seating, but opted for the general public seats. They were more open and gave Fierro a feeling of space. He didn't like being enclosed in general, so why would he opt to be in a double enclosed space? (train + room).
  6. Cassius was left confused by the vague response. Cassius lost his ticket, but that did not bother him since he knew simply showing his pocket watch could get that out of the way. Cassius followed Fierro to general seating since he still had one question he wanted to asked. After Cassius took his seat he turn to Fierro and spoke.
    Fierro i have a question that has been at the peak of my curiosity since i read your name. Why do they call you the Sun Flower Alchemist
  7. Fierro watched Cassius as he took his seat. Fierro was looking out the window. He was getting a bit anxious as the train started. Part of him didn't entirely trust trains...or any transportation to be exact. Despite this, Fierro leaned back into his seat to give the impression that he was relaxed. Why do they call you the Sun Flower Alchemist? Cassius asked. This was a common question. Sitting up slightly, Fierro thought about his answer, "Well it has something to do with my alchemy. I'm self taught so my alchemy reflects where I grew up. I particularly liked this field of sunflowers and I decided to grow a field of sunflowers during my exam." Fierro's tone was matter-of-factly and he didn't see anything unusual with that story. Being polite, Fierro returned the question, "What about you? Iron Plated Alchemist?" Fierro knew of Cassius, actually he was there when the guy took his exam. But the names that they were given were strange nevertheless. It'd be nice to hear why Cassius believes he's called the 'Iron Plated Alchemist'.
  8. Cassius showed a small grin at Fierro's answer, he found it rather interesting that someone could grow a whole field of sunflowers and was curios to see Fierro's self taught style.
    "What about you? Iron Plated Alchemist?"
    When he head the question Cassius lifted up his left hand to reveal a alchemy circle , as well as pointing out several others placed on separate pieces of his armor.
    I assume its because i wear and use this armor for my alchemy.
    Cassius gave his answer in a rather aloof manner, not as a sign of disrespect but simply because he could see a town not to far ahead from the window. Cassius had always been interested in going to new places so he began to wonder what type of town it was.
  9. Fierro nodded at the circles. They were fascinating. As Cassius finished his explanation, Fierro noticed the town appearing in the distance. That was their location. The train was going at a relatively constant speed when all of a sudden the train sped up substantially and wouldn't slow down. It seemed that even natural friction and gravity was being overpowered. Fierro stood and was ready to ask what was the matter when a voice came on the speaker..."We know there are alchemists on this train and we're here to tell you that your presence is not needed. As you can see, we have enough alchemy for ourselves. So do us a favor and surrender or this train will be the price." Fierro looked at Cassius for a moment before getting out of his seat and going towards the front. He knew that something was up. The criminals shouldn't have known they were coming.
  10. The train sudden speed increase caught Cassius off guard. He saw Fierro stand and was getting ready to follow when speaker began.
    "We know there are alchemists on this train and we're here to tell you that your presence is not needed. As you can see, we have enough alchemy for ourselves. So do us a favor and surrender or this train will be the price."
    Cassius was unsure of what to do but saw that Fierro was already heading to the front so he got up immediately to follow him. While following him Cassius took notice an individual who seemed a little to relaxed compared to the other passengers after the announcement, however he decided to keep the thought to himself. Cassius turned a small portion of his hand armor into a needle and held it close in case things took an unpleasant turn.
  11. Fierro hurried to the front of the train as he dragged his hand across the tops of the train seats. Near the front of the train were officials, but not any other alchemists. The others were in their blue uniforms which made them stand out. He looked around and said, "We're here." His voice was calm, yet strong. As soon as he announced their arrival, a large man appeared in front of Fierro. The guy was probably a foot and a half taller than Fierro. "You're awfully small for an alchemist," the guy stated as he reached down towards Fierro. Unfazed by the man's size, Fierro stepped back as he reached towards him. Fierro didn't want to be touched by this guy. That was definite. But the man didn't give up, instead he lunged at Fierro. Dodging the man's initial attack, Fierro noticed the crudely drawn alchemy circle on the palm of his hand. Unsure of what it was Fierro called to Cassius, "Don't let him touch you."
  12. Cassius watch as a large man appeared and attacked Fierro. After being dodged by Fierro the large man continued to run straight with his arm reaching to touch Cassius. He readied to take an attack when he heard "Don't let him touch you.". Cassius eyes dropped to his hand and noticed the circle drawn on the mans hand. Cassius readied the needle he was holding and cut into the mans hand to ruin the circle while backing up. The man looked at his hand and screamed "Ahh Damn you". The man then Tried to grab at Cassius with his uncut hand. Cassius evaded the hand and said "He has one on both hands"."
  13. Fierro had guessed that much when Cassius dodged the man again. That gave Fierro enough time to draw a circle on the wall of the train. He had a mix of ingredients in his fist as he began the transmutation. The circle glowed a bright green and a thick vine sprouted out ensnaring the larger attacker. It restrained his left hand (the one with the intact circle) and made it so he couldn't move. Just as the plant finished binding the attacker, Fierro heard the distinct click of a hammer being pulled back. He turned around to see someone with a riffle aimed at his face. "Do you think that's the best idea?" Fierro asked as he looked at Cassius. "Don't move or I'll shoot," the man stated as he tightened his grip on the trigger.
  14. Cassius saw the man holding the gun and smirked. "Sorry about this Fierro". Both of his circles engraved on the armor in the center of both his palms. Cassius pushed Fierro to the side and quickly covered the barrel with his free hand. The man shot his rifle ,but Cassius had already morphed the armor covering his hand over the barrel. Cassius held onto the barrel and threw the gun from the mans hands. Cassius was not eager to find out if he had the same circles as his partner or what they did so he grabbed the man by the wrist with his left hand (without armor) and grabbed the other with his right hand and forced them together morphing the metal from his right hand ,as well as needle, into restraints. Cassius grabbed the gun and began turning the barrel covering back into armor.
  15. Fierro fell to the side landed hard on his hands. Part of him was prepared for the hard landing, the other wasn't. As he got back up he smiled to Cassius, "Interesting." Fierro enjoyed watching other alchemists. They were all so different. As Fierro got up he went over to the guy who was tied up, "You're not getting out of here, so give up." The man looked genuinely terrified. "What's wrong?" Fierro asked the guy unsure of what was bothering him. Was it them or something else?

    "We're going to die," the guy stated as he looked nervously at his unconscious partner. "The train was never meant to stop. It's going to crash at the next station," he informed. This made Fierro look to Cassius for some suggestions. Before Cassius said anything, Fierro looked out the window and noticed that the town was approaching quickly. They'd have about 10 minutes to stop the train or they would crash into the station. Of course the breaks were destroyed, but something else surprised him. The actual breaks on the train were transmutated and thus useless. Fierro looked at Cassius, "I'll try to slow this thing down. Do what you can up here." With that Fierro began towards the end of the train.
  16. Cassius walked up to the broken breaks and examined them. He made a small needle from his armor and used it to carve a transmutation circle on the breaks and put his hand on it. Cassius managed to remake the original handle and pulled it. The train began to slow but it was not stopping he ran to the end of the train to tell Fierro the breaks were not working.
  17. Fierro was already at the back of the train. He was unsure of how this would work, but his idea was sound. With a piece of chalk, Fierro drew a transmutation circle into the floor of the train. Concentrating hard, Fierro began the transmutation. His alchemy was slightly different than standard transmutation since it dealt with plants, but this was a rather risky transmutation. As the circle glowed roots and vines began to latch onto the train from below, reducing speed. The more he concentrated and the more energy he poured into it, the more the plants attached themselves to the train. The train was slowing, but not fast enough to stop. Fierro continued the transmutation hoping that it might just work.

    Sweat was dripping down his face when Cassius appeared behind him. "Help me slow this down somehow," Fierro stated frantically rather than ordered. Together they might be able to stop the train. Every time a root or vine attached itself to the train it would snap after a second or two. Eventually the vines would be able to hold the train, but the speed was too great for the plants to hold.
  18. Cassius could see large vines around the last train cart but this was not time to be impressed.he ran back to the from of the train as fast as he could to confirm the engine to be in the first cart. He ran to the link that connected it to the rest of the train and unhooked it. "Hopefully Fierro can stop the rest of the train on his own." Cassius said to himself as he drew a transmutation circle on the floor with a needle made from his armor. He began to transmutation. Slowly all his armor left his body leaving him in only a leather t shirt and pant. Under the cart a lrge spike bagan to form and slowly begin to start dragging on he floor. Feeling that it was not slowing down enough he began to concentrate harder covering the top of the train slowly began to disappear as the spike grew in size stabbing into the ground destroying the wooden boards of the train track as it went dragging on slowing the cart down.
  19. Fierro felt the train slowing down and looked back. He wondered what Cassius was doing. Once the passenger part of the train had slowed enough that friction would do the rest, Fierro ran to the front only to find that the front of the train, which held the engine, was still going. Smart, Fierro commented. He watched for a second, but realized that it wasn't slowing down despite the iron spike driving into the ground. Fierro jumped off the portion of train he was on and felt the grass beneath his feet. This was more like it, Fierro breathed in the sweet scent of the earth before drawing a circle in the ground. Everything was perfect. With a green glint in his eyes, Fierro placed his hands on the circle and a field of sunflowers began to blossom. It's stalks and roots contorted to catch the train. With the combined strength of the two alchemists the train began to slow.
  20. Cassius felt the train slowing down, He looked up and saw a field of sunflowers beginning from where Fierro was to the train. So that's it He felt the train come to a stop and stood up looking at the two men who attacked them. The one Fierro pinned down with a vine seemed to still be unconscious. The other was attempting to crawl off the train. "just stop you cant get away." Cassius said as he walked up and picked the man up. Cassius led the man off the train and walked toward Fierro. "Get your hands off me you Military dogs don't know a thing." Looking at him Cassius smiled and replied "Your not wrong which is why your going to fill in the blanks for us."